Office 2003 Smart Document SDK is now available !!

Joe Andreshak, Microsoft Product Manager
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11/8/2003, 5:20:05 PM

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"Excel Services" not available
0 replies , 11/29/2006, 1:02:37 PM
Hi, I'm using Excel 2007 and when I use the "Publish" menu of the office button, "Excel Services" does not appear, I only have "Document Management Server" and "Create Document Workspace". Does someone has an idea ? Fabien Majurel

Fabien Majurel
Desktop Sharing No Longer Available?
4 replies , 7/21/2008, 3:51:40 PM
We're currently testing out Communications server 2007 I've got it setup in a virtual environment and have communicator 2007 running and users signing in and IMing correctly. I can't see ay way for a user to share their desktop and can't find any info on it either. Is this feature available in communicatons/ communicator 2007? I see some reference to live meeting but that seems to be a hosterd service, we're looking to house and admin this ourselves. Surely there is some current MS product that will allow you to IM and share desktop in a corporate environment?? Netmeeting did this but it seems to be phased out, what have they replace it with? Any info anyone can provide would be appreciated. Regards gerryR

Data Access Components not available on Custom Install
0 replies , 10/28/2003, 9:27:00 PM
I'm am attempting a custom install of Office 97. When I click the change option button on Data Access, and then click change option on database drivers, five drivers are listed (3 are listed, but disabled w/ "installed" where the file size should be). The three I can not install are of course the 3 I need (dbase & MS FoxPro Drivers, MS Excel Drivers, and Text & HTML Drivers). I know a logical person would say that these are already installed, but really they are not. Also, I've tried running the Dataacc.exe from Valupack and this did not help. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks,

Function like this available?
7 replies , 10/1/2008, 7:04:09 PM
Hello, In Excel (2003 and 2007), is there a built-in function that will convert a dollar amount to text, i.e. convert "$15,340" to "Fifteen Thousand Three Hundred and Forty", or something like this. Thanks, Kelie

Trendline Not Always Available
3 replies , 9/11/2006, 4:37:02 PM
In a workbook with multiple charts on multiple spreadsheets, the chart option to add a trendline is available on some of the charts and not on others - why? (I have tried right clicking on the series - that is not the problem). The data on the underlying spreadsheet appears to be entered and formatted the same way. Of course, I have tried clicking on both axes, clicking on the chart, off the chart, on the series line, on the series label in the legend and so on. Yet, on other spreadsheets the feature works fine. I have tried this on two PCs, with the same document (and the same errors) - in other words, I doubt if re-booting will fix it either.

Error: The file "....." is not available
1 replies , 11/13/2003, 2:12:52 AM
I installed one of those spyware softwares to remove the spywares from my system and after i ran the program and removed whatever the program found,I started getting this error message whenever i tried to open any office files. (word,excel,ppt...)I can create a file and save it but cannot open it.Any suggestion for how to fix this problem and what might cause this?

i need to keep track of the database conversion. what suggestion have been made, what changes need to be done. time spent on each area

Are there telecommunications (PBX) shapes available ?
7 replies , 11/14/2008, 6:45:01 PM
Trying to set up an IVR flow showing the call from the original person dialing through the various transfer points. Would like to use telephone, PBX, etc. shapes.

Available resources
1 replies , 6/12/2006, 10:01:33 AM
Hi all, I have a problem saving a xl file. The file which I am trying to save is about 2.35mb and has external links. When I try to save it a error pops up 1.Excel cannot complete this tast with available resources. Choose less data or close other application. 2. Unable to save external link values. Thanks raju

Visual Studio Debuggin: No Source Code Available
2 replies , 7/18/2003, 7:47:31 PM
Hi, We keep getting an error while debugging that no source code is available. As long as we don't step into the code, there's not a problem and the program runs. However, when stepping into the code the debugger states that the source code is not available. What is the usual cause of this? What needs to be done so that the source code is available? Thanks, Bill

Are other voices besides LH Michael LH Michaele or MS Sam?

