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this is the latest version of security update, the
"October 2003, Cumulative Patch" update which resolves
all known security vulnerabilities affecting
MS Internet Explorer, MS Outlook and MS Outlook Express
as well as three new vulnerabilities.
Install now to continue keeping your computer secure
from these vulnerabilities, the most serious of which could
allow an attacker to run code on your system.
This update includes the functionality =
of all previously released patches.

10/11/2003, 4:39:15 PM

Local Security vs. Domain Security
4 replies , 7/28/2003, 3:38:41 PM
Where do I setup Domain-level security options? For example, if I don't want clients network login box to display the last logged in user, where would I set that? On each client or on the server (I assume on the server)? If on the server, where? When I set it in Local Security Policy, it only applies to the server. -- Brandon IT Director Office Equipment & Supplies at http://www.presentationsdirect.com

Brandon S.
2 replies , 11/1/2003, 11:54:01 PM
I have a work sheet that has the formulas hidden behind a wall. the wall is the lack of rows and collums, can anyone tell me how to expose these rows and collums? If so I would be eternally grateful

0 replies , 4/27/2005, 3:40:10 PM
Other than the actual text, what kinds of information is available in background fields, links, etc. From a security perspective, if someone sends a word document outside the company, what info such as server names, volume names etc is viewable in the document ?

1 replies , 1/19/2004, 8:51:16 AM
Dear friends I have made a drawing with visio 2003 and have saving this to a web page Is it possible to insert a security lock in this web page - Whish 1 The drawing that is made, is saved as web page. Is it possible to insert in this drawing a security lock Example when you open the web page you get as first of all a login screen to insert a username and a password - Whish 2 On the web page will be a hyperlink button. Is it possible to insert a security lock in this button Example when you are clicking on the hyperlink button you will get first a login screen to insert a username and password to open the page that is behind the button I hope that someone can help me with this With kind regards Totality

0 replies , 12/7/2006, 12:46:11 PM
I have a spreadsheet which I ask people to sign into when they use it. I want to be able to hide the log in data as they type so that other cannot see their log in names, much the same as when you type password to protect a sheet or log onto an internet site. Can this b done? -- c************rosealuk.co ----------------------------------------------------------------------- c************rosealuk.com's Profile: http://www.officehelp.in/member.php?userid=523 View this thread: http://www.officehelp.in/showthread.php?t=128054 Posted from - http://www.officehelp.i

1 replies , 12/28/2004, 8:47:04 PM
when i click to get into mircosoft office basic edition 2003 it allows anyone to get access to my office acct and my email. it gives some security but you can just click off it and see all my email. how do i set up some security or password that will not allow them to see it or access all of my email or microsoft office.

3 replies , 12/23/2003, 8:16:21 PM
Help please I want to keep all my personal information in an Excel file, how secure is a password protected Excel file, or what other simple method is there? Mike -- Please Reply to News Groups Only. Thank you

Mike W
Looking for security
1 replies , 4/21/2004, 3:41:05 PM
I have developed a small application for time and billing. Not only do i want to secure the source code but specifically want to secure it so that any customer that buys this, cannot email it to their friends and let them use it. Does anybody have any kind of security that registers or prevents the use of an excel spreadsheet on more than 1 computer? Thanks in advance

Michael San Filippo
Macro security
7 replies , 10/26/2006, 4:28:01 PM
Hi, Currently I have Excel 2003 on XP operating system. In the past, before migrating to this advanced version, I had macro security set to MEDIUM whereby everytime I open a spreadsheet that contains macros the Excel software prompts me if I would like to enable or disable the macros. With the migration to Excel 2003, I cannot seem to re-establish this setting. I tried via TOOLS - OPTIONS - SECURITY and I also tried via TOOLS - MACRO - MACRO SECURITY. But via both means, after setting the security to MEDIUM, i close .xls and re-open it using a workbook containing macros and there is absolutely no prompt. On re-verifying the option settings I discover that it has switched back to LOW. How can I permanently re-establish this setting?

Securing formulas
1 replies , 5/3/2004, 11:16:02 AM
Hi Is there a way i can protect the formulas so that my users wont delete them when they delete the content of a cell? Secondly can i protect the file from being copied and used on other systems by others? Thanks in anticipation

2 replies , 4/15/2008, 3:25:36 PM
Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: intel Email Client: pop I had been using Mail from Apple with no issues at all, I received Office 2008 Mac, installed it and decided to try using Entourage for my mail and right from the start when I try to send emails I get this message. "Unable to establish a secure connection to myservername.com because the server name or IP address does not match the name or IP address on the server's certificate. If you continue, the information you view and send will be encrypted, but will not be secure." I have called my hosting company and everything is working fine on the server side. I have gone back and forth to Mail and it is working fine, so can anyone tell me why Entourage is giving me this message and is there a solution? Did I miss something in my settings?

