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Pat Kirscher wrote:
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>> I had to format and reload my hard drive.  Lost my cd-key
>> for my office 2000 upgrade.  How do I get a new one or be
>> able to get past the cd-key prompts.  It was registered
>> about 2 years ago.
>> Dear Dan,
> I'm afraid that I don't have the answer for you, but if
> you do get the answer could you please let me know? (I
> just signed onto this newsgroup essentially looking for
> the answer to the same question as you... I'm going to
> reload my windows operating system (have CD) and since I'd
> originally purchased a copy of Office 2000 (have original
> invoice, but can't find the CD yet) I'd wanted to now be
> able to purchase just an "upgrade version" of Office XP
> rather than pay for a "full version"... So, I'd sure
> appreciate it if you find anything out if you could share
> your knowledge.
> Thanks! :) Pat Kirscher


An upgrade version of Office is going to be no good to you if you don't have
the 2000 CD as the set-up routine will request it as part of the
installation process.

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6/24/2003, 10:42:20 AM
try 1234-1234567 this is the universal key for office 97
>-----Original Message-----
>>-----Original Message-----
>>I had to format and reload my hard drive.  Lost my cd-
>>for my office 2000 upgrade.  How do I get a new one or 
>>able to get past the cd-key prompts.  It was registered 
>>about 2 years ago.
>>Dear Dan, 
>I'm afraid that I don't have the answer for you, but if 
>you do get the answer could you please let me know? (I 
>just signed onto this newsgroup essentially looking for 
>the answer to the same question as you... I'm going to 
>reload my windows operating system (have CD) and since 
>originally purchased a copy of Office 2000 (have 
>invoice, but can't find the CD yet) I'd wanted to now be 
>able to purchase just an "upgrade version" of Office XP 
>rather than pay for a "full version"... So, I'd sure 
>appreciate it if you find anything out if you could 
>your knowledge.
>Thanks! :) Pat Kirscher
colin Martin
6/26/2003, 9:16:24 PM

Lost CD Jewel Case with cd label #
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I have lost my cd case that had my cd label # on it. I am the original owner. I recently had to reinstal my complete computer from the restore disk however now I can not install my Microsoft Word 2000 program cause I don't have the label #. I may have registered my copy. Does anyone know if there is a method or who to contact to retreive said number?

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Hello I recently bought a new computer and want to transfer my MS Office 97 from the old one to the new one. I purchased MS Office 97 several years ago and registered it upon my initial installation. I have the CD but have misplaced the jewel case. Consequently I don't have the CD Key for my software and cant load it onto the new system. How can I recover the CD key? Pleasde advise Regards J

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Hi I have Student Edition 2003 installed on my computer and it says I can install it on up to 3 computers. I have just been given an old laptop but I'm not sure how stable it is or if it will last. I don't want to waste one of my 2 remaining installs on a laptop I might not be able to use. (technically it should be good enough for 2003) If I were to install the demo version of 2003, would it later accept my product key and let me continue using it? Or can the demo only be converted by a brand new product key? It would really help if I could test it this way for a lttle while before I commit to having it on permanantely thanks

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My computer came with Vista and it had Microsoft Office 2007 already installed. My brother wiped the computer and put XP on it. I had to re-order a recovery disk to get vista back on my computer. However, they didn't send me a new product key and I don't have my old one anymore. How could I go about getting the product key without having to pay for it again

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When I open 'my computer' and write click on the drive I wish to format the option is no longer available. It use to be. Also, I can not access the drive by simply pushing the open button, I have to go into 'my computer' right click on the drive and select eject.

Removing Office without CD
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Hi, I have inherited a computer from my family. I am trying to remove Office 2000 Premium that was loaded on to the machine. The problem is that I don't have any Premium CDs, and it will not remove without the install files. Does anyone have any solution to this? Regards, Antony

Antony Futter
power pt viewr? CD replacement?
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Hello I was wondering if there is a viewer for power point similar to that of word. IN other words, something with which I can view the slides, but I don't need to manipulate them (i.e. lecture notes from college classes). Second, My computer crashed, so I lost my MS Office business 2003. I have the original CD and product key, except my 8 month baby decided to teethe on the cd. It doesn't work any more. Does MS offer replacement CD's? Cheers

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Is there an quick and easy way to save everything in My Documents folder onto CD's? If I backup my system using the required amount of CD's, can I pull these up on another computer?

Office 2003 SBE Can't repair, no cd
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I have Office 2003 Small Business Edition. It was preload on my Dell laptop and was a temp/demo product. I purchased the full version on the MS website, got the ID and it is now a fully functioning product. The problem is Outlook can't send now. I have tried to do a repair, but the instalationl CDs are demanded. I never had installation CDs, ever. What do I do now? Thanks

product key
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My computer went out and I had to install a new harddrive. I did not save the cd case and no longer have the product key to install my Microsoft Office 2000 Standard. Can anyone help me as to what to do to get the product key. Thanks

I lost the cd for my microsoft office 2003 suite it any way to downloaded from the website I have the product key

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Im not sure why but it seems after installing Framework 2.0 this comp is screwed. Now when I try to play NFS Hot Pursuit2 or Underground. the Security crap on the disk isn't being read and it keeps telling me to insert the correct disk. I have reinstalled several times and still have no luck. I have uninstalled back to Framwork 1.0 with no luck. But when I first noticedx the problem me Drives were dissappearing? I installed NFS Hot pursuit 2 rebooted and then there was no CD Drive in My computer. I uninstalled to Framework 1 and yes the drives are back and I tried to install NFS HP@ and still get CD Checking error? I am stumped. I have removed everything from the Reg NFS related and stilll no luck?

