HELP: how to change default save-as type... in Excel...

Does anyone know the VBA command in Excel to change the default "Save-As" 
type? For example, if a template excel file is loaded, then the default 
save-as type is template. I wrote a VBA script to save-as the template with 
a .xls file-extension. Am not sure whether this automatically makes this 
file a normal excel file, or whether it's still of type template. But then 
when the user goes to save-as in this new excel file he still gets the 
default type template. 

2/10/2006, 10:44:24 AM

Hi Kevin,

Try something like:

ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:="Your Name.xls", _


"KevinGPO" <k**********> wrote in message 
> Does anyone know the VBA command in Excel to change the default "Save-As" 
> type? For example, if a template excel file is loaded, then the default 
> save-as type is template. I wrote a VBA script to save-as the template 
> with a .xls file-extension. Am not sure whether this automatically makes 
> this file a normal excel file, or whether it's still of type template. But 
> then when the user goes to save-as in this new excel file he still gets 
> the default type template.

Norman Jones
2/10/2006, 10:57:45 AM
Why is a user opening the template if they don't want to save it as a 

 Templates are intended to be the basis of a new workbook by using "New..." 
not "Open...". Using "New..." doesn't open the template itself, it just 
creates a new (non-template) workbook based on the template. A Template 
never needs to be opened except to make design changes to the template, at 
which point you would want to save it as a template again.

George Nicholson

Remove 'Junk' from return address.

"KevinGPO" <k**********> wrote in message 
> Does anyone know the VBA command in Excel to change the default "Save-As" 
> type? For example, if a template excel file is loaded, then the default 
> save-as type is template. I wrote a VBA script to save-as the template 
> with a .xls file-extension. Am not sure whether this automatically makes 
> this file a normal excel file, or whether it's still of type template. But 
> then when the user goes to save-as in this new excel file he still gets 
> the default type template.

George Nicholson
2/10/2006, 11:12:13 PM

Default Columns (Can't Change)
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I have recently bought a Mac and the Mac version of office - why no Outlook? Entorage seems a pale comparison (especially as the cost is of the software, in UK at least, is the same as Windows version) Why no received/read receipts as well I Can't seem to get Entorage to remember my column settings for IMAP "Sent Items" folder. Whenever I log on again it always shows the "From" Column which is rather stupid as, by definition, I know who they're from. Any Advice. Paul Dersley

Paul Dersley
default footer for charts
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Hello, By looking through the thread relating to XLStart & book.xlt and sheet.xlt, i've been able to setup my default excel workbook to have the default footer that i would like for all sheets. I attempted to make one for charts, with only a chart sheet, but realized that it would contain the data i used to make the chart sheet show up. Also if I tried to save with only a chart sheet and no source sheet it warn me that i'm saving a chart with no references. I guess what i would like to know, is there a way to have the same footers on a new chart as i have set up for in sheet.xlt. Thanks, David p.s. my default workbook still only has 3 sheets and no chart, but i would like when a new chart is made in any workbook to have this footer.

Date & Time Default Doesn't Stay Defaulted
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In Date and Time, the format I select as "default" doesn't stay defaulted. Other formats are selected when I again open the dialog box. Any clues?

eliminating "US Letter" and other defaults (WordX)
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Is it possible to permanently disable "US letter" and other default preferences that never get chosen? Despite the fact the entire world including the USA uses A4, Microsoft insists on this compulsory default. A straw-poll of my US friends and colleagues indicates universal use of A4, so whence comes this odd anachronism?! Even templates jump back to it, as they also jump back to the "Times" font. If anyone knows how to get in the back door of Word X, and suggest an appropriate smart-bomb to eliminate these unwanted defaults, I'd be grateful. GH

Default email app
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How do I make entourage my default email app?

