Mouse Problems in Excel


Hi Winnie, 

There's no "EXT" on the bottom of my Excel window, and 
pressing F8 doesn't work. Have you heard of any other 
possible solutions??

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>HI There,
>I posted the exact problem up here and I saw a response 
>another post of similar nature.  It said that it happens 
>when EXT appears at the bottom of your Excel window.  I 
>can make it appear when I press F8 but not sure what 
>scenarios it will appear and if it's the only cause of 
>that.  If you see that, click on F8 and "EXT" will 
>disappear and it should let go of the mouse drag.  I'll 
>have to wait and see the next time I have this problem to 
>see if that solves my problem.  I hope so!!
>>-----Original Message-----
>>Has anyone had this happen to them?
>>I've noticed a strange error that occurs occasionally in 
>>Excel. When you click on some cell, Excel will suddenly 
>>start acting as if you are holding and dragging the 
>>across the worksheet, even though you've just single-
>>clicked.  While the program will still follow the mouse 
>>cursor around, it won't respond to either mouse button 
>>being clicked. So far I've found the only way to fix it 
>>to exit Excel and reboot the PC; closing and reopening 
>>Excel will still result in the same problem! So far I've 
>>only seen it occur on laptops while using touchpads (I 
>>have seen it on multiple computers), so I'm not sure if 
>>it's the driver going nuts or what. 
>>Is this common? If so, what ways are there of 
>>it, if any? Thanks.
6/26/2003, 6:20:47 PM

Same Problem
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I have checked my current graphics card it is Intel 82815, I cannot seem to find any other Intel cards on the websites. Can I upgrade to a Radeon 9200SE instead of Intel my computer is a dell desktop pentium 3. Also the radeon is a sapphire not ATI does that matter. Is it easy to install myself. Thanks -- Anita

Complicated conditional formatting problem [Excel 2007]
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Hello! I have a cell with the following formula: =(AVERAGE(Table4[Column2]))&"/"&AVERAGE(Table4[Column3]) It displays for example: 145/80 Now, I`d like to color the cell red if any of the following is true: a) First value(here: 145) is not between 90 and 140 b) Second value (here:80) is not between 50 and 90 Any ideas how to do this? Greetings :)

Date problem
7 replies , 1/26/2008, 3:58:00 AM
This small equation is kicking my butt. Could someone enlighten me. I am simply trying to compare 2 dates if the date in cell c2 is less that "12/31/08" then put the value , or else put " future " This is what I came up with =if(c2<12/31/08, c2,"future") c2 is in the form of 5/17/08 How do I format the comparison date? I have tried it a few ways, with no luck. Appreciate any help -- KWB

Palm Synch Problems
1 replies , 1/9/2004, 8:40:26 PM
I head up the IT Department for a marketing firm of roughly 300 employees, we have been experiencing problems with several users synchronizing their Palm OS devices to MS Entourage. All can synch successfully to the Palm Desktop software, and most (myself including) do not have a problem. Here is our info: * Palm models: Kyocera 7135, Palm M515, Palm VX * Palm OS version: 4.1 * MS Entourage version: 10.1.4 (sr1) * MSE Conduit version: 10.1.4 * Mac OS: 10.3.2, 10.2.8, 10.2.6 * Conduit Manager: 10.0.0 * Error Message: �Conduit manager unexpectedly quit, no other application has been effected� Troubleshooting steps taken: * Ensured USB connection & PDA ability to synch by successfully synching to Palm Desktop software * Updated to latest version of MSO (10.1.5) & Palm (4.1) * Deleted Microsoft Identity & rebuilt * Was able to recreate issue using another newly created profile on the same computer * Was able to recreate the issue using a different computer with the same specs * Deleted all reoccurring events, no effect Any suggestions are welcome that will help us get to the bottom of this issue, Thanks. -- Jay Allen Technology Director Tracy Locke Partnership --

