Properties window question


somehow i messed up the properties window. it no longer has the push pin and little x in the upper
right hand corner, like the solution explorer window has. the properties window is also missing the
tabs at the bottom. how can i get it back to it's original state?


Dr. Indera
6/30/2003, 4:18:39 AM

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Printing the Database Properties
2 replies , 12/12/2003, 2:41:17 PM
I'm a new user of Visio (Office 2003 Version) and need to know how to print the database properties I have entered. Is there some type of report like a table report that will print all fields and data type etc.??

link custom property with shape property
1 replies , 10/11/2006, 10:11:02 PM
Hi, We want to use Visio as a prototyping tool for designing GUI windows. I want to make a Visio template with shapesheet for the project so that they can just drag&drop a default window from the shapesheet. With the shape I want to set some custom properties, like window title. Now that's not a problem by using a field in the shape's text. I would also like to make the window size adjustable using custom properties. Here's the problem, we use pixels to define width & height, not mm (or any other unit which Visio does provide). It's not an option to set the working unit to pixels. My idea was to make a custom property for width and height and link these to the actual size properties of the shape, using a certain ratio, which I can calculate. Is this possible? So when a designer adjusts the window size using a custom property, the shape will actually resize to those dimesions using the mentioned ratio with a formula? So basicly, I want to link a custom property with geometric properties of the shape.

I am using VB.NET to develop an Outlook COM Add-In. And I am trying to incorporate a custom Property Page. From what I can tell, the page MUST be an ActiveX object to do this. My question is: Is there a way with VB.NET to create an object that will be accepted as a valid PropertyPage by Outlook?

User Properties
3 replies , 10/21/2003, 7:46:05 PM
When I go to user properties and then to the account tab, several of the users settings will not stay as I set them. Boxes keep getting unchecked. I don't know why? I'm running SBS 2000, with all the latest security patches and service packs.

Cursor properties
1 replies , 5/8/2005, 7:24:02 PM
How do I change the width of my cursor. It suddenly has gotten wider than normal and is cumbersome to position accurately. -- Telephonics

Always show file properties in dialog box
0 replies , 8/29/2006, 7:58:02 PM
For various file operations (open, save, browse), trying to adjust settings to always show file properties in dialog box rather than just file names. Looking for a setting similar to the File Explorer command to apply the current folder view to all subsequent folders. Thanks, C

Problem getting hyperlinks properties in Visual Basic
3 replies , 2/11/2004, 7:35:41 PM
Didn't see another thread getting this specific, so here goes ... We are trying to use VB to add hyperlinks and subsequently get the address of existing hyperlinks. Adding works fine. Getting the Name and/or Address property doesn't, at least in Office:Mac. 'this works Sub AddLink() ActiveSheet.Hyperlinks.Add Anchor:=ActiveSheet.Range("A4"), _ Address:="" End Sub 'this returns an empty string on Mac, yet works properly on a WinXP/OfficeXP machine ' the Name property also fails, even following an example in the help files using Name Sub GetLink() ActiveSheet.Range("B4").Formula = ActiveSheet.Hyperlinks(1).Address End Sub 'As a work-around, we tested to see if a manually entered ScreenTip would be returned. Sub GetLinkScreenTip() 'this works ActiveSheet.Range("B4").Formula = ActiveSheet.Hyperlinks(1).ScreenTip End Sub 'that works ... so lets just add the following to the AddLink procedure and we should ' be able to extract the link from the ScreenTip instead of the Name or Address properties ActiveSheet.Hyperlinks(1).ScreenTip = "" 'or just append to the Add method This results in the following error: Run-time error '7'; Out of Memory Anyone have a clue? We want this automated as part of our workflow because there will be lots of links. We're using hyperlinks to PDFs in a subfolder, not web page links, but that shouldn't affect this. Thanks in advance.

IMAP Message Properties
2 replies , 1/29/2004, 1:11:08 AM
I need to programmatically determine whether a mail message in an IMAP Folder is marked for deletion. I am using Outlook 2003.

