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Unfortunately, no, you can't specify that you'd like to use a click to show
the properties rather than the mouse over. You can modify the files so that
it acts the way you want, but there's no way to specify that within Visio.

For the 2nd question, I don't believe the html output will automatically
resize the left frame for you if the properties extend past the current

You might check out the beta for Visio 2003
( There are some
significant enhancements in the Save as Web Page output.

Andy Howe
Microsoft Corporation

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"CD" <c*************> wrote in message
> Hi. This is another new question. I export a .vsd to
> a .html along with custom properties. However, in order
> for the custom properties to appear, I must move the
> mouse cursor over the room number and then it stays up.
> Is there a way to just have the custom properties appear
> when you click on that link? Also, is there a default so
> all of the custom properties will show full instead of
> always having to move the properties window to the right
> more? Any help/hints would be appreciated. Thanks!
> CD

Andy Howe [MS]
6/30/2003, 6:35:20 PM

1 replies , 8/12/2008, 12:37:01 PM
Hi, After I save my excel file as HTML, it is too big when I open the htm file in IE. I have to scale down to 55%. Is there any setting in Excel so I can change the font size, column height and ... Excel 2007, IE 7 Thank you, Wes

HTML in Entourage
2 replies , 9/4/2007, 11:15:21 PM
I have checked HTML in the News and Preferences box and memos still come in text only format. Now what? I have a Power MAC 4, MAC OS 10.3.9. AARGH!

0 replies , 10/2/2006, 12:17:01 AM
Anyone know how to print a spreadsheet in saved as 'html' to match the spreadsheet created in excel?

html opening
1 replies , 1/8/2004, 6:27:32 PM
I open excel then try to open a csv file with a txt extension excel displays "html opening" in the bottom of excel then excel locks. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The reason I use the txt extension is so when I open the text file I get the import wizard that allows me to chnage the filed data types. IF i use a csv extension excel auto imports and messes up the data in my fields.

Cannot view HTML messages
5 replies , 5/8/2006, 12:30:02 PM
I have 3 Mac clients using OS X and Office 2004 that have all suddenly started experiencing the same problem. When opening HTML format messages using Entourage, the body of the message appears to be blank. If they open the same messages using Outlook or Outlook Web Access, the messages appear normally. We have checked the 'display complex HTML' settings, and they are turned on. The Office Update has been run on the client side, and the mail server (Exchange 2003 SP2) is fully patched. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

VS 2005 Validation problem with HTML 4.01
4 replies , 11/1/2005, 11:34:06 PM
It seems that there is an error with the Visual Studio 2005 validation tool when validating HTML 4.01 Transitional documents. W3C specifies that the closing tag on META and LINK tags are forbidden yet VS thinks otherwise and shows an error for this. Example: <meta name="Keywords" content="Test" /> --> Incorrect <meta name="Keywords" content="Test"> --> Correct Is there a way (XML file somewhere?) to correct this? Thanks, -- -Steven

HTML Signature
9 replies , 9/23/2005, 7:48:08 PM
I have created an HTML signautre for my client - but he uses PC at work and Mac at home. I don't have a mac so I cannot find the location of where the signature files are stored. Can someone tell me how to save the html file I have created to the directory location so that when he goes to select his signature it will appear in his list of available signaures? Thanks so much! Pladd

Paula Kern
0 replies , 4/16/2008, 4:11:02 PM
I want to write a help system for using my collection of vba procedures. Can anyone reccommend a good text on Microsoft html help workshop? I use XP and have html Help workshop 4.74. -- Thanks for your help

no more html o 2007?
2 replies , 2/3/2008, 9:57:00 AM
Can you no longer save to a html format for a workbook? All I see is the ability to save is to mhtml or mht.