Jay Allen
Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) Email Client: pop I simply cannot sync Entourage calendar events on my blackberry because I cannot sync them to iCal (which would be a suitable workaround) or directly from Entourage to my Blackberry (preferred.) <br><br>Bottom line - anytime I enable syncing (either with Mac iSync OR Entourage >Preferences), I receive the same error message: <br><br>&quot;Microsoft Entourage Has Encountered a Problem and Needs to Close.&quot; <br><br>(Microsoft provides pages of info on the error - but it is only good for Microsoft &quot;Support&quot;, which I'm certain does not exist.) <br><br>And there is no lack of information on the internet - many things I've tried, but now I'm skeptical of all of it because I've yet to find anyone who has solved the problem.

Print Mode Problem
0 replies , 8/12/2006, 6:10:08 PM
When I print an e-mail from Entourage (Office 2004 for Mac, purchased separately for my new Intel iMac), the print is always in photo quality mode, even though I select "Standard" in the print box for my Epson Stylus CX4200. I downloaded and installed the Intel version of the printer driver software. This made no difference in the outcome: anything printed from Entourage prints in photo quality mode, regardless of which printing mode is selected. I have tried changing the print mode to "Economy" and "Draft" but it makes no difference. A printed e-mail always prints in "Photo Quality." This does not happen in Word or Excel. The print box provides full control over print mode. What is selected is how it is printed. Is a fix available from Microsoft? From anyone? Wally

excel.exe problem
1 replies , 9/30/2004, 7:52:59 AM
sir ,i m receiving this problem like . excel.exe has generated an error and will be closed. ihve tried reinstalling with uninstallin it. but still problem occurs. give me the perfect solution thanx.

licensing problems
1 replies , 5/14/2005, 9:37:46 AM
Hi everyone, I wonder if you can help. I am a network manager but this is a new one to me. I have a limited number of product keys for Office X. I wrongly registered two machines with the same product key. How do I remove the registration to give one of the copies the correct number? i.e. to go back to the registration screen. Jeremy

Problem in reading different data types....
1 replies , 10/14/2003, 10:32:37 AM
When i tried to read data from Excel,I have come with a strange problem......... I am not able to read the mixed data in one column. Ex: Col1 Ro1 10 Ro2 Test Ro3 11 Ro4 12 When i tried to read Ro1 ,i was able to read data but when i tried to read Ro2 i am getting null value. I am using Provider as Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0 Its always depend on the Ro1.If i have text in Ro1(as First vale) i could read all text values in other rows of Col1 .If i have numeric value in Ro1(As first value) i could read only numeric data for all other rows for tht column. Thank u very much., rgds, ramesh....

Vlookup Return Problem
7 replies , 2/7/2006, 8:48:21 PM
Hi everyone, I'm new at excell and having a problem with a return on a vlookup formula. I have a workbook with several sheets all the same execpt worksheet 6. Which has my zipcodes, city and state. I want to type in zip and get the exact match and return the city. My formula looks like this: =VLOOKUP(P11,MyLookup,2,FALSE) H11 sheet 1 is where I have entered my formula and want my return to display P11 sheet 1 is where I'm entering my zip On sheet 6 which you see below is my range name MyLookup 2 is column B on sheet 6 False is exact Sheet 6 1 Zip City State 2 3 I entered my formula via the paste function in office 2000 which shows the results as I go from box to box and it is all correct. However, when I hit enter it won't display my result on sheet one. Only the formula. Any suggestions are welcome.

