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this is the latest version of security update, the
"September 2003, Cumulative Patch" update which fixes
all known security vulnerabilities affecting
MS Internet Explorer, MS Outlook and MS Outlook Express
as well as three new vulnerabilities.
Install now to continue keeping your computer secure
from these vulnerabilities.
This update includes the functionality =
of all previously released patches.

System requirements: Windows 95/98/Me/2000/NT/XP
This update applies to:
 - MS Internet Explorer, version 4.01 and later
 - MS Outlook, version 8.00 and later
 - MS Outlook Express, version 4.01 and later

Recommendation: Customers should install the patch =
at the earliest opportunity.
How to install: Run attached file. Choose Yes on displayed dialog box.
How to use: You don't need to do anything after installing this item.

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Lois Chartier
9/27/2003, 2:42:33 PM

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Milly Staples [MVP - Outlook]

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Milly Staples [MVP - Outlook]
9/27/2003, 10:51:41 PM

I get the same message whenever I go to use help in any of Microsoft Office 2003 programs "Internet ExplorerScript Error" and error has occured in the script on this page. If I hit enter twice I then get "help". How do I stop this happening? My new Office 2003 is very 'buggy" especially Outlook which I am having a lot of minor problems with.

Lost Internet Connection
2 replies , 1/22/2004, 4:54:23 PM
Hi everyone, All of a sudden our Internet access went down. All Clients & Server give Error 11001 - Host not found The Server gives: This error indicates that the gateway could not find the IP address of the website you are trying to access. The clients give: This error indicates that the gateway could not find an authorative DNS server for the web site you are trying to access. Any help greatly appreciated. TIA, Gary

I installed a new ethernet card in a win98 machine that had an existing dialuo aol account. After I installed the card I get a GP fault whenever I open internet explorer or AOL. I have tried a different make of card and I have totally removed all network components and reinstalled them and I still have the problem. I once read an article on how to reset the tcpip stack but I can't find that article anynore. Can anyone help?

Billy Hart
Newbie - can I get into excel data from the Internet?
1 replies , 3/29/2009, 12:22:10 AM
Can I write VBA/macro which will retrieve data from the internet, like stock price and put it into excel cell? Can you point me to a site which explain how to do it? I know basic excel, Java and VB and once wrote VBA for Word. Thanks, Zalek

Winsock Error / Connecting to Internet
3 replies , 2/16/2004, 5:52:59 PM
Hi Since 2 days, i have a win98SE computer that can't connect to the web. It was usually connected through a cable modem (DHCP server) and suddenly, it stopped working. Most of the domain names resolves (when i do a ping command), altho only a small amount of website ping my requests (like google.ca does, but not msn.com for exemple). And i cant browse the web, FTP, email ... nothing works. I get the error 10055 and something 10038, which is a winsock error. I tried searching the web for a solution and here's what i did: - Reinstalled Win98 over the other copy (not a clean install, basicly just reinstalling) - Deleted Nic adapter + TCPIP and everything else in network components and reinstalled. Even tried switching the NIC Adapter. - Deleted registry entries about winsock and winsock2 (Local machine / System / ControlCurrent set / services or something like that). Anyway i removed both and put some .reg that some guy suggested on a forum) Basicly, it like there are no sockets opened at startup ... Anyone has a way to fix this ? I dont want to format here. Thx in advance! Fran�ois

Cannot get on internet by internet explorer
0 replies , 10/18/2003, 11:19:15 PM
My operating system is Window Milenium (ME)and Microsoft Office for small business purchesed 2 years ago from Dell. Recently I have this Error: "Please check your content Advisor settins for missing information. Click the tools menue and then click Internet Options. on the content tab check the content advisor settins." I have done what the message said but could not find missing information. Please can you help. How shoul the content advisor look like? thank you

zana radman
Accessing Internet Headers
2 replies , 9/24/2003, 11:11:06 PM
I am trying to write a c# program to access Outlook internet headers for messages in a public folder. When I look at these messages in Outlook, and select View/Options, there is information in the Internet Headers scrollbox. BUT -- when i run the Visual Basic code ( so far this is the only documented method I have found, so I'm converting it to c# ) found here: http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=194870 It throws an error saying the MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND, i.e., the property doesn't exist. YET -- this code works on other mail in my Inbox. Other articles tell me that the Outlook.MailItem does not contain access to the Internet Headers so I am using the MAPI object in CDO -- but, as I said, some emails do not allow the headers to display. Since I can see the headers in Outlook, shouldn't the Outlook Object Model allow me to access them ?

