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Please perform the following steps to add an Access database to Server 

1. In Server Explorer, right-click "Data Connections", choose "Add 

2. Selece the "Provider" panel, choose a Jet OLE DB Provider say, 
"Microsoft Jet 4.0 OLE DB Provider", and click "Next".

3. Browse or input the .mdb file in the field "Select or enter a database 
name". You can click "Test Connection" to verify the connection.

4. Click "OK" button, and the Access database will be added to the "Data 

Hope this helps.

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6/30/2003, 6:43:30 AM

Internet Explorer
2 replies , 11/29/2003, 4:46:11 PM
Internet Explorer go deleted. How do I reinstall it?

I have a custom book.xlt and sheet.xlt in the C:\Program Files \Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\XLSTART folder. Excel does use that if I click on the "New" toolbar button or use CTRL+N while inside Excel. But if I create a new Excel document from Windows Explorer (right click > New > Excel Worksheet), it uses the default template. Is there a way to tell Excel to use my book.xlt when creating a new Excel file in Windows Explorer? I'm using XP and Excel 2003.

2 replies , 1/8/2010, 7:25:02 PM
In MS Explorer how do you set a default view so all directories display details instead of icons as the default "out-of-the-box" is. Not sure where else to post this so thought I'd try here. Thanks for any help!

I have a sony vaio Fr285m, when connected to the internet the web pages do not close, only when ctrl alt deleting. Task manager states that IE is using 98% of the memory. Just wondering if anyone could tell me what is wrong with my laptop.

Gavin Fowler
I have a question about solution explorer window in Visual Studio 2005. I have a lot of files and sub folders there and for some strange reason when I open it all of then expanded. How I can make full collapse and expand in this window?

3 replies , 2/9/2006, 4:57:23 PM
How can I alphabetize my favorites list in Explorer? I cannot find any place to do that. When my company transferred all my favorites over from my old computer they were put in alphabetical order, but as I am adding new ones they are just listed at the bottom. HELP!!!

0 replies , 2/19/2006, 3:35:27 PM
I have recently noticed that whenever I use the search facility within Win Explorer, I am prompted to insert the Office Program Disk. My laptop is a work laptop and so the software is network installed in wales. I work remotely and our helpdesk are useless - requiring me to send the computer off to them to fix anything. Before I face being computerless, any clues?

Windows Explorer
2 replies , 2/18/2004, 9:56:05 AM
Hi how can i protect folders in windows from our staff moving them around, is there away where i can protect them, but people can still acces files in the folders?

We have Visio 2007 on XP. When I try to open large files (20mb-50mb) over the network using windows explorer, it stops responding after the first click on the file. Visio does not even launch. There is no problem opening smaller visio files. However, if I open Visio first and try to open a large file from the file>open dialog - it works fine and doesn't hang. This problem exists only for certain users on certain computers. Like so: PC1: Works for me(admin) / Not for her(reg user) PC2: Not for me(admin)/ Works for her(reg user) PC3: Works for both Please help!

0 replies , 10/2/2004, 8:12:45 PM
Can anyone tell me what i have done or better still what I can do to correct web pages. Images are not showing on the pages but are replace with little boxes with crosses in.

Explorer freezes
7 replies , 11/23/2003, 6:54:40 PM
Hi On the server, when I go into windows explorer, it comes up but it takes another 15-30 secs before folders appear. This also happens wherever folders need to be displayed such as open file dialog. Once the folders are displayed then everything starts working fine. What is the reason for this delay? What is going wrong here? Thanks Regards

1 replies , 2/8/2006, 1:12:26 PM
i have a computer that everytime that i go into Explorer, i get this message: "The currently selected graphics display driver can not be used. it was written for a previous version of Windows, and is no longer compatible with this version of Windows." All of the graphics are very distorted and blurry. How would i go about fixing this problem? Thanks

0 replies , 6/20/2004, 3:46:02 PM
IM not sure what happened but i cant use server explorer. i have tried everything, now it's left for me to re- install windows and it's a pain. i cant open any of my connection and i cant create a new connection. sometimes i cant this error when i click on new connect. error (ERROR ENUMERATING DATA SERVER. ENUMERATOR REPORTS "UNSPECIFIED ERROR") with on when i click on i can go ahead file infor on datalink propertiy, select server, put in login and select database, also tested the connection successfully but when i click ok i get another error "The connection failed. check your username and password, and try again" i have re-isntal VS 2003 more than 5 times and mdac. not sure wht im doing wrong.

