Plot data on map

How can one use the MS map object to plot data? of any country? say the US,
using MS-Excel?
Urgent help needed.

2/4/2004, 12:49:58 PM

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Don't plot non-numeric cells
2 replies , 5/12/2008, 11:38:00 PM
Tools - Options - Chart - Plot empty cells as: Not plotted (leave gaps) works only when the cell is actually empty. The cell is empty when raw data is missing, but the raw data has to be subtracted from a constant value. I'm using =IF(ISNUMBER(B4), B$1-B4,NA()) which returns #N/A when B4 is blank. The cell is not empty and consequently is plotted as an interpolated value between B3 and B5. I've tried copying and pasting values only and using "" instead of NA() to no avail. Short of clearing the contents manually (5% missing data points scattered throughout 25,000 values) is there another way to leave gaps in the line chart?

Select data for plot
1 replies , 7/20/2007, 9:06:06 AM
I want to create a simple line chart for each project; but need the ability for the user to not plot a particular project (Y 0r N) Proj1 Proj2 Proj3 Proj4 Y Y Y N 11.3% 8.5% 1.8% 0.9% 16.1% 12.4% 3.7% 1.5% 21.3% 16.6% 6.9% 3.9% Any ideas? Thanks Saintsman

how do I plot a data series against two series
7 replies , 2/15/2006, 5:12:26 AM
I want to plot one data series against two axes. I can get the secondary axes and I can get it onto the x axes at the top. What I want is to get the second axes to be dependent on the first. You see the second axes is the volume fraction of a composite ply and the first is the weight fraction. I want to create a graph so that the data series I plot can be looked up by either the volume fraction or the weight fraction. The problem is that the volume fraction axes scale needs to be irregular since it's a nonlinear function of the weight fraction. Firstly, I'd like to know if that's possible. If so, HOW DO I DO IT?

plotting long plots
0 replies , 5/24/2006, 4:44:48 PM
I have a HP designjet 110 nr plotter. I've created a plot that we nee to show drilling activity. My first plot was 24"x36". Plot works grea and to scale. My next plot was to be 24"x72". Now the charts will no even display in Print Preview. I can scale back the plot where it i about 48" and it will preview and plot, but I need it to go out eve futher than 72 inches. I may go out as far as 30 feet. I have images on the plot area and it will print it just fine at th farther distances -- TexasDa ----------------------------------------------------------------------- TexasDan's Profile: View this thread:

Does plots have interpolations in Excel?
1 replies , 3/26/2007, 10:32:44 PM
Hi all, I am still using Excel 2003. I want to plot some 2D data, does it have interpolation in plotting? Or I will have to do it by myself? Thanks a lot

Mixing scatter plot with a category plot
2 replies , 3/30/2010, 9:23:01 PM
How do you combine a scatter plot (showing numbers on axis) with a category plot (showing categories) and a line graph that is within the area of the category plot? Can Excel 2007 do this and how? All the source data is in one worksheet. -- Janet A.

I'm working in an excel sheet in which I need to plot a ground profile graph from the input "Distance (along x-axis) and elevation (along y-axis) which has 30 measured points (30 points on a graph to draw the curve). Now I need to give this information to my boss which must include the stating point distance and elevation, end point distance and elevation and the rate of undulation. From this data my boss will analys the profile to mark certain parameters as critical. Do anybody have an idea how to do it.

Pie Chart Plot Area Moves
0 replies , 8/17/2004, 12:35:19 AM
After printing a pie chart, the plot area relocates itself. I wrote a procedure to bring it back to the designated "top" and "left" coordinates the next time the sheet is activated, but the plot area doesn't relocate until the sheet is activated a SECOND time. Does anyone know how to fix? Thank you.

Graph not plotting what it should be plotting
2 replies , 9/4/2003, 12:36:09 AM
I am having difficulty with Excel and was hoping someone could be of assistance. I am plotting a series of graphs with time on the x-axis and water level on the y-axis. The first set of graphs looks good. If you put the pointer over one of the points on the x-y scatter plot graph you see: "EW-5 Pump Test" Point "4321.00" (4321.00, 2445.04) 4321.00 is time in minutes and 2445.04 is the water level in feet. However, my next series of graphs for the same well (plots the same type of data for another event) looks like: "EW-5 Recovery Test" Point "4320.00" (96,2455.67) If you notice the "EW-5 Recovery Test" is using the time in minutes as the name of the point, the cell number as the x-axis, and the water level as the y-axis. I have double checked everything and can't figure out why excel would be doing this. I used the first graph as a template for the second graph and have verified under "source data" that it should be using the time in minutes as the y-axis data. Any help would be appreciated!