Mark G.
Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: Intel Email Client: Exchange Hi, Does anyone know if there's a way to keep plaintext messages in plaintext (fixed width) when accessing Exchange messages using Entourage? I can override the behavior in the Apple Mail client but then lose the advantages of Entourage.

html and email
1 replies , 11/14/2004, 2:59:31 PM
hello everyone im kind of new to this newsgroup thing so if im doing something wrong im sorry. heres my problem. i recently put a newsletter together for my buisness. i made it in word and it has links in it, in word all the links works fine put i cant seem to save it in any format that an email program wants to recognize. ive saved it in doc., htm., rtf., and none of my email programs will let me do anything put copy and paste it into an email but when i do that it turns it into a picture and removes all the links. i know its possible to put, what looks to me like, a web page in an email but i cant seem to figure it out. thanks henry

how to change path name of html source folder ?
0 replies , 6/17/2005, 2:50:04 AM
i have a lot of sheet that link 1 by 1 to html file & I don't want to change link 1 by 1.. How to change path folder (same html file)

How can I create this simple HTML signature?
1 replies , 5/4/2009, 9:58:20 PM
Hello, I'm attempting to create a simple HTML signature in Entourage 2008. The signature is as follows: <div id="sig" style="color: #063781; font-weight: bold; font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 10px;">My Name<a href="" title="my blog">blog</a> / <a href="http://" title="my twitter page">twitter</a> </div> Is there some script, workaround or 3rd party tool that I can use so that this signature shows up properly in emails? Thanks! :)

Sean Power
Issues w "send complex html"
0 replies , 8/7/2005, 12:51:39 PM
Entourage 11.1.0 (040913), OS 10.3.9 I've been using "Send complex html" for sending out a html newsletter for over a year. I send every mail to one of my own accounts to "confirm" each time. No problems at all. Two days ago, I didn't receive the mail. And after checking every possible way, it seems as if the script causes mails to be sent or not sent randomly - or if this depends on the html file: E.g. I have a file name "A" which sends perfectly. When I change the code in the body of the html file (which validates, etc) adding or deleting just a tiny little tag or a text sentence and save it as "B", the file sends but never ends up in the receiving account. Every other file, message or whatever sends and is being received by the very same two accounts. Additional info: I have rebuild the MS database I have fixed permissions I have downloaded and installed latest version of the script (created 12 Feb 2005) It's been working just fine for over a year and I have NOT done anything to Entourage or computer the past days that could have changed this. The issue remains: When I send from mail account A to account B, I can send anything without problems, even complex html mails I did a couple of days ago. But when I change the tiniest thing in that html mail, the file sends (says Entourage) but never arrives. This is one of the most bizarre problems I have encountered. What on earth is going on? TIA Jonny

Save Excel book as Html Page Using Macro
3 replies , 2/9/2006, 5:24:11 AM
Sub Macro1() ' ' Macro1 Macro ' Macro recorded 9/02/2006 by rulebr ' ' With ActiveWorkbook.PublishObjects("Brady Standard Quote 7.2.06_23158") .HtmlType = xlHtmlStatic .Publish (False) End With End Sub Ive recorded the following macro to save my worksheet as a html page. Ive created a button and that works fine. Is there a way I can get tricky with the name of the file it creates. Basically I would like the file name to contain a number that increments every time the macro is pressed. Id also like it to contain the date, and the company name which is from cell in the spreadsheet. eg. QuoteNo_1000_Company Name(Cell D10)_09022006.xls QuoteNo_1001_Company Name(Cell D10)_09022006.xls I guess i need to store the incrementing number somewhere in a worksheet of its own so it knows the number to call. Any help with the macro appreciated.

Creating HTML emails
1 replies , 7/18/2003, 4:09:52 PM
It seems this topic has come up before but I can never find an answer. How do I create HTML emails in Entourage? After I create the .html file and upload it to my server, instructions for Outlook say to "create mail - insert - text from file" and select the .html file I created. (Check out for full instructions.) I can't find comparable selections in Entourage. I've read that there are scripts you can run to accomplish this but do you really need a script to do what should only take a few mouse clicks? Any help is appreciated.

Complex HTML email's
1 replies , 5/24/2004, 10:04:30 PM
Do you ever see those really pretty emails that have linked text and images - looks like they are just html pages imported into the mail program? How do you do this in Entourage? I can see an emails source but cannot add to it or take away. Any help would be great..... tom

Html page dose not open hyperlinks???
1 replies , 3/20/2006, 4:33:11 PM
I have a drawing saved as html page, with hyperliniks. The html page opens but the links do not work -- any suggestions?

scrollable text box in Word HTML editor
1 replies , 3/21/2005, 5:59:26 PM
Is it possible to insert a scrollable text box for content using Wor as an HTML editor. The text box options is see in the Insert menu don't allow dfor more data than the size of the box I dictate. I am a novice in website design, and I'm not sure what I'm doing, so maybe somebody can give me a clue as to whether or not this works in HTML, or it I need to have somebody write a Flash app for this. I'm vague on HTML, but I'm stupid when it comes to Flash