No Internet Explorer
1 replies , 5/13/2004, 5:39:30 PM
A frind of mine has a windows 95 o/s. This version of 95 had no Internet explorer on it. Years ago she bought a modem and somehow got hold of a version of IE. Unfortunately it has got deleted from the system and she not longer has a copy of it to re-install!! Could I get a version of IE from my 98 disc and put it on her machine? Also, I think she may have a virus because Outlook Express does not want to open. Has anybody heard of a virus that allows you to connect to the internet, but once connected it says that the application is shutting down. It does not shut down, (a connection is still maintained) but she is unable to start Internet explorer or Outlook Express. Would be grateful for any help whatsoever please. Regards. H

Internet Explorer, Windows Explorer, and RPCSS.EXE
14 replies , 4/30/2004, 4:32:40 AM
Here is a troubling failure to load IE6 (and IE5.5 before it) that has happened many times. It usually happens on the first load of IE6 after making a dialup connection. After that it is ok. (PC has Win98SE, Dialup 56K, no network, all windows updates installed) Firewall status: Zonealarm internet lock was on. 1 Dialed up 56K connection 2 Started IE6. It froze, didn't finish its startup. 3 Checked ZoneAlarm log. Windows Explorer tried to act as a server, but was stopped by the firewall. (This happens often on the first start of IE6 after dialup.) 4 IE6 is shown on the start bar but is not on screen. Can't start any other program. [ctl][alt][del] Killed explorer (Windows Explorer) (not responding) with "end task". Another instance of explorer remained in the "close program" window. 5 IE6 not responding -- end task 6 Upon changing NoteTab from full screen to normal position, got this message: "RPCSS.exe has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down." (RPCSS.exe is called "Distributed COM Services" in the firewall log.) 7 The windows start bar is missing. [alt][tab] brings it back and show IR6, even though I had "end task" it previously. 8 The dialup icon is missing from the bottom right, even though the connection is still active. This pattern, or a variation on it, happens repeatedly. QUESTION 1: What could be happening? QUESTION 2: Is it safe to permit the firewall to allow Windows Explorer and RPCSS to access the internet as servers? QUESTION 3: Another alternative would be to rename RPCSS.exe. Is that a good idea? PS: I use Adaware, Spybot S&D, Fprot. Sincerely, Stan Hilliard

Stan Hilliard
Windows Explorer
2 replies , 6/7/2004, 2:11:04 PM
Can someone possibly help. I can't remember, In WE can you right click on a folder and add comments to the folder information? Similar to going into the properties of a .doc on the Summary tab and adding Title, Author, Comments.

Select all from explore and insert in excel
0 replies , 1/30/2004, 3:47:31 PM
Hi, I'm trying to make a spreadsheet of folders (just the name of the folder) from explore of the start menu and copy it into excel. I have hundreds of different folders. So I was wanting to know if there was a quick way of doing this? Tammy

Explorer Pane
1 replies , 3/4/2006, 8:38:27 PM
Although I have used Office for years, but I recently encountered a corrupted profile and have therefore created a new profile. I am encountering a pane in Explore that I can't seem to get rid of. When I right click on the start button and go to Explore, I keep getting this Explorer Bar pane. I have gone to view, Explorer Bar, but there does not appear to be a selection that removes this view. I find no use for this particular pane. To be specific (and to be sure that I am referring to the right thing) it shows "File and Folder Tasks," "Other Places," and "Details". I have searched the newsgroups and found out how to get rid of the web toolbar, but it does not appear to be the same. Help. -- S

Windows Explorer
2 replies , 6/23/2007, 11:09:06 PM
I have the following Macro Code that I received from MH: Shell "C:\WINDOWS\Explorer.exe /e,/select,c:\Documents and Settings\default\ My Documents", vbNormalFocus Works fine, but I need an additional step. I want the "My Documents" folder to be open. Thanks for the help in advance. Matt@Launchnet -- Please take a look at Click on: "Keywords" and then Click on "Matt's Story" and if you are a man, you should be very happy that you read my story. God Bless for everyones help.

Model Explorer in visio 2002 prof
0 replies , 2/3/2004, 7:53:39 PM
Hi, I am new to Visio. I was wondering whether i can generate VB.NET code for my visio model. I am not able to see any c# or VB.NEt data types in my Model explorer. I am using visio 2002 professional version. Since i am new to this visio i am not able to fix it or i may be wrong in my approach. any suggestions??? I also would like to know some articles/books for my reference to get started with visio. Please Mail to my email: w********** Any help in this regard would be highly appreciated. Thanks, -sriram

0 replies , 8/4/2003, 12:53:48 AM
My explorer.exe is using too many cpu cycles when windows is idle does any have a patch or a download i can get for this? Thanks in advance!

DB editing options now showing in server explorer
1 replies , 10/31/2005, 9:29:08 PM
when I go into server explorer in VS I don't get all of the options that it tells me I should get (i.e. add table) - the only options I see are: - Retrieve data from table - Refresh - Copy - Properties I have full admin access to all of the databases when I access them through the SQL server tools (i.e. Enterprise Manager) and I'm using windows authentiction for both - does anyone know why my full options don't show in VS?

Internet Explorer
3 replies , 10/5/2005, 4:16:04 PM
Please create an Internet Explorer group that to which enhancement ideas can be posted. ---------------- This post is a suggestion for Microsoft, and Microsoft responds to the suggestions with the most votes. To vote for this suggestion, click the "I Agree" button in the message pane. If you do not see the button, follow this link to open the suggestion in the Microsoft Web-based Newsreader and then click "I Agree" in the message pane.

