Printing Hyperlinks stored in fields

I have a list of hyperlinks that are stored in fields(Range A1 through
A200, for example). I would like to print them(essentially send it to
Acrobat Distiller and convert to PDF files). When i click on the link,
it opens an IE window and i can do the print from there however i
cannot automate this using a macro. As a result, i am unable to
automate the process of creating the PDFs.

If there was a way of opening the webpages inside of Excel to the macro

could actually control it, that would be ideal. Is there any other way
that this can be done?

Any ideas are much appreciated 

Thanks in advance 


4/13/2005, 3:48:11 PM

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When is =HYPERLINK() not a hyperlink?
2 replies , 9/17/2007, 10:01:21 AM
In Excel 2002, if I insert a hyperlink to, say, My.jpg using Insert / Hyperlink, I can launch the file in at least 3 ways: 1) Hovering over the link displays a tooltip, confirming Excel knows a hyperlink is there; and clicking it launches My.jpg. 2) The context menu displaying on Right-Click (or Shift-F10) contains "Open hyperlink" and "Edit Hyperlink", which work fine. 3) In a macro, Selection.Hyperlinks(1).Follow works fine. But if I manually put =HYPERLINK("My.jpg") into a cell, then although 1) The tooltip displays and mouse click launches the file, 2) the context menu LACKS "Open" and "Edit hyperlink", and 3) Hyperlinks.Follow chokes. As Davy Jones muttered sotto voce in the intro to the album-only version of "Daydream Believer", "It's because I'm short, I know." I'm a keyboard maven and only like to touch the highly unsanitary mouse about once every 10 mins. I wanna use Shift-F10. Besides, what sense can it possibly make for Excel to tell you a hyperlink is there, only to tell you it isn't? Sounds like an interface bug to me. I'm using =HYPERLINK() because I iterate the link in several places, and I want them all to update if I rename the file. I do that indirectly: E.g., A1 contains "My.jpg". A2 contains =HYPERLINK($A$1). I then copy A2's formula to several locations. If I change the filename in A1, all links update. So how do I get Excel 2002's context menu and VBA statement to work correctly--while retaining the indirectness I need for auto update? If this can't be done, I'll still appreciate knowing why =HYPERLINK() and Insert / Hyperlink differ. Thanks much. ***

1 replies , 3/8/2007, 6:06:08 AM
Good Day My name is LLoyd I have a list in one sheet, on the other I have Validation in a cell which comes from a list, then below that =VLOOKUP($C$2,Database,5,0) in cells, but my last Vlookup pick up a hyperlink, but it see it as text not a hyperlink. Please Help Thanks Lloyd

7 replies , 10/29/2007, 5:57:00 PM
Can I install a Hyperlink in a Word Document that can be automatically 'opened' with a single click by any person I send the document to?

2 replies , 2/7/2008, 11:40:01 AM
I have some cell that are hyperlinked to another sheet. When the sheet that contains the hyperlinked cells is protected the hyperlink doesn't work. I want to leave the hyperlinked cell locked so that they can't be changed. How do I do this? Thanks

3 replies , 1/8/2009, 1:32:20 PM
Hi: how to create an hyperlink of sepcific location in a word document with in a excel cell? Thank you, Chaitanya.

1 replies , 1/12/2010, 5:30:46 PM
When I create a hyperlink to a document in another drive on a shared network, it works fine until I close and reopen the sheet containing the hyperlink. When I try using the hyperlink after I reopened it, it tells me the address of the site is not valid. When I look at the address the hyperlink is going to, it has changed to an address that starts with "../../../../../Shared". Am I missing something?

1 replies , 4/26/2006, 6:25:02 PM
Is there possible to hyperlink to a certain sheet in another document?

0 replies , 11/4/2003, 10:42:18 AM
i want to create two sheets. One will have the titles, and the other one details of each title. For example: Sheet1 Column A Row1 USA Row2 Joradan Row3 England Sheet 2 Row1 Column A Column B Column C nyc Aman Liverpool Los Angeles Akaba London I found that Hyperlink works nice. Any better ideas? Atlanta

1 replies , 9/9/2007, 2:32:01 AM
How do I get the worksheet to place the hyperlinked target cell in the A1 position, when I jump to the section I want on a computer with a smaller screen I loose the left/upper area-- Carl in Vegas

1 replies , 1/31/2004, 3:51:06 PM
Hyperlinks are not behaving as follows The drawing has - Several page - Hyperlinks linking shapes to other pages as well as a home and up ico Proble - The links do not go to the drawing that they are linked to consistentl For example: - A is linked to B which is linked to C which is linked back to - Travel A,B,C,A - no proble - Then A travels to C (skips B - as the matter of fact all links to B now travel to C I am stumped and would be greatful if someone has suggestions.

