Is there policy setting to prevent saving file without extension?

I previously posted related question in Office Developer Add-in group...
....but I did not get any response, so I have reframed a more general 
question here.

In one particular environment (Terminal Services session on MS windows 
server 2003 standard edition SP2 with Office Professional Plus 2007 SP2), 
when I try to save a file (programmatically) withOUT .docx extension, the 
file is automatically saved with the extension.  (The file I opened had a 
name withOUT an extension.)  I have run this code in many environments 
before, including others that seem to be set up like this one, and the file 
saved successfully without the extension.  One additional note: when I do 
SaveAs, Office always adds the extension, no matter what environment I run in.

Could this be the result of a policy setting?  (Disclaimer - I know almost 
nothing about policy settings.) I have looked through the ADM template 
spreadsheet but I did not see anything that quite matched this situation.

4/2/2010, 4:05:01 PM

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1 replies , 11/4/2005, 7:06:13 PM
I need to have extension default to lower case. I have a PowerPoint presentation that needs to be saved as a .jpg file in all lower case but every time I convert the document it saves it as .JPG and the online service used to file this document is case sensitive. Am I missing a setting somewhere?

Attachments are being sent without file extensions
1 replies , 4/30/2008, 4:26:17 PM
Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: intel Hello Everyone, For some reason I'm having users send files that don't have file extensions. This is a big problem, as I know Mac OS X embeds file type into the actual file, windows does not and none of our clients can read these files because it doesn't have a file extension! Is there anyway I can make it so all Office applications save the filename+filext? Please help!!!

Countif extension
3 replies , 6/29/2004, 5:22:02 AM
Hi Guy's, I have a formula i need to create which does the following: using countif i need to count "bill" then for all the counted bills go to another range and count those cells that matched bill but also match yes. there are 20 columns of info 1st column is a name then column 2-19 each have yes or no in them, about 100 rows. i want to match a name in column 1 and count the number then go across and count the yes in the next column but they need to make sure they match. hope thats kinda clear. Leo

Non-standard extensions; Save to pre-2007 format
1 replies , 7/6/2007, 9:36:01 PM
I am working on a Word Add-in that uses different extensions than the ususal ..doc/docx. I can save a document for earlier versions of Word by providing a ..doc file extension. The question is, is there a way to do that using a different extension? (In my case they are .cbd/.cbdx). Document.SaveAs does not seem to have a parameter that affects this (wdSaveFormat apparently does not address this). Is the format totally controlled by .doc/.docx extensions with no other way to specify what is wanted? I also need to go the reverse direction using the Office Compatibility Pack from Word 2003. thanks in advance for any insights you can give here.

Query Analyzer Extension
1 replies , 9/12/2003, 5:05:40 PM
Hello, I need to develop a tool for checking db schema properties and i just want to know wether is possible or not to add to SQL Query Analyzer an option in some contextual menu for fireing my app, that is, i want to be able to navigate through the SQL Server's tree until the tables/views list and then doing a right click over one of them selecting my app as just another option as for example the Open, Delete o Edit options. I have been searching a lot but i just find the customization menu at which you can add an external tool to the SQL Query Analyzer environment but without any kind of integration. Thanks in advance Carlos Beltr�n V�zquez C******************* c*******

Carles Beltran Vazquez
I'm trying to save some files with a .csv extension. When I go back to look at them the extension has changed to .err? Any body know how to fix this?

Currently, I must copy a file with a txt extension to a floppy and place it on a 98 operating system before I can rename the file extension. The ach file extension is the only way the bank will accept it. Is there an easier way to do it?

COUNTIF extension?
6 replies , 10/28/2005, 4:10:54 PM
Data array is 720 cells (90*6) containing integers between 1 and 49, is up to 90 user selections of 6 different numbers in each row. COUNTIF (repeated 49 times) returns the count of each of the 49 numbers, into a report - no problems. I'd now like to "cream off" the top 2 "counts", report the actual numbers, and the number of times selected Also, "cream off" the lowest counts, ditto. there could be more than one number with an equal count, in both instances. EXAMPLE the numbers "5" and "34" selected 17 times the number "13" selected 15 times (in practice, could be a dozen or so) and The number " 35" selected 3 times The number "17" selected 4 times Is this possible, if so, how?

