Links and NA

I use excel (excel 97 on a windows 2000 machine)  to manage the
patient care schedules of 10 physicians -- and having been doing so
for years.

2 years ago, I started having problems with the links from the main
worksheet (the working document where ALL changes are made) to the
final worksheet which is month to month schedule and is the printed
document that everyone else sees and uses.

What happens is that when I open the month to month worksheet,
frequently it will have NA values -- not consistently -- variably.

Variably I can fix it through a variety of means (but the fixes are
temporary) -- sometimes re-closing the final worksheet and reopening
it will resolve the problem, sometimes reopening the main worksheet
first, sometimes reopening the main worksheet last, sometimes
refilling the final worksheet with the data.  

This occurs sometimes after changing data and other times after no
changes in data -- just desiring to print a schedule (all print jobs
are ONLY on the final month to month worksheet).  If it matters,  the
print jobs always reflect what is in the worksheet - so I do NOT get a
printed worksheet with NA values but no NA values in the linked on
screen worksheet.  

I have usually linked the last month of the year to the first month of
the next year ... because of these problems; I STARTED A BRAND NEW

Virtually no data is in this new 2005 worksheet EXCEPT for inputed
schedules for the last week of 2004 and first week of 2005 --- it is
NOT linked to the 2004 schedule. YET -- I get the same variable result
when I open the new 2005 final month to month worksheet (which is
linked to a second worksheet which is linked to the initial 2005
schedule with a lot of extra columns.
now the specifics:
a) the main worksheet has 365 rows -- this main worksheet is the ONLY
worksheet in which schedule changes are EVER made, all of the other
worksheets are there for formatting issues
b) each row is for each day of the year
c) the first and second column are the dates of the year and the days
of the weeks
d) the next column is for a manually entered schedule such as 8:30-6,
or 8:30-12:30/adm/1:30-5 or some other combination
e) the next column 2 columns is a letter of the alphabet
f) the next column (sometimes 2-3) contains a number
g) each of d-f is repeated for EACH physician (about 3-6 columns per

this main worksheet is linked to second worksheet which ONLY contains
columns c, d and e (NOT columns f)

this second worksheet is then linked to one of 12 worksheets which is
a monthly schedule.

It is in THIS MONTHY worksheet which is in **a different workbook**
and is accessible to everyone  in which the NA values turn up.

NOTE -- there are NO formulas



10/23/2004, 11:38:11 AM

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Thanks to CLR-Thank You Thank You! I am getting my drop in data to work nicely..I still have one question: If I use my masterlog to record information for more than one salesperson and this masterlog is set up by line item meaning that salesperson #1-12's data can go on to any line,how would I have this info "drop in" automatically to the respective salesperson's sheet? Is there a formula that I can put in the Salesperson ID cell in the masterlog that will tell it to drop the remaining line item data into the correct salesperson sheet? Thanks! I'm nearly there! Lorie Ann

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I am only getting a maximum 65% connection with my router from maybe 30' away (through 1 wall) with my D-link 11b to a second PC. Is this slow, it seems that it could be sped up somehow. Any help would be great, thanks.

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This should be very easy, BUT can't figure it out. Excel 2003. I have a single sheet with 7 columns and around 550 rows. I made an Index on the top area of the spread sheet with the idea of linking areas bellow. I know how to link to something like B450, BUT what I want to link is the CONTENT on that cell, so if I insert or delete a row above B450 the link stay intact. Thanks, Erich

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I have a number of editable workbooks which feed into a protected workbook. When the users update the editable spreadsheets, they click save and move to the next one, update, save etc etc. Then when I go into the protected workbook it asks me if I want to update, which I choose to do, but for some reason, the data previewed with that message then changes back to data which isn't the most recent data and I have to go in to update and save all the other workbooks again before my protected workbook shows the most recent data. Is that how it's supposed to work? Thanks in advance for any suggestions! MissV

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Do you know a way to get rid of absolutes when linking?

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I am trying to link two documents together. I want to be able to select a cell and have it take me to a whole other document that contains corresponding information. I am not entirely sure that this is possible. If anyone has any suggestions I am all ears (or eyes). Thanks.

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I am trying to set up a spreadsheet for visual purposes only, may in the future be connected to another system, but I am having a problem with setting up the check boxes the way I would like. The spreadsheet is to layout the way a permissions selection or security selection does in a networked software package. Let’s say each permission has 4 columns, A B C & D all are check boxes. If I check A I would like B C & D to automatically receive a check mark. But if I check C, only C & D will receive a check and not A & B. If that makes sense to you and you have any idea how I can make this work please let me know. I already know how to link each check box to a cell but I cannot get it to leave the ones, preceding the box I check, blank.

