Re: Unexpectedly quits?



I am suddenly having this problem as well. I can open Word X and
Entourage X, but not Powerpoint and Excel. I was working on a
spreadsheet in Excel this morning. Then, after closing it and
reopening it, Excel crashes with a Kernel exception (written to the
crash log). Here are the steps I have tried to follow to resolve this,
each with no effect:

1) rebooted my mac.
2) deleted all my plist files for ALL office products (including the
directory itself under /usr/name/library/preferences/microsoft).
3) followed recommendations in the microsoft KBase article #Q313535
and removed 13 duplicate fonts in my user font directory. rebooted.
4) downloaded FontDoctor X DEMO, it found no currupted fonts.
5) Ran "sudo fsck_hfs -f /dev/disk0s9" no problem, partition was "OK".
rebooted anyway.
6) ran "diskutil repairPermissions /", bunch of permissions fixed.

Still nothing. No effect. Excel simply will not run anymore. I get a
splash screen and then --> crash. Here are my system specs:

Dual G4 1.4 Ghz 2GB RAM 120GB HD running OSX 10.2.6. And, for those of
you who are wondering, Norton Utilities or Antivirus is _not_
installed. (This is unix, we don't need that kind of trouble around

I'll post this over on the Apple boards as well. And... after I
reinstall OFFICE X and the service patch, I'll let you know if I can
get Excel running again.

ciao -- Jonathan.
6/26/2003, 5:30:20 PM
I also had the problem of Excel crashing instead of opening.

Many advice gurus suggest steps of varying severity, such as fixing
permissions problems, deleting .plists, reinstalling the application
in question, reinstalling OSX, or even starting over - zeroing your
drive or partition!

It always pays to start diagnosing problems such as this by first
checking the Console logs. Most application crashes can be somewhat
diagnosed by the use of their automatically generated crash log, which
can be easily accessed from the Console window. There may be clues
here that can help you.

In my case, I found this partway through the log:

Thread 1:
 #0   0x90073c48 in mach_msg_trap
 #1   0x90005f90 in mach_msg
 #2   0xc0009190 in __ape_internal
 #3   0xc0000efc in __ape_agent
 #4   0x90020d48 in _pthread_body

Turns out a recent installation of another program had updated a 3rd
party system utility, APE Manager 1.3, making it incompatible with
Excel (or revealing an Excel bug.) I was able to add Excel as an
"excluded application" in APE's setup. I have had no more problems
with Excel.

The next step, in case the Console cannot help you, is to make sure no
other user applications are running a when you try to open the program
in question, including third party backround processes.

While the other "guru" steps are then next in line, I would almost
never suggest reformatting a drive. Only in cases of drive failure is
this warranted.
7/20/2003, 11:10:18 PM

Entourage unexpectedly quits immediately after launch
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Everytime I launch Entourage from my hard drive, it unexpectedly quits. It used to work fine. I now have to start the program from my original Microsoft CD I have trashed the Entourage Preferences file, but that does not seem to work Any ideas Thanks!!

Word crashes unexpectedly. It is unreliable.
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I have the student/teacher version, and whenever I'm in the middle of=20 something and it's really going well, Word crashes and I lose a lot of = work.=20 Anyone else have this problem?

Taylor Mali
This is unexpected
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In this formula, =IF(I20=14.58,"C","R") I20 is 14.58 (actually 14.5799999) yet "R" is returned. Clicking the equal sign when the formula is displayed, the dialogue box says that indeed it is false. Apparently it's not close enough to 14.58. I addressed this by doing a find/replace in the column from 799999 to 8 but Is it possible to set the precision so this doesn't happen? The 14.579999 resulted from pasting the "values only" of a prior calculation (there are 33,000 rows of data) in an attempt to shorten the painfully long calculation times. Thanks -- RIGHT "Property Taxes - The only tax we pay according to what others can afford"

Dr. Harvey Waxman
Unexpected Function
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Usually when I select a range of cells with my mouse, I am able to see the sum of the values in those cells at the right bottom hand corner of Excel. However, not it just gives me the "max" value of that range. I'm not sure how this function got toggled, but I need to get back to the original sum function. I tried resetting my computer but it didn't work. Please help. Thanks!

application unexpectedly quite
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I have just installed the Mac:Office update for OS X and when I try to=20 launch the application I get the message "Application unexpectedly=20 quits." I uninstalled the suite and installed it again, but I can't get it to = work.=20 Microsoft 2001 for the Mac that I upgraded from does work, but not=20 the upgrade for OS X. It did work at one time, but not now. Any suggestions?

