Re: Excel Mail Attachments Blocked


I'm with you on this. I asked if they could put a space in front of the
"dirty" word, or a space after it. They said they couldn't do that.

Isn't it funny (sad) how babies are gifts from heaven, but the process of
making them is verboten?

I'm not sure whom we have to thank for this life-denying view of the world,
but it isn't universal. Europe is a ways ahead of us on this.

Take care and thanks for the reply,

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g********** wrote on 6/23/03 7:47 PM:

> The creator code for Excel documents has been around since 1985. There are
> millions of documents that use it.
> Why do think Microsoft or anyone else should accommodate a mindless moronic
> control freak who wants to ban the word sex from the planet? We'd have to
> ban over 2,000 years worth of Latin writing because "sex" = "six" in Latin
> and several other languages. Since when is sex inappropriate? Flowers have
> sex. Animals have sex. People have sex. It's been a part of life for
> millions of years.
> The "Inappropriate Materials" filter is what's inappropriate. The installers
> should go F-ilter themselves in my opinion.
> -Jim Gordon
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> r********** (Richard Stroud) wrote:
>> When I send Entorage messages and attach Excel files, a company's
>> Inappropriate Materials filter blocks them.
>> This is because the Mac/Entorage/Excel setup's source code shows the
>> "Creator" as "x-msexel". Note the evil "s" word. And in the Creator's
>> code! Heavens!
>> But seriously, similar documents created by a PC go right through.
>> That's because the PC's creator code has a space between s and e and
>> avoids the "s" word.
>> The company's filter should demonstrate some intellenge, but that
>> won't happen. Microsoft needs to help us Mac users by adding a space
>> or dash to help keep us clean...
>> A workaround is to zip the Excel file. The company's particular filter
>> ignores offensive words in the source code if it sees that a file is
>> zipped. Pure genius.
>> By the way, they seem to also have trouble getting messages from Essex
>> England...
>> Richard

Richard Stroud
6/25/2003, 3:25:36 AM

Word, Excel 2007, attachments
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Why do attachments from 07 Word and Excel end up in the body of Outlook 03 instead of in the attachment line? Thank you.

Applescript to prevent not attaching the attachment
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I've done it again. Sent an email promising an attachment... but without the attachment. I wonder if anyone would like to have a go an Apple Script that might check for an attachment; look for the word 'attachment' in the body of the email and if it finds it and there's no attachment, on sending, throw up a warning message saying "There's no attachment with this email, is this what you really want?" Needless to say, it's way beyond me. Many thanks

Jeremy Fieldsend
Making attachments safe
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Outlook and OE 'blocks' attachments when posted locally. Where is this filter occurring?

launch excel attachment from outlook - does not work
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problem: double clicking on excel attachments in outlook email results in an error message "the system cannot find the file specified" excel appears to start (new) - but file never opens file can be saved and subsequently opened from excel 2007. file cannot be launched by double clicking on it. thoughts?

Can't send attachments
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Does anyone know why the heck I cannot send attachments bigger than about 300k from Entourage, especially jpg photos. Entourage gives me an error message "An unknown error occurred" 4362 and when I try it again, the same thing with 4363. I can open Apple Mail and send the same attachments without any problem, but this is a MAJOR hassle. I switched to Entourage mainly because of the notification when you're in other programs, the flagging by date and time, etc., and the smaller font for mailboxes, so more of them show at the same time and I DON'T want to switch back at this stage.

Kilima Njaro
have office 2003 and lately it has been putting attachment icons into the body of the email and not as an attachment line under the subject line, EXCEPT for a reply to an email in which case it does put the icons in an attachment line. does anybody know why? also some of my contacts in the address book alphabetize by first name, not last. Thanks a lot for the help.

unable to attache files
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When I try to send an emal with attached file from my documents I get a massage stating that outlook users will not be able to open unsafe attachment. All my documents are on microsoft office 2007. Please let me know how to solve the problem

Merging form attachment from entourage with Word doc.
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Hi list, I am trying to figure out a way via applescript to take completed web form (in HTML format) and merge the field with a Word doc. Would anyone know if it�s possible to accomplish this. Many thanks and warm regards, Kevin

Kevin O'Hanlon
Attachments within Attachments Again
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I am looking to retrieve attachments attached to attachments. Thanks for any info... Take Care & God Bless ~ SPARKER ~

Entourage attachments
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Version: 2004 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) Processor: Intel Email Client: pop After upgrading to Snow Leopard, Entourage 2004 will not open attachments.I reinstalled Entourage, but still the same problem.

