Publishing Powerpoint to Windows Media


I have Office 2003 installed and I want to publish a Powepoint file to
Windows Media services, I am not getting the Slide Show->Online option in my
system. What could be the problem. Even I dowloaded the latest update from
internet (officebeta) still could not get the option.

Can someone help me in this.


7/15/2003, 9:29:42 AM

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Hi Sastray,

Some of the online options have changed in Powerpoint 2003
from prior versions but you may want to check with the
folks in news:// for

  <<"Sastry" <k*********> wrote in message news:eK$2*****************SFTNGP11.phx.gbl...

I have Office 2003 installed and I want to publish a Powepoint file to
Windows Media services, I am not getting the Slide Show->Online option in my
system. What could be the problem. Even I dowloaded the latest update from
internet (officebeta) still could not get the option.

Can someone help me in this.

Sastry >>
Hope that helps,

Bob  Buckland  ?:-)   MS Office Products family MVP
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Bob Buckland ?:-\)
7/15/2003, 6:22:03 PM

I'm using Office 2003 Pro and have been trying to insert a Greek letter into my newsletter. For some weird reason, the only Greek letters that I have available to insert (are basic mathematical symbols (pi, omega, delta, and sigma). What happened to the rest of the alphabet? My earlier versions of Office Pro had the entire Greek alphabet to insert as symbols. I need two letters, gamma and theta, but the entire set would be nice to have. I custom installed Pro to include everything, so this can't be it. I've also tried to insert Greek letters using other Office products like Word without success.

I've had to restore a customer's Win XP laptop to factory settings, prior to the restore it had Office 2007 Home and Student Edition and Publisher 2002 installed and working fine. I now need to install this software again and get both programs working fine as before. Now that I've completed the restore I can see that the computer originally came with OneNote 2003 pre-installed, the customer has supplied the CDs for Office 2007 and Publisher 2002. I'm not sure which order I need install Office 2007 Home and Publisher 2002 so that I achieve the original result of both programs working fine and OneNote 2003 removed. The customer doesn't remember uninstalling OneNote 2003 so presumably it was upgraded during the Office 2007 Home installation. any other relevant info would also be very much appreciated.

I need to place an excel line graph on a webpage that updates as data is updated from another excel file? Thanks, Mike

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How do I make items automatically shift one space when adding new items in publisher

Is Publisher 2000 compatiable with Publisher 2003?
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I am trying to find out if I use Publisher 2000 if mt instructor willbe able to tell that I am not using Publisher 2003. Can I stil open programs for Publisher 2003 on 2000?

publishing to web causing error
0 replies , 6/27/2005, 4:16:02 PM
If I publish to a web server whose owner has told me runs Windows 2000 Server with the most recent frontpage extensions, I land up waiting forever and then get an error message. "An error occured while attempting to save the document. Pages created may not be valid." I am able to publish to a web that is based on my own computer's hardrive and I am able to upload the entire web to a server but when I try to publish directly to the server it bombs out. Any idea why

Publisher Updates When Publisher Is Not Installed?
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I recently performed a clean install of Microsoft Office Small Business = 2002 on Windows XP. I performed a custom install, where I picked and = chose what components to install. I did not install Publisher and = support for Sharepoint services. Afterwards, I went to Microsoft Update. Here I was offered updates for = all my Office programs. I was also offered updates for Publisher and = Sharepoint services, neither of which I installed. I was even offered an = update for Microsoft Access, which isn't even included in my version of = Office! Why am I being offered updates for programs I did not install and which = are not even part of my version of Office? Do I need to install these = updates, and if so, why? Thanks for your advice. Daddy

Publish Blog Entry from Word
2 replies , 6/29/2008, 7:19:26 PM
Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: intel I've used both Office versions for PC and Mac, but one thing I was wondering was whether there is a way to directly publish a blog entry written in Word to my website. I know there was a way with the PC version of Office because it had an option that said "New Blog Entry," which would format everything and publish it to the website you set up. I don't see this for the Mac version of Office.

How to Publish XML Schema to Client
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Hi Guys, I have one generic XML Schema and I want to publish that Schema . I would appritiate if any one can tell me how to publish XML Schema. Regards Abhijit ___ Newsgroups brought to you courtesy of

Abhijit Nimbalkar
Publish Pivot Table on a web page
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Any help on publishing pivot table as a web page would be appreciated. When saved as a web page, it loses the pivot table pull down function.