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Good Morning, I have a major dilemma, I have a CD and its getting scratched is there a way I can take the files from the CD and put it on a brand new non scratched CD?

Service releases on CD
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Is it still possible to order service releases for Office 2000 on CD? I'm trying an order page on the ms website, but keep getting the error message "We are unable to process your order at this time. Please try back later." Jon

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I work in a legal office wherein we store information regarding our clients on a CD rom. Does anyone know how I can print the contents of a CD? We used to call it printing an index (when we used floppy discs). Now, I don't see an option other than "print screen" which produces poor quality print. Anyone? -- gntlbrwn10

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I can not find my CD's for Windows XP Professional and I can not install the Excel Add-Ins. I am unable to find a download on the Microsoft site.

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Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: Intel Interrogation key is not recognized and cannot be typed. This problem occurs only in MS Word. All other Office applications work fine. I am using Microsoft�s Wireless MultiMedia Keyboard 1.1.

CD Tray Insert Templates
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I am looking for templates to make my own CD Tray inserts. There are a heap of them available for the Windows users but I cannot find any for Office Mac. Has anyone found anything? -- Michael Q

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My installations CD runs fine through configuration, then nothing happens! The screen closes down after stating "Microsoft Home and Student 2007 configuration has completed successfully". I have a new HP dv6000 laptop computer with Vista. -- Mahalo! - Uncle Bill

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Update Office CD
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Is there any tool (including third party tools) to update the Mictrosoft Office setup CD to include the latest service packs and updates? I was told that similar tools exist for the operating system, what about Office? Regards Marius

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why when i enter my product key is it saying error?
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my product key is located on the bottom of my computer and when i enter my product key it keeps saying error wrong product key

Hello, I have a laptop setup with windows 98 and trying to setup to my desktop computer which is setup with Windows XP. The Laptop is without a CD drive and I am trying to remotely install a program from my desktop CD driver with a link to my network. Does anyone know if it is possible to setup what I what just mentioned without me having to invest in a remote CD driver for an out- dated Laptop? Any suggestions gladly appreciated! Thank you.

just bought an Office Enterprise cd through my company- put the cd in and it tells me that the "specified program needs a newer version of windows". I just re-installed windows xp 5.1 - the only windows cd i have. what can I do to fix this problem?? -- sammigyrrl ------------------------------------------------------------------------ sammigyrrl's Profile: View this thread:

Install online and not from CD after purchase of CD?
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I recently purchased MS Office Professional to install on my old Laptop. Now I changed to a netbook without CD-rom. Can I use my product key to download the Office suite from Microsoft to my new laptop or do I have to buy an CD-ROM to install from CD?

did word, excel, powerpoint come with on my xp cd rom?
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did word, excel, powerpoint come with on my xp cd rom? i hope so. i paid a lot for this cd. thanks, chris clements

How to hide D key on ofice install.
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We are installing Office XP Pro directly from a Cd (not using an Administration Installation Point) . Does anyone know how we can hide the cd key from the computer user? Thanks, John Sh**hene

Someone helped me and installed Microsoft office ultimate 2007 on my computer. After a while office signalled that this version was not genuine. I was directed to the microsoft homepage. I bought a new version of office ultimate 2007 so that it would be genuine. I got a product key Now my question: Can I change the product key without re-installing the office software? I have many office files on my computer and I do not want them to dissapear. I would also prefer not to re-install the software as it takes time and will probably add a lot of file fragments on my computer.

Home use program license key
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I'm in the military, Navy active duty. I'm aware that we qualify for the Home Use Program through our Volume Licensing. I've not been able to find the specific resource I need to obtain this software. If anyone has any real information that would be great. Microsoft's help center says "Contact your agencys software licensing manager" and other vague hints. If I worked in say and office of 30 people I could get my mind around that. But to say "Contact the Navy's software licensing manager" doesn't help us front line guys. We need a real answer with a real resource. Any help would be wonderful, I wouldn't be posting here if I hadn't already run the route of my Chain of Command and several weeks of searching the net / navy admins.

Product Key
4 replies , 10/6/2009, 7:38:01 AM
Hi all, i have to restore factory settings on my laptop for several reasons, but this means that i no longer have my product key for microsoft office. does anyone know where it is/where i can get one without paying the standard 90 odd quid? thanks for any help

how to get keycodes for xp cd, have cd lost codes
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I lost my key code to my xp cd and now I cannot update my computer, what should i do? I called the compaq numberland for my computer (it is 3 years old) they said they cannot help my with tech service on a 3 year old computer.

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My keyboard works perfectly except that the enter key and backspace key no longer work. I think I've accidently pressed some keyboard shortcut which I cannot undo. Please explain how I can make the keys work again!

I lost my Office CD
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I got a Office 2000 SBE, but I lost the disc Is there anywhere i can order back the disc 1 Is there any charge of it?

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How do I format a blank CD? I remember long ago doing it with disks, but not with a CD.

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I am trying to format cd labels using the Avery Deign Pro media. How can I curve the text to fit with the curve of the cd?