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>Does anyone know if windows XP will support MS Flight 
>Simulator 98? I found a (new) copy of it for sale 
>recently, but it was manufactured before windows XP came 
>out. The system requirements are listed as Win 95 or Win 
>98. I am hoping that, since Win 98 is upgradable to XP, 
>that XP might be backward compatable to support WIN 98 
>applications (in this case, MS Flight Simulator 98). If 
>anyone knows for sure, please let me know.

I can't see why it would not work. All you have to do if 
it does not work is run it in Win95 or 98 compatibility 
mode. To do this just right-click on the .exe file for 
the game and select properties. Then you can check they 
option on a tab there to run it in compatiblility mode. I 
have been able to get many old 95/98 games running under 
XP by doing this. If I were you, I would get FS2002, its 
excellent and 100% better.
6/30/2003, 6:09:21 AM
NO compatibility mode needed actually, works fine under WinXP. Do
compatibility mode just in case though.
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> >-----Original Message-----
> >Does anyone know if windows XP will support MS Flight
> >Simulator 98? I found a (new) copy of it for sale
> >recently, but it was manufactured before windows XP came
> >out. The system requirements are listed as Win 95 or Win
> >98. I am hoping that, since Win 98 is upgradable to XP,
> >that XP might be backward compatable to support WIN 98
> >applications (in this case, MS Flight Simulator 98). If
> >anyone knows for sure, please let me know.
> >Thanks!
> >.
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> I can't see why it would not work. All you have to do if
> it does not work is run it in Win95 or 98 compatibility
> mode. To do this just right-click on the .exe file for
> the game and select properties. Then you can check they
> option on a tab there to run it in compatiblility mode. I
> have been able to get many old 95/98 games running under
> XP by doing this. If I were you, I would get FS2002, its
> excellent and 100% better.

Sey Hee Park
7/5/2003, 12:46:52 PM

Flight Simulator German Airports
0 replies , 1/29/2008, 5:23:54 PM
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Oxi Action
4 replies , 3/1/2008, 8:21:02 PM
How do you simulate an unfair spinner or die?

Simulation problem
2 replies , 2/16/2005, 4:32:14 PM
My problem is that I have installed crystal ball on my comp. When for example I am trying to do the simulation I want one of the cells to be decreasing gradually by the values given to me by the crystal ball. That is not the case, lets say: I have given number 3 by the simualtion Lets say my inventory is 40 I want 40 to be decreasing every time a simulation gives me a number but it is always subtructing from 40 and not 40-3-5-6-7-4-5 it is always 40-3, 40-5, 40-6 what should I change, is there a lock on the cell for that or what? HELP PLEASE -- Danio ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Danio's Profile: http://www.excelforum.com/member.php?action=getinfo&userid=20010 View this thread: http://www.excelforum.com/showthread.php?threadid=345945

0 replies , 1/4/2006, 11:46:02 AM
Can you do process simulations in Visio?

Combat Flight Simulator
5 replies , 9/5/2006, 10:30:02 PM
Can any body help, am trying to run CFS 3 on an Acer Aspire 120E and it fails to run, video chipset is SIS 661 FX with 32 MB RAM. Have done all the obvious stuff such as upgraded the video drivers and direct x. Also loaded the upgrade for CFS. Still no joy - is this chip set ever going to work - has any body else had this problem. Sysmptons are - game loads up (only of safest mode) - when you select fly the game ends and you are returned to the desktop !!. Any help greatly appreciated. -- LJM

Simulation Tests..
0 replies , 12/14/2006, 4:41:27 PM
Hi everyone, I need to find some trainning for MS Office2003, the trainning should include tests(better the simulation test), at least I need Word, Power Point, Outlook and Excel. The problem is that we need to train our office personel, and I think is better this way. I will appriciate your help. Thanks in advanced. Michel

Michel Moreno
error while installing Microsoft flight simulator X
6 replies , 10/13/2006, 11:21:01 PM
I get this error message at the very end of the installation: [L=http://img256.imageshack.us/img256/3862/0106o021032hj9.gif]http://img256.imageshack.us/img256/3862/0106o021032hj9.gif[/L] [L=http://img168.imageshack.us/img168/4008/14dj6.jpg]http://img168.imageshack.us/img168/4008/14dj6.jpg[/L] I am running Windows XP, I reinstalled .net framework 2.0. I have no idea what to do and it p***es me off, because I spent almost an hour installing the game and I get this stupid error message. I would appreciate some help

