Old-fashioned cross-hatching in bar chart (X-post)

Just reposting this with a cross to the charting group.  Sorry for the 
dupe in the Mac group...

I need to format a black & white bar chart for a journal that strongly 
discourages use of grayscale shading, and recommends cross-hatching for 
any shading.  I cannot find this "old-fashioned" format in either the 
Formatting Palette (Colors, Weights and Fills) or in the Format>Data 
Series dialog. All I can find are colors, grayscales, gradients, 

I'm using Excel v 12.1.1 on Mac (OS 10.4.11, if it makes a difference)

7/10/2008, 6:06:35 PM

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Oops, I guess the correct term is column chart, not bar chart.  Not sure 
that makes a difference for this formatting, but just in case it does...

7/10/2008, 6:32:08 PM
In XL2007 (Windows) the cross-hatching was deprecated (very sad)
However, it only the interface that has gone so Andy Pope has an add-in to 
give us access

But I recall that the Mac is VBA-less, so this will not work for you.
I suggest you post to the mac.excel group for help
best wishes
Bernard Liengme
Microsoft Excel MVP

"Posterizer" <a**********needit.com> wrote in message 
> Gang,
> Just reposting this with a cross to the charting group.  Sorry for the
> dupe in the Mac group...
> I need to format a black & white bar chart for a journal that strongly
> discourages use of grayscale shading, and recommends cross-hatching for
> any shading.  I cannot find this "old-fashioned" format in either the
> Formatting Palette (Colors, Weights and Fills) or in the Format>Data
> Series dialog. All I can find are colors, grayscales, gradients,
> pictures...
> I'm using Excel v 12.1.1 on Mac (OS 10.4.11, if it makes a difference)
> TIA,
> Dennis 

Bernard Liengme
7/10/2008, 6:34:13 PM

Setting x-axis crosses with VBA
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I have a chart that at the moment has a vertical range from -70 to -92. I'm trying to set the horizontal axis to cross at the minimum value, in this case -92. Using With ActiveChart.Axes(xlValue) .Crosses = xlMinimum It crosses at -70. If I use xlMaximum I get the same thing. Using .Crosses = xlCustom .CrossesAt = -92 it crosses at -92. however, I need it to be dynamic so the x-axis labels stay below the data field. Am I using xlMinimum in a place it cannot be used? Any help will be appreciated.

Robert H
Cross referencing columns
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Hello, I have 3 columns of values. Column A contains Subject IDs, Column B contains the initials for those subjects. Column C contains a smaller list of just Subject IDs. What I would like to do is to match all of the Subject IDs in columns A & C and where ever the Subject IDs match, place (or copy) the values that are currently in column B into column D. Normally I would do this is Access via a query, but I am curious if is possible in Excel. Thanks Fred

Cross reference
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I have one worksheet. One sheet has data in the following fashion 03/01 OFFICER - in - out - MANUAL Agent1 14 15 30 Agent2 21 16 13 03/02 OFFICER - in - out - MANUAL Agent1 14 15 30 Agent2 21 16 13 I want to use this data in a second sheet as follows: Agent1 03/01 03/02 In 14 14 Out 21 21 How do can I reference my cells in the 2nd worksheet so that I can just drag the cell across March? Thanks, EddieV

I think that almost always I want the X axis values and label at the BOTTOM of the plot. There is an option for them to be at the top. Why not the bottom?? MS could put in a button for max or min value. ---------------- This post is a suggestion for Microsoft, and Microsoft responds to the suggestions with the most votes. To vote for this suggestion, click the "I Agree" button in the message pane. If you do not see the button, follow this link to open the suggestion in the Microsoft Web-based Newsreader and then click "I Agree" in the message pane. http://www.microsoft.com/office/community/en-us/default.mspx?mid=c0836d74-5fce-41a9-ba4a-3a695ee632b1&dg=microsoft.public.excel.charting

cross reference
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how can i cross reference two differnt excel spreedsheets. I have two different lists of people and addresses i want to know whitch people are on both lists.

Visio 2003 Cross Functional Flowchart -
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New issues coming up for me - i think related to my settings. I am having various issues with the cross functional flowchart. 1) swim lane used to expand vertically as boxes were added - now, have to do manually. how do i get that functionality back? 2) how do i group my shapes in the swim lane so they all move when swim lane is expanded to moved 3) how can i expand my swimlane vertically and have the below swimlanes auto-move with it? (vs. expanding on top of the below swim lane?) -- Whitney

Cross referencing
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I am trying to pull the information from the cell at the intersection between a particular row and column. The identifier for which row and column needs to come from an input value. I have tried various incarnations of vlookup and hlookup with match, but cannot get a result. Example: Input Values would be 200 and FL310 to establish an answer of 177 FL300 FL310 FL320 100 180 178 176 200 179 177 175 300 175 174 172 Any help would be much appreciated.

