Office 2000 Developer download on MSDN?

I have a subscription to MSDN, and am trying to download Office 2000
Developer, so that I can install it to create a run-time distributable
version of an Access 2000 application.

I can't find a download of Office 2000 Developer anywhere on MSDN. (I
can find the Service Releases, but not the original package.) Can
anybody direct me to it if one exists?

Thanks for your help.
6/2/2004, 6:48:10 PM

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Milly Staples [MVP - Outlook]

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After searching and finding no answer, jgwnyc asked:

| I have a subscription to MSDN, and am trying to download Office 2000
| Developer, so that I can install it to create a run-time distributable
| version of an Access 2000 application.
| I can't find a download of Office 2000 Developer anywhere on MSDN. (I
| can find the Service Releases, but not the original package.) Can
| anybody direct me to it if one exists?
| Thanks for your help. 

Milly Staples [MVP - Outlook]
6/3/2004, 3:16:06 AM

have developed an application in access for one of my clients. I used the Access 2003 Developer Extensions to package and distribute a runtime version. He lost his install cd and now he can not uninstall the application. When he tries to go through the control panel it is asking him for the cd. I tried sending him a new cd but that did not work. Is there a clean way for him to uninstall? Thanks in advance for your help.

how to develop a a table to count in different base numbers 0-255

Developer Tab
1 replies , 4/20/2008, 4:06:13 PM
Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) How do I insert the developer tab into Excel so that I can write macros?

System Restore Causes Data Loss - Developers BEWARE
1 replies , 12/30/2005, 12:53:03 AM
I applied a System.Data.dll hotfix today and it did not solve the problem so I went to a restore point from yesterday. It restored and rebooted. I then went back to work on a C# Windows application in Visual Studio. Out of habit, I verified that all of my source files were in sync with SourceSafe. Lo and behold, the files on my disk were older than those I had checked in late yesterday. What does this mean? It means that System Restore includes ..cs and who knows what else in the list of files that it feels free to clobber. How many bugs have been reintroduced and how much work has been lost to this problem?!?!?! To round out this report, I undid the last restore, and suddenly my files were back in sync with SourceSafe. I still have a useless hotfix (hopefully it is *only* useless - KB 887549 ) but at least I have all of my source and who knows what files back. Finally, I followed the Microsoft web site to try to report this BUG and got some blithering idiot who insisted that I needed to pay $35 to report it *and* that besides, the lines were down and I would have to call back. What crap! Now, I can go back to trying to develop a workaround for "System.Data.VersionNotFoundException" - yet another Microsoft ADO.NET bug that I can't get any support for. David Rogers Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

1 replies , 10/1/2003, 8:32:00 PM
I have a product that I created in XP developer and I would like to create a MAC version. Is this possible. I know nothing about Mac's. Please Advise Thanks

How to develop minutes from an agenda?
0 replies , 11/1/2004, 8:34:02 PM
I have created an Agenda using the Agenda wizard. Several years ago I worked at a company where (on Microsoft Word) you could develop your minutes from the agenda. Does anyone have any suggestions on this? Thanks!