Saving in HTML
1 replies , 8/9/2010, 9:48:49 AM
I have a legal version of Office 2007. I want to save a file in HTML but this is not listed in the Save As- Other Formats menu as described in Help. Any solutions or do I have a truncated version. Denis -- Denis Scadeng d************

Denis Scadeng
Outlook 2000 opens e-mail in text not HTML as sent
0 replies , 1/19/2006, 3:17:02 AM
Outlooh 2000 opens incomming E-mail in Text not in HTML as sent.. This started Jan 11th 2006. I do not know what setting to change. -- Al N

3 replies , 8/29/2009, 6:44:37 PM
Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: Intel How can I embed HTML code on my presentation?

HTML Auto Tagging
2 replies , 9/20/2005, 2:47:01 AM
In an attemp to avoid frames, but still get the formating I want, I am trying to use a header control that opens a table, row, and td that I close in a footer control. But VS keeps closing the tags in the header control. I've turned of HTML validation and auto pop up of tags, but it still does it, no matter what I do. How can I keep VS from closing my tags? Thanks for any help! -- Buz Waitz

This request involves Outlook 2003 and Excel 2003. I send "cut & pasted" Excel spreadsheet data to various mail recipients via HTML messages. Since I run multiple computers on my network, I also have an add-in app that BCCs all my messages back to me. In order to reduce the size of my PST file, I prefer to go back into those messages and delete the actual data, but insert a link to the specific "sheet" in my Excel workbook. I've spent the better part of a day searching the web for details on creating a link for Excel to open to the particular worksheet. I've found numerous provisions for creating the link, but I can't for the life of me get any to work. I'm creating a "file hyperlink" via the "Insert/Hyperlink" menu in the Outlook message, but the best I can do is open the workbook - all references to the worksheet won't work. Apparently, the workbook will open to the last accessed worksheet. Since I add worksheets monthly, there is no standard in that function - I need the link to specify and access a particular sheet. The file resides at the following address: F:\My Docs\Act St\MDO chgs.xls Additionally, I've "named" the first line of the spreadsheet by the month, i.e. Mar_chgs, including the underscore as Excel requires. Including that "name" in the path doesn't force the sheet to open. I've tried the '#' sign and single quotations at various points, to no avail. Based on my file data, would someone provide me with the actual link address to force Excel to open to the specific page? I would greatly appreciate it!! Regards, Pamela

Stripping of HTML
1 replies , 3/15/2006, 12:06:16 AM
Sorry if this is a duplicate (or triplicate, etc.), but I searched for about a half-hour using every means I had and couldn't find an answer. One of my co-workers using Microsoft OE for Windows is sending me emails that are HTML formatted. When I receive them, they are still HTML, sort-of. Mostly, they're garbled messes. Anchor tags are gone, replaced by URLs in > brackets. Is there a setting in Entourage that can fix this? Is the problem even on my end? I would much appreciate an answer, even if it's just a link to some previous thread.

HTML text not found by Advanced Find utility
0 replies , 11/20/2003, 4:13:16 PM
Hi, this is probably too simple a question for this forum,=20 but maybe somebody could help... I was wondering if anybody knew of a bug in Outlook=20 2000 which kept Advanced Find from finding text embedded=20 in an HTML email. I am trying to get rid of some of the=20 hundreds of spam notes in my inbox. I ran a search using=20 Advanced Find and I noticed an email asking if I needed an=20 enlargement of a certain organ was not picked up in the=20 search. After looking at the source of the note, I ran=20 the search on 'Energize your', 'sex life', and 'sex', and=20 none of them managed to pick up the email. Is there=20 something in the HTML tags which redirects Advanced Find? =20 Or is this a bug? I attached the source of the email=20 below (with the 'html' tags changed to 'htl' so it doesnt=20 pop up as email in the newsgroup). Any ideas? Thanks. <HTL><BODY><P align=3Dcenter><font face=3Dtahoma> <B><FONT size=3D5 color=3D#000000>Achieve the best se<hq>x you have most likely ever had!</FONT></B> <FONT face=3Dtahoma color=3D#cc0000 size=3D4><BR><BR> <KEK>Gener=EDc <XK>V&#105;<YN>agra - Energize your <QW>sex=20 life<br> 60% less expensive than Vi&#97;gra=AE<br></FONT> <b><BR><FONT size=3D3>*100% safe and medically proven<BR>* Improve penial blood flow<BR>* Sustained erections<BR>* Better=20 sexua<W>l health<BR>* Ease of arousal<BR>* Increased sensitivity<BR>* Stronger &#101;jacul&#97;tions</FONT></b> <br><br><font size=3D5> <b> <A href=3D"">- =3D Learn more about &#71;e&#110;er=EDc Via&#103;r&#97; =3D- </a><br> <A href=3D" man=3Dthose">-=3D Read about &#67;ial&#105;s (S&#117;per=20 V=EDa&#103;&#114;a) =3D-</a> </b> </font></font><br><br><a=20 href=3D>No more=20 please</a></p></body></htl> ..