Object Browser available for SQL Server 7.0?
1 replies , 3/5/2004, 10:18:15 PM
Hello, I am trying to activate the Object Browser within the SQL Server Query Analyzer, but I can find it anywhere. Is this feature available for SQL Server 7.0? If not, is this feature available as a downloadable addin? I appreciate the help. Thanks. Jake

Jake Reid
cannot complete with available resources.
0 replies , 4/24/2009, 6:43:43 PM
I have an excel spreadsheet that has 21 sheets. 1 is the summary, 1 is the template for sql query, and 19 are for the data. I am listing open orders for 19 locations and summarizing it on a Summary Sheet. I have a macro that uses the sheet name (ex 201 the location name) to query (SQL2000 database) and retrieve data to the "template" sheet. It then copies the data from the "template" sheet to the data sheet (ex Sheets!201). It does this for all 19 sheets. While doing that it totals up information to put on the summary sheet. My users are getting the following error "Excel cannot complete this task with available resources. Choose less data or close other applications." . In task manager it shows 136,500 K Mem Usage when I open the file. Everytime I process the macro it gets larger. Why? It's returning the same data each time. How do I make it smaller? Is it the queries or the sheets? The biggest sheet has about 1000 lines with 10 columns. I'm not using any arrays. Any help would be great. DG

The fill options available for shapes and other objects in Office should also be available for tables and cells. This would allow the creation of more appealing tables without having to mess around in the drawing canvas. Ideally, gradient fills would have the options to be applied to the table as a whole or to an individual cell. ---------------- This post is a suggestion for Microsoft, and Microsoft responds to the suggestions with the most votes. To vote for this suggestion, click the "I Agree" button in the message pane. If you do not see the button, follow this link to open the suggestion in the Microsoft Web-based Newsreader and then click "I Agree" in the message pane.

I would find it helpful to have an automatic update option for all MS products ie: MS Office, MS Works, etc. or at least a separate screen as with Windows update instead of having to sift through the MS Office download screen where you have to so much to look at.

1 replies , 9/22/2005, 4:27:49 PM
I still do not have the ability to view others availability when proposing a meeting? Is this a feature?

Robert Morales
An unexpected error occurred. Not enough memory available to complete the operation. Close other programs to make more memory available, and then try again. I am getting this message when I open a spreadsheet within an email, and the Click File, Save As. the path that the file automatically tries to save at is \Documents and Settings\User Name\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\OLK51

File not available
1 replies , 2/17/2005, 3:01:02 AM
Help! I recently installed a virus protection program and now after I did that everytime I try to open a file (excel or word) that is saved on my c drive I get an error message that says file is not available. Any suggestions?

No Thesaurus available?
2 replies , 6/27/2009, 3:05:05 PM
Office 2007 Whenever I hold the shift down key and push F7 for the thesaurus in any Oiffice apllication I get the following error message: "No Thesaurus is available for English (U.S.)". Why, and how do I solve the problem? -- Thanks in advance... Bob

Bob Newman
HI, I am a network technician beginner, i made a small network connection of tree computers. I want to make the DHCP service available on the sever so that i can assign the IP addresses automatically, i also want to know how to make the DHCP lease available on the client computer ( win98 ) I also meet some network vocabulary that i think myself i did not understand them correctly and i want a short, clear explanation for them. they are: Recipient of IP packets, network ID, subnet mask. I also want to know how to configure internet explorer or microsoft outlook to use internet service with windows98

file not available when changing from 2000 to 2003
3 replies , 11/29/2005, 9:31:03 PM
I installed Office 2003. I was running 2000. Now when I try to open a document I created in 2000 I get "file not available" Any suggestions?

I am running Win XP Professional with Service Pack 2 installed. I have Office XP with SP 3 installed. Yesterday I installed three Office XP security updates; WordPerfect 5.x, Script Editor, and Graphics Interpreter Code. I also installed, at that time, the Outlook Backup Utility. Since those updates were installed, every time I browse in Explorer to a folder which has images viewed in either Thumbnail or Filmstrip after a short time (about a minute or less) Explorer begins using all available CPU until it is closed using Task Manager. Unfortunately the security updates cannot be uninstalled. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Suggestions? Thank you! Bill ray at engr dot siu dot edu

