Need script to search file and copy the result to mapped server folder

I am looking for a script that can search all the office documents (or files
with specified extentions) on hard drive in windows 2000 and copy those
files to a folder on desktop.
It would be SUPPER if the script can also export IE favorites to the folder.
Thanks in advance.

10/4/2003, 5:02:50 PM

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Script does not appear in script menu
0 replies , 5/23/2004, 8:26:24 PM
When I place a script in Entourage Script Menu Items Folder it does not appear in the Script Menu even after re-start. Any hints? OSX 10.1.5 Entourage 10.1.1 Script: Send Complex HTML X

Joe Joffe
1 replies , 2/24/2005, 2:03:48 PM
Hi I am very familiar with insert statements, but how does a value get passed for a user name and password from either a web or windows application i.e A simple insert statement would be Insert into Table1 (username,password)values('bob','password') but if you do not know the values of the username and password are going to be then what would the query look like. So if I plan to make my password banana when I log onto the application how would the script look like then, would you leave the '' where banana would be as blank. Insert into Table1 (username,password)values('bob','') Thanks Bob

1 replies , 11/10/2006, 3:29:05 PM
Hi, I am totally worthless in Scripting/VBS I am wondering if someone would be able to but these 2 scripts togheter. 1st Script: Public Sub BatchTEST2() Dim FirstLoop As Boolean Dim myFile As String Dim PathToUse As String Dim myDoc As Document Dim Response As Long Dim i As Long PathToUse = "C:\Test\" 'Error handler to handle error generated whenever 'the FindReplace dialog is closed On Error Resume Next 'Close all open documents before beginning Documents.Close SaveChanges:=wdPromptToSaveChanges 'Boolean expression to test whether first loop 'This is used so that the FindReplace dialog will 'only be displayed for the first document FirstLoop = True 'Set the directory and type of file to batch process With Application.FileSearch .NewSearch .LookIn = PathToUse .SearchSubFolders = True .FileName = "*.rtf" .MatchTextExactly = True .FileType = msoFileTypeAllFiles If .Execute() Then For i = 1 To .FoundFiles.Count 'Open document Set myDoc = Documents.Open(.FoundFiles(i)) If FirstLoop Then 'display dialog on first loop only Dialogs(wdDialogEditReplace).Show FirstLoop = False Response = MsgBox("Do you want to process " & _ "the rest of the files in this folder", vbYesNo) If Response = vbNo Then Exit Sub Else 'On subsequent loops (files), a ReplaceAll is 'executed with the original settings and without 'displaying the dialog box again With Dialogs(wdDialogEditReplace) .ReplaceAll = 1 .Execute End With End If 'Close the modified document after saving changes myDoc.Close SaveChanges:=wdSaveChanges Next i End If End With End Sub Script 2: Sub GOODONE() ' ' GOODONE Macro ' With ActiveDocument.Styles(wdStyleNormal).Font If .NameFarEast = .NameAscii Then .NameAscii = "" End If .NameFarEast = "" End With With ActiveDocument.PageSetup .LineNumbering.Active = False .Orientation = wdOrientLandscape .TopMargin = InchesToPoints(0.5) .BottomMargin = InchesToPoints(0.5) .LeftMargin = InchesToPoints(0.5) .RightMargin = InchesToPoints(0.5) .Gutter = InchesToPoints(0) .HeaderDistance = InchesToPoints(0.5) .FooterDistance = InchesToPoints(0.5) .PageWidth = InchesToPoints(11) .PageHeight = InchesToPoints(8.5) .FirstPageTray = wdPrinterDefaultBin .OtherPagesTray = wdPrinterDefaultBin .SectionStart = wdSectionNewPage .OddAndEvenPagesHeaderFooter = False .DifferentFirstPageHeaderFooter = False .VerticalAlignment = wdAlignVerticalTop .SuppressEndnotes = False .MirrorMargins = False .TwoPagesOnOne = False .BookFoldPrinting = False .BookFoldRevPrinting = False .BookFoldPrintingSheets = 1 .GutterPos = wdGutterPosLeft End With Selection.WholeStory Selection.Font.Name = "Courier New" Selection.Font.Size = 8 End Sub Option Explicit Thanks alot, George S.