Annoyed by Excel
1 replies , 6/12/2009, 4:17:19 AM
Dear member, I have a question . The question is how to make a graph=85.I do know your name or kind For example I have range the value of mean and variance. I need to plot the two in same graph how is attachad . mean var tn 287.787 120.619 t12 2.147.523 13.843.230 t18 2.698.113 22.254.429 t24 3.288.497 17.780.971 td 1.841.121 7.918.387 Anyone have one idea.. how to make it? Thanks&Regards Jen

3 replies , 11/11/2005, 10:46:41 PM
How do I do a stairstep plot? Vertical lines have length one. Horizontal lines can have any length. John Adams Bethlehem, PA

grayscale plot with bars
6 replies , 6/16/2006, 1:48:35 PM
Hi, is Excel able to color the bars of a bar chart according to the height of the respective bar? The surface plot would be an alternative but I cannot change the colors? Can anybody help? Chris

(I'm trying here the Adv Opt Cross post for the 1st time) Hello; There's a good chance that some might have already posted this question (including myself!), but I couldn't find any related threads in this forum directly addressing the problem. Suppose you've a 2D chart displaying the fuselage of an airplane nicely proportional on the Full Screen of your desktop monitor. You copy the w/b to your laptop and the display is completely out of proportion because of the different aspect ratio of the screen. Q1: Instead of Full Screen display, would a Custom View help in maintaining the aspect ratio of the 2D plot regardless of monitor size ?? Q2: Does XL 2007 provide options for specifying the physical dimensions of the chart area and/or plot area ?? Your expert insight would be greatly appreciated.

I have a spreadsheet that has a chart tab with a plot of data from another part of the spreadsheet. Now, however, the chart is empty and when I try to send any plot to a chart tab the plot is lost and the chart tab is empty. This is happening now in all my spreadsheets the plot can be created within a spreadsheet but as soon as I move it to a tab the plot is lost and the chart tab has nothing in it. !!!????!!!!

Which version of Excel can plot in POLAR COORDINATES?
3 replies , 5/10/2006, 10:40:02 PM
I need to plot equations expressed in (r, theta) coordinates, WITHOUT first converting them to Cartesion (x,y) coordinates. Can anyone advise if Excel has this capability - if so, I certainly have not been able to find it!.....Thanx

x-y scatter plots and trend lines
0 replies , 11/18/2010, 11:26:48 PM
I need to plot my data as individual series on an x-y plot (i.e. each series only contains one point) and add an intercept line through one of these series. In versions of Excel prior to 2007, I was able to add a trend line to a series (again, a single point) and then format it such that it went through the x- or y-intercept of my choice; however, in Excel 2007 I am not able to do this. If I add a trend line, it will appear in the legend, but I will be unable to format it and it does not appear. I have found a way around this by adding the intercept to the data series, but this involves reorganizing my data and it is not ideal. Is there any other way to do this, or is there a possibility of this very useful feature returning to Excel? Thanks.

Brian McEwan
Frequency plotting
1 replies , 10/18/2005, 3:08:23 PM
I have a column of data that has various times listed. I am trying to find out how to plot some type of histogram or frequency chart that shows what are the busiest hours. For example column A lists the following times (in 24 hour format) 7:57 9:55 11:16 11:24 11:32 12:13 12:25 12:50 13:09 13:33 I want to be able to plot something that returns from 7:00 - 7:59 there was 1 hit, from 9:00 - 9:59 there was 1 hit, from 11:00 - 11:59 there were 3 hits, from 12:00 - 12:59 there were 3 hits, and from 13:00 - 13:59 there were 2 hits. Thanks in advance! -- trebor18 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ trebor18's Profile: View this thread:


Values plotted incorrectly on Line Chart
3 replies , 3/20/2009, 5:06:01 PM
Any idea what's causing this or how to fix it? In a line chart showing multiple series plotted over time, many of the points are plotted at the wrong level (wrong height along on the Y axis), although the data value is correct (as shown in the "tool tip" when hovering over the plotted point). For example, here are consecutive values for 3 series: 9, 2, 3, 3, 2 plotted as: 14, 7, 4, 5, 4 4, 4, 1, 1, 1 plotted as: 5, 5, 1, 2, 2 0, 1, 0, 1, 1 plotted as: 1, 1, 0, 1, 1

Why doesn't Excel do scatter plots with lines?
1 replies , 2/10/2005, 3:23:13 PM
I have the latest version of Excel and the XP2 upgrade. Excel will not draw scatter plots with lines everyday. Today is not a good day. It also sometimes does not save lines drawn on plots. How do I get xy scatter plots with lines --draw them in myself or wait til tomorrow?

I have a couple columns of data (about 500 rows). I apply autofilter to that data, which filters it down to 100 rows of data. These rows are not sequential. I would only like to plot this filtered list of data in a chart

how do I plot a saw tooth graph
1 replies , 11/9/2006, 12:40:02 PM
I am trying to create an inventory model with a sawtooth effect can anyone help?

How do I plot non-numeric values in a graph in Excel?
1 replies , 7/29/2005, 4:28:03 PM
I need to plot non-numeric values in a graph in Excel. Assume I have the following data... : X Axis Y Axis A L B M C N D O E P F Q G R I want such a graph R x Q x P x O x N x M x L x A B C D E F G i.e. ABCD on the x axis and lmno on the y axis and the small x points are the plots of AL, BM, CN etc..

