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You can do this programmatically too. Check the Flowchart sample application
in the Visio 2002 SDK (downloadable on MSDN).

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"John Marshall, MVP" <l***********> wrote in message
> The internal format of a Visio file is proprietary and it is not possible
> create one, but the information within the file is accessible (and
> modifiable) through Automation.
> In your case, Visio has a flowchart wizard that will import from a text
> file, CSV file or an Excel spreadsheet. If you start the wizard one of the
> options is to start with a new file, the new file will contain
> on how to format the information.
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> > Hi everybody!
> >
> > I have an MS Access application with which I manipulate and store
> > record-based information about engineering processes.  I need to
> > automatically generate Visio flowcharts from this record information.  I
> > assume that when one creates a Visio flowchart manually, that this
> > information is stored internally in some sort of database format.
> > Therefore, I reason that if I can generate the appropriate database
> > information, then I should be able to get a drawing out.
> >
> > Does anybody have any feedback or advice on this?
> >
> > Thanks!!!
> >
> >

Mai-lan [MS]
7/4/2003, 8:30:33 AM

formula auto input
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I have a work sheet with several data validation drop down lists, each cell also has a formula to input data from another cell. If the formula returns a blank cell which is often, the user will select from the drop down list to add data.. Once this is done the formula is then deleted from the cell which is fine. If the user wants to return to a blank cell they can just delete what ever is in the cell this is also fine. What i'm trying to achieve is this: When deleting data returning to a blank cell the original formula be auto re inserted into the cell! Is there a code or event code that i can use to achieve this? Any help is appreciated Regards

auto filters
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It seems that the auto filter function in excel 2000, will not filter 12,500 lines. Is there a limit?

Dan Hylton
Excel Auto-Filter problems
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I have a spreadsheet that has about 5,000 rows, and columns named NAME, SYSTEM USED, WORK GROUP for example. When I attempt to filter the NAME column for the name Jones, Jones doesn't appear. If I filter for System Used, get the results, then filter for Jones, he appears. Why doesn't it show otherwise?

Auto-populate, Auto-copy or Auto-fill?
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I'm trying to work with an export from a Lotus Notes db <grumble>. My first column contains sporadic entries (with blank cells between), as each of the column A entries are associated with column B entries in the rows where the column A cell is empty. For example: red apple firetruck wagon yellow canary lemon If cell A1 is "red" in my example, how can I autopopulate A2-A4 to also be "red" and A6-A7 to autopopulate with "yellow" based on that value in A5? Is there some formular expression that I could use. I'm not VisualBasic skilled, but could something simple be done there?

powerpoint auto start
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Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: Intel Does anyone know how to change the format of a saved presentation in powerpoint to not automatically open in slide show view?

Lost auto date format
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In Excel X, I can just type, say 1jan03 and it will automatically change to 1-Jan-2003 or whatever date format I set. But this feature seems lost in Excel 2004. How to enable it? Thanks

Jacky Ma
Word Number Generator
1 replies , 9/25/2003, 7:37:59 AM
HI all I have something that seems a bit of a conundrum I have never used the visual basic element of word, and only macros on a basic level. So please start from scratch for me. This is what I need to do: When I open this particular file in Word, I need it to have 100 copies ready to print. Each of those 100 copies needs to have a unique reference number. To make things difficult, I need to make sure that each time 100 different reference numbers are printed off, they have never been used before. So for example. I need to open the file, which when I print it, will automatically print 100, to a chosen printer. I need for each sheet to have a reference number. The first 100 might be between 000001 - 000100 But then once printed and closed, I need for the next time I open the file, the reference numbers: 000101 - 000200 Please help me with this Thank you kindly

Ravi Sandhu
auto font changes in calendar
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when i use the multi calendar view, the font changes automatically. Why, how do I prevent this?

accumulating values generated daily
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I have a spreadsheet that is done each day and is generated each day by saving the spreadsheet from the day before under the current date. In it is a figure that sums the number of hours generated that particular day. There is also a figure for the number of hours generated for the entire month. Currently I have to add the day figure to the month total manually with a calculator. How do I get the month figure to look at the new day figure and add it to the total that is already accumulated in the cell that contains the month figure?

Auto Correct
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Version: 2004 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: Power PC I would like to setup an AutoCorrect for 1/3 the way � is done. Thanks

Auto Login
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hi, is there a way to auto login as a administrator??