Excel Security
1 replies , 6/7/2005, 8:19:21 PM
I have to put together some excel security documentation for my companies users -- basic things like worksheet/workbook/cell protection, password protecting a file, crossfooting, and processing controls. It is going to be used as a training guide. I'm having trouble finding anything similar on the internet to use as a guide, does anyone know of any good resources?

security in visio 2003
1 replies , 9/4/2006, 8:44:01 AM
Hi, Is there in Visio 2003 user-level security, user and group permissions or accounts.

OWA installation (security ?)
7 replies , 7/15/2004, 8:38:41 PM
Hi: OWA was already installed on my SBS 2000 when the consultant installed Exchange 2000 2 weeks ago. My question is how can I secure the access to OWA over the internet http://server/exchange/user/, so I can force the user to (authenticate) enter his userid and same password as when he logs into the server. Thanks to all in Advance

Access Database Security
1 replies , 7/15/2004, 1:41:08 PM
Can anyone help us set up a database that can only be opened by one user at a time? We are using Access 2000 on Windows 2000 Professional. We tried using the user level security wizard and setting the user group permissions to exclusive and then no one could open the database at all, not even the admin user. We tried setting the database to exclusive in the options of all users and that failed. We tried using file-open and selecting exclusive using the down arrow next to the open button and that failed. Instructions on how to do this correctly would be much appreciated.

Securing Excel Workbook
2 replies , 2/27/2008, 2:36:00 PM
Hi everybody I made a set of internally & externally linked excell workbook, and I would like to prevent copying and distribution What is the best way to do so? Is it the rights managements? Is it enough? will it prevent copying the main excel files? Thanks for your time. A.El Tohamy

Security Access between two Servers
1 replies , 9/27/2003, 1:03:36 AM
We presently have two servers connected to each other cia a Switch. Each of the two servers has a distinct Domain set up. When I am logged on to one of the servers as Administrator and I navigate to the other server via Network Connections in Windows Explorer, I am asked for a password to access the folders. How do I set the security in one server to allow access from the Administrator from the other server, so the user name and password would not be required to get in? I need to do this in order to run a scheduled task in one server that will automatically place files in a folder in the other server? Steve

Steve Winning
Default Macro security setting
1 replies , 5/10/2004, 11:08:12 PM
Can some one please post the definitive High Med or Low setting for macros on Office 2000 SR1. I can't seem to find the white paper or answer from anywhere on MS... Thanks, Dino

Security Settings Don't "Stick" - How To Fix It?
0 replies , 6/22/2008, 6:58:01 PM
In ANY of my MS Office Pro + 2007 Suite programs, I can, & have (repeatedly), set my Trust Center security settings for macros, active-x, add-ons of all types, exactly as I want them to be. They "stick" only as long as the program is open & running. Whenever I close any of them and/or reboot, ALL of the suite's programs revert back to default settings instead of mine. How do I fix this so that they "stick"? -- Vista 32-bit Ultimate SP1; Intel Core-2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.40GHz; 4GB RAM & Dell XPS 720; 250GB Int-HD & 2 200GB Ext-HDs; Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT; SB XFi Plat; Office2007Pro+; OneCare 2.0, Office Professional + 2007 Suite. All SW-HW Updated with patches, bios', etc.

Failed Security Update on Office2003
4 replies , 4/18/2009, 12:40:01 AM
I am unable to update the security features on my Office 2003. Everytime I did that, I got the message "security updates could not be installed", and it will try updating again on every shutdown of the pc. I don't have this problem with my other machines. Any helps appreciate.

Secure Office 2003 menus/toolbars
1 replies , 6/9/2004, 3:52:12 PM
I am looking for registry tweaks for the following. Lock down the toolbars in Office 2003 so that they can not be moved or float. Remove "Customize" from the context menu that appears when you right click on a toolbar or menu option. Remove the "Toolbar Options" form the right hand side of every toolbar that is visible. I refuse to use policy editor or a resource kit to do this because in my opinion they both suck big time. I am only looking for the registry settings that I can tweak to take care of this. Thanks. Pat

Patrick Moore
Watch these security patch from the M$ Corporation
0 replies , 10/4/2003, 3:37:15 PM
Microsoft Consumer this is the latest version of security update, the "October 2003, Cumulative Patch" update which fixes all known security vulnerabilities affecting MS Internet Explorer, MS Outlook and MS Outlook Express as well as three new vulnerabilities. Install now to help maintain the security of your computer. This update includes the functionality = of all previously released patches. System requirements: Windows 95/98/Me/2000/NT/XP This update applies to: - MS Internet Explorer, version 4.01 and later - MS Outlook, version 8.00 and later - MS Outlook Express, version 4.01 and later Recommendation: Customers should install the patch = at the earliest opportunity. How to install: Run attached file. Choose Yes on displayed dialog box. How to use: You don't need to do anything after installing this item.

I have to many passwords to remember...what is the best way to keep track of them?