Robin Gudgel
Unexpected prompts.
0 replies , 5/28/2010, 1:49:24 AM Once in a while I am getting this and a similar prompt for Spanish even when I an writing English. I have French and Spanish keyboards installed with the language bar in the bottom taskbar. Is there any way I can stop these prompts from appearing? Thanks in advance. Tony Vella Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

tony vella
Unexpected result
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Hi Folks! Can someone explain the result I'm getting: A1 = 11 A2 = 12 A3 = 13 A4 = 14 A5 = 15 A10 = empty I want the formula to extract the values in A1:A5 IF A10 = X Formula: (array entered) =INDEX(A$1:A$5,SMALL(IF(A$10="X",ROW($1:$5)),ROW(1:1))) Copied down 5 cells returns: 11 #NUM! #NUM! #NUM! #NUM! I should get #NUM! in every cell. Here's where I don't understand the result of the first cell return of 11.... Evaluating the formula and stepping through: SMALL(FALSE,{1}) evaluates to SMALL(0,1) = 0 So, =INDEX(A$1:A$5,0) Returns the value in the first position in the array A1:A5, 11. =INDEX(A$1:A$5,1) also returns the value in the first position in the array A1:A5, 11. I would think that there is no zero position in the array and the formula should error. I know that the above #NUM! errors are being generated by the SMALL function but shouldn't INDEX also generate an error based on position zero? I'm confiussed on this! Thanks Biff

Unexpected quitting
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Hi, I have Microsoft office X on my macbook, and everytime I open any of the applications, they unexpectedly quit. This only started happening recently and I can't figure it out. Mac won't trouble shoot it and neither will Microsoft because it is apparently a retired application. Can anyone help me? I'm at work and can't get much accomplished without it.

Unexpected Error
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My program every now and then stops working and logs the following event Faulting application Tester.exe, version, faulting module unknown, version, fault address 0x4de7640a. I'm unable to trap this error. The error does not happen at one given point. Even when the program is idle I can be sitting watching the screen and the error appears. Has anybody else had this problem. Kind Regards -- Message posted via

Paul Kitching via
A unexpected behavior
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In Excel 2003, a collegue has a file with a nuber of Merged cells. For a reason that escapes our explanation, some rows, not necessarily with merged cells, do not automatically resize row height when she uses Alt+Enter to create a line break. Is there an explanation for this behavior? Is there a method to correct this without unmerging the cells. Thanks Marsh

Unexpected question?
5 replies , 4/22/2007, 6:32:59 AM
Hi MVPs, Here is a different question for you: Do you use Safari or Firefox? No, this is not some survey, just me asking the experts. I have come back to Entourage after a long time of using Mail and iCal and Address book and when I click on a link Safari opens. That's when the question came to mind: What do you use? Personaly, I use Firefox because most often things will work there that do not in Safari. There are rare occations when it is the other way around, for that I hang on to Safari. Thanks, Ivar OS X 10.4.9 Office 2004 latest MBP 15"

Ivar Klaas
Unexpected File Closed
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I am using EXCEL 2007 and XP. I have encountered numerous time when I accidentally pressed a series of wrong keys and EXCEL closed without saving. What is that? How do I disable that? I have worked on a spreadsheet for an hour and because my finger slipped, I lost all my work. HELP

Unexpected Error
2 replies , 4/7/2006, 4:08:03 AM
Hi, I get the unexpected error message seemingly randomly when I try to shut down Excel completely (ie the program rather than the workbook). It happens in all situations - when I've closed all sheets, when I am trying to close the application and the workbook (the big X), when I right-click the program from the taskbar and choose close group. It also seems to happen regardless of where I am opening the workbook from - emails, my c drive, the shared network. But it is random - it does not happen all the time and I can't figure out what (if anything) I am doing differently each time. All mapped drives are connected (that was one possible solution in another thread). I have searched a bit on this news group and cannot find a similar question or answer. I am running Excel 2003 on windows XP. If anyone has any ideas they would be appreciated. If you need mroe information, let me know. Thanks, Fiona Nelson

Microsoft Word X unexpectedly quits all the time
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Can anyone help me? I have microsoft word X for mac. It constantly quits on me all the time. I have to save every ten seconds -- that's how bad it is. My product is past the warranty period. What should I do to rectify this annoying problem? Denise