0 replies , 8/11/2004, 5:10:44 PM
I am using the "Punchdown block" item from the Basic Network Shapes 2 stencil. From here, I am hyperlinking each block to where it terminates to. However, the hyperlink is only active when I click on one of the lines on the block, not anywhere inside the the block. This looks very deceiving as it sometimes appears that there is no hyperlink if you don't have the mouse on a current line. Is there a way to have the hyperlink read anything that is inside the outside border of the punchdown block? Chad

Chad D.
copying hyperlink
2 replies , 11/13/2003, 12:46:32 PM
ok i have a set up like this : a column of hyperlinks. a hyperlink that looks like this =HYPERLINK("c:/" & C3 & ".txt",C3) basically when a cell is clicked a document is displayed based on th value in C3. all i want to do is copy the cell hyperlink into another worksheet. bu i dont want to copy the formulae but the RESULT. for example the above forumlae result might be : =hyperlink("c:/111.txt",111) i want to be able to copy the above RESULT anywhere. how do i do it? cant seem to find anything in paste special that does it. your help would be appreciated. thank ----------------------------------------------- ~~ Message posted from ~~View and post usenet messages directly from

Hyperlinks don't open
2 replies , 1/3/2004, 8:41:10 PM
The hyperlinks in my excel spreadsheet don't work anymore. Get message: Unable to open Page, cannot locate the internet server or proxy server If somebody has any experience why this happens and how to resolve it, pls. let me know. Thanks.

Multiple hyperlinks
4 replies , 3/26/2006, 1:37:57 AM
Hi group, How do I delete multiple hyperlinks and retain the text. At present I am right clicking each hyperlink and going to remove hyperlink which is painstakingly slow. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Martin

Organising hyperlinks
2 replies , 10/10/2009, 9:51:01 AM
I am using Excel 2003 on Windows XP. I have a column in which each cell (other than the header) needs to hyperlink to zero to three hyperlinks to local .jpg files. The zero cells are easy as empty cells meets the need. One is easy as I set each cell with a hyperlink with text describing the picture. Two or more is harder. I have found no way of hyperlinking a cell to more than one file. I hyperlink to a folder containing the pictures. Is there any way to hyperlink directly to more than one picture? A word document containing the pictures is one option which has occurred to me since starting this posting. I would appreciate other suggestions. ;) P.S. What functional difference is there between an embedded hyperlink (set with Ctrl+K or Insert/Hyperlink...) and the HYPERLINK function? -- Walter Briscoe

Walter Briscoe
Hyperlinks in Images
3 replies , 10/10/2008, 3:53:47 PM
Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Email Client: Exchange Specs: -Entourage 2008 -OS Leopard Caveats: -New to Macs and hence Entourage, so may be being dumb! -Have read the other threads and can't see this dealt with - might be being blind!?! --------------------------------------- Okay I come from a PC and Outlook environment, but what I want to do is so basic in Outlook I find it hard to believe it does not exist in Entourage. I place an image in my mail, and I want to insert a hyperlink, so that the recipient can click on it and launch a browser showing the site. I fully understand that Entourage doesn't show a link in blue or underline it (quite why, I don't know, seems a blinding obviously flaw) until the e-mail is sent and viewed by the recipient. But my quiery is putting a link in an image. I saw somewhere Diane put some external links for these sites..... - can find the microsoft one, but was a 2004 link, surely out of date now, and would not work on Entourage 2008? - <> - but I am unclear, if this will do what I want it to do. Or more importantly where to put it once I have downloaded it (as it appears from the reviews the instructions are not 100% clear). As I have a brand new Macbook, do I need to go to: <> ??? - as all my updates are up-to-date, surely I don't need to do this? I'm not so much of a tech geek, as the people who moan about the fact that using HTML e-mails is rude(?!) / Links in a mail are not necessary. I am your average punter, with a slightly above level of PC / Mac understanding. So one level up from the general public level! I need links - which seem to work ok in Entourage, you just need to include the whole http stuff, no biggie. BUT, no links embedded in a picture / image??? - that I do need. Please help!?! -Ben j*********

Hyperlinks in email
1 replies , 5/24/2010, 12:39:11 PM
Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) Processor: Intel I'd like to embed a hyperlink into an Office 2008 for Mac: Entourage email. I have a website I wish to refer to but don't want to display the whole thing in my email. Instead, I'd like to display some term that links to it. For example, instead of <a href=""></a>, I'd like to simply display Apple. Per this example, is it possible to display the term Apple with an embedded link to the Apple website? If so, how can I do this? <br><br>Thanx ahead of time! <br><br>BBrier78 <br> b**********

Selfmade Hyperlinks
2 replies , 9/2/2008, 8:28:57 AM
Hi, I'm currently developing a template for a graphical notation similar to BPMN or UML2 activity diagramms. There are, amongst others activities and processes. Processes contain activities which can also be defined through processes. What I want to achieve that the user gets to the process that defines an activity when he/she clicks on a link symbol which is part of the activity. I didn't use hyperlinks as they don't work with a single click and do not have a "back"-functionality (unless the diagramm is exported to HTML) Up to now my solution works with a smart tag and an action, which call the same VBA routine. This routine changes the active page to that containing the defining process and centers the window on the process shape. Each page has an action with the "back" functionality so that the user can return to where he/she clicked on the link via "Go Back" in the context menu. What still bothers me is the fact that smart tags as well as entries of the context menu do not allow the user to navigate with a single click. I feel there should be a way to achieve this but I've no idea how. Of course one could implement a handler for the mouse button events which checks if the mouse is position over the link symbol of an activity but I guess and hope there is a simpler solution. Any ideas on that? Looking forward to seeing your solutions! Regards, Dirk

Dirk Hoffmann
email hyperlink
13 replies , 6/17/2009, 2:09:17 PM
Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: Intel Email Client: pop when i create an email address in the text of an email i send to recipients (using PCs), the link shows as a weblink rather than an email when the PC user clicks on it. i create the link by typing the email address, underlining it and selecting blue font, and sending in HTML format. am i doing something wrong or is there an incompatibility between Entourage and Outlook. weblinks seem to work fine.

Wildcards in Hyperlinks.
0 replies , 7/1/2014, 4:31:31 PM
In an Excel spreadsheet, I am trying to create a hyperlink to a directory on a server which holds construction drawings. The problem is that the drawings also have a numerical extension, which is a number usually between 1 and 30, indicating the latest revision, as in this example: HUR-E1H-D001-12.dwg, where the number 12 is the revision number. Is there any way to use a wildcard for the revision number in the file name, so that the link will always seek out the highest revision number and open up that drawing ?? That way I wouldn't have to revise the link every time the revision number in upped to the next level. TIA, Sam Hagen

hyperlinks with # symbol
1 replies , 11/24/2007, 5:24:59 PM
I am trying to creat a hyperlink in excel to open a file that has the # symbol in the filename and it will not work. if I change the # symbol to some other symbol it will work, but the software that i surrently use automatically names multiple files using the # symbol. Is there any way to get around this? I am not an excellent excel user but I do know quite a few things about it. ANY help would be appreciated!!! Brian

HyperLink Function
1 replies , 6/17/2005, 8:06:12 PM
I have a large list of text entries, the text in each Cell having a Hyperlink, mainly to a www address but a few to other cells. Obviously the hyperlink address is not visible in the Cell but I would like to know if there is a function (or any other way) of listing the hyperlink, say, in the adjoining column. -- JayW, New Milton, Hants, UK

Hyperlinks in Help
2 replies , 3/22/2005, 2:01:03 PM
If we click on a hyperlink in the Help window that simply pops up a tip or information, it does not work. Hyperlinks that take us to another Help window work. Any ideas on what causes this? This is Office 2000.

Hyperlinks won't open
2 replies , 6/28/2007, 9:02:07 PM
All of a sudden, none of the hyperlinks I receive embedded into emails that I receive in my Outlook 2003 inbox will open. Also, all incoming emails are received in plain text. I have checked all settings - even restored them all to original settings. I have also run Detect and Repair, but nothing fixes these problems. I am running MS Office 2003, Windows XP-Pro, and Norton Anti-virus 2007 (don't laugh). Can anyone help with this problem?

Automatic Hyperlinking
3 replies , 10/5/2005, 3:49:03 PM
I am trying to get a cell to act how Microsoft Words deals with web address. For example writing. in Word would link that to the website, chnaging it blue and underlining. Typing in in excel and it just acts like any other bit of data. Any ideas how to automatically change this into a hyperlink without touching anything. Thanks Rich

Expose hyperlinks
1 replies , 10/10/2003, 8:18:00 PM
Is there a way to show the underlying hyperlinks for a group of cells at once?

Excel Hyperlinks changing on their own
2 replies , 10/5/2005, 3:51:07 PM
I've set up an excel workbook with links to other files... I call it the index workbook. I use excel 2003. This is what is happening: 1. I type the word Aug FY05 Report 2. I click on the hyperlink icon and browe to the location of the file: k:\reports\FY05\Cyberquery Reports\Aug Fy05.cqe 3. Click OK If I click on the cell with the link, it works fine.... UNTIL I save the file... Then the hyperlink changes to: file://\\datasrv6\departments\reports/FY05/Cyberquery Reports/FY05.cqe Notice how the backslashes have changed to forward slashes.... The K drive is mapped to \\datasrv6\departments on each client machine. I've tried chaning the Base Hyperlink location in the properties of the excel workbook to K: and to \\datasrv6 and to k:\reports and to \\datasrv6\departments and have left it blank also... Nothing has worked... Anyone know how to make excel link to a specific file and not change the hyperlink to what it "thinks" it should be... kind of like an absolute $a$1 reference? Thanks in advance, I'm desparate to get an answer... Tim

Find hyperlinks in office files
3 replies , 5/19/2006, 11:45:04 AM
We have installed a new server. Now we have the following problem. We have hundreds of files with hyperlinks in them. Word, Access, Excel Is there a way to find and replace all the hyperlinks? I have a directory with hundreds of subdirectories Is there a way to loop through als these directories en to find all files with have hyperlinks in them? I know how to write vba to change hyperlinks, but at this point if i would have to write code, i would have to open all files and search for hyperlinks, perhaps anyone knows a faster way to check if a file has a hyperlink in it. Thanx

Cannot open hyperlink in a word document
1 replies , 10/6/2005, 12:24:07 AM
I am trying to open up a hyperlink from a word document and I keep gettign an error: javascript: loadPopUpWithParm( I have never had any trouble opening my documents before,c an you help? -- Angie

visio hyperlink relative path problem
0 replies , 2/17/2006, 1:29:28 AM
I need to be able to generate my visio documenation in both visio format and HTML format. However, I notice when I build the hyperlink within visio it stores the information as I specify in the relative path, e.g C:\work\config directory. When I save the document out to HTML web page format, it places the relative path under the HTML content directory, e.g. C:\work\<visio document name>\config, within the HTML code. The problem is unless I manually copy C:\work\config to C:\work\<visio document name>\config the files will NEVER be found in the HTML version of the document. This is extremely annoying that I have to duplicate data. I should be able to reference the same data sets whether I am using visio or a browser to review the content. I tried creating a link between the directories but that apparently does not work. Is there a way to build hyperlinks within Visio so there is ONLY one set of data that I have to reference? Alan

DblClick Event to Launch a Hyperlinked Doc
0 replies , 1/6/2005, 12:43:03 PM
Want to double click a shape in Visio to launch a hyperlinked Word doc. Nothing is selected under the Shape's Format/Behavior/Double-Click tab (I think that's good?) because the ShapeSheet EventDblClick cell points to the (of the Word doc.). The hyperlink works fine if I right click the shape and then left click to open the hyperlink. Why can't I launch the hyperlink by double clicking the shape?

Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: Intel In Word 2007 for Windows a Hyperlink created in a word document works even in a PDF created with "Publish to PDF" (that is: it remains clickable and opens the link in a browser). How do I do this with Office:mac? Neiter Save to PDF nor Print/Save to PDF preserves the hyperlink (are there any options to change)? I really like producing PDFs containing active links which I can send to my customers (I do _not_ like sending word documents).

Hello fellow Excel users. We are running into a very complicated issue with Excel files that contain hyperlinks. Just to give info on our setup here we are running standard Windows 2000 Professional w/ SP4 images on our network and Office 2000 SR-1 Standard edition. When users insert hyperlinks, which may be to other files or other resources on the network, they no longer work. The Excel files are being emailed via Outlook to internal recipients. The problem is when sending the file, the hyperlinks no longer work and default to C:\Documents and Settings\j030758\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Filename.XLS(This is not actual fileaname). Please let me know because we are beating our heads in the grounds over this.

Since getting nTL broadband I have taken aol off my system, which is great because it's speeded everything up. All works fine, except when I click on a hyperlink in an email (in office outlook), it will no longer open, it brings up a box which says Locate Link Browser in the band at the top. I assume my computer used to use AOL when I clicked on a link. Does anyone know how I can fix this? Many thanks!

I created some hyperlinks in Excel XP and ported the file to Excel 98/OS 9. Doesn't seem to work ... Any ideas? Would I have to recreate the hyperlinks in Excel 97/Windows first?