George Spiro
Double quote delimiter script
0 replies , 6/10/2007, 5:18:44 PM
Someone wrote this script for my project a few years ago. I hadn't needed it up until now. I am not sure if someone here in the ng wrote it or a colleague at work. It should be adding a double quotation delimiter in every field in the excel or csv file up to the last occupied field. But I must be missing something because its not working for me. Some fields will be blank even with the delimiters but that shouldn't matter here. Would one of you be able to tell me what isn't right about the following script? Thanks in advance, MrBT Sub Macro1() ' ' Macro1 Macro ' Macro recorded 4/17/2005 by sbeattie ' ' Public Sub OutputQuotedCSV() Const QSTR As String = """" Dim myRecord As Range Dim myField As Range Dim nFileNum As Long Dim sOut As String nFileNum = FreeFile Open "File1.txt" For Output As #nFileNum For Each myRecord In Range("A1:A" & _ Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row) With myRecord For Each myField In Range(.Cells(1), _ Cells(.Row, 256).End(xlToLeft)) sOut = sOut & "," & QSTR & _ Replace(myField.Text, QSTR, QSTR & QSTR) & QSTR Next myField Print #nFileNum, Mid(sOut, 2) sOut = Empty End With Next myRecord Close #nFileNum End Sub

Error message about script accessing address book
0 replies , 11/24/2007, 11:54:06 PM
Hi Everyone, I've sporadically been getting a message that says something like: "A script is attempting to access your address book...etc." But in the alert, there is just "Allow access or Deny Access" options. Is there a way to know where the script is originating? Thanks, Dean Dr. Dean Cuebas, Tai Chi For Me Springfield, Missouri email: i********** web: Tel: 417-888-0479

Dean Cuebas
Backup Script
2 replies , 8/11/2003, 3:36:59 PM
Hi, Quick ?..... Have two servers currently. 1. SBS2000 used for normal SBS, SQL, file/print server. And then 2nd member server which runs a script every hour to copy all file from sbs2000 server that has changed in the last hour. However using the Xcopy script that I have made as time goes by the 2nd servers drives fill up because it does not compare the two it just adds the files but if I for instance archive something and delete it is still there. Although sometimes this can come in handy my drive is not infinite. Is there a better way of doing this or a utitlty that will compare the files from each server? Thanks Eddie

Eddie Allen
5 replies , 9/3/2003, 10:39:49 PM
Hey there, I just wanted to know if someone could point me to some how to's on scripts. I dl'd a script that I now want to use. I've never added a script to an email thus having no idea what to do. Thanks you for your time, mark

(sorry for cross posting - but this seems to span several areas and I didn't find a perect fit in any news group) I have a form on a web page on the intranet. One field is for entering names and is automatically resolved to global address book (GAL) names by using MAPI to resolve - see code below. The problem is that the organisation here is going to migrate to Office 2003 and that means that some office 2000 dll is being replaced by a more "secure" office 2003 dll. This new dll now pops up a box saying "A program is trying to access e-mail addresses ..... allow access for 1 minute" when the names entered on the web page is being resolved .. This behaviour is going to be very annoying for the users and we need another solution. I tried CDO - but that seems to rely on MAPI because the same pop up appears. I also tried createobject("outlook.application") , but that is now SO smart that it tries to resolve the name in the to address field on the new mail being created - and not displaying the "check names" from Outlook. How can I resolve names without the "security" pop-up - any ideas ? cheers larry p Function MAPIResolve(strName)' As String On Error Resume Next Dim oSession Dim oFolder Dim oMessages Dim oMessage Dim oRecipients Set oSession = CreateObject("MAPI.Session") oSession.Logon "", "", True, False, -1, True Set oFolder = oSession.Inbox Set oMessages = oFolder.Messages Set oMessage = oMessages.Add Set oRecipients = oMessage.Recipients.Add(strName) oRecipients.Resolve oMessage.Update MAPIResolve = oMessage.Recipients(1) Set oRecipients = Nothing oMessage.Delete Set oMessage = Nothing Set oMessages = Nothing Set oFolder = Nothing oSession.Logoff Set oSession = Nothing end Function
3 replies , 1/27/2004, 5:26:09 PM
I do not find away specifing for a specific word that is the body of an email? In Apples Mail program I have a function for selecting body. But in Entourage I have header, From , Header, Subject and size. But no body? What I am trying to do is if word contains in body V***ra or agra then delete. Can Entourage do this? robert