john bailo
Share sheet automatic on the internet.
4 replies , 10/22/2009, 4:28:17 PM
Hello, I've got this spreadsheet where in I want one of the worksheets to be visible on the internet. This particular sheet is a sheet that shows the previous sheets making use of the camera tool in Excel. Is there a way to make Excel save and publish this sheet every time it is updated? Can Excel do this by FTP? There is no need to make it interactive. I have a server where I can make a special user and a password for this job. Could this be done with a macro? Thanks!!

internet connection
1 replies , 6/8/2004, 11:36:07 AM
hi I have a DSL modem but have tried numerous ways of connecting to the ISP via this modem. It works fine with all other O/S including SBS 2000. There seems to be an issue with SBS 2003 ICW in ISDN/ADSL modem connetion only allowing BROADBAND; router, PPPoE only, direct. DIAL-UP; only dial-up (No modem installed I guess until this is resolved I will have to get a router + 2nd NIC Allow forwarding to enable OWA Any good articles on router config with SBS2003 Jim

html link in email opens Internet Connect
3 replies , 4/18/2006, 2:42:01 PM
A very strange problem is happening in Entourage 2004 on OS X. When I receive an email that contains HTML links and I click on it, Internet Connect opens instead of my browser. I am already connected to a network through ehternet I can't figure out why Entourage thinks it isn't connected. The only way I can get around this is to copy paste the link into a browser.

restrict internet access from office
1 replies , 5/25/2004, 2:39:05 PM
Does anyone know of a way to configure Office 2001 so as to block internet access? I don't want to mess with my Windows NT server and was hoping to find a way to configure each of my Imacs to be able to use IE5 freely, but NOT from any Office program. Thanks

john mcsweeney
internet explorer
1 replies , 9/21/2003, 10:53:23 PM
how do i make it so that i can let people know that i am out of the office - i want to list this on my e-mail letting the know i am not in but will be returning on a certain day, i have not been able to figure this out. I could sure use so help. Thanks. Geoff Wyllie

Geoff Wyllie
Hello, We need to be able to change the internet format property for a contact item through VBA. I'm talking about the Internet Format dropdown select box that you get when you right click on an email address of a contact and choose properties. It's the option that lets you select the email format for each contact individualy. So far I haven't been able to find any reference to this property. Does anyone know what it is?

dns errors after installing internet sharing
5 replies , 11/7/2004, 3:23:54 AM
Hi, I have simple NetBEUI networking and TCP/IP installed on my laptop. Some weeks back I added TCP/IP to my Ehternet adapter, and internet sharing to my desktop, so I could surf from on my laptop through my desktop connection. My Network properties look like this: Client for Microsoft Networks. Dialup Adapter Intel 8255x-based PCI Ethnert Adapter (10/100) NETGEAR WG511 54mbps Wireless PC Card Toshiba FIR Port Type-O NetBEUI -> the Ethernet Adapter TCP/IP -> all three File and printer sharing for Microsoft Networks All settings are to automatic detection. My LAN connection settings in Internet Options are to automatic detection. All went well until my browser couldn't find the "server or dns". This has continued for weeks despite my attempts to fix it. The browser connects OK, but then lossed the DNS server after 5 or 10 minutes. It happens on any connection, dial-up, various wireless broadcast, my internet sharing networking. It happens with any browser, MSIE, Netscape, Mozilla, Opera. It never fails. The browser connection never returns. Sometimes it chokes for a while before I get the error message, usually not. It does not happen with email, ftp, telnet etc.. They remain uneffected. Winipcfg retains the correct network information, which I renew before surfing, even though the browser returns dns errors. Restarting network connection does not help. Removing NetBEUI or other protocals and adopters does not help. Not logging onto network doesn't help. Setting the TCP/IP binding in use as default protocal doesn't help. Renewing the IP configuration doesn't help. Logging off and on doesn't help. The only thing that works is a reboot. I can't undo it! I uninstalled all networking, including dial-up, reinstalled win98se, reinstalled Netgear wireless only, took it to a cafe to test. Still had the problem. Any ideas would be appreciated! -- freeman


