Office XP reinstall

I bought a used computer that has Windows 98 and Office XP on it.
I would like to scrub it and reload everything as it is kind of messed

The only problem is that I don't have the product key for Office XP.
They gave me the cd's but not the original jewel case for the Office
cd.  Is there any way of pulling the product key out of the application
before I scrub the system?

thanks in advance,


John Doe
6/24/2003, 2:24:23 PM

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How to reinstall Outlook from Office 2000
1 replies , 8/25/2006, 6:24:50 AM
missing OUTLRPC.dll and asks to reinstall How to reinstall only the one program? Custom?

Every time I reboot I need to uninstall and reinstall Accounting Profession for it to work, this seems to have started after installing SQL 2005 Service Pack 2, any ideas why? CW.

I bought a new macbook, well, new to me. Anyhow, it had office installed on it & I have the registration key. I reinstalled the laptop, so I could start fresh without all the previous owners stuff on it. So now I have a trial version of Office 2004. How do I enter in my license key so that I have the full version? I cant find anything anywhere! I see how to BUY IT, but I dont think I should have to do that. Any ideas? Thank you - from a long time PC user, trying to make the switch :)

4 replies , 2/19/2007, 8:15:38 PM
Forgive me if this question was asked, it's hard to search for the right words. 2 questions: 1. If I install Office 2007 Ultimate and then have to reinstall it (when i finally decide to buy Vista Ultimate in a couple months) will I need to call someone to reconfirm that I own the product key to Office 2007, or is it "good to go" since it was the same computer? 2. I know that Vista can only be used on one computer... but rumor has it that Office 2007 can be installed on "TWO" computers (laptop and desktop of same owner). I haven't seen it written anywhere on the box and I'd like some rock-solid confirmation on that before I install it on another computer of mine. Really appreciate the help. -- "I should have paid attention in computer class..."

I need to reinstall Microsoft Office on another computer, but I lost my product key. There was a phone # to call but it only applied to Office 2003.

Why Can't I reinstall Office 97 from original disc
1 replies , 10/22/2006, 9:13:01 PM
Had Office 97 on an old Laptop which has gone to computer heaven. Have tried to install Office 97 using original disc but it does not instal completely. I get the following error message: "HTMLMARQ.ocx was unable to register itself in the System Registry" Help Please, Joe Webber

Version: 2004 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: Intel Email Client: pop Hi, I have recently attempted to upgrade a client's Mac to Office 2008 from 2004 and Entourage in 2008 tells me that it cannot open the database. I then tried to verify/repair/rebuild the database by alt-clicking Entourage, and there is no database to check. I downgraded back to 2004 v11.5 and it works fine. My client has given me a copied CD to install and assures me they have the original in their possession. Do you suppose that has anything to do with the error?

Office X for Mac suddenly crashes even after reinstall
7 replies , 5/4/2008, 12:40:14 AM
Version: v.X Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: intel I'm using OS 10.5.2 and my Office X for Mac, which used to work fine for over a year, suddenly crashes immediately upon opening any application (Word, Excel). I reinstalled the software, but it will still not work. What is the fix? Apparently some new update has caused a conflict??

1 replies , 5/24/2004, 4:46:23 AM
I have Office Pro 2000 and somehow Excel (yes, the whole program) accidently got removed or deleted. How do I extract this program from the CD and only reinstall it and not everything?

avoiding reinstallation
6 replies , 10/4/2009, 1:37:19 PM
Is there a method to backup the actual programs so if one needs to reformat or change a hard drive a restore rather than a re-installation can be done?

Tim Mathews
Reinstalling Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007
1 replies , 5/23/2010, 2:57:01 PM
My old computer crashed. I got a new one which has vista. I am trying to reinstall Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 and I am getting an error 1606 %APPDATA%. Can you help me?

reinstalling game
2 replies , 12/16/2003, 12:21:40 AM
i had already installed my castle wolfenstein game on my comp and had finished playing it so i took it of my comp but now when i try to reinstall it the comp says i already have a version installed and have to uninstall it but i have looked in program files and adding and removung files and cant find it any where CAN ANY1 HELP PLS?

3 replies , 7/12/2005, 4:36:41 AM
Hi I want to reset up my computer and reinstall everything. I have only had Office 2003 for a short time, is there a way to save the license file so I don't have to phone Microsoft and plead my case to be allowed to continue to use my software. Or is there a way to un license it before I wipe the computer. Macromedia does it this way, you just deactivate it for that computer, it resets how many you have used to macromedia and then you can reinstall it on a new setup. Thanks Michael

Reinstallation - add on pack
3 replies , 8/26/2003, 11:43:10 AM
Hi, I am having to reinstall SBS 2000. Does anyone know if the 5 client add on pack (floppy) will add on as normal when I reinstall. Or has it written to the disk after original installation to say it has been used?