Jim Rotante
1 replies , 11/20/2004, 10:14:15 AM
Hallo, When I receive a HTML message it is OK on my screen with the pictures and layout, but when I Forward the same message the recipient receive this message as Text-format without pictures and strange layout. Also when I Forward it to my own e-mail address to control, it happens. In the Mail prefs. is quoted: Reply to messages in the format in which they were sent. What is going wrong. I use Entourage X 10.1.6 Macsiem

R.J.G. Siemelink
Anyone know how to do an html email merge (html because preferred plain text prompts a 5 second delay and confirmation on each recipient) without an extra line being invisibly insert after every paragraph break? Recipients who can view html view the content as created, but plain text users see an extra line insert after every single paragraph mark. ......HELP if you can!

Saving as .html with comments in cell looks BAD....
0 replies , 2/10/2004, 4:41:16 AM
The paste in below is from side-by-side fields (you can find an example at, where if I have a comment in the cell, the actual cell in the html version has the number overwriting the actual text in the cell. I've dug in the help and read through the topics currently in this group, and still haven't a clue. All I want is the text in the cells NOT to be overwritten by the comment indicator. does anyone have any ideas? The red triangle in the upper right hand corner in the actual spreadsheet is perfect, if I could somehow retain it in the web version... I still want people to be able to roll over the indicator and read the comment, it's just too messy as it is. I spent a bunch of time browsing MS on the web, but I can probably read for weeks and not find it. Any help would be really appreciated... Thanks!! F4800[1] Serengheti[2] 17.5-U 1Y-H/90D-S 12[3] 750, 900, 1050, 1200 [4] 96[5]

Jeff Kloek
HTML in Emails
1 replies , 8/3/2005, 10:19:27 PM
In Entourage X, I could specify that HTML emails should be displayed as such, but without opening external URLs. That was a very nice compromise between security and appearance. I just upgraded to Office 2004, and it does not seem to have a similar setting. I can turn off HTML display, but then I get a plain text interpretation of the email that does not use even the local formatting. Is there a solution? -- .... Al Quirt ... Ottawa Canada ... .... Please remove anti-spam BIRD for email replies ...

Alan Quirt
I am working in VS.NET 2003 and I am really getting frustrated when I switch views and have to weed through my code to find an object that I dropped on the design mode. Is there any control or module that I can use that would enable a Dreamweaver effect that would highlight the code that corresponds to the control, table, td, tr or any other part in the design mode?

How get back to HTML?
1 replies , 2/24/2009, 8:05:43 PM
Version: 2004 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) Processor: Power PC Email Client: pop Sometimes I select edit the message, to rid the e mail of html to print out. Can I bring back the html for the email later?

PowerPoint: HTML to TextRange parsing
1 replies , 9/15/2006, 11:36:02 AM
Hi, I haven't found a specific newsgroup for powerpoint development, so I post this in here: I was wondering if there is a routine (maybe 3rd party) to read a string containing HTML-formatted text into a powerpoint TextRange-Object which then could be attached to a TextFrame and made be available to the user. Does anyone know something like this?

HTML Web Site Row Range Question
0 replies , 8/23/2003, 3:45:17 PM
When posting a excel XT spreadsheet to the web the total range of rows are not displayed except by the verticle scroll bar on the spreadsheet. What I want to do is to have the entire spreadsheet on the web site page and use the browser scroll bar. The reason is for not only viewing but printing as well. Thank you in advance for any tips you might have.

Html in Entourage
7 replies , 2/3/2008, 5:20:29 AM
I would like to add my logo to my signature when sending can I do that? I have Entourage 2004...a new Mac user

Peggy Grall