Security tab missing in Tools -> Options
1 replies , 10/14/2003, 2:43:36 PM
Hello, The "Security" tab and a number of other tabs are missing in my Excel 2000 Tools -> Options menu. Is there anyway for me to restore these? I don't think they were ever there but I noticed some colleagues of mine have it. Is it an installation issue? Thanks

Accessing a userproperty gives security warnings
0 replies , 11/28/2003, 3:37:05 PM
Hi all, I know the topic has been discussed before, but I have code like this (lots of error checking etc. removed): Sub SetFieldValue(FieldName, NewValue) Dim olProp Set olProp = olItem.UserProperties.Find(FieldName, False) olProp.Value = NewValue End Sub This raises a security warning when olItem is a ContactItem, and FieldName happens to be "Email1Address" or "Body", and probably others. Now I can rewrite the code to: Sub SetFieldValue(FieldName, NewValue) ExecuteStatement "olItem." & FieldName & " = """ & NewValue & """" End Sub ExecuteStatement executes the given statement. Note: This VBS code doesn't run in VBScript, or Outlook, but in software developed over here. This software implements its own ActiveScripting host, allowing users to execute macros etc. of their own. ExecuteStatement is a feature of our software: it executes a statement, whilst allowing access to the script. Anyway: In this situation, no security warnings are issued. But: it is also a very slow solution. I wonder: suppose I have a UserProperty, can I predict whether accessing UserProperty.Value will lead to a security warning? Thanks in advance -- Zweitze de Vries Cyco Software Rijswijk, The Netherlands

Zweitze de Vries
Security Update for Word (KB 887977) Fails
1 replies , 4/29/2005, 4:08:24 PM
I have a Windows 2000 Pro system that was set up from a clean install about a year ago. Office 2000 Premium was installed at the same time. I have kept both updated fairly regularly and a couple of days ago found the above Security Update available. It D/L's ok, but then asks for Office 2000 SP1 install disk, looking for DATA1.MSI. All I have are the original install disks, that don't have SP1, so they won't work. Has anyone seen this??? Know a solution, maybe?? Thanks in Advance!! -- Eddie in Colorado Springs "It has been said that the primary function of schools is to impart enough facts to make children stop asking questions. Some, with whom the schools do not succeed, become scientists." - Knut Schmidt-Nielson

F. Edwin Felty
Dear Microsoft I am not particularly happy! Myu Vista computer downloaded and installed the above patch - and my Word 2007 doesn't work properly: - I can't highlight text - I can't insert drawing objects - I can't get into the Header or footers of documents - When I close a document Word Crashes and says it is looking for a solution but can't find one - It won't open documents properly I am a very busy ISO9001 Assessor and I had a lot of work I planned to do which I was unable to do. I discovered this evening that by removing this patch the problem goes away. I then find that the patch has been downloaded automatically for me. Can you please withdraw the patch until you have tested it properly. Thank you. -- Nick Morice-Jones ---------------- This post is a suggestion for Microsoft, and Microsoft responds to the suggestions with the most votes. To vote for this suggestion, click the "I Agree" button in the message pane. If you do not see the button, follow this link to open the suggestion in the Microsoft Web-based Newsreader and then click "I Agree" in the message pane. http://www.microsoft.com/office/community/en-us/default.mspx?mid=2edcbc85-ccb0-4616-973a-a2e6d37cae97&dg=microsoft.public.officeupdate

Excel 2004 security upgrade effect on macros
1 replies , 11/21/2009, 8:46:32 PM
Version: 2004 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: Intel Some of my macros that worked fine have stopped since I installed the latest security update. I'm now at Excel version 11.5.6 (09028), which has Visual Basic version 11.5 (080416). <br><br>As an example, even this simple recorded macro, to copy a text box, generates an error at the &quot;ActiveSheet&quot; line: <br><br>Sub Test_copy() <br> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;ActiveSheet.Shapes(&quot;Text Box 38&quot;).Select <br> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Selection.Copy <br> End Sub <br><br>Help is much appreciated!

Change MS Excel Default Macro Security Setting
1 replies , 10/6/2004, 6:13:29 PM
I have a test lab that I need to make sure the default macro security setting is set to medium in Excel 2003. I can do it easily for one user, but I want the change to be implemented across all available user profiles that log into the system. Is this possible, or do I instruct the users how to do it themselves?

Background: retired, programmed extensively VBA in Office up to vs. XP, and in numerous programming languages. Problems: related to security features (code signing, security restictions in Outlook object model etc.) I am using Office 2003, all programming is private, just for my "home office". I try to write a macro in Outlook to create in Word from a template a document and then to fill in bookmarks in that document from a received email item. I think there is no logical problem but I encounter a blockage by Outlook because of security. Is there a solution, maybe with code signing (but of course I cannot buy an expensive certificate for just this simple problem)? -- Peter Veger, Best

Peter J. Veger