Office problems
1 replies , 7/29/2004, 7:19:06 PM
Everytime I open Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Office, I receive the following messages: Microsoft Visual Basic Compile Error in Hidden Module - autoexecnew. What can I do to fix this problem? Thanks.

bob sinkler
problem with dynamic graph
1 replies , 4/11/2005, 4:00:02 AM
Hi all, My problem is the following: I am trying to make a dynamic chart with the help of some webpages (, but I get stuck because these only work if there is no text in the cells, not even a formula. In order to get my thing to work I need to have a formula, as I am using arrays to get daily profits into order (several items are added each day and an array formula sets them out per day of the year). Something like this: day - profit 1 - 300.00 2 - 239.00 3 - 998.00 4 - 0.00 5 - 0.00 etc I want to omit day 4, 5 until 365 and only show the first three. But if something is added on day 4 I want the graph to show this too. The 0.00 in day 4 will change into a number when I add an item. I tried to work my way around this by adding another column saying IF(B3>0,B3,"") but this does not work either as there is still a formula in B4. Perhaps somebody knows a solution??? Thanks! Paul

Entourage 2004 and secure IMAP problems
4 replies , 5/23/2004, 1:45:35 AM
I'm using Entourage 2004 with secure IMAP on port 993 running on a home=20 Linux server (Mandrake 9.2). When running entourage, it complains that it cannot verify the = certificate of=20 my server - yes I added it - its a bug in Entourage and this is reported = all=20 over the internet.=20 After proceeding an error 1025 is returned with the nonsensical message: Mailbox vulnerable - directory /var/spool/mail must have 1777 = protection.=20 Whaaaat? 1777 is actually no protection at all - my permissions on that=20 directory are 755 - hardly restrictive. Changing them screws up Linux=20 Postfix royally so I do not wish to change them.=20 As it stands Entourage is useless with secure IMAP on Linux and I have = to=20 resort to Apple's - not a bad thing for me, but for reasons=20 unknown my wife is fond of Entourage. Having just shelled out the upgrade price from Entourage.X I'm not = happy.=20 Has anyone got secure IMAP working properly against a Linux server?

Format problem
1 replies , 6/17/2004, 3:09:52 PM
I cannot view on screen cell formats I've made like colored shading, patterns, or fonts. When I print the worksheet all my formats are contained in the print-out. Help, Todd

Todd D
=HYPERLINK function and Excel 2003 problem.
1 replies , 2/10/2006, 12:55:02 PM
Hello, I have a worksheet with addresses of the clients, so each row represent one client (Name, Title;Street+no, ZIP, city ...) I would need to put on the first column a special hyperlink, which will be composed from the values of next columns. Like : =HYPERLINK(""&";"&C12&";"&IF(D12=$C$5;0;IF(D12=$C$6;1;IF(D12=$C$7;2;3)))&";"&E12&";"&F12&";"&G12;"Open in browser") So the hyperlink would look like;John D**k;0;Lombard street 1204;10304;Zurich ... But the hyperlink does not work, when in one or more of the cells is a value containing space - in this example the name and street. I've tried to replace the spaces with %20, but still the same. Simply Excel will not open the browser, nor display an error message in those cases... However, if I remove the space, it works. This problem occurs only in Excel 2003, in XP it works.. Ajo

Pivot Table problem
1 replies , 7/23/2004, 2:38:15 PM
Hi My organisation has recently changed financial year from Jan to Dec to April to March. All of our Pivot tables ran from tables held in sql and were simply made up from two fields that were Year & Period (2001, 01), where 01 was Jan is now April. We have converted all of the historical records so that 01 now = April. However, we still have some users that require their Pivot tables to see Jan to Dec by Year. Is there anyway I can set the Pivot table to report the columns headings so that they start 2000 10 to 2001 009 and so that the grand totals are calculated for these periods? Does this make sense..!? Rob

Rob Botterill
:: Display problems :: Memory problems ::
1 replies , 10/17/2005, 2:44:22 PM
Hello, I�m a new visitor to the list...please be gentle..! I have a G5 tower, running 10.4.2, with 1.5Gb and a Dual 2Ghz processor, and have just run into a problem with my Entourage. The problem is reminiscent of a prior problem on an older G4 (2 years old) which led us to update the hardware into this new machine, but this time I�m seeking help because there can�t be anything wrong with the Mac � it�s brand new, and was working fine. Basically, every now and then a message that is received displays only a few letters of the name and subject header in the Inbox. Sometimes this also leads to a message saying that there�s not enough memory to display the message even though the only other software open is Quark (I�ve turned off Spotlight already). When this happened on the last Mac, it ended up corrupting some messages with the Inbox showing a �New� item at all times but you could never find it, or click on the new item. Can anyone help? We�re tearing our hair out?! Cheers Steve Crabtree Wild Apple Design

