Re: Mail merge hangs: waiting for DDE



a. Opening the source Excel file first before commencing the mail merge
steps in Word. Close all other irrelevant excel files, if any.

b. Check & ensure the excel worksheet containing the data source for the
mail merge is the first one in the source Excel file, ie the leftmost tab.
The data worksheet might have "moved" away to the right due to new sheets
inserted subsequent to its creation.

Phil Lowery <p************> wrote in message
> When we try to open certain Word/Excel mail merge
> documents (opened through MS Word), we see a message on
> the status bar: "Waiting for Excel to accept DDE
> commands", and the system goes into an interminable
> hourglass "hang", or on other systems, crashes.
> What's up?

6/30/2003, 4:27:20 AM

Now or wait?
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Need to run an exchange server for shared calendars only. Should I buy now or wait until 2007 comes out? If I do buy now will Exchange 2003 server work well with 2007 clients?

waiting for connection!
3 replies , 6/22/2007, 2:28:46 AM
hi in biztalk 2002 the outgoing queues the status will be shoeing waiting for connection and after some time it connects. i wanted to know why is this behaviour seen is it ok or i need to check some thing pls reply as soon as possible thanks irfan

Hi, I've recently removed the trial version of MS Office 2007 from my PC, and since then, whenever I open a MS Office 2000 application a dialogue box appears with the following message: "Please wait while windows configures Microsoft [application name] 2000 SR-1". The dialogue box appears for approx 5 secs but doesn't seem to slow down my PC. It's more annoying than anything else. Any suggestions as to why this has just started to appear after the removal of 2007 and how can I stop it? Many thanks... Jay

Calculating waiting times
5 replies , 5/28/2008, 10:10:00 AM
Hi Everyone I am trying to set up a spreadsheet in Excel 2000 that allows me to input a date that an item is requested (J4) and then keeps a record of the time passed (L4) up to the present date until I input the date the request was received(K4), eg O 1 Todays Date J K L 4 Date Item Requested Date Item received Length of Time waiting for result So what I want it to do is give me the days waiting between todays date and J4 in L4 unless I enter the received date in K4 when I want it to give me the difference between K4 and J4. I hope this makes sense. Yours Garry

VB Wait
2 replies , 12/8/2006, 2:48:49 PM
Hi All (again), I now am faced with trying to make my macro wait for the new page to finish loading when an option is selected. My macro looks like this: Dim ie As Object Set ie = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application") With ie ..Navigate "URL" ..Visible = True Do Until .ReadyState = 4 DoEvents Loop End With Set ipf = ie.Document.all.Item("p1_command") ipf.Value = "my user name" Set ipf = ie.Document.all.Item("pw1_command") ipf.Value = "my password " SendKeys "{ENTER}" ***Application.Wait Now + TimeValue("00:00:3")*** SendKeys "{Tab 2}", True SendKeys "{ENTER}" The line surrounded in *'s is the line i would like to change to make check that the page has fully loaded rather than working on a timer. If anybody can offer me some help i would appreciate it greatly! Thank you, Mark

To wait or not to wait?
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Hi all, just want to get your advice, i want to buy a new P.C. and i was wondering, would you reccommend i wait for Office 2007 to be released or should i wait for all the kinks to be ironed out and buy Office 2003 for the moment, i know i will be getting fixes if i do wait for 2007, but is it worth it? Also could anyone tell me the expected date of release?

The spinning wait cursor when I try and print
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Version: 2004 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) Processor: Power PC Anytime I try and print anything, be it a pdf, word doc, excel doc, anything I get the "spinning wheel of death" Am i doing something wrong? HELP?

Delete links (still waiting for help)
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MS Excel 2000 - how do I delete links that I don't need?

Should I wait
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I have a dilemma. We are about to rollout a Nortel platform based on CS1000 release 5.5 across all out sites. This is due to end in March. The next phase of the project is get OCS out there. Do I go for OCS2007? Do I wait for R2?

VB Wait...
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Hi all, I asked in here the other day how i could get rid of : Application.Wait Now + TimeValue("00:00:3") from my code and instead wait for a page to be fully loaded before the program continues running, someone kindly told me to use: Do Until ie.ReadyState = 4 DoEvents Loop However i was unable to get this to work, if anybody could offer some help it would be greatly appreciated, my code is below: Sub CDS_Test() Dim ie As Object Set ie = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application") With ie ..Navigate "URL" ..Visible = True Do Until .ReadyState = 4 DoEvents Loop End With Set ipf = ie.Document.all.Item("p1_command") ipf.Value = "my user ID" Set ipf = ie.Document.all.Item("pw1_command") ipf.Value = "my password" SendKeys "{ENTER}" Application.Wait Now + TimeValue("00:00:3") SendKeys "{Tab 2}", True SendKeys "{ENTER}" Application.Wait Now + TimeValue("00:00:3") SendKeys "{Tab 3}", True SendKeys "{ENTER}" Many Thanks, Mark