Shrink Properties
8 replies , 1/9/2006, 3:29:27 PM
Hi All, I am looking for some help on shrinking & Printing. I have a yearly callendar made on MS Excel which fits on a A4 sheet. I am trying in vain to reduce the document to 55mm x 77mm but at the same time have the 55mm x 77mm callendars across an A4 sheet. I can reduce the document to print to this size by setting the properties to scale it to 32% of original size onto A4 sheet. This is perfect but how can i get the same size callendar so that i will have say 9 per A4 rather than printing 1 per A4 and wasting valuable paper. My printer is an Epson Stylus PHOTO R300 Thanks in advance :) -- Stuarty ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Stuarty's Profile: View this thread:

Creating Templates with Certain Properties for Forms
1 replies , 2/2/2005, 6:38:29 PM
I am creating a large number of memo templates with my company's logo locked into the header. I also want to insert a starting point a few lines down and I have been doing with by creating a form field. The problem is, when I lock the form the user can type, but cannot insert bullet points or format the text for a longer letter. Is there a way to grant certain permissions to the user in form fields? Or is there another way to lock the document so they cannot change the header but still have a specific starting point in the document that opens with the document? Thanks.

Matt Rogers
No properties on Network card
4 replies , 4/27/2004, 9:10:36 AM
Could someone tell me why I cannot get to the properties on my server network card. I cannot see any components or the properties of the network card. Although the hardware configuration states it is correct Thanks Ross

System is 10.4.7, PowerPoint 2004 + all patches. Problem is that if I have selected "save preview picture", no properties other than the title and company are saved. The preview is never saved under any conditions. If I don't choose to save a preview, then all other properties are saved. Anyone else see this, or, is there a fix?

Tim Murray
Properties of Properties
4 replies , 10/27/2008, 12:39:58 AM
I have a System.Web.UI.Control which has a property of type System.Drawing.Font. When editing this control in an *.aspx file, how do I assign a value to this property? If I recall correctly, the attributes in the server tag are a combination of the property name and the property of that property separated by a "-" or something. However, I would also like to be able to use the Property Grid to do this. I tried using the Browsable attribute for the property, but that did not seem to help. Here is my current code for the property: <System.ComponentModel.Browsable(True)> WriteOnly Property Font() As System.Drawing.Font Set(ByVal value As System.Drawing.Font) Me._font = value End Set End Property Am I forgetting something? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. -- Nathan Sokalski n***********

Nathan Sokalski
Access 2000 field properties
1 replies , 11/6/2003, 2:02:55 PM
Does anyone have any suggestions how I can make a text field in a TABLE appear in Proper case? I can use > or < to get everything upper or lowercase but I want first letter of names to appear in capitals and the rest of their name in lowercase i.e. John Smith Many thanks in anticipation of your help

Property Managers for Rental Properties
3 replies , 1/13/2007, 9:45:00 PM
Does anyone have a spreadsheet that tracks income and expenses for several properties. I received a post directing me to look at different locations but none of them had a sperad sheet specific for rental income and expense tracking . Would really appreciate one. Thank you

Hi, I want to show a properties-dialog for a selected shape with VBA (MS Word). Normally, this goes by oMyShape.Select oWordApp.Dialogs(wdDialogFormatBordersAndShading) But if I do so in VBA, another dialog is opened than by choosing "Format / Borders and Shading" in the Word-Menu. There, a dialog with possibilities to set transparency and gradients is opened. In VBA, another dialog is opened. It is that one that is opened by the Word-menu if text is selected and I choose "Format / Borders and Shading". Does anyone know a possibility to open the suitable dialog for a shape ? Thank you, Markus

Markus Heber
VBA Shade property not scriptable?
1 replies , 2/23/2008, 1:11:07 AM
All you applescript experts out there. I'm 'converting' word macros to applescript and can't find an equivalent to the following VBA syntax in the Word applescript dictionary. ActiveDocument.FormFields.Shaded = True Anybody know if it's scriptable?

Excel 2007 - changing connection properties
0 replies , 2/18/2008, 4:20:06 PM
Hi all, We have a spreadsheet that was set up to link to a database via a system DSN. To simplify deployment of this, I'd like to change this to connect via the connection string below: DRIVER=SQL Server;SERVER=xxx;UID=xxx;PWD=xxx;DATABASE=xxx; I've done this for another spreadsheet, and it was easy (Data tab- >Connections->Properties), but in this next spreadsheet the Connection Properties for one connection are greyed out/disabled, so I can't change the string. Does anyone have any ideas how to enable these values again so I can change the connection string? thanks! Ben