Sharepoint Architects / Developers - C#, ASP.NET
0 replies , 12/1/2004, 12:15:32 PM
Sharepoint Architects / Developers - C#, ASP.NET Large growing, consulting & professional solutions & services company, with small architecture teams, needs experienced Architects to hire direct with emphasis of skills on SharePoint Portal Server and Windows SharePoint Services. Join an advanced Microsoft development environment creating portals, content management, collaboration and personalization portal applications utilizing C#, ASP.Net. We are seeking self-motivated architects & senior developers looking to step up into architecture. These are C#, ASP.NET, .Net project consulting architect teams working with large client companies within the entire full-life cycle of software development (requirements, design, development, documentation, deployment and maintenance). These senior consultants need excellent presentation and interpersonal skills. 70% travel, from any location. Preference is residence in Arizona, Utah, Nevada, and California (LA, Phoenix, San Francisco, Las Vegas). Required Skills: SharePoint Portal Server and Windows SharePoint Services experience extremely preferred, however Content Management Server (MSCMS) may suffice lack of Share point. Share point Portal Server 2003 highly preferred. - 5-8+ years in software development - 2 years C# (key skill) - 2 years ASP.NET (key skill) - 4 years SQL Server (key skill) Benefits: Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Dental Insurance, Disability Insurance, Paid Vacation, Paid Sick Leave, 401(k), Flex Time Imp. Type: Full Time Travel: Up to 75% travel Location: National - western US, west coast Attention: Larry Bergstrom Call: (817) 329-5009 Email: Send an email to L*********Staff.NET Larry Bergstrom Computer Staff, LLC - Connecting IT Professionals to the Future 1701 W. Northwest Highway Grapevine, TX 76051-8105 phone (817) 329-5009 - DFW metro mobile (817) 723-4298 fax (817) 329-5091 L*********Staff.NET www.CompStaff.NET Computer Staff is a specialized Information Technology Recruiting Services company

Computer Staff
Certification for Office developers?
0 replies , 4/25/2005, 12:01:02 PM
Is there a Microsoft certification for developing Office solutions in VBA? Nothing I can find seems relevant. Thanks Sue

excel developer's kit
0 replies , 7/14/2003, 3:06:39 PM
Is there an Excel 2000 Developer's kit to write xll extension in c/c++? We have been using Excel 97 SDK, and the xlcall.h/xltype.h aren't compilable under the latest vc7. Thanks.

Tim Gong
Developer Database Snapshots
2 replies , 11/25/2005, 2:09:01 AM
I'm developing tool for developers to create snapshots (i.e. backups) from different states of SQL Server databases. Later when required for unit and/or stress testing or code profiling developer could quickly restore database snapshots. This tool is to be very simple and at first only to support SQL Server 2005 and later to older versions. Also propably first version would be rather limited (as my time) including only one database and hopefully later expanding to support more databases and more fine-tuning of backup/restore options - since there are some. Also the snapshot tool would work easy "oops" -tool if user's routine accidentally deletes all rows in a database it could be easily backed up before catastrophy happens. I'm thinking of doing this as a Visual Studio.NET 2005 Add-In but including external API for unit testers and others to easily connect to this tool from external programs. Tell me what do you think - is this kind of tool worth doing ?

Hi all, The following sessions may be of interest to those of you (or your customers/colleagues) who are attending TechEd: =========================================== TechEd Online Panel _05: Are we there yet? Successfully navigating the bumpy road from Access to SQL Server 6/3/2008 1:00PM-2:00PM Location: TechEd Online stage Come get your SQL server migration questions answered by real-world experts Armen Stein (J Street Technology), Luke Chung (FMS), Stephen Forte (Telerik), and Paul Sheriff (PDSA). Learn from their experiences over many years in helping their customers migrate from Access/Jet to SQL Server. There is no "one size fits all" solution to the often-th**ny issues involved; these experts can help you find a migration path that best meets your business needs. =========================================== DAT303: Microsoft SQL Server Data Solutions Using Microsoft Office Access Mary Chipman and Armen Stein 6/6/2008 4:30PM-5:45PM Room: S210 B This session covers specific tools and techniques that enable you to create cost-effective data solutions using an Access front-end against a SQL Server database. You'll learn about appropriate scenarios where Access can perform well against SQL Server while optimizing performance and conserving server and network resources. You'll also learn how Access can work with SQL Server features, such as stored procedures, in a secured environment. ===========================================

Mary Chipman [MSFT]
Add-in development with Office Developer .Net
1 replies , 7/3/2004, 4:22:01 AM
I am currently developing COM add-ins for Excel 2000 & 2002 using VB6 and the Office 2000 Developer Kit. If I purchase the Office Developer .NET tools to go with Visual Studio 2003 .NET can they be used to develop add-ins for Excel 2000 & 2002? ...or do the Office Developer .Net tools work only with Office 2003? Thanks. -- -Mark Tampa, Florida