Grid Line Extensions ? (Excel 2007)
0 replies , 10/21/2010, 12:09:54 PM
Hello, Let's see if I can explain this clearly, as I imagine it's against the groups protocal to post a small graphic clip showing it. Or is it ? I have graph with the vertical axis labeled 60, 80, 100, etc. I have the horizontal grid lines going from these 60, 80, 100, etc. I have ticks marks, also, at 70, 90 110, etc. (no axis labels here; just the ticks) Can I also have horiz. grid lines extending from 70, 90, 110, but Not have numerical axis values for them ? Just horiz grid lines extensions from the Ticks ? Thanks, Bob

unknown extension
2 replies , 1/5/2007, 3:47:35 AM
I had a serious problem with my computer, and it also killed my backup drive. Long story, and not necessary here. At any rate, I had some of my files recovered, and I'm stumped about the extension on them. The recovered files no longer have their original titles, of course, so I have to open each one to figure out what it is. Some of the ones that were recovered and placed into folders for Office docs have the obvious ..doc, .ppt and .xls extensions, but a lot have an extension ".ole" that I've never seen before. Can anyone tell me what opens these? Thanks! -- Sandy sfoster 1 (at) earthlink (dot) net (remove/change the obvious)

How do I open a msg extension file?
4 replies , 1/10/2006, 6:59:03 PM
I saved an e-mail message from MS Windows 2000, SP4, and am trying to open it in MS Windows XP, 2002, SP2. It's not allowing me to open an .msg extension file. It asks for an associated program, but doesn't given me Outlook as an option. Saving to Word results in garbage.

default extension
2 replies , 7/11/2008, 4:05:12 AM
I'm using Office Home and Student 2007 on a Vista Home Premium machine. I'm unable to change the default save extension from xlsx to xls. I can do it on an individual file by file basis but I would like to have the program always save the files to a default extension of xls. I've changed the setting in Excel Options and the setting "sticks" but the program continues to create and save as xlsx. I also have the same problem in Word. Any help is much appreciated! Thanks in advance.

Help with Access Developer Extensions Package Wizard
0 replies , 12/14/2005, 10:42:25 PM
Don't know if this is the right place to post this but I hope someone knows the answer. I am having problems using the package wizard. I can run theough the first couple of steps on the package wizard, but when it asks for a language to cache, it fails to install the necessary files. I have found the resolution on the MS KB site about copying the files to the HDD, and the renaming the exe file to SETUP.EXE, but whenever I select this file to cache, I get the following message:- 'C:\Source\SETUP.EXE' could not be copied to 'C:\Documents and Settingsusername\Application Data\Microsoft\Access\ADE11\Cache\1033\SETUP.EXE'. Verify that the source file exists, that you have write permissions on the destination folder. etc I don't think it is permissions, as it does copy the msi and cab file to that particular folder, it's just the SETUP.EXE file that it doesn't copy over. Has anyone experienced this before when using the Package Wizard?

excell extension
2 replies , 5/22/2004, 3:13:52 PM
i want to locate all excell files from the search find all files and folders and dont know what excells extension is to perform search thanks

Team Services Server Extensions on SBS
3 replies , 8/8/2003, 3:47:51 PM
I have a problem with server extensions on SBS. I had FPSE and STS installed. I removed FPSE and reinstalled STS from FP 2002. I am unable to do site administration. The application hangs when attempting to run any of the dlls. I checked IIS tab for Server Extensions 2002 and get the problem for fpadmindll.dll: not responding. When I check the server extensions on the server, I get: 'Server administration program and server extensions on web server are not compatible. Admin program is too old to use with this server.' 1. How to update the admin program to be compatible with SE 2002? 2. How to fix the 'not responding' when attempting to do site administration. I am using windows authentication, active directory and ISA with SBS 2000. Appreciate your advice. Dan

File Extensions
1 replies , 9/8/2008, 2:59:01 PM
Hi don't know if I am on the right newsgroup for this question but every time I copy a file .jpeg to my pc it comes up as 'file' but does not have any extension so it is as if it is not recognised but my wmf's and png's are showing up ok - any ideas anyone? Many thanks -- Kind regards Ann Shaw

WDB File Extension
1 replies , 11/12/2003, 1:46:16 PM
I have Microsoft Office, how do I convert or open a WDF file extension?