File properties
0 replies , 12/10/2007, 3:45:01 PM
Hi, I have the following problem and don't know how to handle it. It might be partially connected to SAP. Can anyone help? I get export from customized SAP interface as a set of data in Excel. I need to find out date of file creation so that I can count days from start of some activity until the export day. I use macro function BuiltinDocumentProperties. Unfortunatelly this gives me incorrect result. When I display file properties in Windows explorer, it is 10.12.2007, but the macro function returns 28.10.1999. Can this be any Excel error of the respective function? The other option is that the date 28.10.1999 is somehow set in SAP as default date of any export (this happens only for this for this respective report even if generated in different times). So my major question is if the BuiltinDocumentProperties function works fine or if you have experienced any issues with it? Thanks for any help. Radek

With over 100 VISIO files, of rack space, server names, we are trying to SEARCH on a server name in a file. Also, extracting information from these different files into a database. Does the CUSTOM PROPRITIES have to be filled out. We only have names on the drawings above/near the stencils?

Insert Properties
1 replies , 3/3/2008, 9:45:00 PM
Is there a way to change the properties of an inserted row, column, or cell? For instance; Certain cells are highlighted a certain color. I then perform a subtotal (data>subtotals). New rows are now inserted based on my subtotal criteria. I don't want the inserted rows to take on the color of the surround rows. Thanks in advance!

I am using the Visio 2007 Pro edition: I would like to change the Line Pattern for an object based on the contents of a custom properties cell. I created a custom Shape Data property call "Message_Exchange_Method". It has three values (Manual, Automatic, Unknown) and I want to change the line pattern based on the value. The closest function I could find was the "IF" function even though it doesn't really have an ifelse type option. When I tried using the "IF" statement, it would always evaluate to "true". IF((Prop.Message_Exchange_Method)="Manual",23,1) I saw the thread in this group named: IF()Functions and strings and then tried the following: STRSAME(Prop.Message_Exchange_Method,"Manual",23). But this did not evaluate as expected and limits the values that may be listed in the cell contents for Message_Exchange_Method. I have successfully used functions to get cell contents with "Text Field" ( =(Prop.ICD_No)&CHAR(10)&(Prop.DataType1)&CHAR(10)&(Prop.DataType2) ) Do you have any suggestions for how I can make the line pattern change based on contents of another cell?

PPT Recolor tool - Properties/Methods revealed?
2 replies , 8/15/2003, 3:29:19 PM
Can I control colors (indices) in the Recolor dialogue box programmatically. I would like to be able to click on an Excel object or Word object (table) in PPT and recolor it via the Recolor tool. Is this possible?

properties pane loses synchronization
0 replies , 11/20/2006, 7:43:34 PM
This has been happening off and on for several months. My only solution at this point is to stop the IDE. What happens is this: I'm in a designer view for an dataset. I click on an object (like a DataAdapter) and the properties pane is blank. I click on a different object and same thing happens. If I then close the IDE and go back to where I was the properties pane is OK. I've seen this happen in the web page editor as well. Anyone have a fix for this that doesn't involve restarting the environment? Does anyone know if this will be addressed in the upcoming service pack?

printing document properties
0 replies , 4/11/2005, 3:33:02 PM
I would like to print the document properties in Excel like I can do in word. Anyone know how to do this?

IsSensitive property in property schema
0 replies , 5/7/2007, 8:50:35 PM
Hi All, I am just wondering if any one has ever tried using IsSensitive property in property schema. Documentation says if you make it true, the value for that property will not be visible in HAT or other such tools. But on the contrary I was able to view the value for this property when i saved the message and its context in file using HAT. To be precise, I created the field in property schema and in pipeline component, I wrote it in the context using like- pInMsg.Context.Write("SecretValue", "http:// Codology.DataContracts.BiztalkSchemas.InvoiceProperties.1", "01"); Any clues whats the use of this property???

profilestring property
0 replies , 3/30/2006, 9:22:03 PM
Hi, Is there a way to let Word check if a profilestring property is set? I want a userform to show empty fields when the user has not entered data (registry entry doesn't exist yet) and show filled out fields if the user has entered data (registry entry is made and can be read). (adress, mobile number etc) So if he wants to correct his data he can see what he is doing. Is there a way to do this? 'If exists' doesn't work, I can't think of anything and haven't found anything anywhere. Thanks in advance, Paul

Visio custom properties as variables?
2 replies , 10/4/2004, 7:53:03 PM
I have a visio diagram with lots of shapes that I have defined custom properties for. I'm looking for a way to create a hyperlink that would reference one of these properties (variable) so that data only has to be entered in once and will make the hyperlink dynamic. Any ideas? Also, does anyone know how to tell a hyperlink to open in a new window?