6 replies , 9/13/2005, 7:24:48 PM
Often we will stuff files to send as an attachment. The stuffed file on the desktop may be under 10 mg. We we add the attachment to Entourage, the file size increases to 12 mg. I cannot find a reason this would happen. Does anyone know? We are using Drop Stuff 8.0.2 Tiger 10.4.2 Entourage 11.1.0 (040913)

Stacey Horne
Finding Attachments
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I have been trying to find pictures of a house to post online to sell it, however I can't find them in the system. How does one go about finding various types of data and pics? When I go to browse I don't find what I am looking for.

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sent e-mail attach Excel document recepient uanble to open

Attachments within Attachments
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It appears that if an email is received with a second email attached which contains attachments there is no way to get a reference to these attachments. Is it possible to recursively go through attachments checking if they are emails and then checking for attachemnts? The following code (written in C#) check for .doc attachments: for(int a=1;a<=item.Attachments.Count ;a++) { if(item.Attachments.Item(a).FileName.EndsWith(".doc")) { // Document Attached } }

Chris Koiak
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I have recieved an email today with an attachment but i cant open the attachment as outlook has disabled it. How do i enable it again????????

Forward and attachments
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Greetings, when i forward a message with an attachment, Entourage 11.3.6 is not including the attachment in the forwarded message. it just started to happen today. what is the solution?

word attachments in email
0 replies , 7/13/2005, 1:51:02 PM
I am adding a word attachment to an email message. When I open the attachment in outlook the text is overlapping and there is missing lines, the attachment is not looking the way as if I were to open the same attachment in my documents. If I open the attachment while in outlook the way I can fix the messed up looking attachment is to click view and then click print layout. I don't want to have to tell everyone that they need to do this to open the attachment. Any suggestions.

lost the ability to attach attachments
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Hello. My friend has a problem on their Mac OSX 10.4.5 with Entourage 2004: He says: I have suddenly lost the ability to attach attachments. When I click the paper clip it freezes every time and nothing happens. I have to press escape to get back to the e-mail. attachments are suddenly impossible. Any ideas? - I know its not a lot to go on, but I thought I would ask here if anyone has a fix for it. Thanks Glenn

Glenn Kelly
In Entourage X (latest version), you can place an attachment so that it lands in the Attachment field, or in the body of the email. When I create a 246k PDF, and place it in the Attach field, it arrives to the recipient exactly as it left: a 246k PDF. BUT�and this is so weird� when I place that same 246k PDF in the Body of the email, it arrives to the recipient as 146k JPG !!!! I've known about this for years, I don't even mind it (kind of handy to half the size of a PDF, which more people have trouble opening anyway) but I'm now wanting to know if this is some feature that was built specifically into E'rage, or a glitch, or what. Anyone know? Any intentional advantage/disadvantage over either method?

Send as attachment, attachment drops for recipient.
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Using Excel 2003, send as attachment, Outlook 2003 comes up fine, email is sent. Email sent to distribution group email address. For one of the group members, the excel attachment is dropped from email, though subject and body text remain. Any suggestions? -- Danno 1535

Problems emailing attached Word documents
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Hi Can anyone help? I am not able to send Word documents as attachements to my emails (even those which contain only a few words). I can send other file formats but not Word documents. Do you have any suggestions as to how I can overcome this?

Opening vcard attachment
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Have a user that is using Office 2003, when she tries to open an attachment that is a vcard, she gets an error saying that You do not have sufficent permission to perform this operation on this object. See the folder contact or your system administrator, does anybody know how to fix this? She can open regular contact card attachments fine... Thanks

I received an attachment to an email that quotes a salary, but was apparently sent from a microsoft spreadsheet and I cant seem to figure out how to open it. (Most of what I know, I have learned on my own, so please put the answer in simple terms) Thanks for your help

Applescript for opening attachments
1 replies , 8/14/2006, 9:40:05 PM
If I have an email selected and want to open the attachment with the default program how would I go about this. I tried the following: tell application "Microsoft Entourage" set the_message to item 1 of (selection as list) get attachment of the_message end tell I've also tried return attachment, open attachment, but none seem to work. Also, is there a scripting guide for entourage?