Wait for calc and print in macro
4 replies , 7/29/2008, 8:09:56 PM
Hi, I am trying to create a macro that will load an ID into one cell, and many other cells will calculate based off of that ID. Some of these calculations are from external sources, so it could take between 10-30 seconds for everything to update. Once all the cells on the sheet are updated, I want to print the sheet, then load in the next ID, and repeat the process. Right now, I have no issue with the code for loading the ID or printing the sheet. The problem is that the print happens before the cells are done calculating. To try to remedy this, I put in an Application.Wait command for 10 seconds, and then added a Do While Loop that if the CalculationState <> xlDone, then to wait another 10 seconds. However, it still prints before anything is updated. Any thoughts on how to fix this? Thanks! Brett

To Upgrade or wait....
3 replies , 4/9/2007, 7:41:43 PM
I am one of the many people affected by the hotmail and entourage x issue that has recently surfaced. I am not sure what I want to do about this, get a different e-mail account or update to Office 2004. Office 2004 is already 3 years old, when will it be replaced by a newer and hopefully better version? The entourage X has not been my favorite software package. I don't like that I cant change the font size in the calendar printouts. Is Office 2004 a better product? thanks for your input

Tom C
Can I call some 'wait' function in VBA?
1 replies , 10/8/2006, 10:04:25 AM
The subject line is my question ... My event-triggered procedure "Document_New" needs to wait for another Application to complete its work setting Document-Variables. Instead of just looping while waiting for this process to complete, and stealing time from that other Application, I want to cede the time to the system, by some "wait" function, with the time to wait in seconds resp. milliseconds. Any hint? The "shell" function doesn't help since it just starts another, asynchronoulsy running process in parallell. No wait. Yours, L.Willms

L=?ISO-8859-1?B?/A==?=ko Willms
IF Function and length of wait query
2 replies , 2/27/2004, 8:06:33 PM
Hi, I'm having trouble using the IF Function. Here's my problem. In H4 I enter time data (time patient enters A&E ie. 07:13) and in K4 I also enter time data (time patient leaves A&E ie. 09:42) then in L4 I have the formula =IF(H4>K4,K4+1-H4,K4-H4) and this returns the time patient waited in A&E. In N4 I have another formula thus =IF(L4>"4:00","Yes","No") however I always get No as the answer. All I really want is the cell in N4 to tell me if the patient breeches (ie. waited more than 4 hours in A&E). Thank you

Please wait ...
2 replies

Hello, Outlook experts, I'd like to know if there is a way to open Outlook and let the program waiting until the outlook is connected with exchange server in VB. Otherwise I must always keep Outlook opened and logged in before I can start my program... Thanks a lot... Lucia

I want to remove documents waiting to be printed.
7 replies , 8/29/2005, 8:56:16 PM
How do I stop/remove documents that are waiting to be printed.

Wait function which allows other Excel action
6 replies , 3/1/2005, 3:19:51 PM
I am loading two excel workbooks. I want to run a macro from the first workbook, but I don't want to complete the macro code until the other workbook has finished loading I am restricted from placing macros in the 2nd workbook. Is there some type of wait function which can allow loading of the 2nd workbook while the wait is in progress? Thanks, john G.

John Gilchrist
Waiting for cabinets
1 replies , 8/30/2005, 1:41:10 PM
One of the strangest messages I have ever seen from Microsoft... When trying to install Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003, I get the following message under "Current Action:" "Waiting for cabinets to be cached to local installation source" "File: AV561403.CAB" Waiting? It sure is! It has been waiting for over 2 hours now. There is no option except cancel. The progress bar is not moving. Nothing seems to be happening...oh wait. It's waiting!!! What is going on, and what am I suppose to do about it. &#^#&*#&!!!!! If anyone can help, I'd sure appreciate it. Thanks, Bernie

query wait while refresh external data
0 replies , 6/6/2007, 8:30:01 PM
Hello, I have a workbook which retrieve data from the web (20 sources). The data is displayed in different new workbooks. Can anybody help me how to tell an excel macro to wait until a query has finished retrieving the data to the workbook and than retrieve other data. Thanks for your help

Recently, when I try and bring up Excel it comes with a window that says 'Please wait while Windows configures Micorsoft Office XP Professional with Front Page". Sometimes, pressing the cancel button just starts the dialog all over again and after three attempts of cancelling, Excel comes up. Sometimes, pressing the cancel button, it terminates any chance of Excel coming up. So it's never clear when and if I can bring up Excel. My issue is that I don't have the CDs anymore to reinstall as it's asking me to do. I also recently tried to upgrade to SP3 and the same dialog box came up. By the way, this does not happen with MS Word or Powerpoint. What is wrong with my system and what can I do to correct it. Thanks

ASC()---waiting online...
0 replies , 11/3/2003, 1:43:27 AM
I function ASC() different in different language's version of Excel? Now I use this function in Excel2002---Chinese version,I find it unsupport Japanese character(but I can do in Excel2000---Japanese version)! I don't know why. because the different language version or because 2000 and 2002?? Thank you for help!