Can not see pictures on a Newly developed web page
1 replies , 7/15/2006, 4:30:01 AM
I am creating a new web page and I can not see the pictures. Do I need to download Direct-X? The loacation for the pictures, all I see are red x's. Can someone help? What should I do to correct this problem. Thank you, golf4dee

Seeking .oft Developer!
0 replies , 2/13/2012, 10:56:07 PM
Looking to hire a developer $ who can code .oft files with attachments called from outside and fonts called from outside. Please email me @ c******** Or email us through our corporate website Thanks!

Chris Bunney
Developer on XP
1 replies , 11/8/2006, 5:49:28 AM
HI, Will my Office 2000 Premium and Office 2000 Developer run on a Windows XP computer? I'm thinking about buying a new computer which comes with Windows XP. Thanks -- Phil

1 replies , 7/4/2005, 5:06:02 PM
I want to knoe about software development.

Custom Software Development
0 replies , 6/5/2007, 3:23:23 PM
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cannot install Microsoft Office 2000 Developer SR-1
0 replies , 3/4/2004, 7:26:05 PM
I have this MSDN CD Labeled "Microsoft Office 2000 Developer SR-1", which has some interesting tools for VBA, including the Access runtime, and when I try to install it, I get the following lengthy error "Microsoft Office 2000 Developer VBA Tools requires Visual Basic for Applications 6.0. Before installing Microsoft Office 2000 Developer VBA Tools, install Office 2000 or another application that contains Visual Basic for Applications 6.0. I already have Office 2000 Premium installed (SP2), so why is MOD telling me to install it FYI - The CD volume label is "MODSR1" Any suggestions? Is there a registry key somewhere that needs to be tweaked to point to something else or something like that Thanks.

New in Mac development
3 replies , 9/9/2005, 8:55:08 AM
HI I am new in Mac development environment. I need help about how to write program in Mac OS x. I want to write application for Mac OS x which invoke Apple Mail Application. I had done little bit search about that but confused which language i should choose. I want to choose language which is easier and support cocoa to invoke external application. Can anybody help me regarding this? I am running Mac OS x 10.2.3 with Mail application 1.2.3. Thanks

0 replies , 1/7/2005, 3:51:31 PM
Does anyone know of a website where I can go to buy replacement chemicals for my Office Developer, primarily for use with 35mm film?

Links don't develop???
4 replies , 3/2/2008, 6:15:47 PM
That may not be an accurate title. About half the time I download email using Entourage (Microsoft Entourage X for Mac Service Release 1, Version 10.1.6) I get a symbol for a link that, if things worked correctly, should develop into a picture. That fails to happen. I'm using a G5 (1.6 Ghz) Mac, running Mac OS X 10.5.2. Can anyone tell me what's wrong? It isn't a constant occurrence, just sporadic and sometimes (but not always) if I bounce up and down between one email and another the links will develop one, or two, at a time. Other times nothing changes, just the incompleted links are displayed. I'd appreciate any suggestions to fix this as its pretty annoying. jim I hope my explanation makes sense. If I could explain it exactly, I could probably fix it. I tried to use a picture of what I get as my avitar but don't know if that worked yet, guess I'll have to post this to find out.

<< Answers to any questions are appreciated >> Can you summarize the 'Development Capabiliities and Differences' between 'Office XP Developer' and Visual Studio Tools for the Microsoft Office System' ( used for 'Office 2003 Professional' ) Q1 - What can I do with these products, generally ? Q2 - What is the ease of use of either product ? Q3 - Can either of these products customize Outlook and Access, and are there limitations ? Q4 - Can either of these products produce ASP pages/code, and COM's ? Q5 - What bugs do you know of ? Q6 - What compatiblity issues (with other applications) do you know of ?