ChartSpace FieldButtons BackColor property?
4 replies , 9/23/2004, 7:01:13 AM
Hi everyone, I'am kinda confused, because I couldn't find a way to set the FieldButtons style properties like BackColor, ForeColor, Font, ... programatically in the ChartSpace Object (OWC10). Changing these attributes during design time is no big deal. But as I am working on a templating behavior for chartSpaces I really would appreciate your help on this issue. So, if you are having a clue on how to access these properties, please post your comment. Thanks guys! Cheers Kai

Kai Habel
OWC Spreadsheet Zoom Property
2 replies , 6/20/2009, 1:08:01 AM
I need a quick help. I am binding an excel file to the OWC (Office Web Component) and I would like to set the zoom to 50% or 60% but I do not see any such property in the OWC. I have tried setting that zoom to the excel before binding but its not working. Is there any property to set the ZOOM for the OWC control Regards,

Office Properties
0 replies , 2/21/2005, 1:35:02 PM
How can I have the properties updated to reflect the new name for manager and other firlds such tat it will be used in all Office applications when I start a new file? -- Ron Baraboo River Fram Products

1 replies , 3/24/2005, 9:42:42 PM
In an example referenced by another posting I found a lot of code that looks like: Property Get ChartSeries() ChartSeries = CurrSeries End Property Where can I look for explanations of this?

papa jonah
Failing to Add a Custom Document Property
1 replies , 11/2/2004, 2:42:02 PM
Hello I am trying to add a Custom Document Property to a Word document using C#. The code I have written seems to run without errors. But after completion, the document property just hasn't been added. This is the code I've written: private void AddWordProperty(string filePath, string propertyName, string propertyValue) { Word.Application word; Word._Document doc; object missing = System.Reflection.Missing.Value; object objTrue = true; object customProps; object objFilePath = filePath; //Create an instance of the Word object and make it visible word = new Word.Application(); word.Visible = true; //open document doc = word.Documents.Open(ref objFilePath, ref missing, ref missing, ref missing, ref missing, ref missing, ref missing, ref missing, ref missing, ref missing, ref missing, ref missing, ref missing, ref missing, ref missing, ref missing); customProps = doc.CustomDocumentProperties; Type typeCustomProperties = customProps.GetType(); //Add a Custom property/value pair to the document object[] args = {propertyName, false, Office.MsoDocProperties.msoPropertyTypeString, propertyValue}; typeCustomProperties.InvokeMember("Add", System.Reflection.BindingFlags.Default | System.Reflection.BindingFlags.InvokeMethod, null, customProps, args); //Quit the application word.Quit(ref objTrue, ref missing, ref missing); } I have tweaked a number of things to get it to work, but no joy. What am I doing wrong? Thanks

Codex Twin
I have encountered a frustrating problem with the VB environment, and I am afraid I need to re-install it on my system. I would like to know whether any of you have encountered the same problem or could possibly let me know of a quicker fix. The essence of the problem is this: when I select the properties of a particular object (such as a button, label, or even a form), nothing appears in the properties window, as it should. I have tried multiple ways of telling it that I want to see an object's properties, and still the listing is empty. I have right clicked an object and selected properties. I have clicked the object then clicked the properties box. In every instance the object that I am trying to modify is listed in the drop down box (as in Button1 System.Windows.Forms.Button) I have tried repeatedly to follow instructions from more than one book, in case I am over-looking something simple. However, I was convinced that this was a problem intregal to the environment when I tried the following. Under the Tools menu, I selected Options. In that window on the left-hand side there are different categories you can choose to view and/or expand. When I selected the 'Windows Forms Designer' option, I got the following message on the right where the options were supposed to appear: "An error occurred loading this property page." The same thing happened when I selected 'General' underneath the 'Windows Forms Designer.' The error did not appear when I selected 'Data UI Customization' which is also underneath the 'Windows Forms Designer' category. I am searching online for any possible help right now, and If I have to, I will be re-installing the software. :-/ Let me know of any tips or ideas you may have. Thanks! Joanna