<<<Wait Time & Overtime>>
1 replies , 9/20/2003, 2:42:14 AM
On my job I get paid waiting time when I arrive at terminal. But the waiting time stops when the overtime starts. Example: Arrive at terminal: 17:00 Overtime starts at: 18:00 How would I write a formula that would allow the arrival time to stop when the overtime begins?

0 replies , 1/31/2007, 8:29:01 PM

How do I get rid of annoying Please wait while...
4 replies , 9/7/2006, 5:23:08 PM
Ok, goes like this: Some dweeb went and tried to install either the Japanese or Korean character set, without asking! Hence the dweeb comment. Now everytime I go to open any Office document I get that annoyuing message: "Please wait while windows configures microsoft office XP professional" Of course I can cancel out of it two or three times, but still! Not a clue where my original XP Office CD is, and I will look for it, but surely there must be a way for me to get rid of this some other way???????? Googled, but found nothing other than, put in the CD. So would appreciate any comments or suggestions, or even better yet, "the answer". Many thanks ahead of time. Sergio

Daniel Kaplan
0 replies , 6/11/2008, 9:00:26 AM

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Excel Waiting List Help
3 replies , 6/1/2007, 2:39:01 PM
I could use some help with an Excel Waiting List I am trying to create. My first column A is labeled Date and I formatted it as date. I have typed in 6/1/07 in A-1; I would like it when I type in in A-2 “6” the 1/07 is filled in already for me. The reason, this is a log of calls and there may be more than one entry call for that date. (Lazy typer) Also need help with column C. If in C-1 I type in Smith as the last name I would like it to type in for me “_mith” in C-6 if I type in S. Reason, this would tell me that person already called that day or in the past. Sounds like it might not work if there are 2 Smiths, but all I have to do is scroll up to verify. Each person can only be entered once on this Waiting List. Any suggestions?

Word goes into wait wheel when I try to type
1 replies , 5/20/2004, 8:11:04 PM
I have been working with a small Word document using Endnote with Word. = As I try to type a new word wait wheel (the wheel that shows up when you = are waiting for the computer to process something) comes on and wont = quit=20 unless I force quit. I tried using word alone, login off and retasting = with and=20 without Endnote, but the wheel comes up again as I try to type a new = word. =20 I cannot get it to work properly. Any ideas?

Ramon Vega
Wait for Office 2003?
3 replies , 7/12/2003, 9:21:23 PM
Any opinions on whether it would be wise to wait for a few months and get Office 2003 or go ahead and get Office XP now?

Peter Birchenall
How long a wait for answers
0 replies , 10/27/2004, 11:21:02 PM
Hi; Any idea how long a wait it is for answers? The msdn notice said 2 working days but it's already been longer than that on some of my questions. thanks - dave

How long must we wait?
4 replies , 8/16/2005, 8:45:15 PM
Where is this entourage update that was, "close to being completed"? Does it exist? No countdown on mactopia. No status anywhere. Save us!! Corporate users who work in exchange environments and use exchange for calendaring, need your help!! Bobcat

Robert Morales
waiting for VPC 7
1 replies , 10/7/2004, 2:54:52 PM
I've been waiting for VPC 7 for a long time. Microsoft has been owing it to me since I bought Office 2004, now Office X, with a G5, not noticing VPC 6 didn't work. I notice MS is shipping VPC7. Why am I not surprised they haven't sent me my long-ago-paid-for copy?

Long wait....for Save As
0 replies , 11/7/2003, 11:29:43 AM
I have installed Office XP some time ago. Now I have a problem with saving any document. It takes ages when the Save As windows is responsive. What is the posssible reason for this long response? TIA Milos

Milos Puchta
My default printer is an HP 1320 printer attached to another machine. Now every simple cut-paste operation pauses for 20 seconds while Office is waiting for printer information. How can I turn that off?

Waiting symbol won't stop
0 replies , 8/5/2003, 5:50:27 PM
When I open Entourage, the waiting symbol comes on and never goes off. I can't do anything within the program. I already rebuilt the database twice and deleted the preferences and that didn't help. Any thoughts?