Formula Development Help
2 replies , 10/1/2003, 8:49:19 PM
I hope I explain this well: I have a spreadsheet set to calcualte Home Visit Reports for a Social Service Agency Column B is an entry field for a LEVEL Colum D and E Have entry fields for number of visits. Column F should look at Column E and determine the number. The current formula is: =IF(E26>0, E26/E26,0) which of course looks at E and if the number is greater than 0 divides the number by itself and returns 100% as an answer, if not it returns 0%. I also need the same formule to return a "No Entry" if the field is Blank. I have tried adding : or IF(E26 is null, "No Entry") but that doesn't work. The next problem is Column G which if a string of IF statement that look at the LEVEL in Column B and assigns a weight to the number. The current formula is: =IF(C10="1-SS","3", IF(C10="2","1", IF(C10="3","0.5", IF(C10="4","0.25","2")))) This appeared to be working at first, but it will not return the correct answer for any LEVEL excpet for 1-SS. All others are returned as 2. I assume it has something to do with the "" "" but when removed the formula does not work at all? Any ideas on this anyone?? TIA

John C. Harris
I downloaded the 2007 Access Developer Extensions and tried to build a setup package using the Packaging Wizard. Well, it crashed on me when I got to the last step. So I had to force the program to close. And when I re-opened Access it said that it noticed that I had a problem with the Developer Extension and did I want to disable it. So I said OK disable it. I thought I could reenable it again, but to my surprise, I could not seem to get it to be re-enable. Then I removed it from the list of add-ins, thinking that I could then add it back, but now I can't add it back in. I have tried uninstalling the Developer Extensions and then re-installing them, and that doesn't work. Question: how do I get the Developer Extensions to appear as an addin once I have removed it. When I press the Add button in the addin manager, I don't know where to find the file I need to. I have tried this file: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\ADDINS\AccessDE.DLL, but it doesn't add it to the list of addins. What am I doing wrong? Thanks, Mike H.

Req: SQL Developer / DBA
0 replies , 12/19/2007, 6:10:01 PM
= = = > Please forward profiles to m******************* Hi, Please let me know if you have any suitable references for the following requirement: SQL Server Developer & DB Administrator 6 Months Contract Cleveland, OH Position Summary: The person will provide database expertise in SQL development, architecture, design, implementation and integration of multi-tiered applications residing on RDBMS utilizing Microsoft? SQL Server(tm). The DBA must have an in-depth knowledge of relational and object oriented databases, design and implementation. The DBA will be responsible for application stored procedure development, DB testing & support, version control, object management, standards, code & design review, overseeing development efforts, support and training. This position requires extensive knowledge of the client area's functions and systems, in-depth knowledge of system and technology alternatives, and broad knowledge of the system development life cycle. Primary Duties and Responsibilities: * Responsible for stored procedure, functions development based on established standards * Responsible for application database review & testing developed both in-house and/or by external vendor. * Responsible for maintaining database code, objects, backups and version control in development, test and production environments. * Setup & Maintenance of multiple database environment(s) on each given project * Will work individually or with a technical team to develop a strategy and tools in order to perform data migration from multiple Platforms. * Script generation for auto population of test data * Data migration analysis, design and implementation * Work with off-site support staff on troubleshooting and repairing production issues In addition this individual will be responsible for delivery of: * Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) by utilizing CA AllFusion Erwin * White paper from research, development and tool evaluation * Database installation document * Database standards * Feedback (document) from database reviews Technical Skills: * Depth knowledge of different SQL Code development techniques * Depth knowledge of Enterprise Application Development and database needs * Depth knowledge of relational database, design and implementation * Depth knowledge of Microsoft? SQL Server(tm)2000, 2005 and other related tools such as DTS, SSIS, Replication, Database mirroring and log shipping * Possess excellent written and verbal communication skills * Excellent organizational and time management skills * Creativity and self-motivation * Ability to learn new technologies and take on responsibility * Ability to work independently and in a team environment with aggressive timetables * Working knowledge of the entire Software Development Life Cycle. Value of Role Provide database solutions for application development Provide facility to produce and maintain quality data efficiently Provide documentation that articulates the database technical solutions that will be used to guide the delivery of the technical solution Add value to the business by facilitating improved process design Other Skills: - excellent interpersonal, communication, organizational, and project management skills - sound judgment and tact - the ability to work effectively with clients, management and staff members Education: - A Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or a related discipline, or equivalent work experience - Microsoft Certified Professional desirable. Experience: - Approximately 5-7 years of experience in database administration with focus on SQL development Looking forward to your reply on the same.