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I wish to create a "jump" or link to another worksheet inside the same workbook. I am creating a workbook Sheet 1 = Detail data Sheet 2 = Summarized data of Detail From Sheet 2, I want to create a link/jump to a cell range or one cell on Sheet 1. Kind of a drill down effect. Management will primarily look at the Summary sheet but wish for them to have the ability to select a cell from sheet 2 (value) that will take them to Sheet 1 - Detail for more information if they choose. Then the question arises that as the Detail data grows, how to maintain the cell range or cell link; not break but update/change the link so that it is not broken? Thanks, Rae

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Hi, I have linked an excel cell with today()+5 in word. This link is working (updates itself) only on machines with early versions of word 2003. It is not working on version: 11.5604.8221 Thanks, Paul

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I use Excel in Office OS X on an iMac. I have changed the links in a formula in a worksheet dependent on another worksheet in the same workbook. The change works OK but I would like to delete the old links in the Edit>Links dialog box as I have made several updates to the link and all the old ones stay visible. I have been unable to do this and cannot find guidance in Excel Help Also I cannot change the Automatic Update button in this dialog box to the Manual Update button. The status of all the Links remain at <A> I have tried to override this by choosing Preferences>Calculation and unchecking the <Update Remote Reference>. However, this is command is checked and greyed, so is unaccessible. Would appreciate any help Elijah80

Alec Glaskin
Office Update - no link?
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Am I missing something, or is there no mention of Office Update on the MS Office homepage ?

Clicking on linked cells
2 replies , 11/16/2007, 8:51:02 PM
Hi, Does anyone know if there is a function or macro for Excel 2003 that will allow you to double click in a cell, which pulls data from another cell within the workbook (either on the same worksheet or a different one), and have it take you to the cell which is linked to the cell you are clicking on? does that make any sense? for example, if I am clicking on cell A1, which is showing the value $100, but the $100 is being pulled from cell A1 on another worksheet within the workbook, I want to be able to go to the other worksheet, and have my cursor be in cell A1 in that worksheet. I want to be able to do this for any cell within the workbook that is linked. At my previous job, the Excel software they provided for use had this functionality, but I can't do this on the current version of Excel I have at my new job, and it's driving me nuts. Please help. Thanks!

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I have an Excel document that links to several others. I want some links to update automatically but some to be manual. (I will still have the prompt to update links on opening). I don't have the option in Edit Links to select Manual - it is greyed out. I have tried various combinations of Update Remote References and Save External Link Values with Calculation Manual and Automatic. What am I doing wrong? I do not know where else to look.

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i want to put an email address into a Word document and have it be a live link that switches the user to their email program when they click the address. in other words, i want the email address to work in the Word document exactly as it would on a web page. how do i do this?

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We recently re-installed Microsoft Office 2000 on a machine. The problem is that Excel files on our network are not showing the correct workbook links. Some cells in the spreadsheet have links to other Excel files on the network. After this re-install, the links now show up as local (ex. C:\) instead of the network path. The strange part is that on any other computer the same files show the correct network links. Obviously there is something that I am missing. Can anyone help me out? Thanks. M Berg.

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How can I (most easily) do this: Type in item specific information such as a part number into a Excel spreadsheet cell (spreadsheet is already developed). Then have other cells (in this spreadsheet) automaticlly fill in various type of standard data, that are already contained in another spreadsheet. Can anybody point me in the right direction? PS: I'm not a programer.. Thank You! Scott...

Attempting to link cells failing.
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This will be an easy one for you experts. A sheet is called "WK1 1-4apr". At the bottom it has some countif formulas. N404 is one of these. Naturally, the only thing visible in the cell is the correctly functioning result. In another sheet, "sheet1", I want to gather up the results from the countifs in various sheets. Therefore I use the link option. Or rather, I try to. I click on WK1 1-4apr cell N404. Click the copy button, the maquis appears. (Spelling?!:) Go to sheet 1. Click on the cell I want to display the result in N404. Click on the paste button. Now, I SHOULD get the result of N404 showing with a list of options, of which I should click "Link cells". I actually get either a file browse box, or the countif formula from N404 showing with a circular reference. Huh? Can anyone advise what I might be doing wrong in order to get a result like this? I've tried typing the formula by hand. Also using keyboard shortcuts instead of buttons. Thanks. Baffled of Cyberspace.

