Office registration causes program failures

Hi folks :-)

BACKGROUND: I deploy an application that requires the user to have a
working copy of MS Access on their PC. My install program checks for a
suitable version of Windows (98, 98ME, 98SE, 2000 or XP), then a
suitable version of Access (97, 2000, 2002 or 2003). It does the latter
by checking the registry for progid's: HKCR/Access.Application.9 for
Access 97, ditto.10 for Access 2000, and so on.

PROBLEM: My app just failed on one PC, apparently because the user's
installation of Office 2000 had not been registered yet. Whenever he
tried to start my app, it failed (reproducibly) with a hard fault
inside MS Access. I asked him to start Access seperately (via Start :
Run) - no problem. I then asked him to try Help : About. At that point,
the Registration wizard appeared - apparently for the first time. I
asked him to close that wizard, close Access & try my app again. From
then onwards, my app worked fine, except that the registration wizard
displayed (to say that Office had not been registered yet) whenever he
started it.

QUESTION: It seems that the registration wizard had to be kicked-off
"manually", once, before Access would work correctly. So, is there any
way to do that through code? Or, to determine (through code) that it
needs to be done? By "through code", I mean via win32 API calls, or
examining the registry, or somesuch. My objective is, to have a
predictable end-user experience, in the situation described above.

TIA all,

9/29/2005, 7:23:37 AM

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standard lists for registration forms etc
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Helle there Does anybody know where I can get some standard lists like - a list of all countries in the world (with abbreviation, international prefix... - a list of common christian names (aaron, abbey, adeline... - a list of all currencie - a list of all language in txt/xls/mdb or whatever format Thanks for all proposals Boerns

COM add-in and HKLM hive registration
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COM add-ins always seem to register themselves to the HKCU hive, how can I make the registration machine level so that all users can access the add-in?

Office Web Page and Registration won't work
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I have seen this before and can't explain it, from both my XP Boot and = Vista boots. I just loaded Office 07 on another Vista box. When I click the registration page that also has good info on Offic on = it, I get the message (the url is correct for the page because I've been = reaching it for months): None of these suggestions makes the page show up: Microsoft Office Online Beta Authorization Error Page =20 How did you get here? You have arrived at this page because you are not a 2007 Microsoft = Office Beta release user. You must be a beta user to access the Office = Online Beta site.=20 Get the beta now=20 IT pros: Get planning, deployment, and operations documents=20 Did you arrive here by mistake? If you have installed the 2007 release, you may have arrived at this = page for a couple reasons.=20 You have installed the 2007 release, but have not yet run any = applications. Please open an application, restart your browser, and then = try again to access the Office Online Beta site.=20 Your installation of the 2007 release was not detected by the Microsoft = Office Online Beta site. Your installation of the 2007 release might not = have been detected because your Internet settings are set to High. If = you're using Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher, the Internet = zone settings on your computer must be set to Medium, and the Microsoft = Office Online Beta site must be listed as a trusted site on your = computer.=20 Adding a Web site as a trusted site can have security implications. For = more information, you can read about URL Security Zones. To add Microsoft Office Online Beta to your list of trusted sites in = Internet Explorer On the Tools menu in Internet Explorer, click Internet Options, and then = click the Security tab.=20 Click the Trusted Sites icon, and then click Sites.=20 Clear the Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this = zone check box.=20 In the Add this Web site to the zone box, type =, and then click Add.=20 Click OK twice.=20 Note Make sure Active Scripting is enabled. In Internet Explorer, on = the Tools menu, click Internet Options. On the Security tab, click = Custom Level. Scroll down to Scripting and make sure Active Scripting is = enabled. Use a supported browser We recommend using the latest versions of Internet Explorer, FireFox, or = Netscape. If you are still having problems, try to Detect and Repair = your 2007 Office system installation.=20 Thanks, CH =20

Registrated Product?
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Does anyone know if I sell my MS Word OS X for MAC and I have registered the product, is it transferrable? Grace

Grace Travesser
2003 Registration
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Hi to all, Could yopu pls help me find a solution for the following problem I encounter after a reinstallation of Office 2003. Every time I start obe of its applications I get a User's contract which I have to click for agree before opening the application. TIA

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I recently purchased a new PC, and had to transfer my data to it. When I pull up all of my office it asks me to register, yet I am unable to. I get an error message that states the product has already been registered. How do i fix this?