Bill T. Ray
[ANN] Endnote 8 available
1 replies , 12/1/2004, 9:02:03 AM
From MacWorld: Thomson ResearchSoft on Tuesday shipped EndNote 8 for Mac OS X, a new version of its bibliographic software. EndNote enables users to search bibliographic databases on the Internet and export content including references and images to a database and create a paper using built-in templates. New features in EndNote 8 include support for Unicode encoding in any language, unlimited library size, new reference types and fields, and compatibility with Microsoft Word 2004. 30-day trial version available for download with registration: Comments on how EndNote interacts with Word 2004 welcome here, although sending them to EndNote is probably more useful. -- Daiya Mitchell, MVP Mac/Word Word FAQ: MacWord Tips: <> What's an MVP? A volunteer! Read the FAQ:

Daiya Mitchell
Assign Macro to button no longer available
5 replies , 10/17/2007, 3:15:01 AM
I have been assigning macros to custom toolbar buttons for years. Since the last set of automatic uypdates were installed this function appears to no longer be available. When I customise and click modify to assign the macro the only option naow available is hyperlink. What have I missed and how do I regain this functionality? I need it!!! Any help would be appreciated

Any Functioon available..?
10 replies , 11/14/2006, 2:04:02 PM
Hi , I am having two SHEETS like below, Sheet1: A1:City Codes 201 202 301 350 360 .... Sheet2: A1:CityCodes B1:Rates 101,102,20,201,350,450 0.565 200,202,205,500 0.800 300,301,320,340,360 0.958 .............................. ......... Here i need the result like this: Sheet1: A1:City Codes B1 201 0.565 202 0.800 301 0.958 350 0.565 360 0.968 .... ...... Thanks in advance for your reply.

In 2003 I could use a weekly bucket "monday of each week" as an axis data point. In 2007 there is only days, months or year. I can't get days to work, even if I select "7" days, because it doesn't allow me to format the chart correctly like 2003. This is critical to managing several of my small manufacturing businesses. Does anyone know of an answer or work around?

Office 2004 Test Drive Available
0 replies , 5/19/2004, 2:32:57 AM
Try before you buy.... The Office 2004 Test Drive can now be downloaded from this link, for a free 30-day trial. <> The same link will lead you to information on purchasing, upgrade prices, etc.

Dayo Mitchell
is PHStat available and if so how do I get to it
1 replies , 10/25/2005, 2:20:05 PM
I need help asap

I am debugging a VB.NET application which uses a few assemblies. These assemblies are also open as a project under the same solution. However, = I get the following error: There is no source code available for the current location when I try to debug the application. This error is thrown at random code lines. At times it will skip the break points as well. It has been very annoying to me and I haven't yet got any solution to this yet. I have also tried deleting all the dlls and exes and recompiling the solution (debug mode). I have also noticed that, if I Step into a line of code it goes to the = next line in debug mode. But then it throws the same error on another line. Whereas, if I step over the line of code, it gives the same error on the same line. I am using Windows XP SP1a, Visual Studio .NET 2003, IIS 5.1. Have tried deleting all .exes, dlls and pdb files, the problem still persists. Any help appreciated. Thanks RAJ

Paste Link not obvioulsy available
1 replies , 12/7/2005, 10:19:04 PM
Greetings I am using PowerPoint and Excel 2004 11.2, Mac 10.3.9 I want to link some Excel ranges in Powerpoint. Easy apparently. All the texts say: do the Copy then select Paste Special, then choose Paste Link. Hmmm. In my case Paste Link option does not appear, so the Excel object is only embedded not linked. I checked two Win versions, Office 97 and 2003. There is no problem with these, so ... Is there some setting I have not found? upgrade I need? or does Mac Powerpoint not do this? Any suggestions please? TIA -gssrxq

Availability of VS2008
5 replies , 12/16/2007, 7:04:39 PM
Does anybody know when Microsoft intends to sell VS2008 ? I see where MSDN subscribers can download it, and I see where others can download either a particular Express version or a Trial version of VS 2008 Professional, but I do not see anything as yet where a developer can buy a version, or an upgrade, either VS2008 Standard or VS2008 Professional in my case.

Edward Diener
Expression Media 2 Available For Download
0 replies , 5/5/2008, 4:33:05 PM
Just downloaded Expression Media version 2 trial and was happy to find out that the serial number that comes with version 1 in the box with Office 2008 Media Edition will work fine. The upgrade is free as promised by Microsoft.