Probabilty - Binomial - a simulation game?
4 replies , 4/30/2006, 2:31:01 AM
Hello, Life has presented me with an opportunity to teach some math to children/young adults with challenging backgrounds. Many have come a long way and want to pursue more challenging material. I want to teach them more about probability and want to design an Excel simulation. My idea was to get them to work out how variables altered probability. Specifically I am looking for help to develop a game where students would alter variables "probability" (expressed as a ratio or percentage) of picking a colored ball from a bag. So if they said there were three red balls, 4 blue, six white etc. the simulation would calculate the probability of each ball. And I'd like to show them the impact of selecting "out" or "in" where "out" is keeping the ball (and all others selected) out of the bag for subsequent turns and "in" is putting the ball back in the bag. Then a random generator would be used to "pick" the next ball and excel would display a cell of the matching ball color. I then want excel to show some statistics like comparison of theoretical probability to outcome (to show sample size variance), the number of times in a row a particular ball was drawn (as in a streak). I know the math but am a baby beginner at Excel programming. It looks like from the help that a Binomial distribution is the function with a rounded random function for selection. Am I on the right track? Any ideas on "out" and "in"? Thanks very much for your help Rob

flight simulator
1 replies , 12/26/2003, 2:58:21 AM
when i play flight sim. my system restarts in the middle of the game. can anyone help me chris

Chris Harper
Train simulator
1 replies , 3/1/2007, 10:41:00 PM
Train simulator will not start. lt is asking for the disk.everything is installed. Whats wrong? -- mikey

Train Simulator
2 replies , 11/9/2007, 7:34:01 PM
Got this game and installed on my PC. When trying to open the program, I get an ERROR READING TRAIN DATABASE FILE File: Trains\Trainset\auran_sdcn\auran_sdcn.eng If I answer OK 3 times, It will go into the game and only allow me to play for a few moments and kicks me off. Help Please

Re: Car assign simulation
1 replies , 4/11/2005, 4:40:02 PM
Hi Bob, Thanks for your quick response. I have another more complicated problem but it is also a car assignment problem. The problem is similar to the previous one that assigning right car to the right job without time overlapping. But there is one more requirement. Once the car is assigned to DriverA, other drivers cannot use the car until DriverA drives the car back to the depot. Using below table, Column A stores the service type. There are 3 types which are "T", "L" and "W" services. Column B and C store the start time snd finish time of the job. Column D and E are the driver and car assignment for the job. e.g. in row 4, Driver 3 is assignned for the job. The values in column D are given and I would like to find out the value of column E. Column F and column G are the route of the car (from which location to which location). The value of these two columns are also given. And location 16 is the depot. So, if the car start at location 16, that means the car go to the destination from depot. I have inputted the formulae based on those you taught me before . A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) service| job | assignment | location | W truck | L truck | T truck | 2) type |start| end |driver|vehicle|from| to |W1|W2|W3|L1|L2|L3|T1|T2|T3| 3)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4) L 12:15 12:40 3 L1 16 32 5) W 12:20 12:40 2 W1 16 17 6) T 12:20 12:35 17 T1 16 28 7) W 12:25 12:45 1 W2 28 61 8) L 12:25 12:40 18 L2 16 70 9) W 12:30 12:50 5 W3 16 66 10) T 12:35 12:50 14 T1 22 17 11) L 12:35 12:50 4 L1 16 62 12) W 12:40 13:00 2 W1 17 41 13) T 12:40 12:55 19 T2 16 61 14) L 12:40 12:55 3 L2 32 46 in H4: =IF(A4="W",C4,0) in K4: =IF(A4="L",C4,0) in N4: =IF(A4="T",C4,0) in H5: =IF(A5="W",IF(MAX(H$4:H4)>B5,0,C5),0) in I5: =IF(OR(SUM($H5:H5)>0,$A5="T",$A5="l"),0,IF(MAX(I$4:I4)>$B5,0,$C5)) in J5: =IF(OR(SUM($H5:I5)>0,$A5="T",$A5="l"),0,IF(MAX(J$4:J4)>$B5,0,$C5)) in K5: =IF(A5="L",IF(MAX(K$4:K4)>$B5,0,$C5),0) in L5: =IF(OR(SUM($K5:K5)>0,$A5="W",$A5="T"),0,IF(MAX(L$4:L4)>$B5,0,$C5)) in M5: =IF(OR(SUM($K5:L5)>0,$A5="W",$A5="T"),0,IF(MAX(M$4:M4)>$B5,0,$C5)) in N5: =IF(A5="T",IF(MAX(N$4:N4)>B5,0,C5),0) in O5: =IF(OR(SUM($N5:N5)>0,$A5="W",$A5="L"),0,IF(MAX(O$4:O4)>$B5,0,$C5)) in P5: =IF(OR(SUM($N5:O5)>0,$A5="W",$A5="L"),0,IF(MAX(P$4:P4)>$B5,0,$C5)) The outputs of column E are shown. However, you can see that Driver3 (in row 4 and row 14) finished the first job and go to the location of last job without returning depot. So, he should use the same car L1. Also, car L1 cannot be used by other drivers in this period. So, can you plaese help me to solve this problem? Also, please don't mind my message is so long and I have so many questions. Many thanks for your help. Best regards, Lilian