David Lim
Newbie Auto fill cells
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Hey, Using a very basic sheet to track deliveries. When I enter the store # I would like a zip code field to auto populate. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Office 2003 Auto-Updates
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I chose to have Office 2003 to be automatically updated for me with notification prior to the download and install. Is there a way for me to choose the which updates I want? The first time I used it, I could not figure out what was what and wound up downloading over 8MB of French language dictionary/thesaurus that I strongly doubt I will ever have the need to use. Furthermore I did not find the updates in my add/remove programs so I could delete them... Thanks.

VSNET2003 Generate Dataset from XSD Fails
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I am trying to generate a dataset from an XSD File and I get the following, very unhelpful, error message: "Custom tool error: Failed to generate code. System error." Both the XSD and the XML file are valid. I really don't have much more information than that unless you want to see the files themselves.

I'm using Visio 2007 and importing Visio floorplans into SharePoint Services 2.0. I've looked through the Visio and SharePoint documentation for a How To link the Visio floorplans with SharePoint. I couldn't find anything. I would like to change the Visio floorplan on the LAN and have the update propagate to the drawing on SharePoint. Is this possible? Thank you

auto compute
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My excel's formula is not currently funtioning automatically. An example is when I'm copying a formula to be pasted in multiple cells either any direction, it only gives me the amount that I copied although the formula bar shows the formula copied refers to different cells and values. I also found out that it will only calculate everytime I press F2 and enter. What if I need tens thousands of cells, I cannot afford to do it on every cell. Please help. tnx

Auto Insert/Auto Formula?
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Is there a way that when you insert a row, a formula (or series of formulas)from the row above is automatically inherited? -- Abacus ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Abacus's Profile: View this thread:

How do you add a date into an Excel calender and have it automatically generate a later date in the calender year automatically.

Auto Importing a macro
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Hi, I have been doing some work in UNIX. The results come out as a large ..csv text file (delimited by a comma). To look at the results I like to import it into EXCEL. When I get into Excel I have to format the report alot so I craeted a macro which I can run each time. Still no problem. Because the csv file changes regularly this means the macro has to change so I decided to create the macro's visual basic commands automatically whilst doing my work in UNIX and store them in a text file (macrofile.txt). Everythings still going well and now I can manually open the .csv in EXCEL and manually import the macrofile.txt into the Visual Basic editor and then run it. Thats great manually. So my question is how can I automate the openning of the .csv with the macrofile.txt and then run the macrofile? (Tried recording my actions of imprting the macro but it does not work - as you can see I'm pretty new to this). Please please help. Nik --- Message posted from

NikRoberts <
Hi folks, We have an Access 2000 app that is highly integrated with Outlook 2000 or later. The app allows the user to send predefined emails that are created through an Access form and stored in a table bound to that form. It all works great EXCEPT for one thing: Every time the user generates an email message to be placed into the Outlook outbox, Outlook pops up a message that requires the user to allow "another program" to insert a message into Outlook (Yes/No). Is there any way to stop this? It's very annoying to our users. It REALLY gets annoying when they use our "Send email to a filtered group of records" feature because it stops on EACH message and requires user confirmation. If you're sending 50 or a hundred messages, it slows the whole process down to the point where our group send feature is less valuable. In the long term, we will install an SMTP engine into the app and totally bypass Outlook for the purpose of group mailing. But we'll still want to use Outlook for sending one message at a time. Any useful advice on this will be much appreciated. Thanks, --LW

Lauren Wilson
Auto recover - auto back up
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Just lost lot of work today. Can someone please let me know how to use these feature best for future? Appreciate it. Kevs OS 10.4.11 Office 2004

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I am trying to build a worksheet that will auto-fill from another worksheet or data source. What I am really trying to do is an electronic order form. I want to enter the model number and have the price and cube information auto fill. Then add the quantity and have the total update as well.

Auto Complete from a drop down please help
2 replies , 5/18/2010, 1:07:36 PM
Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) I have a list of part numbers (over 1000 at the moment) in column A of sheet 1, Columns B,C,D and E all have relevant information about the part number, size, weight etc. <br><br>On a separate sheet I have created a sort of 'order form' using a Vlookup function. I have also created a drop down screen as the input on my 'order form'. However I have two problems, one: the drop down screen is not being accepted as the ONLY form of input on the order form, which I need, and secondly, the drop down screen has, as mentioned over 1000 part numbers, which takes an age to get to the last one. <br><br>Therefore I would like some sort of 'auto complete' so that I can type the beginning of the part number and the options get fewer and fewer the more I type, (like predictive text on a phone). Any help would be greatly appreciated, I am on a Mac using Excel 2008. One last thing, please be advised that I am not incredibly techno savvy, please be gentle!!