1 replies , 12/6/2003, 1:49:00 AM
I need to us a restoration CD to reinstall Windows XP operating system on my computer. After this is complete will I be allowed to reinstall Office XP Standard for Students and Teachers. Thanks

reinstall of Excel
1 replies , 6/28/2003, 2:14:07 PM
I recently had to have my Windows 98 machine reformatted after a crash and everything seems to be working fine now, except Excel and Word were not reinstalled. How can I get this back on my machine without going to the software store?? Molly

unable to reinstall office.
2 replies , 4/10/2004, 6:31:04 AM
my powerpoint generated error when i tried to run it. therefore, i tried to reinstall it by uninstall and reinstall it. however, the process ended prematurely and appeaered a message saying "The I/O operation has been aborted because of either a thread exit or an application request." what can i do to reinstall it

quick restored, can't reinstall office 97
0 replies , 3/7/2006, 12:38:27 AM
This weekend, while getting help from a tech about a multi-monitor issue, I was advised to quick restore XP Home. I backed up all files, including program files. The quick restore did not help my original problem, unfortunately. I spent the weekend trying to get things back in order. I reloaded all the backup stuff, including prog files, back to PC. I now understand that loading prog files is a no-no; requires reinstall. Problem(s): 1. Have made several failed attempts to reinstall with the Office 97 install disk (that I have used before); it will not run the SETUP.EXE. or the AUTORUN. For now, with the *backed up* Office program "slid back" into the Prog Files Folder, I am able run the Office components Word, Excel, P-Point. However, I am getting error messages prior to the program opening. "The registry reports damaged or mssing files. Run Word Setup to correct" 2. I understand that the Office install disk is required to uninstall/reinstall, but if I can get the cd to run... Note: MS Office does NOT show up in the ADD/REMOVE program list. So Office is on the PC, but I cannot get it OFF in order to clean reinstall. By the way, I've seen the posts about uninstalling SP2 before renstall. If I don't see SP2 in programs, does that mean it was deleted during restore? I'd sure like some feedback. Thanks in advance

I recently bought a laptop with Windows XP on it. Soon after I bought Office 2003. I want to reinstall Windows XP. What I need to know is if afterwards if I reinstalled Office 2003 would it use up one of my (total of) three installs or would it not? Thank you.

reinstall office after reinstall windows
1 replies , 3/9/2006, 8:31:31 PM
My son's laptop is so messed up with virus, spyware, etc. that I'm thinking about re-installing Windows XP Home. I have my original Office PE 2003 disc and product key. Will that work for the second time? Or should I un-install Office PE 2003 first (and perhaps it is smart enough to inform Microsoft that I have un-installed and will not give me grieve when I re-install.)? Thanks for any help. I'm just trying to figure out the path of least pain.

How do I reinstall deleted Microsoft Office 2000.
4 replies , 1/19/2006, 11:57:01 PM
I deleted microsoft office 20000 and cannot reinstall. I have the disks. What do I do?

Office vX Reinstall
0 replies , 8/18/2005, 7:44:01 PM
Sorry, yet another in a long list of reinstall problems. This one does NOT deal with the DEMO/TRIAL versions. -----From Installation Read Me File----- "To upgrade to Microsoft Office X, follow the instructions in section 3, "Installing Microsoft Office X." During installation, the Microsoft Office Setup Assistant asks you to select the folder that contains an upgrade-eligible product (the Microsoft Office 2001 folder, for example). You can select a folder on either your computer or the CD-ROM from which you originally installed the product. After you select the appropriate folder, the assistant upgrades the product and you can finish setting up Office X." -----From Installation Read Me File----- - Following the need to offer the Microsoft Office Setup Assistant proof that I owe an initial version, I have found that it still refuses to accept it. - My current installation (on a clean hard drive/only OSX 10.4.2 installed) is of Office v. X. The v. X install has been updated with 10.1.6 (this is unverified as I can not open the programs). - Office:Mac 2001 Upgrade CD is not accepted - as expected. - Office 98 Macintosh Edition Gold upgrade CD is not accepted - as expected. - Believe my previous versions were floppy oriented. Any thoughts?

Error 2711 reinstallation of 2007 after Beta 2 TR
0 replies , 10/18/2006, 9:07:02 PM
I've had many problems after the update. I removed all the office beta products and not I get an internal erro 2711 (GraphicsfilterCDRfilesIntl_1033). It has now been a week and I need to get my computer back up and working. Please help. Julie

0 replies , 8/31/2007, 5:56:02 PM
i'm having some problems with office 2003 small business with business contact manager...i 've recently been getting error messages for the SQL server like 'SQLDUMPER failed initialization your installation is either corrupt or has been tampered with, please uninstall then re-run set up to correct the problem' and could not open SQLEVN70.RLL, so i tried uninstalling office to reinstall, but upon reinstall here's the message i get now: Windows installer, this patch could not be opened. verify that the patch package exists and that you can access it, or contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid windows installer patch package. i purchased it 2 years ago and am trying to reinstall right from the disk. how do i fix this problem ? Flex

How do I reinstall Office 2000?
3 replies , 10/23/2004, 8:05:02 PM
I had to run the restore disc on my PC due to problems, now unable to reinstall Office 2000 as I didn't keep the original cd box with the licence number. Now each time I try to open Word etc, it asks me for the number I don't have! Does anyone know how I can either get around this or who to contact to be reminded of the number?