Train Simulator
0 replies , 10/13/2007, 7:50:00 PM
hi guys !!! when i click on the editors and tools button in microsoft games in all programes it brings up MProfiling and then quits. this happened with Train Simulator games it self but i was able to find the target for that one but i dont know what to do with this one. can anybody please help ???

Flight simulator 2002
4 replies , 11/2/2003, 9:00:48 PM
Can some one please help me. I just got the new version of windows xp pro and now my flight simulator 2002 does not work. It looks to be in safe mode. I have tried un- installing it but it will not allow me to do that either. I thank you for any sugestions. Rich

flight simulator
5 replies , 10/14/2004, 4:39:07 AM
i just bought a new copy of ms flight simulator 2004 and instaled the 4 cd's. Everything seems to work fine until i actually try and start the game, it just freezes just before loading the game and the game stops responding. i am sure it wasn't the cd's since they loaded the game properly, is there anything i can do to solve this?

Flight simulator 2002
1 replies , 5/23/2004, 2:01:04 PM
I just bought and installed fs2002, but when it starts, i get a "do you want to run 3rd party software, traffic.dll?" message. No matter what I select, it stops the game from starting.

Simul click button send/receive in vb6
5 replies , 2/4/2006, 6:30:43 PM
Hi I search one solution for simuled click button send/receive in vb. thank.

Outlook 2003 HowTo simulate CustomTskPane?
2 replies , 11/16/2007, 10:40:00 AM
Hi there, There are some way to simulate something like customTaskPane for Office 2007 in Outlook 2003? many thanks.

Train Simulator
1 replies , 10/22/2005, 7:06:04 PM
Can anybody tell me why when the train revs up/down, the sound skips/jumps. It is only when either the train is passing the camera or the train revs up/down, the sound of the train jumps. Why is this? Is it my computer? I have a Dell Dimension 9100 with Intel P4 3.0 GHz HT technology.

5 replies , 12/11/2003, 9:39:12 PM
I have a laptop (Panasonic cf-48) running XP the game loads fine and I can play it but after shutting my pc off and comming back and turning it on I can't play it I'vedone everyting I can but the screen goes black then back to my desktop.

Combat Flight Simulator
2 replies , 12/17/2003, 10:31:30 PM
My hubby has requested for Christmas the Windows Combat Flight Simulator "Pacific" version. Where can I purchase and download?

Flight simulators
1 replies , 9/13/2003, 7:00:55 AM
I've noticed that many flight simulator "games" are not compatible with windows XP. I've tried downloading several freewares and then using the compatibility wizard but it hasn't worked so far. Anyone know a good flight sim that works with XP? Right now i only have a 128 / PC2100 DDR SDRAM and a 40 GB Ultra DMA but will upgrade if needed for a good flight sim.

Flight Simulator X Deluxe
1 replies , 7/30/2008, 8:49:11 PM
Hey! when i play Flight Simulator X Deluxe it laggs and it's slow and "choppy". still when i have low graphics it's lagging and it's "choppy" but less. i have upgraded both graphic and sound cards. graphic card: Hightech Radeon 9600SE Sound: Terratec 5.1 Wave.. plzz help :)

flight simulator 2004
1 replies , 11/9/2003, 7:36:52 PM
the game keeps freezing on me. I have nothing running in the background and i have windows xp. to get out of it i have to reboot the computer. can someone help me. thanks.

Flight Simulator 2004
2 replies , 4/3/2004, 2:21:02 PM
to start a flight, aftera construct with Flight Planner, the aircrsft is placed/located at the start of an active runway, then requests the Tower for "taxi" rights---??????( the plan is THERE) ---- the aircraft should be located in a Parking Area --How about that-----then the aircraft CAN taxi to an active runway as in the Flight Planner

Flight Simulators
1 replies , 8/20/2003, 6:11:07 PM
Bought new computer with xp and now I can run Flight simulator 98 or 20000. Anyone know how to do this? I have tried compatability. Does not work.

1 replies , 5/5/2006, 11:22:01 AM
Does anyone know how i can simulate business processes using VISIO?

Flight Simulator 2004
1 replies , 1/6/2004, 4:21:25 PM
Here's the probelem.When I go to play flight simulator a blue screen comes up saying error.If it doesn't do that it will jam after I have just started it.it also sometimes says Norton anti virus may not be able to function properly.Thing is I have tried everything.i have enough hard space,my video and sound cars have been updated.I have checked anti virus.I have also tried re-intalling it many times and even running it on clean boot.I just don't get it.Please can someone help!Thanks

monte carlo simulation
2 replies , 10/16/2005, 11:44:08 PM
Hello, I have some real data of inflation per month for the UK. How can I simulate this, using random numbers that were generated using normal distribution. regards

Flight Simulator X use
2 replies , 12/12/2008, 10:01:01 PM
Hi. I just purchased Flight Simulator X Gold Edition and am having issues viewing. For example. On Free flights, I selected for JFK Airport using Baron 58 but my screen comes up black (no view at all). Do I need to use one of the Disks? Recently purchased HP Pavilion Elite PC with Vista Premium (64 bit). 750GB 7200rpm SATA hard drive 1GB NVIDIA GeForce 9800GT.2DVI.HDMI.adpt/4GB DDR2-800Mhz dual channelSDRAM4x1024. The tutorials work fine but that's all that works now.

Car assign simulation
3 replies , 4/8/2005, 2:07:04 PM
Hi all, I have a question as follows: A B C D E ---------------------------------------------------------- Services Required Time Staff Car Start Finish Provide ---------------------------------------------------------- 1 T 1:20 1:35 12 ? 2 W 8:00 8:20 1 ? 3 W 8:10 8:30 2 ? 4 T 8:15 8:30 14 ? 5 W 8:20 8:40 3 ? 6 T 8:25 8:40 15 ? 7 T 8:35 8:50 16 ? IF there are(sheet2): CarW1 for W Services CarW2 for W Services CarT1 for T Services CarT2 for T Services How can I use a formula to assign the right car to the Coloum "Car Provide", with no overlapping in time? Thanks in advance. Best Rgds, L. Chung

Flight Simulator 2004
1 replies , 9/21/2003, 12:08:02 AM
HeLp Me!~!~!~!

Simulating a Zodiac with a chart
2 replies , 3/14/2009, 3:18:46 PM
I want to make a circular chart similar to a Zodiac but I want to color sections similar to a pie chart. I have plotted this before using Sin/Cos of the degree but did not have the ability to color the pie shape pieces. Is this possible? So say I want from 360* (top dead center) to 90* (left quadrant) to be shaded, how would I do this and with what type of chart?

Blackjack simulation in Excel
4 replies , 11/4/2005, 3:33:11 PM
Hi, I want to create a spreadsheet that simulates blackjack hands that mimics real probabilities that i can calculate myself, or if anyone already has this data this would be ideal. I need to be able to tell the spreadsheet what table rules are in effect, e.g. the number of decks in the shoe, double after split or not, dealer stands or hits on soft 17 and so on - obviously if you've already got knowledge or a working example of this you are a god to me! after inputting the different variables i want the sheet to generate hands and play them against the dealers upcard as determined by the relevant basic strategy table to those parameters specified (if you know the game you will be aware that different table rules give rise to subtle variations in strategy). the purpose of this is to generate 65536 hands per sheet (or multiples there of) and simulate player win/push/dealer win results so as to aid identification of the most efficient staking plan. there are programs out there that play for you but mine is a statistical problem i wish to investigate and understand myself. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated, and if you share a similar interest in this i would be glad to hear from you too. PGLove

G Love