Search attachments within attachments
1 replies , 8/22/2005, 2:20:07 PM
Greetings community! I was able to get some excellent help from Sue Mosher on searching my Inbox to identify and then save any and all .pdf files. Now I am using the same code but i need to go at least one maybe even two levels deeper to retrieve some .txt files for processing automation. I have not been able to go another level deeper and on a different note I have not been able to search any folder other than my Inbox. 1) How to search attachments within attachments? 2) How to search folder other than Inbox? Old Code Below: _____________________________________________________ Dim ns As NameSpace Dim Inbox As MAPIFolder Dim Item As Object Dim Atmt As Attachment Dim FileName As String Dim i As Integer Set ns = GetNamespace("MAPI") Set Inbox = ns.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderInbox) i = 0 If Inbox.Items.Count = 0 Then Exit Function End If For Each Item In Inbox.Items For Each Atmt In Item.Attachments If Atmt.FileName = MyExpectedFileName Then FileName = MyNewFileName Atmt.SaveAsFile FileName i = i + 1 End If Next Atmt Next Item _______________________________________________________________ Thanks in advance for any help! Take Care & God Bless ~ SPARKER ~

Attaching Word Docs To Visio
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Apologies if this is an obvious question, but is it possible to attach separate Word documents to a Visio flowchart. I'm using Visio 2000 and would like to add further explanations to each of the steps of the flowchart. I've had a look at Visio and can't see an obvious way of doing this.

problem with attachments attaching within email
4 replies , 11/20/2007, 2:48:00 AM
Hello, When I attach a photograph or file it attaches within my email NOT in the bar at the top where is used to. My photo program icon is visible, no picture. So I presume anyone not using my photo program would be unable to open the picture? I thought about uninstalling office 2003 then reinstalling to see if this may help BUT I don't want to loose my emails? Is there a way to cure this? Thank you in advance.

Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: Intel Email Client: Exchange This problem has been stated before but I was curious if a fix would be made in a future patch. The problem is a VCF card that is sent directly by Entourage inserts a space after the 76th character (typically the e-mail address itself). If the VCF card is moved to the Desktop first, compressed to a zip file by the Finder and then forwarded, the file decompresses without error on the recipients end. Unless you manually deselect the auto zip function in the attachments pop-up you end up with a file called '[Original Name]'. Not a very professional looking file if sending it to a client. The VCF file is in perfect condition prior to sending, I have reviewed multiple VCF files before and after sending and it consistently has problems if a line has more than 76 characters and is not zipped before sending. If the file is compressed in other formats (BinHex for one) it still develops the same problem.

Entourage won't let me send URL attachment
5 replies , 11/13/2008, 10:09:00 PM
Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: Power PC Email Client: pop I have kind of asked this before, but I need more clarification. When I drag a website's (like this one) URL into my email, I get a warning that it may contain a virus, and won't let me send it. If I copy and paste it into the body, then that works fine. Earlier, when I posted about this attachments business, I was directed to Customize Entourage 2008 Attachment Settings. I have since downloaded and install the Developer Tool (X-Code) and am trying to understand the instructions. I get as far as "Open the file in your property list (plist) editor." Then it say Delete all individual strings. I'm not sure what this means. Is it referring to "items" under the UnsafeAttachments heading?

reply with attachements
1 replies , 8/17/2004, 6:57:55 PM
Is there a way with Entourage 2004 to reply with attachements to messages that came with attachements rather than have to hit 'reply' than detach and reattach the original attachement? that seems to be a feature of most other email programs? thanks for any help. p

Working with Word attachments
0 replies , 9/1/2003, 9:31:29 AM
Hi there, I carry out a process every day that takes me ages and I'm sure I can automate at least part of it. I've never really delved into Macros in the past but am generally pretty decent at coding and have used VB quite a bit. I just want some general feedback and ideas about weather what I want to do is possible and a guidance on how it would be done. The steps required would be as follows: - Go through messages in an Outlook folder one at a time - check each message and see if it has a word attachment - if it has, open the word document, then copy the body text of the email and paste it as a new page at the start of the word document. - Save the word document - Close the word document - Move the original mail message into a different mail folder Any hints, tips, suggestions much appreciated. Thanks, Richard.

Richard Conway
2 replies , 3/21/2007, 2:00:53 PM
When I receive attachments - either in Word or Excel - in Entourage.......they are unable to be opened with either Word or Excel. However, when I use the other Mac mailer (Mail) and open the attachments, I have no problem. How can I fix this in Entourage? Thanks Alton Clark Dubois

Dr. Alton Clark Dubois
I received an email with an attachment that is an excel spreadsheet. My computer is coming up with a message to get program from online. I go to the website and click on microsoft excel and download, but I still can not open the attachment. What am I doing wrong, and how do I open this attachment, without having to tell my customer to send it to me as a word document?

Attachment window
14 replies , 4/24/2007, 1:02:48 PM
Hi, I would like to know if there is an option to keep the attachment window open by default in Entourage when you create a new e-mail. This option was available in Entourage X but in 2004 it doesn't stay open any more.