Steve Crabtree
Drop down box problem
2 replies , 8/26/2004, 1:32:41 PM
Please can someone help me!!! I am trying to inset a drop down box int an excel spreadsheet but haven't got a clue whether I use a list box o a combo box. I want it to display first, second, third, fourth in th drop down menu so that the user can sleect one of these. The thing is don't know how to put the values in the box! Your help would be muc appreciated! :- -- Message posted from

_nic_v <
Logon problems
1 replies , 9/24/2004, 5:03:40 PM
Hi, We've just rebuilt our SBS 2000 box after a big failure... Anyway, to cut a long story short, everything's working, exchange, AD etc etc, BUT when it comes to logging in to the domain from client PCs (which are a mix of XP Pro and Win 2K) each user only appears to be able to log on to one PC. I'm using the add user wizard. If I create a user but don't add a new computer then that user is unable to log on to any PC on the network. If I create a user and also add a computer then that user is only able to log on to that PC. I also have problems accessing any shared drives on any of the workstation PCs which was not a problem before, for example from workstation Tadcaster if I try to access \\highwycombe I get the Error, "there are currently no logon servers available to service the logon request." I can access the server shares from the workstations. And yes I can ping the machines etc. What's going on? Any advice gratefully recieved. David Green PLEASE REMOVE NOSPAM TO REPLY.

David Green
printing problems
1 replies , 9/12/2005, 2:59:13 PM
About two weeks ago, my HP 1000 Laserjet stopped working in Excel. It works fine in all other Office and IE applications. I have re-installed Excel and the printer, still no luck. I get a message that says that the "printer is unavailable". It won't let me setup the printer in Excel and all diagnostics say everything is working fine.

VS 2005 Macro Creation, createing macro problem
0 replies , 2/16/2006, 7:32:40 PM
Hello, I am trying to create a macro to auto start debugging AND (more importantly) to atuo attach to a running process. This is so I can debug Classic ASP code in VS 2005. When I do this manually it works, but it is a bit of a pain so I wanted to create a macro to do this. My macro is at the bottom: I want to do the following: 1. Start Debugger 2. Auto attach to the process running "dllhost.exe" for the process that is NOT system. I changd actual computer name to "MyComputerName" below. This would work in the project that I recroded the macro for, but not others. It also gave me problems of keeping the "Macro Running" icon in the windows toolbar open, saying it was running, and it would NOT let me double click on it to shut it down. Please help if you can. If you need more details on what I am doing or anything let me know. Public Module MacroDebugASPAttach Sub MacroDebugClassicASP() DTE.Debugger.Go(False) Try Dim dbg2 As EnvDTE80.Debugger2 = DTE.Debugger Dim trans As EnvDTE80.Transport = dbg2.Transports.Item("Default") Dim dbgeng(1) As EnvDTE80.Engine dbgeng(0) = trans.Engines.Item("Script") Dim proc2 As EnvDTE80.Process2 = dbg2.GetProcesses(trans, "MyComputerName").Item("dllhost.exe") proc2.Attach2(dbgeng) Catch ex As System.Exception MsgBox(ex.Message) End Try End Sub End Module

Hello, I am writing a technical document that contains many numbered headings/paragraphs. I have added many "automatic" cross-references to some of these numbered paragraphs. For example: "See paragraph 6.2.4 for details." "6.2.4" is a field. If I insert a new paragraph before 6.2.4, then 6.2.4 becomes 6.2.5. When I update all fields, however, "See paragraph 6.2.4 for details does not change." It should now be "See paragraph 6.2.5 for details. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone has a solution to this problem. Thank you! Sincerely, David