Cross-thread operation not valid Vb.Net 2005
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Hi I am working in vb.Net 2005 Framework 2.0. I have created a form name testsample I have two classes classA and ClassB. I call the classA from a thread in the form. I also creat a new thread to call classB from the form(testsample). In classA I have a function that will assign a value to the form(testsample). On that time it throws an error Cross-thread operation not valid Parameswaran.N

Ticks or Crosses
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Hi, I want to be able to get a grid where, in each individual cell, the user can select only a tick or a cross - i.e. from the "Wingdings" font, characters 251 and 252. How do I get Data Validation to allow me to do this? (i.e. so that the drop down list for each cell displays only a cross or a tick?) Many Thanks, Gary T

I am having trouble deleting messages from my inbox. When I try to selete them it just crosses them out and will not remove them from the inbox. Does anyone have any idea how to change this??

Excel ? how to get data points to be crosses
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In MS excel the plotted data point options are triangles, squares and circles, all solid. How do I creatt them in just outline and how do I represent data points by crosses rather than those other shapes?

Cross Functional Stencil
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Hi I am working in Visio 2003 and would like to better understand how to work with cross functional charts. Also am looking for a good source of information on Visio with all its possibilities. Help with connectors, adding columns in cross funtional charts, etc. I have already gone throught the Microsoft Step by Step for Visio 2003, but not enough advance tricks or tips there. Help, Thank You

Cross Reference Problem
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I created a bookmark...... I want the same information to appear in another part of the document. I created a cross reference by selecting insert - reference - cross reference - then bookmark - bookmark text and the bookmark name. but it does not work. the orginal bookmark works but the cross reference does not work. Can someone help me thanks

3 replies , 8/23/2004, 4:59:02 AM
The problem I have is that our National Office staff send through monthly reports regarding phone usage. There are around 600 transactions every month. The reports do not have the cellphone users only their cellphone numbers. I've been asked to match the names in the Master List to the New List. Is there any way apart from Cntrl F to match the new list with my master list so I can work out the cellphone user. Example of data is as follows: Master List New List 2001054 James Swindell 2001084 2001084 Jack Stewart 2001054 I have tried a Vlookup, but because the data is not an exact match, #N/A is returned. -- Regards mg

Cross referencing
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I have a sheet that correspond students (Column A) to teachers (Column B). On another sheet I have a list of items worked on by the students. This sheet has the student's name in Column A. I would like for it to populate the teacher's name in Column B. So on the item sheet, if row 5 was done by student Bob, I want B5 to show the name on Bob's teacher. Thanks,

when i try to send an image in a web page{i have created}it shows as a white box with a red cross,i have cleared the temporary files and unchecked the text only box in IE,but still nothing,some one seid i need "java"?as well. -- marie

Cross reference links in PDFs
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Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: Intel Hi, When I insert a cross-reference in Word 2008, the reference appears as a hyperlink in the edit view, but when I save as PDF, the links are lost. I read a report that this is not the case on the PC version of Office. Is there a way to preserve cross-reference links within a document in a PDF export? Is there a way to tailor the save as PDF feature (e.g. including bookmarks of section headings)? Many thanks for your help!

Cross Reference
1 replies , 3/8/2006, 3:54:57 PM
I have a sheet that has the following Col A: - UserID Col B: - Full Name Col C: - UserID that issue is assigned to I want to take a cell from Col C, find it in Col A, take the Associated value in Col B and finally take the name found(based on the ID looked up) and fill in a Cell in Col D. Basically this is just a ID/Name lookup but I just can't get it to populate Col D correctly.

cross referencing
1 replies , 10/4/2007, 8:54:30 AM
I have a chart of accounts where an account no needs to match to a product no. ie 30101/100 is correct and 301010/050 is incorrect. When preparing journals to post into our accounts program, I use a spreadsheet. I need a way to validate the account nos and products codes. In the chart of accounts I have input what is correct and what is an error. In addition, our Balance Sheet account nos start with either a 1 or a zero and there is no product code eg 010010/ .

Cross Tabulation
1 replies , 7/16/2004, 9:14:07 AM
Is it possible to do cross tabulations in Excel? If so, how?? Kind regard -- Message posted from http://www.ExcelForum.com

andyp161 <
Can any one help me i am doing noise assessments on Equipment on a spread sheet. however i have to cross reference with Risk assessments on the type of Equipment beiing used and i am trying to get a template to carry this out on a single sheet can any one help please. Regards David Moroney

Hello, I am writing a technical document that contains many numbered headings/paragraphs. I have added many "automatic" cross-references to some of these numbered paragraphs. For example: "See paragraph 6.2.4 for details." "6.2.4" is a field. If I insert a new paragraph before 6.2.4, then 6.2.4 becomes 6.2.5. When I update all fields, however, "See paragraph 6.2.4 for details does not change." It should now be "See paragraph 6.2.5 for details. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone has a solution to this problem. Thank you! Sincerely, David

Word Cross Platform
1 replies , 11/9/2009, 12:46:55 AM
Using Office X on Tiger a created a simple document by Paste Special/Picture a .jpg after a few lines of text and saving the document as an MS Word .doc. When Windows XP or Vista users open this .doc there is a blank space where the .jpg was pasted. Am I stuck with this situation? One solution is to Print using the save to PDF and ending the pdf.

