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A splendid reply.    OK I updated all of my drivers, including video, sound,
directx, and motherboard.  I ran the game and it crashed almost immediatly.
I rebooted and went back into Freelancer.  This tmie, I went into the
Performance settings and dropped all of the bars dopwn a few notches (such
as object detail etc).  I then played the game and managed to play through a
dog fight which consistently crashed.  I am now in the process of increasing
the performance bars one by one to see were the problem arises.

I am interested in the overheating comment - I have a pretty big server box
which came with 8 internal fans which are all blowing away.  I am slightly
annoyed that games still suffer from these problems also. I havent really
played games for years, but I used to play Elite back in the ole days so
decided to by Freelancer.  I thought that the game technology would have
stabalised much better than it seems to have.  Oh well...I seem to have the
dogs nads of a computer system, and having to drop some of the performance
settings is annoying at best.

But thanks for such a verbose and helpful reply Jimmy, it was excellent.

"Jimmy S." <Private> wrote in message
> Hi Nick,
> Before troubleshooting that Freelancer "system hanging" issue, we'll
> update your Video drivers.  Although Freelancer usually checks the
> video driver version and will recommend an upgrade if needed,
> updating video card drivers can solve most gaming issues.. if this is
> not the solution, then we may be looking at an overheating problem,
> or a lack of sufficient power supply to your system.  But first...
> Me & XP users should create a restore point before any upgrades:
> Before you update your drivers, I recommend you upgrade to DirectX 9.0a:
> Keep any download accelerators or antivirus programs disabled.
> Here are the steps I recommend you use to update your driver:
> 1. To identify the make and model of your card, right click your
>     Desktop, choose Properties / Settings / Advanced / Adapter.
> 2. Download the latest video driver for your card online, using
>     to find the website to download from.  I also have advanced
>     video driver and direct X troubleshooting steps on that page.
> 3. Save the .exe driver (or uncompress the zip file) to a folder
>     in My Documents named after the driver version number.
> 4. Restart the computer in Safe Mode by pressing the F8 key
>     about once every second as it's rebooting to pick Safe Mode.
> 5. Click Start / (settings) Control Panel / System / Hardware
>     Device Manager / expand +Display Adapters / right click on
>     the adapter, pick "Uninstall", and click No if asked to reboot.
> 6. Use Control Panel / Add-Remove programs to uninstall the
>     previous driver (exe)software which may have been installed.
> 7. Restart the computer in Safe Mode by pressing the F8 key
>     about once every second as it's rebooting to pick Safe Mode.
> 8. If the driver is a (exe)program file, GO DIRECTLY TO step 10.
> 9. When Windows prompts you to install the video adapter,*  click
>     "Install from a list or specific location", click the "Browse" button,
>     browse to the My documents folder where you saved the driver,
>     click on one of the driver files to begin installation.  Go to Step
> *  If Windows doesn't prompt you to install the video adapter, click
>     Start / Control Panel / System / Hardware / Device Manager /
>     click the + next to Display Adapters / Doubleclick the Adapter /
>     Update Driver... / follow the instructions in Step 9 to install
> 10. If / when Windows prompts you to install the video adapter, click
>     "Cancel".  Double click the driver program to install the new
> 11.  After you reboot, go to Control Panel / Display / Settings and
>     choose 32 bit Color Quality, and 1024x768 Screen Resolution.
> Test your drivers using DXDiag:  Click Start / Run / type: DXDIAG
> Click the "Test" buttons in the Display, Sound, Music & Network Tabs;
> If any of the Display options are Disabled and you cannot Enable them,
> your most likely solution would be to update your Chipset Drivers as per:
> Along with your Video card, Sound Cards, Motherboard Chipsets,
> and Video Monitors may also require updated drivers.  Even your
> motherboard's  BIOS may need to be updated for compatibility with
> your Video card.  These steps are listed at:
> The latest video drivers sometime don't work with a particular game.
> (Check the Video suggestions in the readme.txt file in your game
> If there's no suggestions, try an older (WHQL) driver, and/or if you still
> experience problems try a Beta driver, or even an Omega driver instead:
>         BETA Drivers:
>         OMEGA Drivers:
> Do you have more than one video outlet on your card?  If so, test the
> monitor using other outlet and disable the 2nd outlet if that doesn't
> There you have it, if you have any questions feel free to post them! :-)
> --
> Cheers,
> Jimmy S.
> Additional Support Resources: My Helpsite:
> Microsoft Online Tech Support:
> Game FAQ's:;[LN];gms
> My advice is donated "AS IS" without warranty;  nor do I confer any
> _________________________________________________________
> "Nick" <f*******e.there> wrote in message
> | Hi,
> |
> | I have just purchased freelancer and expected it to work perfectly on my
> | machine.  But during the game, especially when flying or playing some
> | of video, it hangs but the current music plays until it has finished.  I
> | cannot do anything other than reboot.
> |
> | I have the following spec:
> |
> | Pentium 4 3.02ghz
> | RAM 2GB
> | HDD 450GB
> | ATA Motherboard 533mhz
> | Windows XP Professional
> |
> | Not sure what else you would need to know.  I am also new to XP - is
> | something I must set or do to play games more efficiently?
> |
> | Many thanks,
> |
> | Nick.
> |
> |