Product Registration
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How to I register my Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003 online? I believe I have already done the product activation, but not the registration. PLEASE HELP!!

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Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Email Client: pop have to register my entourage online first right before I can set up an account?

Owner Registration
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Office was set up on this desktop listing the workspace employee as "Owner" when she is simply an employee. Now when we publish certain doccuments such as "Task" entries, the doccument shows the employee as "Owner". That is a problem. How do I change the "Owner short of reinstalling Office?

MSOffice trial registration nr.
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I bought a computer that has the trial version of MS Office 2003 installed for the time being but cannot run it without entering the 25 character product key that was meant to be on the back of the CD case... I can instead see that it only brings the "Tracking ID" number which is a 14 characters key and hence not accepted by the system!! How can I get the actual product key, or else how to get the software registered with the available Tracking ID number...?? Thanks in advance. -- jhh

Online registration
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How do I disable this?..backdoor for my child to get to internet!!! I am a Mac/Safari user!!!

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How do you register Office? I can't seem to find a website to do this simple task. Does anybody know a link? Thank you. db

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I have bought a copy of Windows XP official magazine with a copy of Office 2007 beta. The program installs then presents the registration code page. It only allows you to continue to a 50 use version if you don't have the code. The page it calls up on the internet is ""; this keeps on saying that I haven't the right security settings although I have followed all the directions for this & reduced all Zone Alarm features for security. Next, something was coming down onto my machine, but when it said 'done' there was only a blue page. The magazine says there are links to register from the DVD but I can't find any.

Online Registration
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I found there is "Online Registration" under "Entourage". What is it used for? I'm using Entourage 2004. Thanks. Charles

Charles Leung
Office 2000 Registration
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As an IT trainer, I need several versions of Office on my computer. I had Office xp and Office 2000 on my machine, and found that after a while Office 2000 programs open and immediately close. I know Office 2000 has a registration wizard, but it had never run when I used Office 2000. I uninstalled Office xp and Office 2000, and used the office 2000 eraser (MS kb252566) to completely remove all traces of Office 2000 from the machine (allegedly). I then re-installed Office 2000, which still opened and immediately closed down. I've tried following the steps in kb217623 and was able to start the registration wizard and fill in registration details. A dialog box appeared telling me I had registered successfully but - guess what - Office 2000 still closes down after a few seconds. There is clearly still something left on the system from previous installs of office. Microsoft's eraser tool didn't do the job. Now it looks like I might have to pay Microsoft =A335 in order to be able to use software which I have already paid to use. Does anyone know of any way of sorting this out? thanks paul

registration number
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Due to a serious computer slowdown in Outlook, I uninstalled Office 2000 and when I tried to reinstall, it asked for registration # which I don't have. The computer and software came from AVA Computers, now out of business. What is my next option? Please help. I rely on this machine pretty heavily and currently I'm dead in the water. Phil f************

Phil Elliott
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Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) Processor: Power PC I can't register my office 2008 student edition. My screen takes me to: <> the little green dots just go around and around. A page never opens.

I keep receiving this message when I try to open Microsoft Outlook in Office 2000. “An OLE registration error occurred. The program is not installed correctly. Run setup again for the program.” I have uninstalled this program and reinstalled it many times. Each time I attempt to open the program after reinstalling it, I get the same message over and over. I also see my old emails listed behind the error message, which makes me wonder if it has completely uninstalled. Any help provided would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, RD

no registration code
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How can I get a copy of my registration code so that I can download Office 2000 professional on a new computer? I can not find the case with the number on it for anything! Help!

ActiveX .exe registration causes ICE warning.
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Hello all, I'm running ICE validation on an .msi created from Visual Studio 2003 ..NET. For ActiveX .exes which have been marked for Registering as "vsdrfCOMSelfReg", the validation throws up a warning: " This action EXEREG_CA_XXXXX... has duplicate sequence number XXXX in the table InstallExecuteSequence" ICE#: ICE82 There are about 6 .exes that I need to self-register upon install. This warning occurs once for registration and another for unregistration. I tried the other registration option, "vsdrfCOM". This, in turn gives a new warning (during compilation): "WARNING: Unable to create registration information for file name "Foo.exe" " for this .exe Does anyone have more details on the original violation warning? Thanks for your time, Prab

office 2003 registration phone #
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Need phone # for registration support - not expensive technical support. Apparently my code doesn't match. Headache fix?