Avrum Lapin
How to hatch the area under the curve?
0 replies , 6/12/2007, 7:53:48 PM
How to hatch the area under the curve?

cross referencing
6 replies , 8/2/2005, 3:14:28 PM
I am trying to find a formula that looks at a range of cells, a2:b11, and if a cell in the range has a value Phil and its adjacent cell in the other column has a value Tony then AA1=1, if no adjacent cells match the criteria AA1 =0. The names can be in either column. For instance... A B Phil Tony would give AA1 value 1 Tony Phil would also give AA1 value 1 xxx yyy would give AA1 value 0 Thanks

Cross Reference
1 replies , 1/27/2004, 5:31:07 PM
I am trying to cross reference information in columns in two separate work books.

Excel Cross cursor
1 replies , 3/2/2006, 10:45:27 AM
On a worksheet my cursor in the shape of a block cross has turned green and wont go back to white. This happens on new excel sheets as well.Is there anything to reset it?

Font/template problem cross-platform?
1 replies , 3/21/2006, 1:04:01 AM
Hi there, I think that there may be an easy answer to this problem, but I don't know what it is. I feel like I"ve seen it before but can't remember what the answer was. I'm using Word 2004 Version 11.. I'm working on a doc for which I have created a template, and asigned the font Helevetica Neue to variations of "body text" (styles all based on that one). I'm using this font because it is a requirement of the project. My colleague is runniing on a PC, XP version of Word is 2000. He is editing the docs I give him. The problem is that when he opens my docs they quiver. They will stop for a short time if actually working in the doc, but then the application is doing something.. I can see in the bottom of his window that it is cycling. He has the OpenType font (we bought it), the template is installed. I've tried reapplying the styles on his machine. There is one style in my doc for which he doesn't have the font. Could that be the problem? Also (related?) sometimes he will open a file I've sent based on the template and the fonts don't show. I have to fix the style. There's somethign I dont' know/understand, and your two cents would be greatly appreciated. thank you so very much.

cross reference
1 replies , 7/7/2009, 2:53:01 PM
is this the program that i use to create a cross reference for names, addresses and telephone numbers? i want to be able to pull up either of them and get the belonging information for a customer. as you can tell i am a newbie. thanks for info in advance.

i am working in excel two thousand> now i cannot use any numbers< how to fix it please???

How can I return a cross referenced cell value?
5 replies , 8/15/2005, 6:08:07 PM
I want to set up a formula in a cell in one worksheet to display the value of a cell that is the intersect point of known values in two other cells in another worksheet (same workbook). E.g., I know the text values of A10 ("SF") and E1 ("LA") in Sheet1, so I want the formula in K20 on Sheet2 to return the static value of E10 (381), which is the intersect point of A10 and E1 on Sheet1. Thanks for any tips!

Cross language rights
4 replies , 12/20/2006, 12:45:02 AM
I have an opportunity to purchase a full unopened retail copy of Office2003 (French) I believe that it is possible to exchange or obtain an English version free of charge to replace this one. Does anyone have knowledge of this or any other information that may help me. Thanks Ray

update cross ref
0 replies , 3/20/2006, 4:57:01 AM
I have a picture in my doc. Under it I have a caption like Figure 2. I have 2 references to this figure else where inthe text. If I select all (cntl-A) and do F9 (update) a copy of the picture is inserted at every location The 2 of them) where I have the references to it. What could cause this? Thanks Jeff

Jeff User
Highlighted captions, cross-refs, and page numbers
7 replies , 10/7/2003, 3:00:13 PM
I'm creating a relatively simple and short document (~30 pages). I have inserted captions for figures and tables. In the text, I inserted cross-references to refer to the figures and tables. All of a sudden, when I opened my document today, all the cross-references in the text, the numbers in the captions, and the page numbers, and also the TOC, are highlighted. I can't figure out why or how to get rid of it. I can update the fields, but the highlighting won't go away. If I open the file on a PC, it looks fine. I have saved it on a PC and opened it on the Mac again, and the highlighting is still there. I am using Word X, Service Release 1. Any suggestions? Thanks. -Lisa

Lisa Cohen
my cursor is a cross
1 replies , 2/13/2005, 8:07:02 AM
my cursor is a cross and i cannot use it to drag formulas. please help.