REQ: keystroke for window pane freeze?

I know there is a keyboard shortcut to move and freeze window panes in
Excel 2000 (rather than moving the dividers around with the mouse)
because I saw someone do it once.

I forgot the keys however and if anyone can tell me what they are I
would really appreciate it.


4/11/2004, 1:39:37 PM

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In Excel Help, type "keyboard shortcuts". Click on the first link that shows up. There's some shortcut keys in there that appear to be what you're after

Hope this helps
Anne Tro
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4/11/2004, 5:01:04 PM
You could try Alt+W to bring the windows list down and then press S tha
will split the window based on where the active cell is.

F6 will switch between panes and Shift + F6 will do it in revers


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Pete JM <
4/11/2004, 9:29:08 PM
Hi Charles

Excel has 2 features

1) Freeze Panes

2) Split

I *think* you are speaking of the latter? If so, the only shortcut keys
I know of are;

F6: Move to the next pane in a workbook that has been split


SHIFT+F6: Move to the previous pane in a workbook that has been split

You can Double click the small raised bar, just above the horizontal
scroll, to have a split applied to the active cell. You can also double
click it to remove it.

Perhaps what you saw was a Macro that had been assigned to a ShortCut
key? The macro below will toggle the Window Split

Sub ToggleSplit()
    If ActiveWindow.SplitRow = 0 Then
       ActiveWindow.SplitRow = ActiveCell.Row
       ActiveWindow.SplitRow = 0
    End If
End Sub

Just assign it to your shortcut key.

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Dave Hawley
4/12/2004, 1:55:31 AM
Put click on the spot you want the window pane to freeze 
in and then select "Window\Freeze Panes" from the main 

>-----Original Message-----
>I know there is a keyboard shortcut to move and freeze 
window panes in
>Excel 2000 (rather than moving the dividers around with 
the mouse)
>because I saw someone do it once.
>I forgot the keys however and if anyone can tell me what 
they are I
>would really appreciate it.
4/12/2004, 2:04:16 PM
Thanks for replying.

No, it was something else. What I saw was someone moving the pane splits
around with the keyboard, not with the mouse. It impressed me and some
others watching as well. I don't thing it could have been a local macro.
At the time I thought I'd look up the key combo in the documentation
somewhere but I never found it. I should have asked at the time.

Thanks for the ToggleSplit macro anyway, neat and potentially useful.

4/12/2004, 3:48:47 PM

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