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Help! I spelled my name wrong and now the registration has my name incorrectly spelled....How can I chang it? Thank you.

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I accidentally misspelled my name during intinial registration in my new mac book pro. But I just can't figure out how to fix it. I even registered online and I was able to do that with the correct spelling but how do I change it on my system? It's really bugging me that every time Word 2004 starts up on my Mac my name is spelled worng!!! Please help!!!

Registration error
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I got an official version of Microsoft Office 2007 Home & Student with the purchase of my laptop. I installed it on my desktop and registered the product. I realized that after doing that, I couldn't activate the product on my laptop. So I ended up uninstalling the Office from my desktop. However, I still get the same error message. What should I do to solve the issue?

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Recently I had a crash and installed Office XP Pro on my laptop to continue to work. My computer is now fixed but my hard drive was formatted. In tryng to run Office I find I have to register and when I try I receive a message that it is registered on another computer (my laptop). How can I get things going on my desktop again?

Registration doesn't work
9 replies , 5/19/2004, 12:10:01 PM
Just installed Office 2004. After filling out much information, it asks for the Product I.D. number. With the "About box" in Excel 2004 open, I very carefully copied the Product I.D number to the form (and had a second person verify). I keep getting the error message "invalid Product I.D." I've cleared the box and re-entered (again having a second party verify) with the same results. This is a legitimate copy that I purchased via mail order.

1 replies , 10/7/2003, 12:37:55 PM
how do I get the Microsoft ( Volume Licensing Registration Page ) for Microsoft volume licensing services.

terry boyle
Registration numer.
1 replies , 1/30/2004, 4:09:13 AM
How can I get the 25 digit authorization number that is required to re-install MS office 2000 original CD that came with my new computer. I have misplaced my authentication certificate and cannot seem to find it. I had registered my product with Microsoft office online when I purchased my laptop in early 2001. Thanks. Ramesh

0 replies , 10/1/2003, 2:37:44 AM
I got a new hard drive.. And I want to install my Microsoft Office 2000 profession on it.. the problem is that the software is registered to my old hard drive.. any suggestion would be appreciated!

My hard drive crashed so I've had to reinstall everything. I use Microsoft Visual C++ .NET and I'm now getting an error when I try to build/rebuild only my particular project (it's a COM object - a Service): Project : error PRJ0019: A tool returned an error code from "Performing registration" I know I need to regsvr32 <myDLL> before I run it for the first time, but why do I get this error while just trying to build the project? Also, and I hope this makes sense to you, I used to be able to use the Find command in the Output Window (if I was in that window) - but now I can't. Is there some custom setting I need. It'd be real handy, for example, when I build something and there are errors, I often just click in the Output Window and search for "error" or things like that. Thanks for any help, -Wes

Wes Stebbins
registration company
3 replies , 8/12/2009, 6:30:45 PM
Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: Intel When I first installed MS Office on my MacPro I had the company name being my actual company. I have since changed it to my family name. But every time any office product is started it had the company name that it was installed with. How can I change the company name? Thanks.

1 replies , 9/21/2003, 5:09:35 PM
I have installed Office 2003. I typed in te Product Key number. Everything seems fine, except when you open and of the programs, it says registered to____________________. It has nothing. I don't wan't trouble with my program. Can anyone help??????

Office 2000 registration
7 replies , 4/10/2006, 1:05:02 PM
I registered my copy of Office 2000 with Microsoft when purchased. My PC was damaged and replaced but and I need to get proof office was registered for my insurance company to replace it, any ideas how I can do this?

registration problems
1 replies , 7/25/2006, 4:31:02 AM
I am trying to register my Office 2004 for Mac software. It was OEM software, standard edition. When I enter the Product ID (as listed in the "About" window), it says it is an invalid number. Calling MS resulted in a forward to "assurance" which was a busy signal, so got me nowhere. And now the 800 number for help is closed. (1) Am I the only one to regularly go through installation and registration hell on what should be trivial installs and registrations? (2) Any suggestions for how to get through to MS when you need a PID to get through and the problem is that they say that the PID I'm submitting (which I can see in front of my face, and which I've triple checked and reentered multiple times) is invalid?