I recently had to reinstall Windows XP because of a virus. Now that everything is reinstalled I went to play a CD in Windows Media Player and I get an error message saying that the hardware does not exist or is not installed properly. Can anyone help me?

Saving Configurations prior to Reinstall
0 replies , 11/13/2003, 10:46:01 AM
Which components of SBS can save their configurations prior to a complete clean re-install, e.g. active directory users & computers, ISA firewall settings, Exchange databases etc. I seem to recall using a tool called LDAP to dump the contents of active directory in order to modify some settings but don't know whether this was just a subset. I've reached the end of my tether and think the only way forward is to wipe the drive and re-install. I don't want to restore system state in case it restores a ***p registry. I'm most concerned about having to set up accounts and profiles again and reconnecting computers to the domain. Any offers? Regards Darren -- ** This e-mail message and any attachments are private and intended ** solely for the intended recipient(s). ** Any disclosure, copying or distribution of the contents by ** anyone other than the recipient(s) is prohibited and ** may be unlawful. ** ** This message has been sent from ** Engineering Analysis Services Limited, ** 8/10 Ashley Road, ** Altrincham ** Cheshire ** WA14 2DW ** United Kingdom ** ** Telephone: 0161 923 0070 ** Facsimile 0161 923 0077 ** ** Registered in England (Number 2266443). **

How to reinstall outlook
2 replies , 6/22/2008, 9:07:01 AM
Hi there! please help me!!! I unintentionally removed my Microsoft Office 2003 Application including outlook 2003, now i have trouble opening any of my office application, everytime i open my outlook the message says, Cannot start microsoft office outlook. MAPI32.DLL is corrupt or the wrong version. This could have been caused by installing messaging software. Please reinstall outlook. I already tried all the advise from microsoft online, but nothing happens. i tried to reinstall outlook using Add or Remove Programs but how can I do that i dont have microsoft office installed. Help me please, How can I reinstall again my Office Application 2003 including my outlook. I also tried using System Restore but it worsen my problems.

Crash on startup - rebuild, reinstall fails
0 replies , 5/3/2004, 3:41:05 PM
Two days ago, Entourage began crashing on startup, never getting past the splash screen. I've read numerous messages about this problem and how to fix it, but none seem to work. Things I've tried 1. Rebuild database (normal and advanced 2. Remove all preferences, user data, and plists for office, entourag 3. Remove office (using remove office program) and reinstal 4. Disconnect from the net (both in software and by disconnecting cable) before starting entourage 5. Repair permissions and repair errors on dis 6. Restart compute Interestingly, if I login as another user, entourage will start, though I haven't tried to access my accounts (since all my info is stored in the info for my entourage preferences file) It seems like some file in my user folder is corrupt, but which one? Any suggestions?? Thanks Glenn Gobbel

reinstalling Office 97
0 replies , 10/13/2004, 10:29:08 PM
I accidently erased Office 97 from the computer I had it on. My system is Windows XP and I have my installation disk. I get an error that says olemsg.dll was unable to register itself in the system registry. I've tried the unintall utility to clean out the MS office stuff from registry. How can I reinstall Office 97 so it will work? I can't afford to upgrade right now.

Stumped on reinstalling
1 replies , 7/28/2008, 5:08:07 AM
Okay, so I purchased Microsoft Office 2007 Student version. As your allowed to install it on 3 computers, I did so on my desktop computer, my husbands computer, and hopefully going to install it on my son's laptop as well. Problem is motherboard and power supply on my 1 year old computer fizzed out on me. Took it to be fixed and I now have to reinstall my Microsoft Office. Is there anyway that I can get around reinstalling it on a computer it was previously on without it counting as the third install?

How do I uninstall IE6 so that I can reinstall?
3 replies , 9/20/2005, 6:39:05 AM
When I try to run IE6, I get a Message Box with the heading Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library. The message is Runtime Error! Program: c:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE The application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information. I have attempted to rename the Internet Explorer folder but get the message that it is being used by another program. Any ideas would be appreciated.

1 replies , 9/8/2004, 8:33:00 PM
I am getting ready to format my hard drive and reinstall windows xp and microsoft office 2000. I have the CD for office, but I don't have the product key. Is there anywhere in the registry to get this info before I format the hard drive? Or is there any other way to get the key? (I have both the cd and key for windows xp)