I have tried everthing to get this working. has anybody ever run into this problem? How can this be corrected, i ahave tried the command line and most of the suggested stuff, my extensions are working. it is a problem with .net, I have installed all prerequistes can anybody help

Server Extensions
0 replies , 1/13/2004, 4:44:44 PM
I am not sure if this is the right newsgroup, but is there information on using office server extensions with other web servers? For example, if I have a J2EE application, can I incorporate office functionality like (inline editing of word documents on a web page) inside my JSP? Granted I would need IIS and office server extensions as well. Any infor would be appreciated, Mark

Mark Pfeifer
File extensions
0 replies , 1/19/2005, 6:15:02 AM
I need to know where to find a list of file extensions and what they each mean, i.e. ".doc" is a Word document. Where can I find a list of all of them? -- ~Sun~

File Extensions
1 replies , 2/26/2008, 2:26:02 PM
Using Office 2003 with Windows XP. Recently had a server (small office) rebuilt, so all of our settings were lost. When saving any document now, in the "save" or "save as" box I have to type the title of the document and the extension, such as .doc, .pub, etc. in the "file name" box. I did not have to do that before. And now if I don't, the document can't be reopened. Any suggestions on how to change it back to just the title of the document in the file name box, and maintaining the .doc, .pub in the "save as type" box. As always, thank you for any help!

I need to add a trusted publisher but am not getting a macro warning as described here: My problem is that spreadsheets generated in asp/aspx and given the xls extension are not recognized as xls files and a warning is given ( I want to get rid of that warning for files coming from a trusted website, but not for all files. Is there a method for doing this? Thanks, Tammy Westmoreland t*********

Server Extensions
0 replies , 1/13/2004, 4:46:49 PM
Is there any information on using office server extensions with other web servers? Well, actually incorporating the funcitonality in other web apps? For example, a JSP page allowing inline editing of a word document (open and save back to the server)? I assume I would need to have the word document stored on an IIS machine, but can it be done? Thanks, Mark

Mark Pfeifer
file types MDB extension ?
1 replies , 10/12/2008, 2:06:04 AM
Windows XP Home sp2 and Office Professional 2003 In Control Panel, Folder Options on the file types for MDB extensions I have a restore button. In the lower section of the File Types tab is Details for 'MDB' extension. Opens with Microsoft Office Access. You have customized files with extension 'MDB'. To restore these files to their default type (Microsoft Office Access Application), click Restore. Why do I have a restore button instead of an Advanced button like I have for XLS and DOC files? What files would be customized and what happens if I click restore?

Linda in Iowa
Excel # of Comlumns Extension
1 replies , 1/31/2004, 11:18:16 PM
Currently the maximum number of comumns of is IV. Is there a way to increase the number of Columns?

Client Extensions
1 replies , 11/4/2008, 9:25:16 AM
Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: Intel Email Client: Exchange Why doesn't Entourage support Exchange Client Extensions (ECE) like Outlook?

Opening file with changing monthly date extension
3 replies , 6/26/2006, 8:37:02 PM
Each day, a new file is created and named with a date extension. I would like my macro to open the last day's file from the previous month (20060531_Volume). My problem is that, every month, this would change (due to the date extension) and that every month the location of the file I want to open changes as our system creates a new folder for each month as the month is finished. This would mean 20060430_Volume would be in the 200604 Folder, 20060531_Volume would be in the 200605 Folder and so on. I would like the macro to work so that every month it would open the correct file without me changing anything in the macro. Is this possible? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

