Picture Manager


Can someone please explain to me why, "some third-party programs [that] =
do not use the registry correctly" has anything to do with this issue?  =
I don't get it.  As far as I know if a file type is registered correctly =
(say gif) then the default data entry for that extension will determine =
where the open key resides.  In a default installation of Windows 2000 =
anyway the default data will be giffile.  So as long as the open key in =
giffile is correct there is no issue.

Now I know that some "third-party programs" will change this data entry. =
 Say Adobe Photoshop.  It will change it to say Adobe.Image.  But then =
Picture Manager ought to do the same thing and set the location in HKCR =
appropriately.  If it doesn't then the symptom of this article will =
result.  And that has nothing to do with "some third-party programs =
[that] do not use the registry correctly."

Unless of course due to the Windows Installer which can detect the =
application has broken due to a change in the file association.  But =
then that is an issue with Windows Installer NOT "some third-party =
programs [that] do not use the registry correctly."


George Hester
George Hester
1/13/2004, 2:20:37 AM

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Picture Manager - Picture Cut Off
6 replies , 9/27/2008, 10:09:01 PM
I am in great need of assistance. I uploaded pictures from my Sony camera to Picture Manager. I have never had this issue until now. I'm using Office 03 on Vista and have been for a couple month with no issues. I sent the pictures to someone who replied back saying 2 of the 3 pictures were cut off. I went into the saved area and 2 of the files have a gray bar at the bottom exactly the same size as the other cutting off the picture. I need the full picture and wanted to know if it's possible to get the original picture back as it's no longer on my camera.

A picture within excel file/database
1 replies , 3/6/2004, 6:58:42 PM
I am new to this and would welcome advise pls. I will be creating a database of streets and houses in a local area ,about 500, and thought it would be nice to include a small Jpeg of each property as you call up the infomation, say number 3 The Drive. Is this pracital within Excel and how would one do it? Many thanks in advance Bob

picture in a footer
2 replies , 11/16/2004, 9:39:01 PM
Does anyone know how to display a picture in a footer? I followed the workaround to get a picture in a row to repeat at top but can't figure out how to get a "logo" to repeat at the bottom or in a footer. Anyone??? Thanks in advance. I'm using excel 2000

Using insert/picture/from file has always opened My Pictures but now it opens a Document name list. What do I have to do to have it open My Pictures as it should?

5 replies , 6/11/2009, 3:43:01 PM
Posted 6/11/09: Since, even after the nine MS Updates to my P/C on 6/10/09, this problem continues today, I will present this request for help again. The following was copied from an older thread WHICH FOR SOME UNEXPLAINED REASON MS DELETED LATE YESTERDAY: Posted 6/8/09: -- glnz, I have exactly the same problem and it started at approximately the same time. Has anyone gotten back to you? I thought it was a virus or spyware but my checker (MS OneCare) just spent over four hours checking EVER FILE on all drives and found nothing. Also, I thought it might have been caused by an MS Update. But after comparing outstanding updates with and without the problem (used Restore to eliminate the problem temporarily), I found no differences. -- Joe G Posted 5/29/09: "glnz" wrote: > I have a new problem -- if there are jpg's attached to an email that I've > opened in Outlook Express, and I double-click on the attached jpg's, MS > Picture Manager tries to open but immediately gives an error message that > says: > > "The path you specified is not valid or supported by Picture Manager. > Verify that the location is a valid Windows SharePoint Service Picture > library, that the folder exists, and that the path is correct, and try again." > > This is a new problem - didn't have this problem before! Note that if I > first save the email jpg to my desktop and then double-click on it, it opens > right away in Picture Manager. What's happening? By the way what IS a > "Windows SharePoint Service Picture library"? glnz Please note that when my P/C rebooted yesterday (6/10/09) after the 9 new MS Updates, they seemed to have elliminated this problem. However, it reappeared again this 6/11/09 morning when I turned on my P/C. Please help because restoring my P/C to an earlier time is tedious and the alternate of having to save Outlook Express jpg's to my harddrive so that MS Office Picture Manager will open them seems dangerious with regard to virus etc. exposure. Joe G

Copy/Paste picture Issue and Fix
2 replies , 7/13/2007, 11:13:08 AM
I have been experiencing an annoying problem and I was not sure if the problem was with Entourage 11.3.6, Mac OSX 10.4.10 or me. I do a lot of copy and pasting from web pages etc to email. My preferred technique is the old Mac OSX keystroke technique to hold down (Cmd-Shift-4), drag over desired area, then paste it into Entourage. This works some of the time; however, sometimes when I try to paste the clip Entourage does nothing but flash the Edit menu or paste in the previously selected clip. This has been very annoying. I thought the problem was the clipboard was not being properly cleared so thanks to one of the MVP's I have added an AppleScript a few months ago to my Entourage menu bar to Clear the Clipboard. FYI, he script is: tell application "System Events" to set the clipboard to "" The script solves the problem where that previously selected clip was being pasted; however, I was still having problems getting a newly selected clip to paste into Entourage. After a few failed attempts I would give up on the keystroke technique and resort to the SnapNDrag application. The SnapNDrag, as well as several other 3rd party applications, work correct. While preparing this message I just happened to check at http://www.danrodney.com/mac/index.html and may have found the problem. It was me! The keystroke to copy the screenshot to the clipboard instead of making a file is to use Cmd-Shift-Control-4. I just tried it and it works great. I probably knew about the Control key thing but forgot and hope this reminder to use Cmd-Shift-Control-4 helps someone else having the same problem. Old dogs can learn (or relearn) new tricks! aRKay