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how can i make the default value of cell "d5" to "-" so when the user deletes that cell "-" will remain

Entourage -- Default email; FileMaker Send Mail script
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I've got two problems with FileMaker's Send Mail script step. First, when Entourage 10.1.1 is selected as my default mail application (Mac 10.2.8 preferences) the script fails to create a draft messages in Entourage .... sometimes it doesn't even activate Entourage. If I set Apple's Mail as my default mail application, the script successfully activates Mail and it creates a draft document that's appropriately addressed, Carbon Copied, etc. I've tried resetting the preference, but I still get the same result. I don't know if this is an application or system issue. (By the way, in the past I was able to Send Mail to Entourage.) The second problem. When sending CC (carbon copies) email to a set of found records, I get an email list like this: <p*******>, <p*******>, , <p*******>, <p*******> I'm wondering why I get the double comma delimiter: ", , " Thanks, John

John B.
how to make office pro default
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Bought new pc with windows xp. loaded officepro 2003 and need to make it default. try to open powerpoint, excel, etc. and get trial edition of office standard.

How to chage default path for watch folder?
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Hello, When I am creating a new project I always have to change path for setting the watch folder because I have to use another one than the default path. How can I change this so that Entourage will create the watch folder in my prefered folder? Best Regards

Joerg Eschenfelder
Default values
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Is there a file for Excel 2000 that serves the same function as for Word ?? I want to set my Excel to factory defaults. -- Jerry Fortenberry

Jerry Fortenberry
Default values
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Hello! I'm (still) making my dynamic charts from access to excel. Everything's working just fine, except the fact that all properties (like gridelines, legend position, axis names...) are set to default values, and I want to modify them. Does anyone know how and why are they set to default properties? Thanks, you've been most helpfull so far! Ana -- Message posted via

Ana via
language default
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Windows XP The launguage is stuck in welsh so spell checking is impossible I have tried to default to English UK but it will not change!

setting default Printer in EXCEL VBA via API
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Hi, I have an issue with some code I'm trying to produce. Though at the moment I feel like i wish i hadn't started! :P I am producing a batch printing script for some drawing register spreadsheets I have. Basically I need to be able to set the default printer in WINDOWS from within VBA to different printers (printers setup with the default print settings to different page sizes) depending upon wether a certain cell contains the text A4-A3-A2-A1 or A0. These will be controling External documents from PDF's to AutoCAD drawings and therefore this needs to be using the windows default printer to print via the ShellExecute() and not the activeprinter internal command. I've looked around and found some VB script that look like it works (but would need tweaking, but I just can't make any headway with getting it to work in VB.;en-us;266767 Can anyone help me? This is the final stage of this project thats taken me a while! :) I'd appreciate any pointers at all :) Dave

Default browser for excel hyperlink
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I'm using maxthon as the default web browser. When i click any hyperlink that has a internet address, it always use MS Internet Explorer. How do I change to use the default browser?

Outlook 2K - Unable to open you default mail folders"
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Having a small problem at an XP workstation. When the user starts Outlook 2000, she receives the error message "Unable to open your default mail folders" followed by something about not having permission to log on. This might stem from the fact that she didn't have an account on that particular workstation when it first joined the SBS 2K network. Questions: (1) What is the definitive way to add a user to a workstation in an SBS 2K installation, and (2) how do I solve this specific problem? bestRegards, Guy.

Change Excel Exponent Default Setting
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I work for a company that is implementing a new chart of accounts to manage our business. The new account length will be 12 characters in length(e.g. 611500100001). Unfortunately, when this is entered in Excel - Excel automatically changes the value to an exponent (6.115E+11). Now I know I can change the format to display the number correctly, but actually want to either change the default exponent length setting or worse case: remove the exponent feature altogether. One of the other reasons that this will become a big problem is the fact that in my company we utilize CSV (comma separated value) files extensively and we modify it using Excel. Everytime a CSV file is opened all of the accounts are changed to exponents. Does anyone know of anyway to change excel's default setting for switching a number to an exponent? If not, I'd even entertain the thought of removing the exponent entirely from Excel as it will become that big of a problem. Thanks in advance for any feedback! Rich S