Problem with Fraktur fonts
1 replies , 4/9/2008, 12:37:22 PM
I am using Word 2008 on a MacBook running Leopard. I installed some German Fraktur TTF fonts and they seem to be working fine. However, when I use MS Word 2008, one of the fonts does not appear in the Word Font list. It does come up in the Format>Font menu though. I have noticed though that sometimes if I type a non- alphanumeric character, the font will change and I have to go to Format>Font to change back to the font I was using. Also, in some of the fonts, I have figured out how to type some of the ligatures and the medial "s" but not in all. In addition, I cannot figure out how to type the letters with umlauts (a, o, and u). In Windows, this is done with Alt+xxx (e.g., a with an umlaut is Alt+132) but this does not work. How is this done and how do I figure out what the keys are for the ligatures and the medial "s"?

Filtering and charting problems
1 replies , 8/20/2004, 2:06:42 AM
I guess i'm having more problems than not. I've been trying to use autofilter and using xy charts. I have a series of information which can be grouped into differen events. I'm using autofilter to help me sort the data. When graphin the 1st series, all seems well until I filter the results back to "all" or another one and try to add another series of a different even to the same graph. Instead of locking in the points already on th chart, excell seems to go ahead and chart every point between cell that appear in the new filter. Here's an example. Currently I have my database set up to log event by time. I use the date and time to plot it on to a wheel (thanks t Tushar). each log that is entered is then categorized by location o the event, type of event and who conducted the event in the same row. I would like to use different symbols on the wheel for the differen types of events making separate wheels for each location. to do this, i used the auto filter function to first separate th location from the others, and then attempted to graph each event typ after filtering. Is there a way to lock in the points after plotting them and the filtering again for new information over and over? I need to put abou 6-8 different symbols on the graph. Also, is there a way to make the add in labeling software match th cells as well? Thank you gurus for your help -- Message posted from

dwn4crwn <
Problem with Microsoft Office Document Imaging(MODI)
0 replies , 6/19/2006, 7:08:02 AM
I use MODI in IE to print pages virtually as TIFF files directly. I had problems that i fixed on my own but now i ahve one problem left. It takes a long time to show me the save as diwalog after i choose MODI as the printer in the list. Its not because of a huge page size or graphic detail. Many pages print in a sec even tho they are like 10 pages of images and for others, i have to hit print thru MODI 6-7 times to save the file whereas its only half a page of html. what can i do? this happens with many sites, not any specific ones. p.s.- I couldnt find any better thread to post the question. sorry

flexisheet problem
4 replies , 1/6/2006, 2:51:05 PM
My spreadsheet calculates hours worked based on start/finish times. Example start 09:00 finish 12:30 = 03:30. That's ok. I also have a cell for adjustments. if I enter 02:30, my final total will be 06:00. My problem is it won't allow me to enter a minus figure in the adjustment cell. depending how I format the cell, excel either says I can't enter it or ignores it in the calculation. Has anyone any ideas?

CSV file problems with ""
1 replies , 9/23/2004, 12:36:14 PM
If I have created a csv file with double quotes "" around fields. If want to open the file to make changes and then save it as a csv file i seems to lose the quotes "" around fields. Is there anyway around this thats quick and easy -- deanf ----------------------------------------------------------------------- deanfp's Profile: View this thread:

Problem with Office 2008 database
3 replies , 11/27/2008, 2:15:22 AM
Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: Intel Well the problems I'm having with the Office 2008 database began when I tried opening the equation editor in Word and I got a msg saying "The server application, source file or item cannot be found. Make sure that the application is properly installed and that it has not been deleted moved or renamed." In attempt to resolve this problem I tried removing and then re-installing Word only, but that caused more problems so I just removed and then re-installed all of Office 2008. Now in addition to the previous error, I get the message saying that there is a problem with the Office database and that I need to rebuild it. I've tried that but without any positive results. So... what I'd like to do is start completely from scratch (like when I first installed Office 2008) and remove ALL of MS Office 2008 (including the file that remembers the product key - wherever that's located) and then try re-installing it again.