6/29/2003, 9:22:59 AM

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I would like to know where I can get updates for freelancer, specifically the server. I have downloaded the V 1.1 update but I see servers that are running versions like 4.82. Where do I get this?

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The game will not advanced beyond level 10, even if i have more money than required, somebody can explain whats the reason for this issue and how i can resolve the issue.

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I have had audio problems with Freelancer (as most people have), and despite doing everything the readme said to fix the problem, it is still not playing all the sounds. Do you know if there is a way to solve my problem? Also can you please post a list of the default windows codecs so i can check them against the ones i have? Thanks -Dan

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Dear Microsoft, Please Bring this game back. It is one of the most entertaining, and imaginative games ever made, and nothing compares to it. I have played other games that are supposed to be like it. But none are even close. Microsoft could really make this game into a mega seller and continue the story line. Please, consider doing it. Mike

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does anyone know how to get through the 22 gates in the race against dexter hovis,or is it possible to bypass this and continue the missions??

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hello i have been playing this great game for some time now and have one huge bug that is bothering me while i am in a buy mode (equipment room,bar,etc) game quits to desktop and dxdiag starts (game is still in taskbar, i click it but i remain in windows only hearing game sound, and after some time i get windows error log) i use dx9.0c ver. 0904 and winxp pro what could be the cause of this bug?

Freelancer Multiplayer
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When I try to play freelancer with a server on my laptop or on my computer i just get a funny IP address and it will not connect. The IP Address shown is Fe80:a00:46ff:fec... that fills the column for IP address. I can play on-line freelancer with no problems at all. I Have WinXP with SP2, 1Gb Ram, ATI x800 Videocard, Sound Blaster Augigy Sound.

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I can't play freelancer after installing Win Xp , on previous Win ME it worked now it just stops runing.Pls help !!

Freelancer and Latest Nvidia Drivers
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I have been playing Freelancer for a couple weeks now and I really enjoy the game. I also recently bought Battlefield Vietnam which required that I update my Nvidia drivers to the latest and greatest (I was on the 5303 version). When I went back to playing Freelancer though I noticed that none of the textures would display when I was on a planet. Everything looked like it was a silouette. I tried applying the 1.1 patch for Freelance but that didn't do anything. I then decided to try upgrading the nvidia drivers again (I saw yesterday there was a new 56.72 version of the drivers out there), but that didn't work either. When I backed off the newest drivers for the 5303 set I got my textures back. I guess the big question is who's problem is this? Is it one which Microsoft would handle and put out a patch to work with the latest display drivers or is it one which Nvidia needs to deal with and put out drivers which are backwards compatible. Or finally am I left with having to upgrade and downgrade drivers depending on the game I want to play (understand I don't want that to be the option). Any ideas?

John Lyons
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I am looking for the Planet or Base that sells level-10 turrets. Also, where is the Freighter that handles level-10 turrets? I've been to the unknown system that has Planet Primus (planet of the apes?) but at the bar they keep telling me to come back later. Though I haven't been to the Red Heissen home planet yet. So anyway. where is the level-10 freighter?? Sincerely yours, Andreas.