Own The Internet ( New Internet Concept)
0 replies , 3/5/2007, 2:47:37 PM
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I have a client using an internet-based document management application. The site concerned is a "Trusted Site" in IE. The application opens Word 2003 on the local computer for input, then saves the data to the remote server. The problem is that AutoText entries saved in Word during normal use are not available when Word is opened via the internet application, and AutoText entries saved whilst at this time are not then available in normal use or even on later use via the internet application. It may or not be relevant, but whenever Word is opened via the internet application no data is shown until the instance of Word is minimised and restored. I'm guessing that this is a security measure to partition off the internet use from the general computer, but it's causing problems for my client's secretaries. Can anyone help with this? Thanks, Paul

0 replies , 5/3/2009, 7:32:54 PM
Lobo, rika ti tohle neco: http://www.megasphera.cz/ 290,-K� - 2Mbps jak si to mam predstavit, tu ry chlost, muzes mi to k necemu prirovnat co si predstavim...? Neportrebuju stahovat, jen aby se mi straky nenacitaly hodiny Dik le

VPN, Outlook and Internet at the same time
1 replies , 11/21/2003, 11:44:47 AM
Hi I have a bit of a tricky problem. I have recently set up an SBS2000 server for my company. Has a basic config, only server in company, running Exchange, ISA, IIS and VPN for remote connections. OK, now my boss (the director) works 90% from home. So he has got his own broadband, etc. and is always online. The way it is setup is that he has a VPN connection to the office SBS, which is used so his outlook can connect to exchange. The problem is that he obviously likes to leave the VPN connected, so his mail arrives instantly and does not have to keep logging in and out to check it. He is complaining that whilst connected to the VPN (which he is using for his outlook to work) he cannot browse the net without disconnecting the VPN and therefore outlook too. Is there a way for him to do both together? Secondly on the odd occasion he comes into the office, he expects to just plug his laptop into the network and away he goes. The problem is that I need to come round to turn the proxy settings for the SBS/ISA on before he can browse the net. Is there no way to automatically configure this, keeping in mind he goes home back to his broadband connection and doesn't want to have to make manual changes then either? BTW, I am planning to upgrade to SBS2003 and Outlook2003 in a couple of weeks. I can hold out for this if these problems would not be present then???? Thanks for any help or advice you have. Cheers, Luke

Luke Wingfield Digby
I have trial Teacher Edition of Office. When I try to use an unable to find connection message pops-up. I have no probs clicking on Internet Explorer to see I do have a connection.

Activation key by internet
1 replies , 5/5/2007, 9:25:00 PM
After the 60 days of trial version (Office Professional 2007) I bougth it yesterday by internet using my mastercard, but until this moment I haven't received the "Acivation Key" in my e-mail, and when I completed the transaction neither appeared the key. What can I do? Thanks AlexD

Connecting to the internet...
0 replies , 12/18/2003, 3:32:59 AM
Can anyone write me a script for my nework connection to bypass my Juno program so that I can connect to the internet without the the Juno program? And eplain to me how to implement it? I am using Windows 98SE Thanks! Doug

3 replies , 7/12/2003, 10:33:16 AM
Hi I have just setup SBS2000 and have added all the users. I am now as I understand it at the stage where I need to setup ISA and internet connection sharing. I can't find any information on the best process for this, specifically (the second network card is currently disabled) What IP should the second NIC that will be connected to the router be? What IP should the router itself have? Is there anything I need to do to ISA before running the Internet Connection Sharing Wizard. Can anyone please point me in the right direction. Michael

webtags Cannot locate Internet server
0 replies , 10/23/2003, 3:32:49 PM
I'm using smart tags to get stock price information from MSN MoneyCentral Investor Stock Quotes. Excel gives an error "cannot locate internet server or proxy server." I'm using dial up. What must I do to make a connection?