VB Script in an Outlook form
1 replies , 4/6/2010, 1:21:01 PM
Hi, Please can you help, I'm programmming in VBA in Access 2003 and I want to create an outlook2003 mailitem containing a hyperlink that calls some VBscript within the form. I've got three problems: 1. Getting any script in the form to run 2 Getting VBA to create an instance of the form 3. Getting the hyperlink to call the script ************************************************************ Problem 1 Using Outlook I can create a custom form containing VBScript. On the properties tab I ticked the 'Send Form Definition with item' box. Then I published the form in the personal forms library. I can see my custom form in outlook when I do New>Choose Form... I can create a new item from this and it works. However, when I send it to myself and open the received form, the Item_Open event does not run any more. ************************************************************ Problem 2 My other problem is to create the message in VBA. Here are my three attempts. Attempt 1 Save the form as an .oft. Then Set Itm = myOlApp.CreateItemFromTemplate("C:\MyForm.oft") Itm.HTMLBody = "<b><a href='file://D:/Test.txt'>This is a hyperlink</a></b>" Itm.Display Now the created item looks OK but has no script in it and the hyperlink doesn't work. ************************************************************ Attempt 2 Set Itm = myOlApp.CreateItem(olMailItem) Itm.MessageClass = "IPM.Note.MyForm" Itm.HTMLBody = "<b><a href='file://D:/Test.txt'>This is a hyperlink</a></b>" Itm.Display It didn't work - It took no notice of the MessageClass line and just created a MailItem ************************************************************ Attempt 3 Set myOlApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application") Set objFolder = myOlApp.ActiveExplorer.CurrentFolder Set Itm = objFolder.Items.Add("IPM.Note.MyForm") Itm.HTMLBody = "<b><a href='file://D:/Test.txt'>This is a hyperlink</a></b>" Itm.Display It worked on one PC but not another (just created a MailItem) ************************************************************ Problem 3 I've only got as far as an href hyperlink. How do I write a hyperlink that calls a VBScript function within the form? Any ideas? Thanks Jason

Linebreak script unreliable
6 replies , 6/12/2008, 4:01:58 PM
Hi, got the following script from somewhere (Google doesn't find it) and only modified the replace strings. I use this on Japanese text to make single paragraph breaks into soft line breaks. Unfortunately it only works *sometimes* but usually does absolutely nothing. tell application "Microsoft Word" set docRange to text object of selection clear formatting of find object of docRange execute find (find object of docRange) find text "^p^p" replace with "•" replace replace all without match sounds like clear formatting of find object of docRange execute find (find object of docRange) find text "^p" replace with "^l" replace replace all without match sounds like clear formatting of find object of docRange execute find (find object of docRange) find text "•" replace with "^p" replace replace all without match sounds like end tell -- Tobias Weber

Tobias Weber
How to display chart as gif with client-side script?
1 replies , 12/12/2004, 8:25:02 AM
I can't have OWC on the web-server so I use it with object tag and client-side script. This works fine but I would like to present the client with a GIF, not a chart-object. The GetPicture() method returns an array of bytes which on the server Response.BinaryWrite can use as input. Is there a way in JavaScript/VBScript to do the same? Stein

If/Then Script not working
1 replies , 3/5/2008, 6:25:49 PM
Does anyone know why this script will work in PPT Office XP, but not in PPT for Office 2004 on Mac? Do I need to modify it for it to work on a Mac? Thanks Here's the script: Sub OnSlideShowPageChange() If ActivePresentation.SlideShowWindow.View.CurrentShowPosition = 3 Then ActivePresentation.SlideShowWindow.View.GotoSlide 5 End If End Sub

Sort Column Script
3 replies , 1/22/2007, 2:51:37 PM
I need to have a script in Excel that would allow the sorting of columns from column "D" to the column before the last column with data. I do not want the last column sorted. The criteria for the sort is in row 1 (Name of an employee). Additional columns will be inserted between column "D" and the last column so they need to be sorted. I hope this is clear. Can someone please assist me? Thank you! Bernie

Encoded script back to text
0 replies , 5/23/2006, 9:32:02 AM
I set up a spread sheet in January 2006 for some reason it came out as a srap object as the icon. I have bee using it every month with no problem up until recently, when I opened it today all the text is encoded. How do I retrieve the normal text and figures? All other letterheads etc that were saved a scrap objects are also encoded. I do not intentionally save them as scrap objects but i am obviuosly doing something wrong when I create these things and i do not know what I am doing wrong. please help I am desperate.