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Hello i know freelancer is a pretty old game, but a good one, i think and i just got a new computer and my video card is an asus geforce 128mb V5200 and freelancer tells me he can't recognise the video card it'll play the game but so if someone can help i'd be thankful gor

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John Persico
Microsoft’s Freelancer
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I supose im putting my hands up again and asking for help my self. I installed Freelancer and have loss of some sound, mosly charater voices and chatter, thoughs lovly people at microsoft showed me this , i tried every last thing on that page, and nothing strangly inof i did not have the Fraunhofer IIS MPEG Layer-3 Codec installed in the first place and as such would not install. I guess i shouldnt be supprised since this is a microsoft product for there operating system, the only operating system you can play it on, and then it dosnt even work properly, and on top of that this is the only game i have ever had that dosnt work properly, Any help is apriciated, but i have tried every thing i can think of, plus what microsoft said. -- Posted using the interface, at author's request Articles individually checked for conformance to usenet standards Topic URL: Visit Topic URL to contact author (reg. req'd). Report abuse:

1 replies , 11/26/2003, 11:04:49 PM
I have had freelancer 1 yr now and gone for a reinstall and now when i try to log onto the global server it just stays on the same page with nothing happeneing plus ive had comp probs and reset back to last time it worked fine my o/s is windows xp pro if there is some thing i am missing i could do with some one pointing this out i am an intermediate user so understand a little of what is happening please email me if you can help as i am missing the server life and all my friends out there

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Future for Freelancer
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Does anyone know if there is going to be a sequel to this great game?

freelancer 2
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i know u've probably already had posts about this and a sick to death of hearin about it but i thought i should make my claim to u ppl at microsoft. now i know that microsoft will probably never start to build FL2 but why dont they jus release the source code to the fella's at and let them build the game for u? i mean all u would have to do is make up a contract enclosin that u get a certain percentage of the profits made from it..... now i know that u havent seen freelancer as one of the best sellin games in the world but since i've had it the longest i've gone with out playin it once is 1 week i've made friends all over the world from that game (and teamspeak) now i know theres a petition out there for u to release the codes and i hope that u guys/girls decide to im currently playin on the colourselite uk server and out of all the games i've had FL is the one game i've had the longest without sellin it off. sorry to bore u with such a long post but i thought u should here this so plz release start on FL2 or at least release the codes theres alot of loyal freelancer fans out there but there is only so much the modders can do to highlight the experience at least think about it thanx

Freelancer video
1 replies , 1/8/2005, 12:37:06 AM
Hi i have just reinstalled freelancer after not playing for 8 or 9 months, and not it doesnt work properly. im acctually running it on an all new comp. On my old one a p3 1ghz 384mb ram tnt2 32mb (winxp sp1). it ran fine with all of the details near max. But now with my new comp A64 3200+ 1gb ram geforce 6800 128mb, it is very choppy no matter what the details are set at. i have all the latest drivers patches ect. just reinstalled windows so it is not the problem. the only thing i have found any where is that maybe the game is not completly compatible with new video cards. so i was just wondering if anyone else had this problem and if they were able to fix it. thanks

freelancer multiplayer
2 replies , 6/26/2004, 12:33:02 PM
hi, I've got problems playing freelancer online. I read all the other people's treads and thought i had it but it didn't work :( Now my problem is this: I want to play online and it says this: global server connected. Internet games available... OH MY! i see no servers. I tried to open the ports but i can't set trigger ports. my router: sitecom xDSL/Cable Broadband Router DC-202. would it help when i put my pc in the dmz? can someone plz help me out with this problem because i want to play this game online :) would be really great if someone could help!

Freelancer to work with joystick insteed of mouse
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How do i get freelancer to use my Joystick

Freelancer question
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Is there any way to bypass the race? Please tell me there is. And what it is. -- I had a friend once, but the wheels fell off. Sad, very sad.

freelancer fonts
1 replies , 12/30/2003, 9:41:06 PM
i have dell optiplex 933, 256 meg, updated my drivers for my on board card, i cant find drivers for my monitor Samsung syncmaster 15gle. When i run Freelancer the fonts in the menus are all cut off or really really small. Any suggeestionnns.