Unexpected error
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I created a form with Excel with the Template Wizard with data tracking. I would like to use the MS Access form on the worksheet. But whenever I select it, I get a "Unexpected error creating Microsoft Access form or report" messagge What am I doing wrong Giovann

Unexpected quiting
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When I save/save as, Word 2004 just quits -- even just a blank doc. If I open an exsisting doc close it without saving and try to re-open, Word quits. Any resolution ideas? Thanks

word crashes unexpectedly
1 replies , 7/30/2008, 3:23:11 AM
Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: Intel Word is randomly quitting while I am using it. It does not happen when I click anything in particular, completely random. I have only been using it for 7 months, I feel like this problem is fairly premature for such a new computer. I would love some help with this! Thanks

Unexpected quits
4 replies , 8/22/2004, 4:28:21 PM
Lately, Entourage has downloaded my mail and quit before I could read it. I have checked and repaired permission. I have OS 10.3.5 and 768 mb memory. I need suggestions to solve problem. TIA, Francine

Fran Mack
unexpectantly quit
8 replies , 5/14/2009, 12:07:54 AM
Version: v.X Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: Intel I started working on a Word brochure (Word v.X, Mac OS 10.3). I then e-mailed it to my computer (Word v.X, Mac OS 10.5). When I open it the "unexpectedly quit" message appears. I've tried e-mailing again and using a usb flash drive. I've also tried deleted the MS Word preference (.plist) file from the library on the 10.5 mac. I still get the same error message.

Unexpectedly Quits
1 replies , 3/1/2004, 12:05:34 AM
My version of Entourage worked fine until yesterday.=20 Now, it launches fine, but as soon as it executes a send/receive = (scheduled=20 or invoked manually) it unexpectedly quits. I haven't changed a thing, and am up to date on all Apple SW and = Office:mac=20 updates. I've tried repairing permissions - no luck.=20 Not sure where to go from here, and it's pretty frustrating. I'm using = OSX=20 mail to get by for now, but would appreciate any suggestions on fixing = this=20 problem. Thanks!

Jim Leibold
The subject sayis it all. Have had Excel X running for a year now and = all=20 of sudden it wont load if it trys to use the project gallery, same goes=20 for PowerPoint. Word is fine. Any ideas?

Dick Beery
Unexpectedly quit
0 replies , 11/15/2003, 1:33:01 AM
We are experiencing unexpected quits using Entourage 10.1.5 on a Dual G5 running 10.3. These can happen any time even when the program is not foremost. Entourage is connecting to one POP account and to an Exchange 2K server (set up as an Exchange account). It is synching successfully. We've done an Archive and Install of 10.3 and a re-install of Office X, reapplying the 10.1 -2, 4, 5 update and are still having the occasional unexpectedly quit. I will be looking at the crash logs and can send those in, but does anyone have any take on this?

William Scoville
Unexpected exit
0 replies , 10/4/2003, 1:29:11 AM
On entourage with directory service, entourage will always exit once I put a name in to find. Once it found the name it then exits entourage unexpected. What shall I do since I need to look the address up?

Marcel Krug
Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: Intel I just wanted to express my most deeply thank-you note to wiMac for his/her reply, dated Oct 27, 2008, on this subject. Inadvertently, I moved the Word application out of the Microsoft Office 2008 and suddenly I was unable to use it. I solved my problem in seconds based on wiMac reply, which I reproduce below, for the help of others. Thank you, wiMac. <br><br>Re: The application Microsoft Word quit unexpectedly <br><br>The Word application is not in the correct folder and is unable to load the correct framework. Verify that Word is located in the /Applications/Microsoft Office 2008 folder. If it is not located in the correct folder Word will crash every time regardless of whether updates are installed or not.

unexpectedly quitting
1 replies , 1/30/2007, 10:00:55 PM
Just purchased a new imac and all software was transferred from previous mac - now cannot open and work on any of the Office products - even after reinstalling and updating latest downloads. ??

Unexpectedly Quit
5 replies , 10/27/2003, 6:50:50 PM
After updating office to 10.1.4 on a 500MHz PowerBook G3 (Pismo) with 512MB RAM running MacOS 10.2.8 I can not keep word running long enough for it to be useful. It seems to randomly quit within moments of starting. I have already removed all duplicate fonts on my system. Verified fonts with FontAgent Pro and removed all Word preference files. Nothing seems to work and I need to use word. Any thoughts?