VSTO Excel add-in only working in development machine
1 replies , 10/12/2006, 6:16:01 AM
Hi, I am creating a Excel 2007 VSTO COM Add-In using VSTO 2005 SE . It runs perfectly fine when I build it and run the in development computer having VS 2005. However, when I try to install the setup.exe or .msi file for the same addin in the client machine or Virtual PC having the following installed: 1. VSTO Runtime - Shipped with VSTO 2005SE 2. Office 2007 3. .NET 2.0 Framework it does not seems to load . I have done : 1. caspol settings to make it Fully Trusted . 2. set vsto_suppressdisplayalert=0 and run excel.exe from cmd ......Same Results .... I get the following error " Not Loaded. A runtime error occurred during the loading of the COM Add-in." It has been over a week now that I am struggiling with the same problem . Its not only me but the entire development team is struggling with the same problem.

Office Developer version and Exchange 2003 Developer
0 replies , 12/2/2003, 11:27:48 AM
I purchased an Office XP Developer version, which came with a developers version of SQL 2000 and Exchange 2000. I have the software assurance on this licence. Is there a developers version of Exchange 2003 available through this or do I need to upgrade my MSDN Professional to Enterpise to get a version of Exchange 2003 for development? Thanks

I cannot set the direction of my connection points. I can't get the green arrowhead to appear, even in Developer Mode. I added connection points to a custom shape, but can't re-driect the direction of the connection. I cannot even tell which direction it is going to connect from unless I actually connect that particular point. Please help! Thanks!

Web Page Development
4 replies , 9/23/2005, 3:48:12 PM
I have created a web page using Word: mac version X and uploaded it to the Road Runner server. When I opened to my home page, the jpeg photo is missing and the characters (i.e. apostrophes, etc.) are changed to other symbols. The centering is also off. I don't know what would cause these problems nor how to correct them. Can you offer advice? Thank you very much. Miriam

Web Development Firms Needed
0 replies , 12/28/2003, 9:41:13 PM
Our marketing firm is currently seeking a group of web development companies to assist us in our web development and marketing division. If interested please contact us at i**********

Urban Impact Marketing, Inc.
Multiple developers
2 replies , 7/27/2004, 6:21:52 AM
Hi I need to develope a web application. There are three developers and we have a development server. All three developers have visual installed on their machines. I would like to know how we would set up the development environment. Should we have a local copy of the web application on each and every developers PC or should all connect to the Development server. Could some one please sujjest exactly how it is done. Regards joseph

Hello, the following problem: We have to maintain many dotnet 1.1 applications we CANNOT bring to dotnet 2.0. We know: 1. Develope for dotnet 1.1 under Visual Studio 2005 is not possible. 2. Visual Studio 2003 will not run under Windows Vista. Conclusio: We must reject Windows Vista from our development systems for the next 2 years. OR? Is there any solution? Thank you for any help. Rolf Welskes

Rolf Welskes
obtain Office 2000 Developers Kit?
1 replies , 11/10/2003, 11:09:30 AM
Does anyone know where I can get hold of a copy. There seems to be no reference on Microsofts Website anymore. Thanks Chris

Chris Dove