0 replies , 8/16/2004, 10:58:06 PM
pls help (anyone)!!! everytime i try to open a web page windows keeps tellin me operation aborted and closes down internet ex !!! how can i fix this!! im gonna thrown this dam thing in the bin otherwise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks

internet connection sharing
1 replies , 9/27/2003, 7:17:20 AM
I am running win98se and it is oem. I am attempting to set up a network. When i attempt to activate internet connection sharing as stated in the operating manual the installation program cannot find any of the files on my 98se cd. Driver yes but that is it. Where are they?

Mike Croston
0 replies , 4/22/2004, 1:25:48 PM
Please tell me how I can delete unwanted search engine on my system, namely, v***ra, optimizer etc. Thank you.

Uzoka Cliffe
I downloaded the trial version of Visio 2003 professional, but could not connect to the Internet to activate. Yes, I do have a live internet connection.

modem and internet
0 replies , 10/26/2003, 3:52:31 PM
when i installed xp i could not get on the internet could someone please tell me how to email back to j***********otmail.com

My spreadsheet contains a bunch of the so-called hyperlinks which, when clicked, start an external program that takes care of the actual displaying of the image file. Is there any way to select the external program (file viewer)? All the graphics files (PNG format) reside in my hard disk, not on the Internet. This case is handled very nicely by Open Office, with the images being handled by the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer which loads lightning fast. Excel, on the other hand, prefers to use Internet Explorer, which is a drag. Can I tell Excel NOT to execute IE for some hyperlinks? -Ramon Excel 2002

Ramon F Herrera
via internet ip-cam bekijken
1 replies , 10/23/2005, 9:24:36 PM
(sorry, I tried in english, but didn't succeed) ik heb een 'gewone' desktoppc, windows 98SE, draad-kabelverbinding zonder router o f iets anders. ooit heb ik de 2e netwerkkaart in mn computer gebruikt, maar nu is ie leeg (ip: subnetmask: sinds eergisteren heb ik een sitecom wireless ip-camera in huis. ik heb daarvoor een wireless sitecom usb network aansluiting gekocht. inmiddels (...) ben ik zover dat de camera boven hangt en mooi werkt. wat ik niet voor elkaar krijg is om de camera via internet vanaf een andere locatie te benaderen terwijl dat expliciet vermeld wordt als 1 van de mogelijkheden (en de reden is dat ik de camera gekocht heb). het wireless interne peer-to-peer netwerkje begint bij het usb stickje wat ik het ip-nummer heb gegeven: en subnetmask: de ip-camera: en subnetmask: bij al het proberen om via internet de camera te benaderen heb ik mijn firwall uitgeschakeld. ik heb nergens een gateway ingevuld - wel geprobeerd (eerst bij usb, daarna bij camera, andersom, bij allebei), niks werkt. als ik mijn fysieke ip-nummer in internet explorer invul met daarachter een dubbele punt en dan het poortnummer wat ik heb opgegeven in de camera-configuratie blijf ik steeds 'pagina niet gevonden' krijgen. ik hoop dat jullie mij de verlossende (!) tip kunnen geven?!

loading internet games
3 replies , 11/14/2003, 1:32:51 AM
i go to pogo.com to play games frequently. all at once, i cant seem to load the game rooms! i sign in, pick a game, pick a room, then it tries to load, and just keeps trying to load! how can i fix this problem?

jason terrell
Can�t reach Internet from VS.NET GUI
1 replies , 8/11/2003, 3:11:14 PM
Hi, Some of the features in VS.NET like "XML Web Services" on the tab "Online Resources" has ceased to function on my VS.NET installation...and only describes the error message "This feature requires that you have connected to the Internet..." Is it my firewall that prevents that page from loading or what?? Seems weird tough since I can use the "Search Online" functionality on the same tab... Anybody has a clue? Regards /Oscar

Oscar Thornell
Hello, Is it possible to see what is sent at the server by internet explorer ? by example i want to see what is sent to the server when i click on the button send of a formular. Thanks. -- Michel Angelosanto, Bordeaux http://angelosa.free.fr/

Michel Angelosanto