Outlook rule for message header

Hi! I have two colleagues e-mail accounts redirected to my e-mail in our 
For example somebody send e-mail to  x********any.com and e-mail server 
redirects this e-mail to my address m***********company.com. I don't know 
how can I define the rule, because getting information from TO or CC box is 
not a solution, because if somebody send one e-mail to me and person XY, I 
recieved this e-mail twice and I want to separate them and in TO box are 
both of address.
In message header is part "X-Original-To: " where is the original recipient 
address, but I don't know how can I define rule for it. 

Vlado Sloboda
12/30/2005, 12:21:31 PM

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Want to see if it is possible to change the mail sensitiviy picklist options. The default list is normal, private, confidential and sensitive. Is it possible for central configuration to change the options available to all users? If so, how?!

1 replies , 11/22/2005, 5:53:51 AM

Converting Outlook Contacts to Entourage
1 replies , 1/17/2004, 7:29:21 PM
I have over 1000 contact records on a work based PC in Outlook (XP Pro version). I am in the process of converting my business to a Mac OSX platform. I am trying to figure out how to convert and transfer these contact files. I have converted them to vcard format and e-mailed them successfully to the Mac. next steps? Thanks in advance. Robert

Outlook Express to Outlook
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Can I switch the folders I've created in Outlook Express to Outlook? i.e., open up folder in Outlook that I've already create in Outlook Expres.

Excel Sheet to Outlook Form?
0 replies , 6/29/2004, 3:34:06 PM
Is there a way to convert an excel spread sheet to a outlook form? Similar to when you create a new email (you have that form) I am looking for a button to push that says timesheet, and then i opens a new form (simliar to the new email) and you can fill out you time sheet and fill it of -- Message posted from http://www.ExcelForum.com

Mstg007 <
Outlook and Outlook Express
10 replies , 2/12/2007, 1:31:35 PM
It has been perennially stated that Outlook Express is not part of Office but this morning Bruce Hagen stated in m.p.outlookexpress.general that Outlook relies on OE to read newsgroups. I am a little puzzled by this since it seems to make OE at least an associate part of Office even if it also been stated that Microsoft does not intend to upgrade it. Before I seriously consider buying Office 2007 can someone tell me how Outlook will read newsgroups in the future? I will admit that I do not often use Outlook for e-mail or news reading. James Silverton Potomac, Maryland E-mail, with obvious alterations: not.jim.silverton.at.comcast.not

James Silverton
Outlook 2003 Signature Issues
0 replies , 2/16/2005, 7:49:31 AM
Hi Im having a bit of a problem with Outlook and signatures in that have a HTML signature and all is fine and the person recives and al is ok. When they reply using another mail format (Ritch text think) it makes my signature all obsure. Anyway i admitted defea and created a boring signature using Ritch text but now when i emai some people my signature comes back spaced and lacking the colour i has in it. my question is how can i stop this and keep my signatur the same no matter who replies and in ehat format Thank

Outlook 2003 - DL
3 replies , 9/29/2006, 3:42:16 PM
This might be a simple question to answer: I have set up Distribution Lists in Outlook 2003. I would like to se all the addresses listed that are part of the DL in the TO fiel instead of the DL name. How do I go about doing this? Ja -- Ja ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Jax's Profile: http://www.officehelp.in/member.php?userid=451 View this thread: http://www.officehelp.in/showthread.php?t=121455 Posted from - http://www.officehelp.i

Outlook 2003
0 replies , 1/9/2004, 2:33:45 AM
Does anyone know how to turn off the 'search folders' in outlook 2003

Create Outlook folder of main root
1 replies , 4/5/2007, 5:10:35 PM
Hello - I have scripts to create folders of the Inbox, etc. But how do I create one of the main root (Mailbox - )?