I just partially discovered how to work around something that was driving me crazy. When I was opening up a script to apply to a database, the Query Windows was always opening a new connection to the Master Database. I want Query Anazlyzer-like functionality where the script is opened in the same connection to the same database, causing me not to have 10 succesive windows open when I open and quickly run 10 successive scripts. Instead what was happening was each script opens a new connection to the master DB. I discovered that if I change the database one time in the Connection Properties tab of the Connect to Database Engine window, exposed after clicking the Options>> button successive windows will at least open up in the same database context and I don't have to keep switching from Master. Now, how do I get Management Studio to re-use the same connection for succesive scripts? Thanks, Chuck Hawkins

Chuck Hawkins
Paul Berkowitz scripts
5 replies , 7/3/2004, 11:32:26 PM
I have enjoyed using Entourage and have recently upgraded to 2004 which is great. I have always synched with a Palm but have recently purchased an Ericsson P900 phone which is a very good combo of PDA and phone. The nightmare is trying to sync it to Entourage. I purchased Pocket Mac's GoBetween which claims to be able to perform this miracle. Well it simply does not work and the claim that they have tested it for five months seems incredulous. What does work however is using Paul Berkowitz's scripts to sync to iCal and the Mac address book and then using iSync to sync with the phone. I am a novice at Apple scripts but would it be possible to use a script to perform: Sync Entourage to iCal and address book and then sync to the phone. Entourage is such a good programme that really helps me (especially the additions in 2004 version) but transferring the info to a portable device seems to be really complicated. Any thoughts?

Simon Pollock
How to update Paul Berkowitz's scripts to Office 2004?
1 replies , 2/16/2006, 8:57:27 PM
I've paid for and been using Paul's excellent Entourage import/export scripts for over a year now. I've just updated from v.X to Entourage 2004, and I want to make sure I've got the latest and best scripts for 2004. Do I need to register/pay again? What's the best place to download the latest Import/Export Entourage scripts? Are there instructions for how to upgrade the existing version (do I need to uninstall? Delete? Install over it? Etc.). Thanks in advance for any info! Mike

Michael Levin
Management Studio: Fatal Scripting Error
3 replies , 4/3/2006, 7:28:04 PM
I'm trying to add more than one view to my database in a script. While = the view in my scripts are different than the example below, it = illustrates the problem. Essentially, when I try to add more than one = view, I'm getting a parsing error on the word "GO". The script works OK = in SQL 2000 Query Analyzer but fails in Management Studio. I've = installed the SQL 2005 Service Pack 1 CTP on my Windows XP SP2 = workstation. When I run only the top or bottom portion of the view, the = respective view script parses and runs. Here is the script: CREATE view [dbo].[Object_View] as=20 select * from sysobjects where name =3D 'sysobjects' GO CREATE view [dbo].[Column_View] as=20 select * from table_detail where name =3D 'syscolumns' GO Here is the error: A fatal scripting error occurred. Incorrect syntax was encountered while parsing GO.

Dr. Network
logon scripts
1 replies , 3/16/2005, 4:47:37 PM
How do I edit the logon scripts? We are getting a new server and I would like to change the "Z: user folder" from our SBS2000 to the new server. Thanks

Script to delete large sent mail?
0 replies , 11/18/2004, 9:55:15 AM
I need a script that can delete large sent mail so I don't end up with a bloated mail database. Entourage's own schedules won't let you differetiate between email sizes in any folders so if someone knows of a script that can do this I would appreciate it. TIA, Skeet -- ------------------------------------------------------ Beware the double barrel

