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Thanks for the laugh!!!!!!!!!  Your misspelling mitigated an otherwise
thoroughly unsatisfying evening.

But, to answer your question, Office 2000 works just fine on Windows XP.  If
you are upgrading from an earlier operating system and not performing a
clean installation (format and reinstall of the OS from scratch), you may be
asked to insert the Office CD and upgrade some options but it works fine.

Milly Staples [MVP - Outlook]

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Having searched the archives, Trude <t********> asked

| I need to know if these 2 programs are compatable or not.
| Can anyone tell me??
| thanks much

Milly Staples [MVP - Outlook]
6/25/2003, 6:12:57 AM

Prevent edit of cells
5 replies , 10/30/2007, 8:13:01 AM
Dear experts, I've a worksheet with a macro which when users fill-in column A, auto current dates and times appear in columns B & C respectively. I want after the dates and times filled into cells in columns B & C, they cannot be edited anymore. I tried to lock the cells by "Protection" but a run-time error dialog box appeared. Is there a way to solve this problem? Please advise. Thanks in advance.

SQL Server Personal Edition
2 replies , 9/30/2003, 1:37:13 PM
Is SQL Server Personal Edition included with SBS 2000? On the feature comparison on the SQL Server site it says that Personal Edition comes with both Standard and Enterprise editions of SQL Server. Is the version of SQL Server included with SBS the Standard edition or some other specialized version? I've been searching through my SBS cd's and can't find it anywhere. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks.

Jason Stotz
Exit from Excel edit mode using IDispatch
5 replies , 11/13/2007, 8:07:13 PM
Exit from Excel edit mode using IDispatch I've searched Internet and groups, but can't find a solution to this. Can anyone, please, tell, is there any way to perform exit from Excel edit mode in programmatic way with either accepting user input or cancelling it. I need to do that from another application using the IDispatch pointer to Excel. Here is another trick comes out: I can get the pointer to the active instance of Excel. I can even determine if is it in edit mode (just call the function to activate my ole object of excel and I get the E_OUTOFMEMORY error. That is understandable). So when I detect, that excel is in Edit mode, is there any way to tell excel to exit that mode? Any ideas? Thanks for any help.

Change "Edit with Excel" to "Edit with Word"
1 replies , 7/27/2007, 5:42:02 PM
In the IE FILE Menu how do I change "Edit with Excel" to "Edit with Word" ?

Student and Teachers Edition Requirement
4 replies , 11/9/2003, 4:44:34 PM
I'm confused here. Except for the price they both seem to be the same product. What do I have to provide Microsoft in order to use the Student and Teachers edition? I've heard from salespeople and people on this newsgroup in other posts, nothing is required. If all your doing is using the product for home use, which I am, spend half the price and get the Student & Teacher edition. I'm currently using the Standard Office XP, but I was using the Beta version and I really like Outlook. I was thinking of just upgrading Outlook, but for $40 more I could get the Student & Teachers edition. Before I spend $150 on that I need to know what I need to provide Microsoft to prove that I am eligible for this product. The stores aren't requiring proof, they even sell it at Target. Thanks in advance

VPN in windows xp home edition
0 replies , 7/1/2006, 1:05:09 PM
hai every body, I am not able to configure VPN in windows xp having DSL broadband (PPPoe) for incoming connection, whereas it works fine for a dialup modem . while setuping a incoming connection in advance connection , the connection device shows only dialup modem not broad band modem. how to set up the connection. awaiting ur reply.

Question: What VB code will allow me to rewrite just the worksheet reference in a function/cell reference. For example it says =January!$AH40 and I would like a macro that would change it to =February!$AH40 Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!! :) Background: I have 12 cells in a row that each refer to the same cell location on twelve different worksheets within the same workbook. The fill function does not "fill" the worksheet reference. It is too time consuming to manually input or edit 2016 cells.

