Messages are downloaded 2, 3, 4 times or more !!

hi everybody,
a strange and boring problem : entourage downloads emails from pop
accounts several times ! accounts are set to "leave messages on the
server", and believe it or not sometimes entourage re-downloads
no particular option is checked, i don't understand.
anybody experienced this problem ? thanks in advance !


Ashor Livs_
1/9/2004, 10:17:16 AM

Uncheck the 'leave a copy of each message in the server' option. That should
sort your problem.


in article 3ffe7faa$0$19290$6**********, Ashor Livs_ at
s********** wrote on 9/1/04 10:17 am:

> hi everybody,
> a strange and boring problem : entourage downloads emails from pop
> accounts several times ! accounts are set to "leave messages on the
> server", and believe it or not sometimes entourage re-downloads
> messages...
> no particular option is checked, i don't understand.
> anybody experienced this problem ? thanks in advance !

Jim Watkins (Onetel)
1/9/2004, 3:28:26 PM
> Uncheck the 'leave a copy of each message in the server' option. That
> sort your problem.

but i *need* to leave a copy there ;-/
thanx anyway


Ashor Livs_
1/9/2004, 11:45:36 PM

Download Excel?
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I was wondering if anyone around here new where to download a free version (NOT DEMO) of Microsoft Excel...? Or just a keygen would work as well I guess. But either one would work! Thanks in advance, Jared..

Jared Burlison
where can i download office 2003 basic from?
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I had to start from scratch on my laptop and lost my windows that I downloaded for the office suite. I borrowed the disk from someone and now I dont have it to do it again. I am looking for an in-expensive version of the office 2003 basic. I need it today so it there any where I can pay for it and download it. I can't wait 3-7 days for delivery!

It seems after waking from sleep, Entourage 2004 loses its memory of files downloaded and then downloads them again from the server. Problem started with Tiger. Is this problem related to spotlight? Jeff ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jefferis Peterson, Pres. Web Design and Marketing

Jefferis NoSpamme
Can't download
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I had to reinstall windows xp and now I can't download. The tech said something about getting rid of the firewall but I can't find it. What do I do?

I just found the MS Office Online site and want to download some Word and Excel templates. But I don't know where to download the templates to or where to save them to after they are downloaded. Can anyone tell me? Thanks.

downloaded font
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Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: Intel downloaded a font, but i cannot find it anywhere. it shows up in downloads, but does not show up in word or any of my other programs. i got the download from a site link that i got from the apple page - do you have any ideas? when i click on the download, i don't get anything but a read window. there is no install instructions or zip folder. thank you for your help

Updates on
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I noticed this morning that only the following updates were available for download for Office 2008. 1. 12.1.0 Service Pack 1 2. 12.1.3 My question is there a reason 12.1.1 and 12.1.2 are not listed? Are they now included with 12.1.0? Thanks for the help.

Russell Tolman
I am having difficulty downloading a template it says "error... pop up window was blocked? please help! What does this mean and How do I try to download another way,

while trying to download a template I get error msg "Template cannot be downloaded to fix make sure your computer is connected to internet. make sure browser is not in offline mode and try to download later. I try all this and still cannot download the template.

running a downloaded file
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I downloaded Microsoft antispyware (beta) file this afternoon. How do I open or run this file?

downloading a game
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how do i download a game that is not compatable with my windows xp system and use the compatability wizard after to make it operational on my computer thank you ever so much i am trying to download the game sorry

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Both WORD and EXCEL calendar require Office 2003 - does this mean I can't download any calendars from this site, or is there another process?

Downloading dates to outlook
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I am relatively new to microsoft program interaction so if someone ca help........please???? I have created an excel spreadsheet of memberships my organisation ha inc costs and renewal dates. I would like the renewal dates uploade to my outlook diary as a reminder for when these have to occur - an hlep with this would be greatly appreciated. I have search the norma places to no avail. thanks folks:confused -- Message posted from

ameryv <
Paid, didn't download. How do I download now?
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From the page that confirmed my payment of the service fee and contained links to download the two products I chose, I hit the Close button instead of the links. (Yes, I feel like a moron.) How do I get my products now?

csv file download
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I have 17 csv files that I download individually daily from a website, can anyone tell me the quickest way to do this ie some sort of automation. Thanks Les.