Entourage script
22 replies , 10/2/2003, 12:59:46 PM
OK, I've cobbled together an applscript, that is supposed to take an incoming message or incoming messages and attach them to an outgoing message to report spam. This is what I've come up with, but Entourage says "Entourage got an error. Some data was the wrong type." It composes the outgoing message correctly, and works until and unless the <attachment:currentMessages> is included. Then it generates the error. The list of properties is all on one line in the Script Editor, but my newsreader insists on breaking it into two lines. This is the script: ********** property spamAddr : "j******" tell application "Microsoft Entourage" set currentMessages to the current messages set src to "I have some spam to report." & return & return & "Thank you." make new outgoing message at out box folder with properties � {content:src, subject:"Spam report", recipient:spamAddr, attachment:currentMessages} end tell ********** Any suggestions? Thanks! -- "We're going to rush the hijackers." -Jeremy Glick, aboard United Airlines flight 93, September 11, 2001

Jammer Six
VBS Script error Logon in Script
1 replies , 11/6/2006, 10:46:02 PM
Hello All, I have been developing a very in depth login script that we use for all our customers to do many things. I have found a addition that I would like to include but for some reason not able to make this thing work. What the script does is write the current user and time to the Active Directory Computer Description and User Account Description field. So when my techs log in it is much easier to locate a system that the user is working on. JSI has provided a great script that has been developed a little further and is based on one of "Microsoft Scripting Guy" script.s The problem is this: When we run the script as a Admin user it works fine, but if it is ran as a regular user it fails with General Access Error , Active Directory 80070005. I have tried making this part of a GPO login to see if it uses a system account that would have permissions with no luck also. I have attached the link to the JSI site with the script, currently we are trying just the logon option. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Nathan Sanders

Startup Script hangs
0 replies , 2/22/2010, 3:11:01 PM
Hello Group, i would like to deploy office 2007 via startup script in gpo here is my script: setlocal set ProductName=Enterprise set DeployServer="\\servershare\Office\Office2007" set ConfigFile="\\servershare\Office\Office2007\Updates\Office2007Enterprise.MSP" set LogLocation="\\servershare\Office\Office2007\Logs" IF NOT "%ProgramFiles(x86)%"="" then set "WOW6432NODE"="WOW6432NODE\" REG QUERY HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\%Productname% if %errorlevel%==1 goto DeployOffice else goto End :DeployOffice start /wait %DeployServer%\setup.exe /adminfile %ConfigFile% echo %date% %time% Setup ended with error code %errorlevel%. >> %LogLocation%\%computername%.txt :End Endlocal I saved the script in my policy folder as office2007.vbs the script hangs with following error: code: 800A0401 Compile error in Microsoft vbscript (the script position after REG QUERY HKLM) (or after Start /) what is the reason ?

Logon Scripts
4 replies , 11/28/2003, 8:49:41 AM
We have a mixture of W9X, W2K & XP Pro clients. How can I set up printers/mapped drives and also Autocad2K LT settings for different users who log on to different clients, if I use logon scripts will they screw up on different O/Ss eg. a user who normally logs on to XP and then logs on to W98 and vice-versa.

Keith B
Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: Intel Hi, I want to convert PPTX to PPT, using apple script following script works fine for me but I have two problems. 1. I want to know if power point was already launched, if yes I do not want to close it. 2. How can I make power point invisible,even though I am saying set visible to false, it's not working, I can see visually powerpoint is launching , opening the presentation and then doing save as -------------- to MakeHFSPath(aPath) set thePosixPath to aPath as text return (POSIX file thePosixPath) as string end MakeHFSPath tell application "Microsoft PowerPoint" set alreadyLaunched to get visible set PresentationName to MakeHFSPath("/Users/asaiyed/Desktop/Textures.pptx") of me open PresentationName set visible to false set savePath to MakeHFSPath("/Users/asaiyed/Desktop/Presenta.ppt") of me activate presentation PresentationName save presentation PresentationName in savePath as save as presentation if (not alreadyLaunched) then quit saving no else set PresentationName to MakeHFSPath("/Users/asaiyed/Desktop/PPSX.ppsx") of me open PresentationName end if end tell