When I open pictures with a extentsion linking it to open in MS Office Picture manager I see a red x in a box for every picture in the preview pane and I cannot seem to see anything in piocture manager. Is there anyway to make this work right?

Excel graph as Value/picture
1 replies , 2/20/2006, 2:36:24 PM
Hello, I would like to copy and paste an excel graph into aonther workbook without including the underlying data series. In other words, I would like the graph to exclude all formulas (similar to paste special> values when dealing with formulaes). -- Yunus Patel ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Yunus Patel's Profile: http://www.excelforum.com/member.php?action=getinfo&userid=26579 View this thread: http://www.excelforum.com/showthread.php?threadid=514409

Yunus Patel
My mother got a new computer with Office 2007. She deleted some pictures from her My Pictures folder and they still remained in Picture Manager. Then we noticed some pictures in her My Pictres folder do not show up in Picture Manger. What gives? And which area is it that is used for a screensaver? That is how she knew something was off when pictures she deleted from My Pictures were still being shown in her screensaver (which is set to show slideshow from My Pictures) and we discovered the pictures were not in her My Pictures folder, but showed up in Picture Manager when we opened that up. Why aren't they connected? Thank you.

Adding picture
1 replies , 4/14/2009, 12:13:15 AM
Version: 2004 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: Intel I am a new mac user. I know that you can right click copy and paste or drag the picture into power point presentation. However, when I try to copy the picture (I am not copying the address) and paste, the website address gets enters instead of the picture. Any suggestions?

printing pictures
1 replies , 4/3/2005, 7:01:03 PM
I have a lexmark all in one centre the problem is my pictures are printing out as 'colour negatives' I have uninstalled and re installed today but still the same - can you help

my document has jpegs inserted through out, when I print the document some of them move sideways. Is there a way to lock their positions? (I have a custom page set up 6"x 9") Thanks!

I don't want my pictures to show up in Office manager
2 replies , 6/25/2005, 7:12:01 PM
I don't know why my pictures are in Microsoft Office Picture. They were never there until recently. The would always show up in "my pictures" and I would like them to go back there. If you could help with this problem I would greatly appriciate it. Thanks

Removal of Microsoft Picture Manager from Pictures
2 replies , 10/3/2007, 5:17:01 AM
I have somehow turned my pictures into Microsoft Picture Manager with all the editing support etc. I just want the simple picture. How do I get rid of Picture Manager from my pictures.

Link to online picture
1 replies , 2/13/2008, 2:33:28 PM
I have a friend who is teaching a G.I.S. concepts class to his son's fifth grade. My friend developed the class on his PC, but then found out the whole school uses Macs, and the process he developed is not working on Word for Mac.<br> <br> For the class, he wants to link to an online picture in the document, something easily done on a PC in Word by clicking Insert &gt; Picture &gt; From File, then in the "File Name" area, paste the URL to the internet picture, then click the down arrow beside Insert and choose Link to File. The picture is displayed in the document only if there is an active Internet connect, and it is stored as a link to the picture's url, not the picture itself.<br> <br> Is there a way to do this using Word on a Mac? Thank you in advance for your help?

Pictures in a Cell?
3 replies , 3/3/2004, 9:44:29 AM
Is it possible to 'insert' a picture in a cell ? Simple question but I cannot find a positive answer in the help - so maybe it can't be done Thanks for your time John

Ann and John
User Form Picture
3 replies , 5/23/2005, 2:22:05 PM
Hi I'm trying to insert a small jpeg on a User Form in the bottom left hand corner - its about 6cm x 5cm - I can insert a picture within the VBA however its so damn big It takes over the entire user Form any ideas???? Any help much appreciated Cheers ------ Mully

[Powerpoint] Detect identical pictures
0 replies , 7/29/2008, 8:36:45 AM
Is there a way to detect identical pictures used in a powerpoint slide? Do they reference the same resource internally? And if so, how can I check that reference? I'm going through all shapes of a slide and use the "export" command for all pictures to extract them. This usually leads to a lot of duplicates which I want to avoid as good as possible. The only (less elegant and more expensive) solution I found is to export everything, iterate over all images and compare their checksum and delete duplicates afterward. Any ideas? Thanks Daniel

Daniel Kirsch
Email Access Report that contains pictures
2 replies , 11/2/2005, 10:01:03 PM
I am attempting to send a report to an email recipient that has embedded photos in it, but I'm having a problem. When I select html, it only sends the text, no pictures. Is there a way to have the pictures go with the text so that the email will be formatted correctly?