Mike Barnard
Linking multiple worksheets in a book
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I'm not sure the best way to ask the question, but I need a formula that will do the following: Sheet 1 has all the information, for example: A B C D 1 Date Activity Cost IsDeductible 2 1-10 Purchase $12 3 1-10 Donation $5 x 4 1-12 Purchase $2 5 1-13 Purchase $25 x I want Sheet 3 to only show the rows that are marked 'x' in the column 'IsDeductible' (column D): A B C 1 Date Activity Cost 2 1-10 Donation $5 3 1-13 Purchase $25 Thus far I've only been able to create formulas that will carry over the information from Sheet 1 into the corresponding row of Sheet 3, meaning there is a gap (which may mean a gap of 100 of cells or more--won't work): A B C 1 Date Activity Cost 2 3 1-10 Donation $5 4 5 1-13 Purchase $25 Sorry if there is TMI. I've searched for similar questions, but haven't found any applicable answers. Maybe there is a simple operator I am unaware of? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Install Office 2003 link problems
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I purchased and installed Office Student & teacher Edition 2003. I had Office 2000 Pro installed. I did not uninstall Office 2000 Pro before I did the new install. Now whenever I click on a link in an email or a Word document, I get the following error, "This operation has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator." Does anyone have any idea? Thanks for any help.

Inconsistent Links on shared network drive
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This problem is very frustrating because the links don't work at 2:30 but work at 2:35 with no action taken other than closing and re-opening the file. We have a master file, where our central office puts questions into column A. The remaining columns are for responses from each division office. The questions in the master are linked to a file for each division where they show up in column A. The answers from the divisions are entered into the division files, which link back to the master. Sometimes everybody can see the questions/answers, sometimes not. When the linked info isn't visible, there is no error message. Only one or 2 people may have a problem at any given time, and the rest of the group will be fine. Then, it just seems to fix itself. We have problems with the master and division files. All files are on the same network drive, just in different folders. Most (if not all) users are on Office/Windows 2003. Any ideas on how to keep these problems from occuring is appreciated. Thank you! Erin

DDE/OLE, links, searching - don't work
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XP Professional plus office. Excel has been working fine for months now things have all gone to pot. 1. Won't recognise the pdfwriter toolbar (loads ok in Word) 2. Embedded link object won't update or open source document (it says can't open source). I tried to change the source document and it says there is a DDE/OLE problem. 3. If I try and embed a new linked object it shows nothing, just a blank box. 4. When I search for a string within Windows Explorer it doesn't recognise anything and always comes up with a 'not found' search. 5. Won't open a file if you double click on it, but you can drag & drop onto the excel window if open. XP has been re-installed, Office has been re-installed, Excel has been re-installed by it's self (plus a fix done on them). All setting have been checked and and re- checked. I'm out of ideas, anyone got any? Thanks.

Can't insert GIF image with "Link to File"
2 replies , 4/14/2010, 4:39:38 PM
Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) Processor: Intel Hi, <br><br>I am new here; please be gentle! Already read lots of posts and can't find an answer. <br><br>Bottomline: I can't figure out how to attach a GIF image linked to an online file. For what is worth, I am fairly familiarized with the procedure in Word for Windows: <br><br>1. click on Insert Picture. <br> 2. type the URL in the file field. <br> 3. click on right arrow on the button labeled &quot;Insert&quot; and select &quot;Link to File&quot;. <br> Done! <br><br>Now I switched to a Mac; the previous procedure is completely different and can't figure how to do it. <br><br>Thank you in advance for your directions. <br><br>Micho.

Make a Chart a link or Pop up in worksheet?
1 replies , 9/23/2004, 4:45:24 PM
I am trying to make a chart a pop up or a link, I am needing to do multiple charts on the same worksheet for each row, and this is the only way, I believe the charts would be readable. Also is there a way to copy the same date ranges for each row(similar to copyin gthe same formula for each row).

I have received a path to link the tab name to a cell in Excel, however, it repeats for each sheet. I would like each sheet to have its own tab name in a cell. What I am using that does not do this is: =RIGHT(CELL("filename"),LEN(CELL("filename"))-SEARCH(")",CELL("filename")))

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using cell references within file names in links
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I am using a link in a cell (e.g. "[filename.xls]worksheet1'!$J$13"). I want the filename.xls portion of the link to be from a cell (e.g., A1) rather than to be hardcoded. I have tried a few ways to do this, unsuccessfully. Any thoughts? Thanks.

Unable to open links in Outlook 2007 on Vista 5384
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Hi All, Is anybody else getting the error 'Operation has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator' when trying to open a link in an email in Outlook 2007? -tom

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Excel 2002 SP3 Win XP Pro SP2 Hi, How do I create and link a spinbox or combo box or similar object to scenarios I created and saved in a spreadsheet? I know how to link macros or lists (names), etc., to such objects but not scenarios....

I have installed SQL server 2000 on a 2003 server and also installed the client tool on my workstation running XP. On the server, when I open Enterprise Manager, select a database and view Table Info from Task Pad I can see Icons/links at the bottom for Table, Index, Clustered Index and Next and Last. On the client I cannot see them, it is just a white field. What causes this and what can I do about it?

Terje Trane