Ouch!! In many years of web experience I do not think I have ever before today posted my real email address on a public newsgroup. It did not occur to me to check, but of course Entourage helpfully did that for me. This is the first time I have seriously tried to use a combination email and newsgroup program. I decided to try Entourage instead of my trusty (paid) Eudora. All the dedicated newsreaders I have used give a clear option to withhold an email address or fake one and warn about security on newsgroups. Why doesn�t Entourage?? So far I can�t see any way to do it manually. I�ve tried editing the address book several times, and nothing seems to work. Admittedly my security has to be my responsibility, and I am experienced enough that I should have thought of it, but Entourage should invite me to think about it instead of just helping me paint a great big bulls eye on an address that up to today has received very little spam. I�m sure that�s going to change right away. Really annoying. Infuriating might be a better word. OK. Since I�ve now done it (with a domain that I have guarded like a tiger), could some of you guys please tell me how you spoof your own email addresses for news posting and still keep a valid ReplyTo address for email in Entourage? Thanks.

Bill Weylock
default ink settings
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Is there a way to save the ink settings? I use Office 2003 on a tablet PC. It is annoying to keep changing the default color and size each time I open a document.

Default Debug config VS 2005
3 replies , 2/21/2006, 2:57:53 PM
I'm new to VS 2005 and I noticed that (without intentionally changing any of the default Debugger settings) for C++, I get runtime output (when running the Debug cofig) stating that there is no Debug information nor symbols included! According the VS 2005 docs: "The Debug configuration of your program is compiled with full symbolic debug information and no optimization. " So how do I fix this default Debug configuration setting? Which setting do I have to check and/or change get the proper default settings? - Mitch

Mitch Gallant
AutoShapes default to "no line"...
3 replies , 10/24/2005, 3:10:46 PM
When I use the arrow tool (or any other AutoShape) to draw, it alway defaults the "line color" to the "no line" setting. If I have th object selected, I can then change it to black (or default) but th setting does not stick when I draw another arrow. I have *a lot* of arrows, lines, and boxes to draw and would like t find a fix, rather than changing the setting each time or usin copy-paste. Also, I would rather not run "detect & repair" because don't want *all* my settings to return to default. :( I have checked the Color settings on Tools>Options, but it doesn't hel -- and I have searched the MS Knowledge Base but so far cannot find ho to change the default line color value. Any suggestions? :confused -- GoDario2 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- GoDario27's Profile: View this thread:

Default settings for photo editor
2 replies , 11/2/2005, 9:08:03 PM
Hi, I'm constantly using microsoft photo editor to resize pictures. The problem is that the default setting in the resize window under units (dropdown menu) is in Inches by default. How do I change that default to Pixels? Thank you in advance. Mike

Default View for Calendar
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Seems when I click on Calendar the default view is for the Week - Can I make the calendar default view for the Month? How? Can't seem to find that one.

1 replies , 11/4/2003, 8:15:20 PM
hi there... i want to do EXACTLY the following i created a customized sheet and put it in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\XLStart but excel still opens up in the one that it normal opens up in how can i FORCE excel to open up into the sheet i created with outhaving to select it from the file menu ? thanks :)

Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: Intel Email Client: pop Entourage is using one of my custom categories and assigning all incoming emails to this category, even when I have a different category selected for the contact that I am receiving emails from. When the Contact already has an assigned Category, Entourage will assign the email an additional Category (one of the custom categories I created) so that email now shows it has tow separate Categories checked. -- I always assigns the same Category. <br><br>How do I get Entourage to keep from assigning this one &quot;default&quot; Category to all of my incoming emails; even overriding the Category that has been saved for the Contact? <br><br>Thanks for any help you can provide.