My mother got a new computer with Office 2007. She deleted some pictures from her My Pictures folder and they still remained in Picture Manager. Then we noticed some pictures in her My Pictres folder do not show up in Picture Manger. What gives? And which area is it that is used for a screensaver? That is how she knew something was off when pictures she deleted from My Pictures were still being shown in her screensaver (which is set to show slideshow from My Pictures) and we discovered the pictures were not in her My Pictures folder, but showed up in Picture Manager when we opened that up. Why aren't they connected? Thank you.

picture help pleassseeee
3 replies , 6/25/2005, 7:03:02 PM
how do i change the background of a picture? keeping the image itself but changing the background it stands in, please help

Picture Manager with New Vista
2 replies , 12/19/2007, 5:22:57 PM
I hope I can explain this clearly enough to get an answer. :) I have Office 2003 and use Picture Manager daily. I recently bought new laptop with an updated version of Vista and installed Office 2003. I can't seem to get Picture Manager to work now. Can you tell me how to set is as my default picture program? Thanks in advance for your help -- KRobert ----------------------------------------------------------------------- KRoberts's Profile: http://forums.techarena.in/member.php?userid=3775 View this thread: http://forums.techarena.in/showthread.php?t=87493 http://forums.techarena.i

Retrieving pictures from Picture Manager
1 replies , 8/12/2008, 3:36:21 PM
I downloaded some travel pictures from my camera as usual. After I successfully downloaded them and began to rename them, about halfway through, my computer started to go a little wonky and asked me if I wanted to replace the file. (my downloaded photos). I kept pressing the "NO" button. After several attempts, I pressed the "YES" to replace the file (Photo). Now, I do not have any image of my photos. I tried to do a "Go Back" but that didnt work. When I click on the "empty shell" it still contains the date, title and KB and size. It is as if the image is cloaked. When I perform a search, all the photos are where they are supposed to be. I have all the renamed and orginal titles of each picture, there just isn't an image. I have tried everything. I am sure this is something very simple, but I need to figure out how to retrieve these travel pictures I took over the weekend. Can anyone please help me out with this?

I put my screensaver on "My Pictures". It seems to be going through the Clip Organizer, which is okay, but I want to choose specific pictures. Is there a way to do this? Thank you.

Hello, I have Office XP pro SP3. When I choose insert-> picture -> from file: Open dialog appears and My Pictures-folder is chosen, If I change folder, program (Word and Excel) freezes and I have to kill that application and lost my job. Jake

Animated pictures
1 replies , 7/7/2008, 4:21:01 PM
I have a new laptop and for some reason my animated pictures aren't animated. Any suggestions?

organising pictures in picture manager
1 replies , 6/12/2008, 3:40:04 PM
when I down load pictures from my camera they seem to appear randomly and not in the order they were taken. How can I organise them - simply - so that I can view them in sequence. -- liza

insert picture?
0 replies , 7/30/2004, 11:38:35 AM
I have upgraded Office from 95 to 2003. Using Word 95, I created the family web site. Since upgrading I have tried to edit the page but am having problems. When I insert pictures on the page - ( all the jpg's and the html doc are in the same folder) - everything works as it did before, except after transferring the files to the web site they don't show up on the page. All of the ones I inserted before upgrading still show up OK. Any ideas? This is the page - http://members.cox.net/mwilley/fireworks.htm Thanks Marshall

creating picture run arounds
2 replies , 5/2/2008, 1:50:56 AM
Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: Power PC In Word 2004 I used the polygonal lasso tool to draw a "run around" shape which allowed me to crop out backgrounds. I would draw the polygone over a picture I wanted to crop. Then I would cut the picture and paste it inside the shape which would crop out the background. I cannot figure out how to do this in 2008. Is it still an option or do I have to stay with 2004 to use this feature?

Is there a way to insert a picture and have the data on the spreadsheet appear through the picture. I would like to insert a picture of an aerial picture and use the corresponding cells to display data

Duplicate pictures in MS Office Picture Manager
1 replies , 10/1/2008, 4:57:01 PM
Somehow, I've managed to accumulate a huge amount of duplicate pictures and picture folders. Is there something to run to identify and delete duplicate pictures? Going through the folders individually is getting frustrating and really time-consuming. Some have just one duplicate, but there are many with multiples of up to six! Any guidance would be greatly appreciated! -- Thank you.....

1 replies , 7/1/2008, 6:35:02 PM
Why do pictures distort when saved to desktop?

retreiving an edited picture
1 replies , 12/16/2006, 1:40:00 PM
is there a way to retreive the original picture that got edited & saved in picture manager.

I see a picture on Microsoft clip art which I want to transfer to my documents file. Downloading the picture gets me the html of the picture. how to I get the picture itself on my document file? Thanks, JNEL

deleting 100's of pictures, keep data
0 replies , 6/8/2005, 6:54:02 PM
-- me