PDF Download for Office 2007
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Can anyone get the PDF download to save docs/forms as "interactive" documents? It saves as PDF, but is a locked document with no drop downs for choosing "Intercative" so that others can fill in the forms, etc. This would save about $300 to not have to buy the Adobe writer...Suggestions?? Thanks! -- Gina G

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Many problems with performance and safety of your computer can be solved easily with an updated antivirus and recognized. Antivirus Free Download Microsoft best practices in: Content Site Links:

download office to netbook it has no cd drive
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I do not have a cd drive for my netbook. How can i download my copy of office in my netbook?

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I downloaded Office 2003 and I can't find my product ID. The program was wiped clean from my computer. I do know when I purchased it and have the record of it on my crdit card. Is there any way to get it back?

error after downloading service pack 2
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After downloading Service Pack 2 for Office, I receive an error message when trying to use Outlook. It is error number 0x8004210A - timed out waiting for response from receiving (POP) server. What do I do?

Download templates to M/S Off. Prof 2000
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I am trying to download some resume document templates compatable with M/S Office 2000 to current software. This computer O/S is XPSP2 and had a trial version M/S Office 2003 which has since expired. I had installed M/S Office Professional 2000. The download asks for the 2003 Product Key Number. I do not have it. How do I circumvent this to download to the Office 2000? I have that Key Number. Do I have to uninstall the 2003? If so, will this effect any other operation?

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I am not sure if I should download the game 2 moons. I have not heard of it being safe or not safe to download. My question is has anyone heard of this game being safe or unsafe.

Downloading Templates
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I have a problem downloading templates from the office website.After selecting the .dot file required I am requested to download file,file downloads ok & opens word/excell I am then presented with options to open with particular fonts but none gives the correct view. I have done this before without any problem & have not been presented with options before as the application opens automatically. Has anybody got an answer to this please.

Barry Jackson
how do I download the Dutch spellcheck
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Can you tell me how do I download the Dutch spellcheck. Or is this something where I have to pay for again

smart download
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I can not connect long enough to get the office sp1 download Why did you not make it a smart download so when you reconnect you start form where you left off and not fresh every time I did it that way when I got XP sp2 Frustrating, you have the ability to do it this way

unable to download updates
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Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: Power PC Why do I always have a MAJOR difficulty downloading MS Office updates (actually ANYTHING for MS)? They say to use Explorer, but Explorer no longer works on newer Macs. I try it with firefox and Safari, clear cache, reset cable modem and router, but it always takes two weeksto a month before I can make a download connection. MS Help people have been dreadful about helping with this.

I want to spell check my text in Office 2002. I write in German and there is no German spell check available. There should be downloads on the internet to have those features available.

How do I download the XPSP3 update without the CD?
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I need to download the update for Office XP SP3 without the CD. During the installation process it stops and asks for the CD. I have downloaded the full version of the update as it recommended, but it still stops the install have way through. I didn't install Frontpage during the initial install, I think that could be where the problem lay. Any suggestions?

how do i download upgrades and see it downloading?
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I've just bought a new lap top and need to transfer Office 2007 from one to the other. Office (Student & Home) was bought as a download therefore have no discs and can't find the key, doh! Any help will be appreciated. -- dandjhardy ------------------------------------------------------------------------ dandjhardy's Profile: View this thread:

Downloading office upgrade
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is there a max number of computers I can install one purchase of the office upgrade on? I have 4 pc's i'd like to use it on...

Downloaded Templates - No Macros?
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I downloaded the Bill of Lading template. I see there are macros in the fields like: DoClickField[Name] DoClickField[Street Address] Yet when I look under macros there are none. Also when using this template nothing happens when you click a field to suggest these macros are there. I have macros enabled. Is there something I am missing? Thanks

Downloaded picture do not stay downloaded
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I have a newsletter that uses pictures. I can click to download the pictures and they work fine the first time. When I come back a day or so later (after quitting and relaunching Entourage 2004), the downloaded pictures are no longer downloaded, and there is no link to download them again. How do I get my pictures back again?