DNS problems
2 replies , 1/19/2004, 8:56:47 AM
Hi, I am running SBS 2003 and have a strange DNS problem. When using the local SBS DNS server I cannot locate the name ''. All other names seem to resolve OK. If I connect nslookup to either of the two forwarders that are configured it resolves OK. Any ideas why that particular name seems to be blocked? Many thanks in hopeful anticipation Dave Stoneham

Dave Stoneham
Office XP Developer Edition problems
0 replies , 5/31/2004, 10:21:51 PM
Can anyone offer and direction or help with a problem related to Office XP Developer, I am running Office XP Developer SP1, Exchange 2003 with current service packs and Windows Server 2003 with all updates. I am trying to use the Microsoft Development Environment version 7.0 to build Digital Dashboard Projects, and Exchange Workflow Projects, but I am having trouble connecting to the resources on the server, which all have the approritate rights and permissons in Exchange and in the COM+ Workflow Event Sink object. When trying to generate a new Digital Dashboard Project, after the connection is made and the username and password is entered for the resource(folder) the message pops up "Invalid STDGMEDIUM structure", then the IDE quits. >When trying to generate a new Exchange Workflow Project, after the connection is made and the username and password is entered for the resource(folder) the message pops up Unable to register the workflow sink for Exchange folder http://DEV1/Public/work/ This could be due to a network problem, a permissions problem, or Exchange 2000 Server not running properly on the server. Verify that the server you selected is working correctly and that your are a member of the 'Can Register Workflow'role, and try again. < Well the role is correct and the user id added with full permissions. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I have searched all MSDN answers and resolutions with no luck Thanks

Gregg Watson
Problems after Mac system 10.3.8 update
3 replies , 2/10/2005, 9:06:35 PM
Hello - I've been using Entourage (both X and then 2004) for quite awhile with no trouble connecting to our Exchange server. Then, today, after upgrading to Mac system 10.3.8, I stopped receiving mail, and I got a periodic "Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password" error message. When I check my mail using Outlook Express (in Classic mode) it's fine, as is mail using the web client. I even went so far as to delete the account and re-create it, with the same results. The crazy thing is, I can still SEND mail, but only if I start the program, and rush out the message before I get the "Logon failure" error message. Once I receive the error message, Entourage quits talking to the Exchange server (or something) and I can't send or receive mail. Anyone else have this (or similar) problem? Thanks, Eric Yeater e*******

Eric Yeater
lookup problems
2 replies , 9/3/2004, 2:59:26 AM
i have a master file with data sorted by column 1 - that data is an event tag i.e 1,2,2,2a,3,3,3,3 etc. how can i use a lookup function to show all events sorted by tag on differing sheets - i have been doing this manually with filters but would like to automate it a little regds rob

viewing problems in visio 2000
0 replies , 6/8/2005, 2:07:01 PM
Hello On Visio2000 I have some diagrams that on saving and then editing and resaving get corupted, the boxes, lines and swimlanes are stretched massively up or to the right. How do I stop it and resolve once its happened? Now a tad desperate plese help!

Problem making a new PM manager for pre-existing tasks
1 replies , 9/21/2007, 5:57:11 PM
Hello, We have a pre-existing project schedule that has been assigned to a new PM and in trying to relinquish ownership of all tasks to the new PM, for some strange reason, a bug is preventing the project schedule from being republished. When we go Collaborate --> Publish --> Republish Assignments, we get a pop-up box telling saying "An update has not yet been sent to resources who have been removed from task assignments. An update with this information will be sent now. Click OK to proceed. Click cancel to cancel publishing" - naturally, we click "OK" and nothing happens - it neither publishes the schedule nor shows us the "Republish Assignments" box that allows the new PM to check the "Become the manager for these assignments" checkbox. Any ideas???? Thank you, Nerdgirl