Jay \(Work\)
automating Outlook - open Outlook
0 replies , 10/10/2003, 8:56:19 PM
I'm trying to automate Outlook via Visual C++.. I am simply following the example that it gives in support.microsoft.com, and everything seems to work, except I noticed that it does everything INVISIBLY... (without opening up Outlook) How do I simply "open" a session of Outlook? For example, I want to just open Outlook onto its "Contacts" Folder... (visibly) so that the users can see it. Must be a simple answer, just can't seem to figure it out. Any help would be great. Thank you, --Daniel

Daniel Kim
Error message when opening Outlook 2003
0 replies , 11/21/2004, 4:11:51 PM
Good morning/afternoon/evening, Everytime I am opening my OL2003 I get the "Identity Switch Canceled. The current identity could not be changed because one of the applications was unable to switch. Close any open dialog boxes in other applications before trying again" message. After clicking OK, the app loads just fine. All the references to this error were pointing to Outlook Express but nothing was said about OL2003. I am running win2k sp4. Any clues?Reinstalling didn't work... Please help... it's not life-threatening but it's surely annoying as hell :((( Ewa

Ewa Wdzieczak-Smering
cannot open address book in outlook
1 replies , 10/8/2003, 2:52:10 AM
After re-installing Windows XP onto a new hardrive, I added files to my MS outlook that I had saved on a CD. I can update old contacts, add new email addresses, however when I click on the address book icon I get an error message saying that I cannot open the address book, or the files have been moved from the location. It appears that within outlook my files cannot be found. Can someone help? Perhaps to find where the address book file should be. Thanks, Allan

Outlook Vs Word in Office 2003
4 replies , 7/18/2006, 5:39:47 PM
Is There a fix for Word 2003 not maximizing to a full window when Outlook 2003 is running? TIA -- FrankO

Retrieving 'Alias' field value using Outlook 2003 VBA
4 replies , 11/15/2007, 6:18:01 PM
Hello, I am trying to retrieve an AddressEntry object from an AddressEntries collection by passing the value in the 'Alias' field on the Address Property window - using Outlook 2003 & VBA. I could retrieve the AddressEntry object by passing the Display Name value as follows: objOutlookAddressEntry = objOutlookAddressEntries.Item(strDispName) I was able to retrieve the AddressEntry object here since Item() takes the index or the 'default property' of the object, and Display Name seems to be the default property of the AddressEntry object. But I need to retrieve the AddressEntry by passing the value in the 'Alias' field. Any help greatly appreciated! Thanks!

how do i swap from outlook to outlook express?
1 replies , 7/12/2005, 11:09:02 AM
I have set up my outlook express as my default mail, but emails keep going to my outlook. how do i set it up so i use outlook express completely??

Outlook and Terminal Services
0 replies , 12/15/2003, 7:02:23 PM
Hi, I've setup Office on our Terminal Services using the transform file from the ORK. Works fine. But I'd like to modify the default Outlook settings for new users. I've edit the transform but in my testing the new default settings aren't being used. Has anyone else been able to modify the termsrvr.mst successfully? I did find one KB reference that said any modifications were NOT supported. Thanks, David

DT Grayston
word/ outlook
5 replies , 4/7/2009, 8:44:03 PM
Ok i want to type a contract in work and insert the name and adderss from outlook look for the how-to thinking am i doing this backwards should i be working in outlook and compose the contract in out look but if i do that it is a outlook file and a pain in the ass to back up or find just the contract where in word it is saved in My docs Software always changing what happen to (KISS+ Keep It Simple Stupid ) LOL how i'm dreaming Ken

Outlook Calendar reminders are late
0 replies , 12/10/2004, 8:39:04 PM
I can't figure this one out. Some reminders are a day late, some are on time. Even calender items I have re-entered might or might not come up late. The reminder fields are all set to "1/2 hour" or "15 minutes", my computer clock is correct, and I still miss meetings due to my continuing reliance on this feature. Any ideas? Cornelius

Not getting my email in Outlook 2007
0 replies , 6/21/2008, 8:00:01 PM
hi, although my outlook says it has finished sending/recieving all my emails, when i got on the hotmail account, i realize that their is mail there that outlook hasn't downloaded. Why isnt my Outlook downloading all my emails from the hotmail account? -- Asim

Call a Public Outlook sub from Access
4 replies , 11/2/2006, 9:33:56 PM
Hi Can anyone help me please? I have written a Public Sub in a standard module within Outlook (2002). I want to be able to call that sub from elsewhere - specifically from a VBA routine within Access. I don't know a lot about Outlook VBA - most of my work is done within Access - but I believe that if I want to avoid the security features of Outlook that prevent automatic sending of emails (I want to be able to send dozens at a time to clients stored in an Access table) this may be possible if I call code written in Outlook rather than writing the equivalent code in Access. Is this correct? Or can anyone help me further? Thanks in advance Andrew

