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Hi John,

Just insert the CD and it will start the installation process.  Follow
the instructions on the screen and answer any prompts it gives you.

Afterwards, in the Multiplayer (online) area, it will ask you to choose
a name for your character.  Give this information to your friend, and
then once you're both in the game, look up how the messaging works,
and send your friend a message so you can both meet someplace and
then enjoy exploring and playing in the Unreal World.  :-)

Jimmy S.

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"JohnB" <S*******> wrote in message
| Hi, I am new to gaming on the net and just bought "Unreal
| Tournament 2003". How can I set this up on my computer to
| play a friend in another city?
|                 John

Jimmy S.
6/29/2003, 8:37:13 PM

Game score without game being played
14 replies , 5/13/2005, 10:41:47 PM
I am using Sumproduct =SUMPRODUCT(--(HomeTeam=$C$2),--(AwayTeam=B5), HomeScore) to put team scores on a team sheet, but still get a score of 0 - 0 when the game hasnt been played and no score is entered onto the 'schedule' sheet. This is not ideal. How can i have NOTHING go into the cells when the game has not been played. These scores come from a 'schedule' sheet with all games for the year listed. any help? sheila TIA

game freezing
1 replies , 7/27/2005, 8:21:03 PM
every time i play a game online or off it freezes sometimes i can press ctrl alt del and it comes off and other times the computer want turn off at all. I have to take the battery out which cant be healthy or wait for it to run out this happens every time i play a game. its a bran new laptop. Sorry i cant give you more info but i cant see anything wrong with the laptop its more then adequate to play them.

WTF..... i need night-vision to play games ?!?!?!?
3 replies , 7/3/2003, 2:47:39 PM
sup all, dont you hate it..... when your playing a game... say counter strike.... and when u walk into a realy dark area.... you cant see a thing....... its like a black screen with a green crosshair in the middle... yer well.... thats how it it for all my games........ for sum reason.... my comp' is running all the programs on like..... 20% brightness....... example 1..... Enter the Matrix game...... On the FIRST level..... the BRIGHTEST LEVEL IN THE GAME..... i know cause i finished the game..... in the brightest level.... I CANT SEE A THING !!!!!!! even when i use the config.exe file... and put brightness up to 200%..... i still need 300% Gamma.... just to see where im walking...... with 300% gamma...... the screen is like... playing the game through Night-Vision Goggles..... Ive gone to the Display Properties and gone to hardware devices..... GForce 4 TI 4400... and put brightness on FULL...... but still... everything is realy dark...... does any one know how to make the Computer display get alot brighter???........ i already have the monitor on 100% brightness too..... NEED RESPONCE NOW!!!!! plz email....... i*********** NEED HELP NOW>>>>> ... thx

1 replies , 2/18/2007, 5:52:03 PM
I have got war and peace 1796-1815 pc game but it wont run on my pc i've put the cd key in and everything but when I double click the icon and press play it dont do anything please can you help me -- Anthony Williams

Yahoo Games - Pool
1 replies , 11/8/2003, 3:44:04 AM
My new PC came with XP. When I enter Yahoo Pool the java applet hangs and does not load almost always. When I do get into the game, boarders and the white pop up boxes well at the mouse arrow. Then when getting out of the games, I.E. freezes and I must restart I.E. Dell doesn't know what's wrong and Microsoft wants to charge me $35 to "help" me. I've played this game on a PC with XP before and it worked fine. Please.....any suggestions on what could be wrong?

1 replies , 5/14/2008, 3:23:01 PM
My computer crashed last week, I got a geek to rebuild it, he re installed Windows XP, but under programs/games there is nothing. He didn't put the games back in and I don't know how/where to pick them up and how to reinstall them if I found them. What to do???

My games freeze
1 replies , 8/24/2003, 7:53:37 PM
Every time I try to run a game on my PC it just freezes after a couple of minutes and the keyboard is left disabled so the PC has to be reset. A friend says it's to do with the video driver, and I downloaded the latest ATi Radeon one which seemed to work at first but now the problem's reoccurred.

yahoo games
1 replies , 12/17/2003, 8:39:46 PM
hi probleme only in yahoo game applet failed to load I click on (click here if applet fails to load and work good except whit the warning applet window) worked good last week dont know why msn gaming zone and others work good without warning :(

Yahoo games
2 replies , 10/13/2005, 9:51:45 PM
I'm trying to play a Yahoo game and all I see is a large blank screen with a small x in the upper left hand corner. What do I need to download? Thanks!