I have had an XP level maching for two years now. The XP was installed when I got it and probably had internet explorer 6. However, I installed my old Office 97 and seem no longer have the original internet explorer 6. Until recently I was able to use the browser from YAHOO! but really prefer internet explorer 6. I recently changed ISP services I was able to download internet explorer 6 from the site but can't seem to uninstall internet explorer 97. For some reason the roadrunner software keeps selecting the old internet explorer 97 and it just doesn't run right. Thoughts?

Internet explorer Upgrade
0 replies , 6/6/2004, 7:36:56 PM
I have I.E 5.0 and need to upgrade to at least I.E. 5.5 How do I do it ?

Business Explorer ToolBar?
0 replies , 10/13/2004, 10:50:10 AM
Excel 2000 ... The "Business Explorer" ToolBar continues to open when I open Excel. I have gone to "Customize ToolBars" & removed the check mark ... but ToolBar continues to be displayed on opening excel & check mark is back in the box. Next ... I went to "Customize ToolBars" & deleted the "Business Explorer" ToolBar ... and again this ToolBar opened when I opened Excel & again the check mark was back in the box. Bottom line ... How do I prevent the "Business Explorer" ToolBar from opening when I open Excel??? Thanks ... Kha

internet explorer error
0 replies , 2/17/2004, 2:49:11 PM
My dad tried to connect to the internet the other day, but when he clicked on the internet icon, it didn't load up. The connection box does not load up, neither does the opening page. My dad and i use an adsl unit for bt broadband. The adsl connection establishes itself. But we can not get onto the internet. Can anyone help us solve this problem ? Please reply if you can help

Marco Bisceglia
outlook 7 internet explorer
1 replies , 12/3/2007, 7:02:00 PM
why do links not work from e-mails in outlook to internet explorer???

Windows Explorer Error; Plz help
1 replies , 11/14/2006, 12:36:02 PM
Hi, Whenever, i enter in to c: drive, windows explorer automatically closes and says error occurred. It do not show any error when i enter in to anyother dir wihtout entering the root dir (c:). For example, if want to enter into C:\sam\sample; then i have to enter the folder by typing in the run prompt. It do not show any error and i can able to go any folder like this; but the problem is when i enter into the c:, it automatically closes and says error ocured. I have AVG antivirus and zonealaram and i am sure, my computer do not have any virus or spyware. Could plz anyone help me to sort out this problem.

I am one of the readers of the threads about Entourage crashing while attempting to read "complex HTML" e-mails (starting Aug. 8, rebounding Aug. 14 with DavidG re-having problems... ) and who still hasn't got any solution (my Explorer 5.2.3 crashes also under a new user session, deleting Internet Preferences doesn't change anything). Does anybody know what the HD/System/Library/PrivateFrameWork/ HTMLDisplay.framework/Versions/A/Resources/ Explorer.clr is ? Curiously enough, my HTMLDisplay file in that neighbourhood is dated Aug. 17, the day when the crashes started... LB.

Explorer (?) format
0 replies , 6/25/2006, 11:03:25 PM
I have an 'Excel' folder. All of a sudden, when I open the folder in Explorer, the right panel, in the Details view, displays the contents arranged under headings I didn't put in and never saw before (did I mention - and I don't want?), from top to bottom; Today, Earlier this year, Last year, and (I really love this one) A long time ago. FWIW, all the 'Last year' items are folders, the rest are files. What gives? Dave

Hi, We are using VS.Net 2003. One of the issue we have now is that in our solution, we have about 500 projects (cutting the number down or separate into different solutions are not options). This makes managing the solution a big mess. I wonder if there is a way you can group the projects into folders so they will appear under solution tree as a group/folder. Only when you open the group, do you see the projects. Can we do that??? Please help!!! Feng

Explorer.exe error/loss of desktop
1 replies , 9/28/2003, 2:26:45 PM
After installing SP4, we lost our desktop when we reboot. An error comes up that explorer.exe has failed and will shut down. Any ideas to correct the problem? Thanks in advance. Rob

4 replies , 6/2/2006, 1:44:06 PM
Hi, We have asked MS for more complete access to the Calendar, such as = getting access to the appointment's subject associated with the current = time slot when in Day View. For example, if you arrow down to the 9:00 = AM time slot, and you have an appointment, we (blind computer users) = never had access to the text of that appointment without actually = tabbing into the appointment's edit box. According to the beta team, we can now get access to that data with the = 2007 Outlook object model, using the Explorer.Selection object. I have tried to get that, but can't seem to get the correct object path! Can someone give me an example code on getting to that puppy? I'd like = to be able to get to all the properties associated with that current = time slot's appointment, but can't seem to get that path. When I try to go into the help for that object, I get the message that = the page is still under construction with the beta release I'm using. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I'm getting the Outlook.Application object, then I'm getting the = ActiveExplorer object, and everything is valid at that point, because I = can get the .Caption, and it returns the title for the calendar, but I = get lost at that point. the .Selection returns a valid object, but I = can't seem to do anything with it after that. How would I link it to = the AppointmentItem to read its data? --=20 Thanks, Dennis Political Correctness: "Visually impaired as a bat!"