Trusted Publisher Store vs. NET Runtime Security
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Re-Posting per conseirge: I'm trying to find a definative answer concerning security requirements of COM ADD-INs created using VSTO and VB.NET 2005 for Excel 2003 and 2007. I have people in my organization that feel having signed all the dlls with my Publisher's Cert. and having that certificate in the "Trusted Publishers Store" should be enough to run the COM Add-IN in Excel (2003 and 2007). They feel we should not have to give explicit permission to the Publisher in the NET Framework Runtime Security if the Publisher is already in the Trusted Publisher Store. I can only get it working on a client PC by setting the Runtime Security. Our CA is in Trusted Root Certificate Authorities and my Publisher's Certificate is in the Trusted Publisher's Store. It's even visible from Excel's Trusted Publishers list. However, the COM add-in only runs if I add myself to the NET Framework Runtime Security. I need something that clearly states that the Trusted Publisher Store can or cannot be used and whether or not using the Runtime Security is the only way to allow a VSTO/ VB.NET 2005 COM ADD_IN to run. -- J

Publisher or Word
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Am involved in producing 800 page manual, 14 chapters. I don't know which product would be more advantageous to the task - Word 2003 or Publisher 2003? Suggestions?

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Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) Is there an equivalent to the PUBLISH &quot;Package for CD&quot; in MS office for the MAC version?

Publishing to pdf
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I have text table created with Excel 2007 with most cells outlined with small dashes. When published to a pdf some row boundaries across the table get converted to a solid heavy line. There does not seem to be any particular pattern to the interval between heavy lines. Anyone know what is going on? Thanks, John.

Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone can shed some light on a subject for me. I have a client with an SBS2003 that is performing flawlessly. I have an internal website published that can be accessed on site by typing http://intranet. They are on a scheme. I can VPN into the server through the firewall appliance (Fortigate 60 works great, btw) and I can access the server. My home office network is on a scheme, if that helps, so they are different. If I type the http://servername into the browser, I can get to the server home page. From there, I can click remote work place and finally access the companyweb default home page. I can't access the intranet set I've created, however. Page cannot be found. If I just type http://companyweb, I get page cannot be displayed. If I just type http://intranet, I get page cannot be displayed. My laptop that I'm using is a member of my office domain, although I logged in local, non domain mode. Ideally, I'd like outside users to be able to access the internal intranet for this client, and also use applications that are dependent on data located on the server. Does this post belong in another group? Thanks for your help. Steve

Steve Stewart
Microsoft Publisher 2007 problem publishing
1 replies , 5/4/2009, 8:58:32 PM
I am going crazy trying to publish my website! I'm using microsoft publisher 2007 trail version, and I'm able to use all the tools and start the process of publishing, so I don't -think- that that's the problem. I follow the directions to the "T", but I just keep running into problems. First when I try and put my web address in the file name box it comes up saying it's either too long or illegal characters. OK, so I took out the http://. I hit save and a little window pops up saying it's publishing, but nothing else happens. It never asks for a password or anything like that, and nothing has changed at my website. I was using frontpage and I have the frontpage extension installed on my hosting site, which is lunarpages. I asked lunarpages for some advice and they said to keep the extensions installed. I am without a doubt a beginner at this and it's very frustrating. I have searched and searched for a solution with no luck. I am -begging- for some help:confused:. Please someone have mercy on me:D.

Ok, this is a mystery. I just recently bought Office 2007 Professional. Installed it on my Vista Business 64 bit O/S laptop and now I cannot open any .pub files created post 01/01/09 (I seem to be OK with any .pub files created prior to this date, go figure). The only message I get from Publisher 2007 after I open this file is "Publisher cannot open the file.". I have tried opening this from Open Files menu and also from clicking on the same file from Windows Explorer. So I installed Publisher 2003 from my Office 2003 Business suite on the same laptop. This same file that won't open in Publisher 2007 now OPENS in Publisher 2003! It's fine, all the content is there, saves ok, re-open ok, it's a normal .pub file. I tried again in Publisher 2007, still NO JOY. Huh?!?!? The source of this issue came from my colleague who also has a retail stand alone version of Publisher 2007 as he could not open the same and other .pub files created post 01/01/09, so we now have 2 different machines that won't open these .pub files. We could both open these files about a month something in the patch from M$ has screwed him up. Mine is a new laptop so I cannot say at my end but I seem to now have the same problem with my version of Publisher 2007. Suffice to say that if I didn't need these files, I would have ignored them but I need these files to work in Publisher 2007 otherwise what's the point of having the upgraded suite? I have put an email call to Microsoft Tech Support but have not heard back from them yet. Any tip, hints, fixes would be appreciated. Thxs! -- Albsterama

Hi Guys I’m a bit of a plank with stuff like this, so I think its best to ask the experts… OK, I have Office 2003 but without Publisher. Can I install Publisher 2007 only from the 2007 disk, without affecting the 2003 setup, meaning not upgrading, Word/Outlook/Etc to 2007. If it’s a yes, then how… Help/advice/guidance – Thanks

Microsoft Publisher Greeting Card Contest 2004
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Yes, it is that time! Put your best ideas together and create a greeting card with Microsoft Publisher for your chance to win a copy of Microsoft Office 2003 Professional! For more details, check out the following link: Submit your entries to: c************ All entries must be submitted by December 17, 2004. If you have any questions, please let us know by emailing us at c************ -- Brian Kvalheim Microsoft Publisher MVP ~pay it forward~ This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.