Ok can't install any game into my computer.
5 replies , 1/1/2005, 7:23:01 PM
I keep getting this error "C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\AUTOEXEC.NT. The system file is not suitable for running MS-Dos and Micfrosoft Windows applications. Choose close to termanate the applacation. Now I choose close and nothing happens. I don't know what to do. I can't play any games on my computer but I want to. I don't know what to do or where to even start.

In 98 plus accessories the free cell game
1 replies , 11/30/2004, 7:37:01 PM
The free cell game in accessories keeps locking up and giviving me a program error. The game cannot be played. How do I fix it? Thanks joe

Game Patch
2 replies , 2/21/2004, 12:13:12 PM
Chris H, if you can help with the Rayman 2 patch problem can you post it again as your reply just said "message unavailable".

Freezing games in XP
1 replies , 5/10/2004, 11:56:03 PM
My computer recently crashed, again, because of Kazaa crap, so i reinstalled Windows XP using the Quick Restore disks that came with my comp. Since then, whenever I play a game, whether it be Starcraft of Call of Duty, the game runs fine for a minute or two, then it pratically freezes and runs at less than a frame a second. It will repeat this process consistently with any game, as far as I can tell. I updated the hell out of my grahics drivers, processor, and anything else I could find. What should I do??

yahoo games/msn games
7 replies , 4/4/2006, 10:19:02 PM
I am having problems playing yahoo spades and msn games. in msn i get booted all the time and in yahoo spades it stalls and i end up getting ff'd on because it crashes. I end up having to do a ctrl shft esc to end the program then it shuts everything down and asks me if i want to send an error report. I just got a new laptop and it's connected through wireless. I have 3 other computers that are not on wireless and are plugged in . Any help would be greatly appreciated. My other computers work fine in both game places. Not sure what to do. Thank you Cheri

2 replies , 10/9/2004, 7:15:39 PM
Yes i have windowsxp and i well like to see and play your games i just find out that you have games today 9/9/04 if you can P:S e-mail and lat me no how to get to your games. my e mail s********** thank you so much.

sharon bynum
Microsoft Games - Hearts, Minesweeper etc
5 replies , 5/21/2004, 2:21:11 AM
Some of my games have disappeared. The only ones I have left are Solitaire, Hearts, Freecell and Spider Solitaire. I have done a search and can't find them. Any ideas of how to recover them? Thanks Maree.

1 replies , 11/21/2003, 11:05:04 PM
hi i am having a problem installing medal of honor when i put thr disk in a screen comes up repair remove and other stuff it won't let me install the game how can i fix this problem ? ty

1 replies , 10/5/2003, 6:04:39 PM
I have found a game which i havent played for ages, I know have xp and when running the game, it only playes a bit of the game then it goes off. and I cant get it back on again some1 help me plz any help appreciated Danny J

Danny J
games run once
3 replies , 1/8/2004, 4:42:46 AM
I have several games, Halo and NHL 2002 specifically, that run fine the first time after being installed, and then will not run the second time after exiting. They will not run any time thereafter either. Anyone know a possible reason? I have re-installed XP and it still happens. Thanx.

Can't get my new game to work.
4 replies , 3/28/2006, 7:01:03 PM
Need help just got FEAR for my pc downloaded it just fine, no problems whatsoever. When I go to play the game it says video card doesn't meet the requirements what can I do. In the book it tells me to enable pixel doubling (where do I find that) then put my 'force dx8 shaders' to on (what) Hope someone can help me. -- All gave some, Some gave all. (911) Never forget our fallen heros.

unavle to play games
1 replies , 9/23/2004, 8:23:02 PM
I cannot play any games on my computer I get this C:\windows\system32\AUTOEXEC.NT.The system file is not suitable for running M.S.Dos and microsoft windows applications. My computer crashed and I used the recovery disk and now I cannot plat the games I did before can anyone help

WindowsXP Pro resets when running games - help!
4 replies , 5/7/2004, 7:24:47 AM
I've recently built a PC with XP Pro. It has the latest DirectX installed and the system ran fine for over a week with no problems. Games were being played for a few hours at a time with no problems (i.e Black Hawk Down, Call of Duty etc.) However, now when playing games, after a couple of minutes when playing it suddenly resets the system and reboots back up to Windows with no prior warning. There are no problems or crashes when working in Windows normally so I can't understand what could be the problem. I have SP1 installed for Windows and the PC has never been connected to the Internet so i'm assuming that there can't have been a virus downloaded from anywhere. It has an ATI Radeon 9200 AGP card & AthlonXP 2.6 processor & 512mb PC2700 Ram. Can anyone help?? Thanks

Jason Sayer
how to install pc games from a zipped file
1 replies , 5/20/2007, 4:01:04 PM
im a newbie pls. need help tnx...