Office Basic Edition 2003
0 replies , 4/21/2007, 9:02:01 AM
merhaba ben 2 adet pro2000 bilgisayar aldım bunun ıcınde office basic edition var accsess,poverpoint ,gibi bir takım uygulamalar yok ( accsess,poverpoint) kullanmak ıcın ıkıncı bır cd almaya gucumde yok ne yapmam lazım korsan mı kullanayım yoksa Office Online sayfasından bunları offıce basık urun anahtarımla ( cd key'ımle )yukleme ımkanım varmı? varsa nasıl yapabılırım VEYA Bu elımdekı basıc cd sını gerı verıp tam hızmet cd sın alabılırmıyım Offıce

Upgrading from trial to Home/Student edition
5 replies , 9/24/2008, 4:48:01 PM
My trial version of Office is about to expire. I have a physical copy of Office Home Student and am wondering if there is an easy way of just upgrading the copy I have installed. I don't have any apps from the trial installed that are not part of Student edition and it would make my life much easier if I didn't have to go thru a complete uninstall of the trial and then reinstalling and patching the home/student version. Would really appreciate some advice

Ready to Install Office Home & Student 2007 Edition
11 replies , 9/20/2007, 3:50:06 PM
I currently have MS Office Professional 2000 on my computer with Vista OS. Do I have to Uninstall this program before installing Office Home & Student 2007 Edition? or can I just put the disk in and Instal knowing that it will install over the current Word, Excel, & PowerPoint that is currently on my computer? Any help in this would be appreciated. I want the smoothest transition to 2007 that I can get. I do Medical Transcription from home and can't afford to have down time on my MS Word program. Will install sometime in the next day or two after I finish a day's work so I can orient myself with the new program. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

I was using the Microsoft Office Student and Teacher Edition 2003 for about 4 years. I did have to reformat the computer and every thing was erased including this software. I have the original disc with me in it box with the product key on the back of the box but for some reason the CD is not working properly. How can I reinstal this program to my computer. my e-mail address is p*********** to get your information and guidance back. Thanks George Perez

Office Professional and Small business edition
1 replies , 8/28/2006, 4:17:01 PM
Can I update my MS Office Professional Edition 2000 with MS Office Small Business Management Edition 2006? What are upsides and downsides?

Academic edition > Full edition
3 replies , 5/8/2004, 6:25:49 PM
Someone who's been using the Academic edition of Office XP is moving on to a full version of Office. I know she has to buy the full version (not the upgrade) but does she have to uninstall the Academic edition first or will the full version install over it? The versions will be different: Academic 2002; Full 2003. The reason for wanting to install OVER the existing installation is to preserve all the laboriously built-up personalized settings (templates, autocorrects, personal dictionaries, etc). Or would the Save Office Settings wizard be able to cope with this? I've used the wizard to recover my own settings when I had to reinstall Office XP on my own system. Would it work between versions? (I suppose Office 2003 has a similar feature?) -- Bob Kanyak's Doghouse

Autofill time schedule with gaps EDIT
4 replies , 5/12/2008, 7:33:11 PM
I forgot to mention that although I can get Aotofill to use the correct time increments, it inserts in every cell, not in every other. Thanks again.

How do edit edit text in the margins?
1 replies , 7/17/2007, 2:29:14 AM
I'm using word 2003, and I have a document with numbered points such as 10 10.1 10.2 10.3 Some of them are wrong, like a 12.3 stuck in the middle of the above. But I can't seem to get into the margin to edit the text. I can highlight it, but can't seem to do anything from there except change the margin, which doesn't seem to help solve my problem. I know this must be easy, but I just can't seem to figure it out without some help.

Cannot Edit anything
0 replies , 4/23/2004, 1:16:02 PM
Hi When i start a new project i create a label or any other object but when i try to click on it i just unclick. When i try to type in the label i just do nothing. Cannot event type in the search box under help it's keep unselecting Have anyone already expérience that? I've tried to repair, install the latest patch and nothing work! Help! Ph|L

MS Office Professional Edition 2003 EXCEL Problem
0 replies , 12/8/2003, 6:37:09 AM
Whenever I open Excel 2003 I get a dialogue box stating "...missing MPDS.XLA file ..." I searched my system and even did a detect and repair looking for this file with no success. If anyone has had a similar experience, I'd be interested in how you resolved this. Thanks L. Karl Ben

Menu -> Edit -> Edit message
3 replies , 7/20/2007, 4:43:29 PM
Hmm.. How can I invoke something that works like "Edit -> Edit message" for a message which is Sent, opened in Inspector? I've done that in HTML messages by a code like: MSHTML::IHTMLDocument2Ptr pDoc2 = pInspector->HTMLEditor; pDoc2->designMode=L"On"; but that just won't work for Text/RTF messages, they don't have HTMLEditor, it's just null.

Sergei Riaguzov
Office Basic Edition 2003-Picture Manager
0 replies , 1/5/2008, 9:24:00 PM
After scanning a picture or document and moving it into a folder, I can view it in the folder. The next day, there is an "x" instead of the picture and I cannot view the picture. Every folder with a "thumbs" file is the same but the folders that do not have a "thumbs" file can be viewed and do not have the "x". I know the picture is still there because "properties" says there is kb or mb in the file. I need to know how to access my pictures. Thank you for ANY help anyone can offer.

When editing an ASP Table, Visual Studio does not allow me to edit it in Design View. This makes it harder to add elements, because I must add every element either by using Design View to create the element outside of the table and then using cut & paste in HTML View to move it to the desired location, or by manually typing the code in using HTML View. The first technique sometimes does not automatically update the list of elements declared in the Protected WithEvents area of the code, and the second technique never adds them to begin with. Why am I not allowed to use Design View to add and edit elements inside ASP Tables? It is very frustrating and sometimes time consuming to do everything involving ASP Tables manually, especially when the HTML View constantly rearranges my code. Any suggestions or word about improvements to this in future versions? (I know that the code rearranging is supposed to be fixed in VS 2005, but I have not heard anything about the ASP Table issue) Thanks. -- Nathan Sokalski n***********

Nathan Sokalski
Tools>options>edit>Fixed decimal places = 2
1 replies , 8/27/2004, 4:33:35 PM
The override mentioned in the last sentence below does not work in Excel 2003. Can anyone help with this? Fixed decimal: Enter the number of decimal places in the Places box to indicate where Microsoft Excel will automatically put the decimal point in the numbers you enter as constants on a worksheet. A positive number moves the decimal point to the left; a negative number moves the decimal point to the right. If the Places box is left blank or set at 0 (zero), you need to enter the decimal point manually. To override this option, type a decimal point as you enter the number.

Cells in spreadsheet are in edit mode.
0 replies , 3/5/2010, 8:23:15 PM
Hi All, Whenever i open up a spreadsheet, if i select any cell it appears in edit mode, also all the icons in on the tool bar are inactive. As per my understanding only if i double click on particular cell then it should be in edit mode. Please help me get this.... Thanks in advance Ganesh

Editing in Adobe
4 replies , 11/3/2008, 7:52:32 PM
I know Adobe isn�t a Mac product, but I can�t seem to figure out how to get the edit functions to work in Adobe (pdf) documents that my assistant (a PC user) sends me � she says that when her other clients (all PC users) open the documents they are able to edit the documents by using the comment and Mark Up tool.... Any ideas for Mac with Adobe? Thanks Peggy

Peggy Grall
I have to click on a shape forever to edit text
2 replies , 1/10/2007, 2:52:01 AM
I used to be able to enter text in a shape easily. Now, I have to click about a million times before it'll let me edit text. When I click the 1st time, it highlights all the text. I keep on clicking, and text remains highlighted, with the cursor arrow showing. After a long time, the cursor thing shows (looks like an "I"), indicating I can now edit the text, and the entire text is no longer high-lighted. I need to be able to do this in less time. Thanks!!!!!!

edit excel chart that has been pasted into ppt
0 replies , 2/9/2009, 6:57:33 PM
Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: Intel I have a ppt presentation with some charts that were created in excel and pasted into ppt. On previous version of ppt I could double click the chart in ppt and it would open excel so I could edit. When finished editing it selected close and return to ppt and my chart was updated in ppt. But with 2008 it says "Linked file is not available. Use the Edit LInks to Files command to find the file." I cannot find any information about this command.

