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4/7/2004, 10:42:23 PM

Active Directory
2 replies , 8/5/2004, 6:56:46 PM
Hi there, I have just run dcpromo to take a W2K server out of a domain and then rebooted and searched across the VPN link to find the SBS2K Server and joined into that domain to get a member server. I now want to promote the member server to a domain controller at this remote site and later add a subnet to the site and services section of the main SBS Server. However I get the following message when running dcpromo to promote the member server: Active Directory Installation Wizard The wizard cannot gain access to the list of domains in the forest. The errror is: The specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted. Does this make sense? Any ideas? Many thanks Sam.

Sam Johnson
back up restore active directory and exchange
0 replies , 11/9/2004, 12:18:01 AM
I will be reloading out server due to a number of problems and need some assistance in making sure that I am able to backup and restore the active directory settings the MS exchange settings/data etc We are running a windows 2000 Small business server do i need to backup active directory or do i just need to setup the same users again and then they will pickup the exchange info you help would be appreciated

0 replies , 11/13/2003, 5:35:43 AM
I started off copying my entire directory that visual made for me that contained my Web Application. When copied it as is to the server's wwwroot directory the page gave me an error, but when I took everything inside of the directory out and copied it straight into my wwwroot directory the app worked. Is this the only way to do it, or can you somehow keep the app in is on directory and copy it over like I tried the first time.

Timothy W. Huff
Bin Directory
0 replies , 8/27/2003, 10:13:28 PM
I'm creating an ASP.NET Web Application. I created a subdirectory from the root of the project called \C1003 Under C1003 there is a .aspx page. I cannot get the page to load correctly unless I manually copy the \bin directory from the root into the \C1003 directory after each time I rebuild my project. It's a problem with the Inherits="ChangeForms_TPA_KY.formsubit6" part. Here is the complete error: Server Error in '/ChangeForms/ChangeForms_TPA_KY/C1003' Application. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---- Parser Error Description: An error occurred during the parsing of a resource required to service this request. Please review the following specific parse error details and modify your source file appropriately. Parser Error Message: Could not load type 'ChangeForms_TPA_KY.formsubmit6'. Source Error: Line 1: <%@ Page Language="vb" AutoEventWireup="false" Codebehind="formsubmit.aspx.vb" Inherits="ChangeForms_TPA_KY.formsubmit6" aspcompat="true" %> Line 2: <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN" > Line 3: <HTML> Source File: C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\acmg\ChangeForms\ChangeForms_TPA_KY\C1003\formsubmit.aspx Line: 1 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---- Version Information: Microsoft .NET Framework Version:1.1.4322.573; ASP.NET Version:1.1.4322.573

Brandon Blodgett
Migrating 98 users to 2003 Active Directory
3 replies , 7/21/2003, 4:45:34 PM
Hello, I think the subject says it all. a. I am pretty sure this is possible can anyone tell me if I need any specific tools b. I would really like my users settings to remain the same when getting moved to active directory from the work group they are in are there any tools to do this. or how is it done c. Do I need to make any changes for the users desktop to remain the same once they have been joined to my new DC running Active directory Thanks

How to move directory MSOCACHE to another location ?
5 replies , 9/20/2005, 12:54:33 PM
I would like to place the folder "MSOCache" which is created by MSOffice 2003 to another location. How do I do this? I did not found a menu or setting in e.g. MSWord where I can set a new location Gerd

macro to move from directory to directory
20 replies , 1/23/2005, 6:47:58 PM
I am writing/recording a macro to make changes in 64 different spreadsheets in 64 different folders on a network. I am just learning vba. I don't know how to tell Excel to move through the 64 folders, test for the spreadsheet to be sure it's there, then make changes. Any suggestions? TIA Dave

OWC and Active Directory
0 replies , 9/22/2004, 7:12:48 AM
Hi I'm trying to run OWC on a network with Active Directory controls (AD). I'm having a Pivot Table with some FilterAxis variables, where one of them (market) is access-controlled by AD. I'm having the following strange problem. User 1 has access to all values of the 'market' variable. User 2 has access to only 3 of the 10 total values of 'market' (and NOT to the 'all' value). For User 1 everything works fine, he can see all markets, The Total or any chosen subset of Markets. For User 2 the problems occur. In the 'marker' filter variable only the 3 values that he has access to shows - so far so good. He can also choose any of the 3 markets and get the correct information of thoose. However - when he chooses all 3 markets, or any subset of two of the markets, I get this error message : Formula error - cannot bind: unknown menmber: "Pivot3Hier1MultiFilter__" What is wrong here? Is it because the pivot table tries to make a call to 'all' markets, and user 2 dont have sufficient privilegies to do so? How do I fix it? Regards Kasper S Nielsen

Kasper S Nielsen
Groove & Active Directory
0 replies , 2/29/2008, 2:46:11 PM
I am trying to figure out how I can script a form to check a password field entry against the participants Active Directory password. I can't seem to find any documentation on how to do this. I just started developing on Groove a few days ago and I need to create a form that would include an electronic signature. (I'm also not very good with VBScript nor JavaScript...) Thanks!

Creating Directory Structure from Cell Value
5 replies , 12/4/2007, 3:56:10 PM
I previously posted this to the incorrect group. Sorry about that. I was able to create a partial structure from information in a previous post. Post Follows: From user: Farhad Dim Fldr As Scripting.FileSystemObject Set Fldr = New Scripting.FileSystemObject If Fldr.FolderExists("C:\Reports\2007-09-18") Then Else Fldr.CreateFolder "C:\Reports\2007-09-18" End If make sure you have referred to MicroSoft Scripting Runtime from Tools>References Thanks, -- Farhad Hodjat Question: Assuming that the value of Cell D2 is a date in the format 12/2/07 18:39. I would like to create the following file structure from that information Drive:\Place Where Data is Stored\Year\Month (two digit) Month (Verbal) \Day (two digit) So with the data from Cell D2 it would look like this: Drive:\Place Where Data is Stored\2007\12 December\02\ I have used the following adjustment to the data and can't seem to get the full file structure. "Drive:\Place Where Data is Stored\" & Format(Range("D2").Value, "YYYY") & "\" & Format(Range("D2").Value, "mm") & " " & Format(Range("D2").Value, "MMMM") &"\" & Format(Range("D2").Value, "dd") With the previous formula I either get an error or nothing happens at all or I get a directory structure like this "Drive:\Place Where Data is Stored\200711\ or Drive:\Place Where Data is Stored\200711November \. The workbook where the data is contained is the active workbook.
Directory starting witht the Current Directory
1 replies , 9/18/2003, 2:11:17 AM
Hi, In my Excel Macro, the User selects the file to open.I have used the following command. ExcelFile1 = Application.GetOpenFilename("Excel- files,*.xls", _ 1, "Select Input File To Open", , False) If TypeName(ExcelFile1) = "Boolean" Then Exit Sub But the directory structure starts with "My documents". In the Windows Explorer I want the Directory start from the Current Directory in which my Excel Macro is saved. Can someone suggest me how I solve this!! Thanks in advance for any help. Neeraja.

Hi all, I want to create a macro that would provide me a listing of a directory and its sub-directories and create hyperlinks to all the .pdf files in these dir's. I would like to capture the directory names too .Also I would like to updates these links everytime the spreadsheet is opened. My directory structure is : c:\Pending Cases Year_2007 a b . . z Year_2008 a b . . z So I want to Start at the Pending Cases level and capture the dir name Year_2007 then capture each dir name underneath it a.. z and create hyperlinks to all the *.pdf files in each dir. Please provide some guidance for the above task. thanks in advance

Building to Latest folder not IIS Virtual Directory
0 replies , 3/8/2005, 3:59:07 PM
In "Team Development with Visual Studio .NET and Visual Source Safe Ch 5" the build process is described as building to "Latest" or release numbered folders. I do builds for a number of applications using all sorts of languages and am now being asked to do builds for .NET applications. In the document above it looks to me like it is possible to build to a disk location for further distribution to the application servers. In the solution files that my application uses they seem to require IIS virtual directory locations to build to. We would like to build this not to a IIS server but to a release structure as described in the document. Is it possible to build .NET applications without using IIS? If so then how? Is there any documentation available that describes this option. I have a Third party build tool that uses solution files to build the applications so that's not an issue. Getting the script written to compile the applications is the issue. Thanks, gj

Admin login Active directory
0 replies , 10/5/2003, 5:50:18 AM
for some reason i have rebooted my server and now it will not accept my admin password for the domain. it tells me i cant use any of the other passes or user names for the domain either. did not make any changes just rebooting it. tried safe mode and recovery but will not take any pas or username, could some one help me with a way to find out the pass or a way to change it. it will not let me just log into the computer i have to log into the domain, any help is greatly apriciated Jon

Jon Young
Directory Services
0 replies , 8/3/2004, 11:57:26 PM
Does anyone know how to make a directory services field in your in you main view? Example would be the default face of Exchange 2003. You have the ability to look up contacts/directory services right from the main view. No extra step of opening a directory services window. Thanks Bobcat

directory print
1 replies , 10/17/2006, 3:36:01 PM
i followed the steps to do a print directory, now my computer keeps going to the search screen, help

Directory Service Client
1 replies , 8/26/2004, 3:04:52 PM
Hi All We installing a Windows 2003 Server. For win98 client to log on we need to install the DS Client. I seem unable to find this software. Can anyone maybe assist Thank you Leon

Leon de Kock
The INFO("directory") function displays the default directory instead of the directory that the work book is saved in. I have succeeded in getting the function to report the correct directory if a "Save As" command is used, but closing the workbook and excel and then reopening excel and the workbook agains shows the results as the default directory instead of the directory that the workbook is saved in.

Howdy ya all. I'm trying to port Unix cross-development stuff to VS 2003 using the "Makefile Project" method. The trouble is, I've been given a fixed Unix directory structure with a general purpose makefile kept in a directory that is a couple of levels above where I'd like to put the Solution / Projects directories. Is there a straight forward way to do this in Visual Studio? Many thanks in advance. Wm

Where are the default directories for fax cover sheet?
4 replies , 1/18/2005, 9:27:04 PM
I downloaded a new fax cover sheet from Microsoft. Dropped in all of my own artwork and saved as template. When I try to fax and use it, it is not on the lists of available cover sheets. Why? Wrong directory, huh? Well then where is the default directory for fax cover sheets? contact: f***********

->Install into one unique directory (&subdirs)??? <-
2 replies , 12/24/2003, 2:53:57 PM
Hi, is there a way to fully install Office into one single location? My laptop is clean and besides WindowsXP, it doesn't have any Microsoft product installed. I need to install MS Office for work, but I want to do this in a portable external USB disk. My problem is that if I install Office on that disk, it will install DLLs and other files into c:\windows anyway, which I definitely want to avoid. I'm a developer and am used to distribute applications that install everything into one place so the user can fully uninstall it. I'm looking for the same thing with Office (any version from 2000 to 2003). The other option was to create a bootable external USB disk and use this one only for Office, but Windows XP doesn't install. So my only option is to have Office "self-contained" without polluting my clean installation on the laptop. Possible? Thanks for any clue. Sincerely, Steve JORDI (Remove the K_I_L_LSPAM from my email address) ------------------------------------------------ 1197 Prangins Email: s**************** Switzerland WWW: ------------------------------------------------ Volcanoes at MovieDB at ------------------------------------------------ ----== Posted via Newsfeed.Com - Unlimited-Uncensored-Secure Usenet News==---- The #1 Newsgroup Service in the World! >100,000 Newsgroups ---= 19 East/West-Coast Specialized Servers - Total Privacy via Encryption =---

Hi All, I am looking for some help in creating a directory mail merge. I have data in spreadsheet in the following format. Publisher Books Email PubA Title One a****** PubA Title Two a****** PubA Title Three a****** PubB Book One x***** PubB Book Two x***** PubC One Volume m****** PubD Another Text e********* PubE First of Many Books l******** PubE Second of Many Books l******** PubE Third of Many Books l******** PubE Last of Many Books l******** I have created a directory mail merge in which I have got one letter for each publisher consisting of books list I need to order. i.e. One letter to PubA with all three titles. My letter varies with publisher according to number of books. The problem I am facing is how to email these letters to just one email Id using outlook. For example, I want to send my directory mail merge to Publisher PubA just once on his email a****** and not three times as shown in my excel spreadsheet. I have tried merging with new documents and emailing but it mails all 5 letters together to all the emails present in the spreadsheet. I want individual letters to specific recipients only. I hope I have explained my problem. Any feedback or help would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance. -Aroma

I have an Excel COM add-in that is using ClickOnce for updates. My program also depends on a VBA add-in which must be installed at the same time but I hate to require our customers to run two installs. I could install the VBA add-in from my COM add-in if I could only find the directory that contains the installation files. But I can't find a way to reference that directory. I think my program knows in some way where the directory is because it checks there for program updates. My idea is that I could put the VBA add-in the same directory whenever there's a new version and my COM add-in could check for it and update it automatically (the code for installing VBA add-ins is simple). So is there any way to reference that directory from my COM add-in?

XP pro client cant see active directory
3 replies , 12/10/2003, 3:06:10 PM
I have 2003SBS PDC w/xp pro clients and NONE of my clients (although they seem to authenticate just fine) can browse active directory objects or even see active directory on the server. I get permission denied errors connecting to server or client shares. I used the network id wizard to join the domain and my users are all copies of the admin account. I know I'm doing something silly that can be easily fixed but I can't figure it out. I have changed the NICs and Switches thinking its hardware but to no avail. I have one nic in the server and Terminal Services loaded. DNS-wise I have the server pointing to itself and the clients pointing only to the server.

1 replies , 3/3/2004, 7:08:53 AM
I have a directory on the drive that Office 2003 is installed on, called MSOCache. It also has a subdirectory of "All Users" It is actually full of CCAB files and other things. It happens also to be a directory that is neary 300MB in size! Question is - What is this directory and can I delete it? Thanks for your help. Regards

MSBuild: Controlling the default install directory
12 replies , 2/13/2008, 4:13:04 PM
We wrote some COM dotnet dlls to enhance a legacy desktop app that we aren't ready to rewrite as managed code. My direction is to install the dlls in the same directory as is used by the legacy app. MSBuild seems to have it's own idea of where that should be, and I haven't had any luck changing the default. I'm building from the 2005 IDE rather than command line. This ought to be dead simple, so I assume that I'm looking for the wrong keywords. Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance, John

Staying it its own directory.
1 replies , 1/7/2006, 8:59:02 PM
I have a file with many vlookups from file1 to file2. The files are in the same directory. Then I want to be able to email the files to another user and they will put them in their directory. Their directory will not be the same path as my directory. I was playing with an example and it caused me a problem because when I set the files up in a new directory the vlookup() was still pointing to the old directory. Is there a way in the vlookup() formula to tell it to look in the current directory the file is located. Thank you for your help. Steven

Creating a directory
1 replies , 6/22/2006, 11:09:32 AM
Is it possible to create a new directory using VBA?

Graham Whitehead
Windows 2003 Active Directory
0 replies , 9/2/2003, 4:55:49 PM
MY Windows 98 computers cannot login to the domain after upgrading it to 2003. I have installed the windows 2000 active directory client and still have the same problem. Any ideas?

directory structure
4 replies , 7/12/2004, 2:44:20 AM
Is there a way (either with VBA in excel, or another program) to get the contents of a drive and/or folder and save it as an excel file? Output would be something like columns for: A: Path B: File Name C: Extension Just something that could prove to be useful. Thanks. M. Johnson

Matt J.
Importing Active Directory
1 replies , 5/2/2007, 4:22:00 PM
I have just obtained Visio 2003 and am looking to import (or populate) it with active directory, is there a way to create a diagram automatically from my active directory? thanks for any help you can give me.

can't access directory
3 replies , 10/29/2004, 2:33:06 AM
In the Tools menu\Options box or window, If I try to make any changes or even choose a different tab along the top, I get an error message saying- Can not access directory "F:\All Files:" Which is the partition the files are stored on but they are few folders below this. Using Windows XP Professional + Office 2003. There is only one user that is an administrator. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Douglas

Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: Intel 1. Receive a mail message in Entourage with a Word document attached, Word not running at the time; 2. Double click the attachment, Word launches, opens doc; 3. Select "File.Save As...." Default directory is "Saved Attachments." Click a directory on the left pane, and the selection does not occur, i.e., the target directory remains "Saved Attachments." 4. Select the drop-down for the target directory widget and select another directory; now clicking on the left pane will work. 5. Don't save it, but cancel out. Try again. Same behavior. 6. Try again, but this time save it somewhere. Now, on subsequent tries, it works fine. 7. Close the doc. Don't quit Word. Open it again from the mail message. Works fine. 8. Quit Word. Open doc again from email. Same bad behavior.

Office10 directory
1 replies , 7/28/2005, 4:45:17 PM
I was reinstalling Office 2000 & Access 2003 on a new drive. The install created a directories Office10 & MSOCache on a different drive. I used the LISTool to move MSOCache to my C: drive but it didn't touch the Office10 directory. What is this? Where should it be? Can I kill it? Thanks, Max

Max Yaffe