Windows XP games
1 replies , 4/28/2005, 8:00:33 AM
what are some hot games for windows XP ?? -- catchyogi ------------------------------------------------------------------------ catchyogi's Profile: View this thread: Visit -

Games shut down in the middle of a game
1 replies , 10/3/2005, 9:46:03 PM
HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I play BF2, LOTR Battle for Middle Earth, and Star Wars Republic Commander all shut down completely in the middle of running the games. Sometimes its after 2 min or 25 min or a little longer. Any suggestions??

games crash?!?
1 replies , 11/21/2003, 9:26:00 PM
I bought a HP ze4424us laptop (1.8 gig, factory Radeon ATI Mobility graphics, 512 ram, factory sound, XP Home, directs 9.0). games install corectly, but crash after 2-5 min of playing (C&C Generals, WWII Frontline, Splinter Cell...). i've updated all the drivers from the hp website. any other sugestions. thanks

No games working please help
25 replies , 4/27/2006, 7:48:02 AM
Hi i have just bought a new amd athlon 64 with windows xp professional and any game i play it either quits out and says error do u want to send error report or not or the second one is it just quits out?? thanks will

Game crashes
1 replies , 9/26/2003, 4:11:33 PM
When I play any of my games ;ie wqrcraft3, pharaoh and even 1602 a.d., there is a problem. Sometimes in the middle of the game or even after 5 min of play, my computer shuts down and reboots. It only does this with games. Whats the deal?

eugene soliz
Java-based Internet Games (e.g. Pool2 etc)
0 replies , 7/18/2003, 6:55:08 PM
I have recently been experiencing major modem problems with my Windows XP System. I have been told that my ISP doesn't support the particular modem currently attached to the computer. Following advice from one of the help lines to delete some of the downloaded software. In the course of doing this i appear to have inadvertently deleted my Internet Explorer service, resulting in my current inability to access the Yahoo Games Room. Because the modem which is currently attached to my machine is not completely compatible, the link breaks continuously, with the inexplorer only partially downloaded and I'm forced to go back to the start. To make matters worse, the modem that would be compatible with my machine and ISP will not be available till September. Any tips?

Alan Paterson
Video Game crashes
26 replies , 8/2/2004, 8:34:37 PM
It would appear that several of us are having problems with video games. We all seem to be getting the same error message. refer to the post blackhawk down and freelancer. I would guess that it is an XP thing. Any ideas? I do know that I recently installed the "critical updates" about a week ago. It was after that my problems with Blackhawk down began. I have yet to remedy. Jeremy

Windows xp game cheats
0 replies , 12/9/2006, 5:36:40 PM
check out my blogs to see cool game cheats

games again
1 replies , 1/18/2005, 11:05:06 PM
still dont get it it will be me not asking right sorry.i just need to no were a game goes after download and how to use trainers ,i will show be eg on net download game demo lets say wildsnake INVASION PINBALL so i download and save to MYDOCS/ then go to MYDOCS/ to OPEN orRUN it then asks were to INSTALL to this is were it gets me im not sure were i should INSTALL to. should i choose RUN and not SAVE when first downloading.

Yahoo Games
2 replies , 8/28/2004, 7:52:46 PM
Hello there How do I keep on playing the downloaded version of the games from yahoo on my computer once my trail is up?? Other than purchasing the game. I'm currently playing the Rocket Mania. : ) I thought it had to be something with the reg. but I was wrong. If anyone knows of a way to I can continually play the game other than online or purchasing it that would be great. Thanks much appreciated! : )

0 replies , 10/8/2003, 4:33:19 AM
As you will see I do not know anything about compuers and I feel so stupid for what I just did and I do not know how to restore this game back like it was. I was going to play freecell and I went to start and programs and games and when I got to games freecell was at the top of the list. Instead of clicking on freecell for some reason only God knows I held down the mouse and I drug freecell from the list of games over as an icon on my display screen. now freecell is not listed under games. Could you please tell me how to get freecell listed back under games so when I go to programs and then games it will be listed there. Thank you so very much for any help you can give me. If you will please e-mail me at m********** May the Lord Bless all ways. Thanks in advance for any help you will be able to give me. Jean Cole

Jean Cole
sims games not play
1 replies , 1/29/2004, 10:05:24 PM
hi, my name is timothy, i have a problem playing SIMS game, i'm using windown xp, directx 9, but i can't play the SIMS, the Unleash. Can anyone help me, please.