I to, am having this issue on my Mac. Does anyone have a solution for this? The only think I found to help me was in German (I think) and Google's translator didn't translate the entire page (including the part I needed). Please help?

Office Unexpectantly Quits
1 replies , 2/13/2004, 8:58:10 PM
>>>> From: Perry Lund <l**********> >>>> Date: Friday, February 13, 2004, 11:50 AM >>>> Subject: Word Unexpectantly Quit - Wireless Bug? Alright, I am trying to solve a real strange bug or error with my Microsoft Office programs, in particular MS Word. I have a Gateway laptop with Centrino wireless running Windows XP Professional and Office 2000. All the updates to operating system and Office products are done. Almost as soon as I received the laptop, I started experiencing unexpectant quitting of Office applications, in particular MS Word. I would launch the program and within 3 - 7 seconds, I would get the dialog box "Word has unexpectantly quit". This occurs in Excel and Outlook also, but not PowerPoint or Access. I began trying to do some logical testing of the problem since it did not occur on regular cycle. Here is what I have determined thus far. At home, I have a wireless network (via NetGear router) connected to my ISP via DSL. My laptop runs fine at home. Word has never crashed with the error message "Word has unexpectantly quit". At my office, we have only standard CAT5 Ethernet and my laptop works fine there as well. Word never crashes here either. However, when I take my laptop to night classes at the local university or to the public library or to some motels, the crashing problem starts occuring. And since I am at the university twice a week, I can verify that the problem occurs every time I am there. The only thing I have found in common with the locations and crashing problem is that my Centrino laptop shows other wireless network signals present. These are wireless networks I do not connect with, but which exist where I am using my laptop. Under these conditions, Word, Excel, and Outlook consistently crash with the "Program has unexpectantly quit" error. When I go back home or to my office, the problem goes away and Office programs work great. I have attempted to solve the problem by disabling my wireless network on my laptop while at the university and at other locations where wireless signals are present. This has not solved the crashing problem. Can anyone assist me with this problem as it is driving me nuts. Since the university is leasing the laptops to us and no one else is having the problem in my class, their tech support is not helpful. They have replaced my laptop once, but the replacement laptop as the same problem. Help!!!

Perry Lund
Unexpected logical 'IF' response
4 replies , 3/9/2006, 11:57:53 AM
Hello, I have a simple IF formula that appears not to working as expected. It tests whether a date is between two dates and displays the message 'TODAY' or 'FALSE' if not. =IF(AND(TODAY()>=P44,TODAY()<Q44),"TODAY","") where P44 and Q44 are valid dates. I've used excel's Evaluate Formula dialog box which after testing the above statement, equates to IF(FALSE,""TODAY","FALSE") You would expect the final evaluation would be 'FALSE' in the dialog box, but it comes up with 'TODAY'. Mmmmm. I'm confused, am I missing something? Best regards from the UK, Rob. -- bikergsx ------------------------------------------------------------------------ bikergsx's Profile: View this thread:

Unexpected Quitting
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Everytime that I am just typing or doing anything else in Word, the program just shuts down and gives an error message. I don't know what to do. Can anyone help me?

Quits Unexpectedly
3 replies , 8/26/2008, 11:04:28 PM
Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: Intel Every time I try to open any office application it says that it quit unexpectedly and even if you try to relaunch it nothing will happen how do I fix this problem.

Unexpected error
6 replies , 3/5/2007, 5:12:53 PM
Hi all, I am getting the following error when I open the Microsoft application "An unexpected error occurred while trying to load the Microsoft Framework Libray" Can anyone shed some light on a new Mac user please!!

Geoff P
Unexpected error
2 replies , 8/26/2004, 1:15:04 AM
I am having a hard time trying to find the source of an unusual problem. What I am attempting to do is add a control to a panel, eg. > pnlDetail.Controls.Clear(); > pnlDetail.Controls.Add(newControl); This works perfectly fine for 2 other similarish controls, but for this control it throws the error: > An unhandled exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' > occurred in > Additional information: Error creating window handle. I really dont even know where to start to figure out what the source of this problem could be. Greg Nelson

Word, Entourage & Explorer quit unexpectedly
1 replies , 5/16/2004, 10:57:03 PM
Hi, - On Mac OS X.1 to OS X.3.3, Word quits unexpectedly when saving as... - Entourage quits unexpectedly when receiving some messages - Explorer quits unexpectedly when closing session on Airport connection...BTW, I have a Powerbook G4/500. Any suggestion? Help please... Thanks Salah

Salah Basalamah