How do I plot a line chart in 3 dimensions (x,y,z)?
1 replies , 10/8/2006, 9:31:02 PM
Hello All, I wish to plot a scatter graph in Excel and join the points with a smooth line. However I wish to do it using three variables (x,y and z axes) as opposed to the simple 2D x and y axes I can easily use on excel?? Is there a way to do this in excel?? Yours Hopefully, Kev.

How to plot this????
1 replies , 4/8/2005, 12:15:03 AM
I have data like this: Insufficient 1 1 3 4 1 Sufficient Not Informative 1 2 1 4 2 Informative Inappropriate 1 2 3 3 1 Appropriate Incomplete 1 4 1 2 2 Complete Irrelevant 1 1 3 2 3 Relevant I want to plot it as a 100% stacked bar chart like this: Insufficient @~xxx%%%%+ Sufficient Not Informative @~~x%%%%++ Informative Inappropriate @~~xxx%%%+ Appropriate Incomplete @~~~~x%%++ Complete Irrelevant @~xxx%%+++ Relevant I can get the chart to plot the data and the left hand vertical axis labels but not the right hand vertical labels. Any ideas most appreciated!

correct legend in a scientific plot impossible
4 replies , 9/7/2004, 12:05:10 PM
Hi all, this is a problem I have been haunted with since ages: I cannot mix Latin with Greek letters in the legend of a plot, such as "(DELTA)G" where (DELTA) represents here the capital letter D (DELTA) in Greek. No problem at all in the title of a graph, or in a spreadsheet, but not in a plot in the legend! This is strange since other non-MS programs like Origin or Scientist can do it beautifully! Am I just too dumb? Thank you, Siggi

Can Excel generate a 3-D scatter plot?
1 replies , 9/13/2004, 1:21:04 AM
I want to generate surface plots of the form (x,y,f(x,y)). Should I just go buy MathCAD, or can Excel manage this?

Re: Scatter plots
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how to plot a polar chart / plot
1 replies , 9/30/2006, 5:11:02 AM

Logarithmic plotting
1 replies , 5/1/2006, 4:38:02 PM
Hello I am wanting to do a Log Plot (both Axis) on the following data. How do I do this in Excel? Stage Discharge 0.291 0.873 1.237 11.6 0.7 5.16 0.295 0.889 0.288 0.783 0.288 0.811 0.288 0.771 0.48 2.53 0.284 0.737 0.333 1.12 3.261 44.8 0.378 1.53 0.389 1.63 0.444 1.978 0.325 0.96 0.306 0.932 0.301 0.855 0.82 6.87 0.834 7.26 0.877 6.57 1.045 9.18 1.764 18 3.121 39.9 4.297 68.9 4.526 77.6 3.085 30.5 0.087 0.061

Plot area changed after reopen document
0 replies , 5/20/2010, 1:43:01 PM
Hy, I have problem with unstable format of charts in an Excel 2007 spreadsheet (under Windows XP). When I re-open a spreadsheet, the plot area is usually contracted to a much smaller portion of the total chart area, leaving lots of white space around the edges. This happens repeatedly with some, but not all, of the charts in my spreadsheet. Some are x-y plots, some are combination line, bar plots. Is there any way to keep the size of the plot area from changing? Thank you for help.

Plot stamp or footer with "Create Date"
1 replies , 6/9/2007, 12:39:01 AM
Hello, I need my excel print jobs to have a footer that reports the file's "Create Date" . Can anyone tell me how've they done this successfully? Thanks! Raymond

Bubble Charts w/ Scatter Plot overlay
9 replies , 3/28/2007, 9:52:04 PM
Is there a way to overlay a scatter plot chart on the same graph as a bubble chart? I'm currently using Excel 2002 and I can't get it to combine ANY other chart type with a bubble chart. Will Excel 2007 allow me to do this?

scatter plot
2 replies , 1/17/2008, 6:11:01 PM
I have a template used to track the scores of grades of students. This is the raw data (starting in Column A) Student Form. A MP1 DIFF A 65 49 -16.00 B 75 85 10.00 C 85 91 6.00 D 55 81 26.00 E 85 90 5.00 F 95 90 -5.00 G 70 78 8.00 H 95 68 -27.00 I 95 92 -3.00 J 80 76 -4.00 K 65 91 26.00 L 65 89 24.00 M 70 87 17.00 N 80 80 0.00 O 90 96 6.00 P 70 81 11.00 Q 95 88 -7.00 R 65 68 3.00 S 70 84 14.00 T 65 79 14.00 U 85 89 4.00 V 95 93 -2.00 w 70 86 16.00 x 65 73 8.00 y 100 92 -8.00 z 75 93 18.00 aa 85 89 4.00 bb 95 60 -35.00 I would like to add a demographic to this, such as race; I thought I would assign a number to race and was hoping I could have the data point on the chart change shape according to the code assigned to race. Would anyone know if this is possible? Any help is appriciated. -- Jules

how to avoid zero error in log log plot
1 replies , 2/14/2007, 4:27:15 PM
i am plotting data on log-log plot with some of the data missing that gives zero values cannot be plotted error message. I think there must be some way of plotting that would avoid this error message. Please let me know if there is such a method such as use of NA() or some such function