Brian Kvalheim [MSFT MVP]
Publisher to Word
5 replies , 2/27/2009, 7:41:49 PM
I have Office 2003. Is there an easy way to transfer something from Publisher to Word? Our organization is doing a one-page, two-sided (legal size) mailing and all of our board members (who need to see it ahead of time) don't have Publ, but they do have Word.

publishing a web page with visio
2 replies , 2/25/2004, 4:04:41 AM
I have published a web page with a visio doc, works great. My problem is this, it allows only one save, after that I can no longer get to any of the 12-13 pages of the doc using the html. it shows only the first page. and if I go back and delete the files associated with the \html and republish, it works great, till I try to republish again, with updates. guess It will only allow a new publish, not an update. I'm fairly new to visio, I am probably missing something. point me in the right direction please.

Microsoft Publisher
2 replies , 5/19/2009, 8:04:00 PM
Im not really sure if this is in the right section, But he it goes. For school im supposed to print of this flyer type thing i've been working on. So i get home, and i turns out i don't have the program on my home computer. No problem though right? I just downloaded the trial version. But now, i realized that at school I had made a mistake before emailing it to myself. Only one proble For some reason or another, it wont let me edit it. Any suggestions?

How do I insert Holidays into a Publisher or Word Calendar?

1 replies , 12/13/2003, 1:12:50 AM
I'm using an old (Publisher 97) version of Publisher and I'm trying to find out if I can get an upgrade to a newer version. Can't figure out how to get an answer. Can someone help me, Please?

Have just updated my home PC to XP Home and installed Publisher 2000 but its not working. Is this because I have Office 2003 and must buy an updated version of publisher. Any help would be appreciated. Accounts getting a little behind! Cheers

1 replies , 5/8/2007, 5:05:00 PM
We are trying to take an existing Publisher document - it's a newsletter - and then copy and paste into a new outlook message so that we can perform an email merge and send out via email (Word is the email editor). When we do this, it looks a little fuzzy but the problem is that with multiple pages in Publisher, pages 2 and 3 seem to skew and not line up. If we had a one page newsletter everything would be acceptable but once we go into muliple pages it just doesnt look right. The goal is to send out this newsletter via email using the mail merge function and not adding anything as an attachment whether it be Word, .pdf, or other.

Publishing Templates Online
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Hello, How do I publish a newsletter template online so that when someone opens up their e-mail they see the formatted newsletter as opposed to having to download and launch a document? Is there a certain way the document needs to be saved? Thanks.

Can MS Publisher sample be used in Word
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I would like to use a letterhead sample with some modifications from Publisher as my letterhead. Is it possible to do so? And further how does one set it up in Word as a my permanent template?

9 replies , 3/29/2007, 7:36:03 PM
Hi I have Publisher files that are 18MB - 20MB in size. Most of the PUB files have only 2 or 3 pages (of course, with graphics). For ease of transport, I convert the PUB files to PDF files using PDFCreator software (freeware). After conversion, an 18MB PUB file is shrunk to a 200KB PDF file. Shouldn't Microsoft build this inside Publisher ? I wouldn't care if the file is PUB format or PDF format. I just need it to be small enough to email around. I mean...newsletters would be much easier to distribute around the workplace. For readers, people just want to read it (and not really work with it). So, it's much better to read a few hundred KBs file than 10-20MB file. For your comments Steve

publish web site from command line
3 replies , 11/28/2005, 11:35:01 AM
Is it possible to invoke the publish web site command in visual studio 2005 from a command line? (for example, building a solution can be started from the command line with devenv.exe /build ...). Thanks, Martin

3 replies , 8/24/2006, 9:28:03 PM
Does microsoft office 2003 edition include the "Publisher" program?

9 replies , 12/20/2007, 5:34:03 PM
I am a Mac user, but really enjoy using Microsoft Publisher on a PC for Work. Is there anything for Mac that approaches the ease of using Publisher. I am particularly interested in publishing postcards with ease. Thanks

Publisher 2003 images disappearing
2 replies , 10/5/2007, 6:00:00 PM
I use Publisher 2003 to make newsletters and other publicity materials for an organization. Unfortunately, I'm seeing an issue with images/graphics disappearing. Let me explain more clearly... When I create a file--a newsletter for example--I may insert images, either from ClipArt or from a jpeg on my PC. Everything will be fine while I am working on it, but once I have closed Publisher and then go back to it later, I can no longer see the images--only blank space. This is true both as I am working on the file and in the Print Preview. They DO, however, appear as normal when printed. I realize that this is what is really important, but still, it is quite inconvenient. Do you have any ideas? Thank you in advance for your help.

4 replies , 6/2/2006, 5:16:02 PM
I am a complete thicky with computers so please help! I have done a design on publisher at my office and emailed it to myself at home. my pc aint got publisher though - can i download the publisher programme and how?

1 replies , 4/24/2006, 7:03:02 AM
how can i make abooklet by the publisher