Microsoft document imaging default save location.
2 replies , 6/19/2008, 7:59:00 AM
Hi, Does anyone know how to set MS document imaging to save to a default location rather than to the local temp file? I have a user trying to save as default to a network drive & whenever he restarts the web based program & tries to save with MS document imaging it points to the local temp file. I know other MS Office products you can change it to save elsewhere as default. Thanks

Default Footer
0 replies , 6/29/2006, 7:47:01 PM
Is there a way to set Excel to place the file path footer on all documents by default? I want every document opened or created in Excel to place this footer in the document.

How to set spelling language as default
1 replies , 8/12/2007, 7:30:43 AM
I am using Word 2000 SP3 on an XP Pro PC set with New Zealand Regional Settings, including Language. I cannot seem to get Word to default to English - New Zealand for all documents I open or create - it defaults to English US. Any clues gratefully appreciated. Piri

Set default filename?
2 replies , 11/26/2004, 10:11:17 AM
After the user has created a new document I want to set the default filename for the file (not save it to disk). Is this possible. Properties like path & name are readonly. Workaround? The user saves the document in a sharepoint doc.lib. and I like to predefine the filename but it's up to the user to save it. //Thomas Olsson MCSD

Thomas Olsson
1 replies , 5/20/2005, 6:42:04 PM
Enter a numberin cell eg 56. It automatically becomes 0.56

Excel default workbook
2 replies , 4/28/2004, 9:11:23 PM
Hi, I want Excel to open with my own workbook instead of the blank default one. I did once know how to do it but I have forgotten. Any help please? Ken

Can't ping the default gateway or access the Internet
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Hi all, Could someone be so kind as to help point me in the right direction. I have a newly configured Windows 98 computer on an internal, private network using 192.168.1.x. It's obtaining the proper IP configuration automatically via DHCP. From this computer, I can connect to the file server (, web server (, and I can print to a network printer ( The problem is I can't ping the router (default gateway) and therefore can't get to the Internet. Any pointers? Thanks in advance. -- C.

default extension
2 replies , 7/11/2008, 4:05:12 AM
I'm using Office Home and Student 2007 on a Vista Home Premium machine. I'm unable to change the default save extension from xlsx to xls. I can do it on an individual file by file basis but I would like to have the program always save the files to a default extension of xls. I've changed the setting in Excel Options and the setting "sticks" but the program continues to create and save as xlsx. I also have the same problem in Word. Any help is much appreciated! Thanks in advance.

Changing the default folder c:\inetpub\wwwroot to c:\
1 replies , 1/3/2007, 12:34:52 AM
Hi I have changed the default folder that uses for all its web applications from c:\inetpub\wwwroot to c:\ . Now when i open visual studio 2003 and try to open a new web application..i get this error... the default web access mode for this project is set to fileshare, but the project folder at 'http://localhost/WebApplication1' cannot be opened with the path 'c:\WebApllication1'. The error returned was : Unable to create WebProject 'WebApplication1'. The UNC share 'c:\WebApplication1' does not exist or you donot have access. The local path in the Home Directory in the default website properties in IIS is set to c:/ ...What could the problem be??? Please help...I have all my project under c: ..all my previous projects are working fine..but when i try to add a new project, i get this error....can anybody please help????

gcal programmer
default font
1 replies , 7/7/2003, 8:03:37 PM
I would like to change my normal default font so that when I open Word the font I prefer is there without me having to change it for every new document. Is there an easy way to do this. I had no problems with this when using the PC version of word with windows. I tried creating a new default template, but that didn't seem to work. Word still opened up in Normal, then i would have to choose that template. Any help would be appreciated. thanks sam

xlb default
1 replies , 1/9/2006, 1:28:54 PM
Is there a way to change the default for the Tools|options|view|Pag breaks to have the page breaks show on all sheets on all workbooks? have tried changing a xlt workbook buy going into every sheet an checking the box to show the page breaks and saving it. When I open new workbook from the template it does not show the page breaks. Opening the xlb does not give the option to change it. JAV -- JAV ----------------------------------------------------------------------- JAVB's Profile: View this thread: