Printing Charts to Plotter

I have a chart which I created with graphics within an 
organizational chart which I w/o the Wizard. It was 
created manually.  It has clipart in boxes, however, when 
it is printed to a plotter the graphics become misaligned. 
When printed to deskjet printer on 8x11 it prints out 
fine. Any idea what can be causing this problem?
7/1/2003, 6:48:53 PM

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Cant print from Print tab have to use File >>> Print
2 replies , 2/1/2010, 1:42:20 PM
Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: Intel Hello, <br><br>We have a suite of Macs, that student use for their studies. If a student is working in Word and they wish to print they have to go File >>> Print, for some users they are use to clicking the print option from the Word tab bars, if they do so, the document wont get sent to the printer. <br><br>Any suggestions please? <br><br>Thanks

4 replies , 10/1/2006, 10:26:02 PM
why am i printing a mirror image

Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: Intel This is a weird one. I can print in Word by clicking the printer icon, but when I click File and then Print, Word crashes and prompts to send an error report. Any advice? Thanks!

Printing in Excel2000?
2 replies , 11/3/2005, 4:42:06 PM
Is it possible to suppress printing of hidden pages (rows) in Excel2000?

Grouping files for printing
2 replies , 12/3/2009, 3:52:01 AM
I am looking for a way to print a folder of .jpg files by just pointing to the folder and selecting print. If this can not be done, can I group the ..jpg's into one document and print that? Any suggestions?

Excel graph printing
1 replies , 12/3/2003, 4:10:17 PM
On W98 SE box with Excel (Office 2000), an graph will not print to a network printer. The print preview shows that graph and all information, but does not print the graph. All other information prints fine. The printer is a HP LaserJet 5 with the default HP LJ 5 drivers. I used another pc w/ the same Office version, OS, printer, and printer drivers and it prints the graph perfectly. Any suggestions?

Big R
Printing Problem
2 replies , 7/22/2003, 9:17:32 PM
I've also posted this to the printing newsgroup, but I thought I'd post it here too in case anyone knows about this problem: I am having a problem printing spreadsheets in Excel. Every time I try to print, Excel reduces the printing area to the upper left hand quarter of the page, despite the fact that the print preview is the normal full page. All of my settings seem correct. Has anyone had this problem before. I would appreciate it if someone could email me a reply. OS: Windows XP Printer: HP Laserjet 1000, updated driver Thanks

David Bernardi
Office 2003 Envelope Printing Problem
0 replies , 6/9/2005, 1:55:01 AM
I have a HP 2000 Inkjet printer. When setting up the mail merge, I tell the program that I want my custom sized envelope to be feed from the far right, face down and length wise (return address side first). When the mail merge starts, it only will print in the center in either orientation. I have attempted to reset the envelope printing options... with no luck. Is this a software problem or a printer problem?

Cannot print email
1 replies , 12/2/2003, 3:07:58 AM
After using Entourage for about a year, I have suddenly developed a problem. I can no longer print an email message. I can print from other applications (Safari, iPhoto, etc.). I can even print newsgroup message using Entourage. But when I select a email message and click on the print button or do a File -> Print, I get the spinning color wheel and Entourage is locked up until I do a Force Quit. I am running Entourage version 1.1.4 on a dual G$ Mac with OS version 10.3 and a Canon S820 printer. The only software change that I made recently is installing some software for a Canon scanner. I did rebuild the Entourage database after this problem started but that made no difference.

Robert L. Haar
Printing-How not to print a background
1 replies , 12/4/2003, 4:05:39 PM
In my wrksht there is a cell range that is highlighted with a background autofill color(it is intended to indicate to the user to enter data). We would like to print the worksheet without the background. Is there an option or vba syntax? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks-----Jeff

Suddenly my docs are not being printed - just the word 'error' is appearing in the print status. Have checked connections with printer, the internet etc and all seems fine. The other 2 people in the office are printing off fine. Please help! Thanks

0 replies , 6/9/2005, 3:59:28 PM
Hello, I am using Office 2003 on XP. I have a worksheet which is formatted such that the cells in the headings are coloured blue and the font colour is red. When printing from excel, this prints correctly. I have inserted this workbook into Word 2003 using Insert->Object->Create from file. When previewed this document looks fine. When printed, the Heading cells are still blue, however, the font appears black. Although I have tried to change the format of the cells, the font still appears black regardless. Any ideas anyone?? Thanks in advance for your assistance. Ket London

Checkbok & printing
2 replies , 5/30/2006, 5:50:59 AM
I'd like to set up Excel to track my checkbook. I've got a spreadsheet made up that does that and let's me reconcile easily. Is there a way to take selected entries from the spreadsheet and have them "appear" in a check-style template and then print out the checks? I'm using Excel 2000 on Win XP Home SP 1. Thanks! <*((((><{ F*******ean.Net

I do a document and when it prints it is different than what is showing on my screen. I did not have this problem before I had to purchase a new one. I would really like to be able to print my documents like I have them on the screen. Please help me. Thank you Paula Bush

Printing a pasted object
1 replies , 8/17/2005, 8:12:21 PM
I have an excel sheet which was prepared by somone for us as a template = containing several formulas, areas where we edit and a section that is = printed. I had to change a portion and in this I have pasted a graphic prepared = in publisher. Only when the excel sheet is printed, it does not print = that object. When I paste the object in a new excel sheet, it does print = fine. What do I have to check in this sheet that is preventing the object to = be printed? Thanks, Art

Falcon Art
printing labels
1 replies , 12/14/2008, 2:20:07 PM
how can i print a partial sheet of labels? i'm doing xmas cards on a 30 label template but only have 10 addresses on the template i'd like it to print only on those 10 labels

conditional printing? macro?
15 replies , 5/13/2004, 2:30:22 PM
here's my situation, i have a workbook with many sheets in it, each sheet if the default print shortcut button was used would print to 4 pages of A4 paper. the data on these sheets varies everyday, someday's only 1 page per sheet would be full of data others 2, 3, or 4 etc. how could i write a macro that would be able to print only the needed pages?, each page, if it contains any data would have a value in a totals cell. so i would need code along these lines Sheets("sheet1").Select IF(OR(total1="",total1=0),"don't print","don't print") ELSE set data1 = TRUE IF(OR(total2="",total2=0),"don't print","don't print") ELSE set data2 = TRUE IF(OR(total3="",total3=0),"don't print","don't print") ELSE set data3 = TRUE IF(OR(total4="",total4=0),"don't print","don't print") ELSE set data4 = TRUE IF(OR(data1 ="TRUE",data1="FALSE"),"Print Page 1 to 1", "don't print") IF(OR(data1 ="TRUE",data1="FALSE"),"Print Page 1 to 2", "don't print") IF(OR(data1 ="TRUE",data1="FALSE"),"Print Page 1 to 3", "don't print") IF(OR(data1 ="TRUE",data1="FALSE"),"Print Page 1 to 4", "don't print") Hope this helps to explain what im trying to do, and someone is able to code something that would work. Many thanks, Steve

Controlling print settings through Applescript
0 replies , 11/1/2005, 12:55:48 PM
I'm using Entourage 11.2.1 and OS 10.4.2 I'm trying to work out how to set my account so that it prints out only the first page of any email message automatically (in some ways it's a similar request to the guy who posted While I'm away, I'd like the first page of a message to print, which is where the message usually is - pages 2 onwards tend to be the trails of a message as it goes back and forth. That way people here would know I've received an email, but I'm not wasting paper unnecessarily. There's not any way to do it through setting an Entourage rule that I've found - I've tried setting up a preset in the print dialogue box, but it doesn't seem to save the page numbers as part of the settings, so the 'print' command in rules just prints out every page. I've found which talks about enhanced print apple event, and that seems to work with the finder, but not with Entourage - it seems to get confused by the 'page starting' and 'page ending' property names and the 'print dialogue' boolean. I've searched and searched the Apple and Microsoft sites for information, but I can't find anything. It strikes me as a painfully simple thing to do, so I'm sure I'm missing something. Does anyone have any ideas?

Cannot print HTML email
0 replies , 5/12/2005, 4:44:04 PM
When printing an email from a customers machine, it will print the entire email using plain text or Rich, but not HTML. It will only print the header in HTML. Any ideas?

Repeating column headings on printed pages
2 replies , 8/2/2004, 6:53:39 PM
(Office 2k3) How do I repeat column headings on printed pages in addition to page 1?

Sydney Lotterby
Won't print preview or print
0 replies , 9/25/2003, 4:08:31 PM
I share my computer with my wife and son. When I try to get a print preview of an Excel 2002 worksheet, I get a message saying that there is not enough space and telling me to close other applications (even if none are running), or to choose less data (even if I'm only trying to print a few cells. My wife and son don't have this problem in using Excel on the same machine! Help!

XP can't print on 98SE server
6 replies , 1/14/2007, 8:26:09 PM
I have a 98SE computer and an XP pro computer connected with a router to share my internet connection. Both computers can use the internet. Both computers can also see each other's shared folders etc. I have a Samsung ML1250 printer connected to the 98SE box and it will print properly from there. I have the XP box set up to use the network printer attached to the 98SE computer. The problem is, the XP box won't print. When I try to print from the XP computer, the printer wakes up from it's powered down state, the 'data' light flashes but it never does print anything. The printer setup us fully available to the XP computer but nothing I try will get it to print a test page or any other documant on the network printer attached to the 98SE box. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? If the printer wasn't visible to the XP box or something, I might have some ideas. The thing is, all seems to be correct right up until the paper should feen into the network printer. Dave

No One
"Print This Page" Macro
3 replies , 3/21/2007, 8:23:53 PM
I had a spreadsheet template with columns as follows (and rows of about 110 items): Quantity Item Cost per Unit Hours per Unit Ext. Cost Ext. Hours Ground Mat/Grid 2.00 0.00 Ground Rod/Point 0.30 0.00 The Ext. Cost and Ext. Hours columns have formulas that will multiply the quantity by either the cost per unit or hours per unit (or both). There are also rows at the end of the list of items that do NOT contain item names, cost per unit amounts or hours per unit amounts. They only contain the extended cost and extend hours formulas. These rows are for estimators to add unique items on the fly. Estimators will go down the quantity column entering quantity numbers and, if necessary, unique items with quantities at the end of the list. Once they've filled in all their quantities I've set up a "Filter Quantity" button that will filter the quantity column so that only nonblanks show. >From here I need a "Print this Page" button with a macro that will print the spreadsheet down to the last row that has a quantity/item entered. I've tried several times to record a macro with varying results. Previously my macro would ignore (not print) any unique items that were added in rows below the standard list. My re-recorded macro now seems to be printing ALL the rows below the standard items even though they are technically blank - i.e. they have no quantity, item name, cost or hours filled in but they do have the cost ext. and hours ext. formulas. Help! It seems like it should be so simple. Thanks, Tina

0 replies , 9/13/2003, 1:49:43 AM
After receiving this new Gateway for Christmas, which had XP and office on it, I have not been able to print any excel sheet to my printer. Word works well. I have tried the icon, selection, and file print but the printer only looks and sounds as if it is printing properly. The sheet comes out blank. The printer works on all windows options and word as well.

Marvin Boles
Missing characters when printing
3 replies , 6/3/2004, 7:39:01 AM
I'm using Excel 2002 and when I print a worksheet characters 's' or 'S were missing in certain words even though it turned out alright o print preview. Can someone assist me with that? I tried shutting down or reseting bu it's still the same. Appreciate any assistance. :confused -- Message posted from

Pats <
Error on printing
0 replies , 9/29/2003, 6:32:21 PM
"PasXL80.xla could not be found" error message when trying to print from Excel 2000.

Text Prints Gibberish - Looks fine on the Screen
1 replies , 2/24/2007, 12:00:13 PM
I have Visio 2003 on an XP machine. When I create a diagram with text blocks (Arial font), it looks fine. But when I print (to an HP 4500) everything looks good except the text, which comes out in gibberish. This doesn't happen when printing to my HP4. I have downloaded the latest drivers but it doesn't help. Any ideas?

Printing Punctuation and format
3 replies , 6/24/2005, 7:03:04 PM
I'm sure that this is a newbie question but how in Word 2000 do I print text and format marks., showing a dot for a space and an arrow for a tab. Application is data scrubbing in SQL DTS to hunt for re-occurance of ASCI codes. Any help really appreciated John Webb

conditional printing
0 replies , 3/4/2008, 2:45:01 PM
I have a list of persons that have to pay costs. I want to print the same list for everyone, but higlight the line they have to pay . Is this possible ?

Underlining does not print out
4 replies , 1/13/2009, 11:19:01 PM
I just upgraded to Excel 2007. I can see underlining on my screen and it appears in Print Preview, but it doesn't print out on hard copy. What gives?

Excel 2003 gridline printing issue.
2 replies , 3/10/2005, 9:01:09 PM
I am in the process of upgrading desktops to Office 2003 from Office 2000. We run Windows XP at the desktop, and have Server 2000 on the servers. We have noticed that spreadsheets that were created in Excel 2000 have an issue with gridlines in Excel 2003. When printed, spreadsheets that were created in the earlier version have text that "drifts" over the gridlines printed in Excel 2003. If we go to a PC that still has Excel 2000, it prints fine. I noticed that if we change the font to a non-proportional font (such as Sans Serif), the problem goes away. New spreadsheets created in Excel 2003 are fine with any font. I've tried clearing all formatting, copying data into new spreadsheets, etc. - all to no avail. I don't see this listed as a known problem anywhere. Any ideas what may be causing this problem? Thanks!

Printing numbers
2 replies , 9/26/2007, 12:18:08 PM
Does anyone know how I can print numbers larger than the 72 point size in Word, without having to use a graphics program? -- ted

1 replies , 9/18/2003, 5:54:01 AM
Question I have made this excel script, is there a way that I can have an image or cell that when clicked will print a sheet? Using some type of formula. Can you tell im new to all this? Nick

Lord Of The Morning
print bcc
1 replies , 11/6/2003, 9:11:43 AM
I am running Entourage 10.0.0 on a B&W Mac G3 using OS X 10.2. When I send an email to myself, with a bcc list of, say, six other = people;=20 I want to be able to print a copy of the email (as I have done in other=20 email programs) which shows a complete list of all recipients. The copy=20 I receive in my Inbox, of course, only lists the primary recipient=20 (myself)... but I expect that. The copy that is in my Sent Items folder=20 displays the entire bcc list when I open it on the screen, but = eliminates=20 it from the copy I print.=20 The only way I can get what I want here is to take a screen shot, open = it=20 in Acrobat Reader, and print it from there. This is very awkward and=20 time-consuming. How can I get Entourage to cooperate?

Neil Edwards
Printing issues
0 replies , 1/9/2006, 6:30:04 AM
Hi all, i really hope this gets through. I posted three times today and none of them came through, which is strange. Suddenly I can't print from entourage unless i change users. Then I can print. Right now when I print from Entourage I get an error message and Entourage quits. I am able to print from Word and every other program. Someone in an older message said this is a user issue, but how do I resolve it? Thanks! Gwen