Editing Pictures
1 replies , 3/30/2005, 4:45:02 AM
Can you edit pictures in Microsoft Office Picture Manager in inches instead of pixels? I want to edit it to a 4 x 6 instead of in pixels.

windows xp 64bit edition and office 2000
1 replies , 12/29/2005, 9:48:03 PM
Service pack 1 for office 2000 crashes when I try to install it on my 64bit windows xp machine. here is the error error 1321. the installer has insufficiant privilages to modify this file (file path is to my cdrom drive?) I had no problems installing office, and it runs fine, but its vulnerable in its current unpatched state. how do i fix this?

Any way to edit icons?
0 replies , 9/11/2009, 6:30:01 PM
I've been setting up my Quick Access Tool Bars and have added some commands that have no icon. They show up as a green circle. I have multiple green circles on the tool bar and can't tell which is which until you hover for the label. We used to be able to change the icon and edit it. Is there a way to do that in Office 2007?

I have installed Office 2003 Pro on an Windows XP Pro SP2 workstation. This workstation is a member of a Win 2003 AD domain. I can't make the edit function of Picture Manager to work if the user is not in the local admins group. On the domain it is aplied the default domain security policy. Why does the user has to be member of the local admins group in order to edit a picture? Is there a way to enable this function without moving the user to the local admins group? Thanks Bogdan

Reloading Student and Teacher's Edition
2 replies , 4/10/2004, 8:16:23 PM
I had a computer go down due to a virus (lucky me got to one of the first with a new worm...) and I am rebuilding the computer and do not want to use licence #3 for Student and Teacher's Edition for Computer #2 (again). I am planning on Getting #2 son (a student) his own computer soon and will need the 3rd licence for that PC. How do I keep the 3 licences intact to reinstall on the SAME machine??? Help... I am a teacher and all computers in the house are used by me or my student children.

Ms. B
editing spreadsheet
1 replies , 11/9/2005, 11:59:04 AM
when I receive spreadsheet via e-mail, I can open but not edit thanks to excel viewer. I need to edit these sheets, I have windows xp - what can I do

aggressive highlight editing
2 replies , 2/23/2005, 2:11:26 PM
Does anyone remember in the older versions of WORD, when you would highlight text with your mouse and then begin typing, the new text would replace the entire block of highlighted text? This function is gone in Office 2003. Does anyone know how to turn this functionality on? And I do not mean highlighting in terms of coloring the background of text; I mean selection using the left-click and dragged mouse or a SHIFT-arrow movement which bounds an area of text for editing. Thanks, Doug in NJ Windows XP SP1 Office 2003

hi, i need to edit the heading my cross-functional flowchart. does anyone know how to do this. it will not let me edit at all however i can edit the titles of the individual swimlanes. thanks

student teacher edition??
3 replies , 10/27/2004, 9:03:25 AM
my daughter is a 6th grade teacher and I'm thinking about obtaining the Student Teacher version of Office 2003. A couple of questions: I believe as a family member I qualify but what if she decides to quit teaching at the end of this year (and start a family!). Do I have to submit her teacher's employment verification, state license number or something else when purchasing? Not sure I want to give all that stuff to Microsoft, but maybe that's what I have to do? Does this version differ from the regular Office 2003 - there is a big price difference but I want to make sure I don't get a tripped down version. sorry, but I'm new to all this stuff. Thanks. Jack

Jack Folliard
This is extremely urgent - please read if you have APCC PowerChute Business Edition software , v6.x on your server (the stuff that monitors power outages and does graceful shutdowns). Clients rang me today to say they had the following symptoms: - Outlook slow - PCs not able to load beyond 'Loading Security Policy' - UPS suddenly shutting down on Server (so Server powered off - ungracefully) etc. Fortunately, on trying to de-freeze a client PC, my customer mentioned that he had seen a message referring to PBEAGENT (sp?) - i.e. the APCC crappy software I checked the APCC support site and found this In short, a Java cerr within the PowerChute software expired on July 27, and as a result the software won't work. IN THEORY... clients and server should not be affected. (and you can just download the new v7). As you can see, at least two of my customers were... Good luck. Shall report back on what happens today -