Auto tab- Auto fill
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I'm looking for a general formula for the entire worksheet. My secretary spends extra time looking for the proper column each time she subsequently enters a vendors name . Is there some formula that would recognize the second (third, fourth, etc) time a vendors name is entered and auto tab to the column that was last used for that vendor? Also, the same for many different vendors on the same page. Same question a different way: if the vendor's name were entered a second time and a different amount were entered could that amount be auto filled in the column that was used previously on the same worksheeet? Regards

how can I auto-number my powerpoint presentation
1 replies , 4/2/2006, 12:22:03 AM
I numbered it before by clicking " masters" but now I don't know how to number the slides , if any one knows pls I need the answer

Unique Random Number Generator
3 replies , 5/7/2004, 7:37:20 PM
I'm looking for a macro that will generate a unique Random number between 1-2000. The random aspect is obviously not the problem, the unique requirement is whats got me stumped. Thanks Tom.

Tom Barnes
in data/filter/auto filter
2 replies , 5/11/2006, 11:47:02 PM
The problem here is that if the column being sorted is more than 1000 cells long then it does not recognise beyond line 1000. How can I resolve this?

How to Generate Ad Hoc Crystal Report from C#/ASP.NET
0 replies , 10/18/2005, 10:04:24 AM
hi Iam trying for to generate Ad Hoc Reports from C#/ASP.NET with Crystal report including bar chart/pie chart as user parameter can any one help me in doing so, Pls Suggest me or give an idea or any sample. Help will be highly appreciated. Regards Tech Brains

Tech_Brains via
single click to deactivate Auto Filters? How?
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Is there a way to have a icon or button in a tool bar that turns off auto filters? I made a toll bar with Auto Filter and Show All but can not find a way to turn off the filters with out going manually to the main menu, then Filters and unchecking Auto Filter. ------------------------------------------------ ~~ Message posted from ~~ View and post usenet messages directly from

DP Auto increment
2 replies , 8/15/2006, 10:50:42 PM
Hi, Is it possible for a function in a cell or a macro driven line to look at a cell and change the target cell from this reference cell to 1 decimal place more than the reference? IE Range("C13").NumberFormat = _ Range("d13").NumberFormat The D13 cell might have 0.00 DP formatting, but I need C13 to be 0.000 based on D13's DP formatting. The above just makes C13 the same as D13, IE 0.00 DP. Cheers for any help, Aaron.

auto change date
4 replies , 2/27/2004, 2:04:41 AM
if i 've a column of data with month data in numeric forms (ie. 01, 02, 03, 04, 05..... ), is it possible for me to make them change to month in words automatically? so that 01 -> jan; 02-> feb and so on.! thank you in advance TOby

Frequently, I start a list of things to do or several notations within given Entourage Tasks. But when I copy the text to a new Word document and type "1." before the first item, and then press the return key at the end of the item, it does not auto-format and create a numbered list. I delete the beginning of the next paragraph so it joins the end of item 1. and then press the return key, but I still can't get it to auto-format. What should I be doing differently, please? Respectfully, Norm

Norman R. Nager, Ph.D.
Auto email in entourage just stopped
1 replies , 10/26/2008, 3:39:20 AM
Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: Intel Email Client: imap I have the system configured at the mac store to send and receive emails automatically in entourage. Now when I try to send an email an error message comes back saying that the set up in not correct. I tried to use the IMAP and SMTP number assigned to my PC (since I have these recorded elsewhere), but it still came up as an error. Now the only way to send and receive emails is by MAC Mail. Your programs are beginning to irritate me. If we cannot get a handle on this soon, I will convert everything over to MAC and there will be no more Microsoft programs in this house or office. Please understand this and correct the issue asap. Gregory Downs, MD

Is there a "best way" to quickly identify all Column Headers (perhaps to Create Names for them in a single step), so that I can paste them in a separate tab (the list of names will be laid out vertically) and then hyperlink to them within the table. For instance, a my table has the following headers: Name, Age, Weight. I want to produce a list of those names in a separate tab (which will serve as an index) that will allow me to hyperlink to those names. It will look like this in the new tab: Name Age Weight If there is some code that may allow me to do this (or something similar), please feel free to pass along. Thanks for any suggestions!

Mike C