0 replies , 8/18/2005, 2:17:27 PM
I know this is not the correct group, I have a question regarding CGI Scripting, the Scripting News Groups don�t reply and I need some assistance. Is anyone familiar with this Scripting? If so please read the following: Hello Everyone: Not sure if anyone can help me here, but I tried the Scripting Newsgroups and no one seems active there, anyway here it is: I have a situation that I need a hand with. I have taken over a website (design by someone else) and moved it to a new hosting company. Everything is working except the SSL page. Once a customer fills out information and hit the send button they get an error message: It says that the CGI application misbehaved and did not send a complete HTTP header. I now understand that this is a script issue. I believe that it still has the wrong email in the script. I found a file called �Form.cgi�, I opened it in text edit and I see the wrong information. I am not sure what to put on there because I am not familiar with scripting. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks Phil

VSG Graphics Department
controling .NET 2003 with Windows Script Host
0 replies , 5/13/2004, 1:30:18 PM
Hy, I do not know if this forum is the good place for my question but I did not find better place at this time (I hope my english is not too bad). So my problem is : How can I interact with .NET 2003 from an external script ? The goal is to make dayly, weekly build of our code (sdk, sotwares, ...). With Visual C++ 6 we are using simple batch like msdev c:\dir\worksapce.dsw" /MAKE "ProjectName - Win32 Release" and with have many batches to make our weekly build. I just discovered Windows Script Host and the fact I can use JScript and ActiveX object. So I am looking for information about ActiveX object which can be used to interact with solution/project from Visual .NET 2003. Is it possible to compile a project, get compilation error/warning, .... from jscript ? Where can I found this kind of informations ? thank you nicolas

Nicolas Hognon
1 replies , 7/15/2003, 2:19:58 AM
I have just set up a sbs2000 network which is working fine but I would like there logon script to automatically setup their mapped drives so that they are all consistent. Problem is I have never used scripting before, so question I am asking is... 1. For a standard sbs2000 installation where do you put and distribute the logon script (can you just add to its standard one?) 2. What is the basic syntax for mapping a server drive in a script Thanks in advance for any assistance Michael

Script to download pictures?
1 replies , 10/19/2007, 1:39:42 PM
So this script: tell application "Microsoft Entourage" set selectedMessages to current messages if selectedMessages is {} then display dialog "Please select a message first and then run this script." with icon 1 return end if repeat with theMessage in selectedMessages download theMessage end repeat end tell will download all the selected messages from my IMAP account. I figure it might be useful to have a list of addresses that I automatically download mail from via a rule (for newsletters and the like). But how do I then also download pictures for just the selected message? Jon

Jon Connell
Hide column after importation data with script
3 replies , 2/23/2009, 10:48:05 AM
Hi, I have a strange issue. I created a script in Excel 2003 to import data from a database. The final sheet have 5 columns (3 alphabetics and 2 numerics). I tested it on 4 same laptop with Window XP and Excel 2003. On 2 laptop, all the columns displayed and the report was ok. On the other, only alphabetics columns were display. Somebody have a idea to fix this issue? thanks, D.

SQL2005 Mgt Studio - script DROP before CREATE?
3 replies , 11/11/2005, 1:26:03 PM
In SS2000 you could set up the scripting options to check for existence and then issue a DROP statement for before a CREATE statement. How is this accomplished in Mgt Studio for 2005?

Hi, I have to create a word template such that i have the following script embedded in the document created from the template ActiveWindow.View.ShadeEditableRanges = False Basically the user wants that the shading on editable ranges should be disabled when a document is created out of the template. The user does not want to go through the process of doing this manually each time the document is created. Any ideas on how this can be done will be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

Macro/addin which calls perl-script?
1 replies , 5/19/2004, 5:58:49 PM
Hi! I'm running a linux server for mp3 music. It has a small display which shows title, track etc. Its content is controlled by a perl-script. eg. What I want is to run this same script when I receive a new mail. The message should display the sender and/or subject. eg. Is this possible? Is there a addin, script or macro to deal with this problem? TIA! Brrt

script ?
0 replies , 7/24/2003, 6:07:24 AM
There was a post here once that used what I would call gold dust appearing then the words then the picture......... I had to do a restore on my computer and lost the script, if anyone has it could you please send it to me ? Thanks, Linda