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To state it bluntly, you're running a build which has been cracked.  The
version 2600 is the released build sold through retail outlets and on new

You have a problem with the system?  Go to the source of your illegal build
for a remedy.
Chris H.
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"vash" <b*************> wrote in message
> ok DX9 still wont install on my computer. ive done every
> thing that the people have said. OK heres the thing I
> have XP pro ver 5.1 built 2505 and i cant put sp1 on it
> cause the built ver is to low. now that was the first
> suggestion i got and that didnt work. If i can find a way
> to get this to work i will be in your debt. Oh i have
> nothing tweaked so if you think that my be the problem
> its not. so if any one can help please contact me on msn
> or emailmi really dont check these boards much.
>    thanks
>       vash

Chris H.
6/30/2003, 4:16:12 AM

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Stephen Vanterpool
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Hi there sorry to repeat a question that already exists on the board but non of the answers so far address the problem. I have small business office 2003 and vista ultimate everytime i launch any office product the eula pops up and ask for acceptance GRRRRR very anoying i rang microsoft and they said it because they are both oem versions they would have to charge me £40.00 to use the support system which i begrudge after updateing my system from xp and office 2000 just 2 weeks ago. anyway sorry about the rant but if anyone has a soloution i would love to know many thanks in advance JP