Freelancer - The Game is stuck!
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i recently started playing again, i reached lvl 10 after the fifth mission, and there is a 109,xxx$ requirement for advancing to lvl 11... i have over 400 thousand $, and it wont advance... if its rellevant, i installed the 1.1 patch just before entering the 5th mission. does anyone know how to fix this? Michael.

Freelancer Trial Won't Install
6 replies , 10/16/2005, 7:32:01 PM
Every time I try to install the Freelancer trial, it keeps on saying that the setup resource dll cannot be found (or can't be read.) I tried every possible solution including making up a new temp folder, installing the trial file from different websites and trying renaming the resource dll file. Any answers??

Freelancer multiplayer/web launcher help?
0 replies , 5/23/2009, 10:41:20 AM
I recently reinstalled Freelancer onto my computer and decided to go online with it, however, neither the internet nor the LAN server lists will show anything, and the internet list is in a perpetual state of "connecting to global server, despite the fact that my internet works fine, and the problem doesn't lie in Vista, since I still have XP SP2. To try to get around this, I decided to get the web launcher for Freelancer, but either it hasn't installed properly, or I'm a total n00b and don't have a clue as to how to properly use it. In any case, help would be appreciated, if anyone has any. -- FLjunkie ------------------------------------------------------------------------ FLjunkie's Profile: View this thread:

Freelance Video Problem
1 replies , 11/30/2004, 4:48:26 PM
im having problems getting freelancer to work. I have followed all steps on the ms site and reinstalled everything. in dxdiag, my computer tells me that i have old files but they are dated 2002.

Freelancer - crashing at startup
2 replies , 9/28/2004, 8:43:02 PM
I haven't played Freelancer a long time and I changed my whole system during that time. No, when I start freelancer, the 3 Into movies before the splash-screen and the menu play. But then, after the splash screen would dissappear, the game crashes ending in the well-known "send error report" message. So what can I do? I'm running the latest DirectX (9.0c) and I've updated all drivers. My system: AMD Athlon XP 2500+ Sapphire radeon 9600XT 512MB PC3200 400 RAM ASUS A7N8X-Deluxe 2.0 (SoundStorm 2 onboard sound with Realtek AC 97 chip)

Freelance MS Office trainer needed
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Are there any freelance MOS accredited trainers out there based in the north west of England.

Freelancer crash at startup
4 replies , 7/27/2004, 10:30:19 PM
I have never had any problems with my FL - until yesterday. All of a sudden it crashes on startup - I get the splash screen and then "Freelancer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." I run a server off my computer so I am trying to fix without reinstalling, because that will mess up my server correct? I don't know of anything that has changed on my machine. No new programs were installed prior to the problem. But I did try installing C&C:ZH later that day and I get the same problem with it. And reinstalling C&C does not help it. Has anybody had this problem, or know what it could be?

Freelancer - Model Damage Files (.SUR)
2 replies , 4/16/2004, 7:56:02 PM
Was just wondering if there is any tools or any methods available for creating custom .sur files that freelancer uses for the damage surfaces and such My reasons are that i would like to put custom ships in for playing the game with in singleplayer. But with out the .sur files for them the ships do not take proper damage and it makes it no fun. Anyone got any suggestions?

Freelancer error during exit
1 replies , 12/27/2003, 11:21:16 PM
I just got the game and was really annoyed to discover that error, since my PC matches all of the compability requirements. However, here what happened After full instalation and few hours of gamplay(time session does not matter I checked) I saved and pressed exit in the main menu to end the game, while doing so thing caused my machine to hang up without any chance of recover and monitor bursted out at me with screen full of differently coloured bars which remotely formed my desktop image(I checked that I have latest DirectX and driver versions, in addition my video card is fully compactable with the game, that what made me confused). Only option was to shutdown and restart. I certainly did so and aftewards game rufused to launch at all, I fully uninstalled and installed it again, and the cycle repeated again. I tried different sources, but I could not recieve an appropriate answer to my problem, help if you can I will much appriciate it.