Send Appointments to Outlook
1 replies , 6/1/2005, 3:10:53 PM
Hello, i just installed Entourage, and created a appointment, then i tried t send the Appointment to a friend via email, But my firned could not open the appointment file Then he send one to me, and i cant open it either its the Plain Tex and the winmail.dat On Outlook it would inform me and ask me what to do, and i could den or change time etc.. Any ideas what the problem could be -- nxfxco ----------------------------------------------------------------------- nxfxcom's Profile: http://www.officehelp.in/member.php?userid=9 View this thread: http://www.officehelp.in/showthread.php?t=65585 Visit - http://www.officehelp.in/archive/index.php | http://www.officehelp.in/index/index.ph

How to delte a mail in Outlook?
3 replies , 11/19/2007, 2:00:01 PM
Hi, i try to develop a Outlook Com-Addin, which makes some things with the selected mailitems after pressing my custom button (like Reading the Subject, save attachments, remove attachments,..), which all works fine. After all this i want to delete the mail, but when i call mailitem.delete() i get a error message, that outlook cannot delete this mail. Why? What have i to do before i can delete a mail? I'm using c# and VS2005. Thanks for any answers Nils

Word through Outlook
0 replies , 9/11/2003, 2:52:09 PM
I am using Word to edit Outlook email. Sometimes, when I click "reply", Word pops up with a "normal view", with a document map on the left margin. However, I prefer it to pops up each time with the "web view" instead, that is, without the document map. How do I do that? (I do not have this problem when I click "New" in Outlook, which is great. And I don not have this problem when using Word alone, that is, not through Outlook.)

hi there, i have created a custom Outlook Today page in Visual Studio .NET. On this page there are buttons, which selects or deselects values in a ListBox and also deletes values from there. so far so good... i work with Outlook XP and there is everything alright. i mean really! all buttons are responding and doing what they should do. but if i try to use this page in Outlook 2000, there is the problem, that i can click on every button, but nothing happens (not even a refresh of Today page is made). maybe some of u had the same prob and solved it, cause it�s driving me nuts. thx a lot Ren�

Ren� Meinecke
Does anyone know how I can copy the folders with my "Sent Items" and "Saved Messages" to another media and then load them into the equivalent locations on my new computer? Normally I just find a folder and copy it to my media and then copy it from there to my new computer. This has worked flawlessly with all other folders (such as Microsoft Word documents, etc...) but I don't know where to find the folders with the above Outlook Express information in them. Any help here would be awesome. Thanks!

outlook 2007
1 replies , 12/3/2007, 9:03:00 PM
how to setup outlook with hotmail

outlook 2003 calendar issue
1 replies , 1/30/2005, 8:05:52 AM
hi i am using outlook 2003. before i could view two calendar months on the left hand side if i went into calendar. I think it is called the navigation pane for calendar. Now i can only view one month on the left hand side. How do i change the navigation pane for calendar to view 2 or more months on the left hand side of the outlook page. I am stumped. thanks

How to Pull Outlook contact info into Excel
7 replies , 5/4/2010, 3:12:43 PM
Hey Group, I've got a spreadsheet that lists a bunch of contacts. They same contacts reside in Outlook. In the past I've always retyped the contact info into the spreadsheet. Is there a way that it can automatically pull this information? Or a script button I can click on to get the info? I've done some searching, but either not finding what i'm looking for or not understanding it completely. Thanks! Shaun

Shaun H
Entourago to Outlook migration
1 replies , 10/29/2010, 1:41:13 AM
Dear friends: Have you migrated your email accounts, filters, email folders and data, from Entourage (Office 2008) to Outlook (Office 2011)? How safe, automatic and easy this process is? After you update your Office 2008 installation to Office 2011, does the old Entourage installation remain in your computer, or it is deleted and replaced by Outlook? Can you continue using Entourage after the Office upgrade? Thanks a lot again. Thanks Juan I. Cahis Santiago de Chile (South America)

Juan I. Cahis
Restore backed up Outlook files
4 replies , 12/2/2006, 1:47:00 AM
I copied my Outlook data files to an external drive before getting a new computer. How do I get those files onto my new computer in Outlook? I have my external drive hooked up but I get an error message saying it can't find the file on my external drive. When I look it up on Windows Explorer it is there. Help!!!!! Thanks, Donna

Outlook 2003 User Guide
1 replies , 6/20/2005, 2:21:03 PM
Does anyone know of a good Outlook 2003 user guide thats online in PDF format? I have to put together binders for new employee's and need Outlook 2003 information. Thanks in advance! B