IShellView (Namespace extension) question
0 replies , 9/24/2006, 3:35:20 AM
If I implement a namespace extension, how much control do I have over the right hand pane in Windows Explorer? Am I limited to displaying icons and columns? Or can I program the window like any other window, and add my own controls, graphics, etc? Thanks in advance. David

Office Server Extensions
0 replies , 8/28/2003, 3:03:24 PM
Hi I am unable to install Office Server Extension (using SETUPSE.EXE) from the MsOffice2000 CD1. Whenever i try to install OSE, it corrupts my existing SQL Server 2000 installation. I have tried many time but no success. I was trying to use the 60 Minute Intranet Kit from Microsoft Office website. I have WindowsXP/ Sql 2000 and MS-Office2000 installed on my machine and also have installed Front Page. THA Vaibhav

HTC HCR-160 Deluxe Mobile Clamp Rack with Extensions
0 replies , 5/22/2009, 11:16:34 AM
Price:$82.99 Image: Best deal: Not very well built. We loaded it up with Bessy clamps and the casters almost broke. Being commited to it I purchsed a better set of 4 casters MUCH better! Not really a quality built unit if I could have seen before buying I would have walked away. To bad it is a great idea and works well for the smaller shop (less bulky and heavy than a shop built wood frame dolly). Overall I was happy with the product, although I purchased 2 racks and both were missing parts. One was missing hardware, the other was missing 2 casters, 3 rods, and 4 hairpin clips. I called HTC and they sent them out right away. Besides what was missing, I was very happy with this product. Amazon says this item ships in 24 hours. I ordered mine Aug 16, it was supposedly shipped on the 22nd, with delivery to be on the 25th. This is the 29th and neither I nor Amazon have any idea where my order is. Amazon has started using a shipper called "Airborne Home". Never heard of them. This is the fourth order I have made that has been shipped via Airborne Home......all of them have been screwed up. One took 2 weeks after shipment to show up. They have no tracking, and Amazon won't let you cancel after the item is shipped. So you just wait and hope. I started using BestBuy and Barnes and Noble a few months ago.......they operate the way Amazon did five years ago; great prices and service. They and others will get my future business. Mobile clamp rack will organize your clamps and get them close to your work area. When projects are finished, your clamps can be stored and parked out of the way until your next glue-up. Extensions allow for storage of additional clamps. 500 lbs. max. capacity. Capacity (lbs.): 500, Wheel Type: Casters ACCESSORIES: Exploring Woodworking: Fundamentals of Technology: Fine Woodworking:

1 replies , 12/18/2003, 8:08:22 PM
Is it legal to ship this file (Extensibility.dll) with our Word 2002 addin? There are also a couple of other files that are being generated by our build since adding a reference to the IE browser control. They are: AxInterop.SHDocVw.dll Interop.SHDocVw.dll Are these legal to ship as well, and if so, can anyone direct me to a redist file or documentation that spells this out? Thanks, Scott

Office 2008 extension
3 replies , 10/30/2007, 1:01:59 PM
Does anyone know if the new Office 2008 will change their extension to add the "x" at the end of every type of file (i.e. .doc becomes .docx and .xls becomes .xlsx) like they did with their new Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 for PC's?

I've tried this on my PCs. On NT in Windows Explorer you can rename a word file (no extension visible) no problem. Stays as Word. Can do this in Word also with the File Open dialogue box. In XP in Windows Explorer you can rename a word file (no extension visible) no problem. Stays as Word. CanNOT do this in Word with the File Open dialogue box. The warning "If you change a file name extension, the file may become unusable. Are you sure that want to change it?" is prompted. Any clues how to make XP behave as our NT machines ? Juliet

Server Extension
0 replies , 10/15/2004, 3:35:57 PM
Hi! I want to install OWC components on our company web-server. All company clients have MS Office 2000 and thus they also all have the OWC Spreadsheet component installed. I also want to install the neccesary dll's on our web server. On the MS Office cd there is a file called SetupSE.exe or InstallSE.exe (I don't remember which). I guess that SE meens Server Extensions. Is this the file to use if I want to install the OWC components on the server? TIA PO