Excel toolbars

Where are the Excel toolbars stored? I've setup a dual boot and I want to 
transfer the same toolbars on my primary partition Excel to the alternate 
boot partition Excel. 

2/20/2005, 3:12:18 AM

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Search for files *.xlb. I'm using Excel XP and my files 
are named EXCEL10.XLB

If you have made changes to the default toolbars there 
will be more than 1. Try copying them over and see which 
one works.


>-----Original Message-----
>Where are the Excel toolbars stored? I've setup a dual 
boot and I want to 
>transfer the same toolbars on my primary partition Excel 
to the alternate 
>boot partition Excel. 
2/20/2005, 3:55:41 AM
See reply in your other post.


>-----Original Message-----
>Where are the Excel toolbars stored? I've setup a dual 
boot and I want to 
>transfer the same toolbars on my primary partition Excel 
to the alternate 
>boot partition Excel. 
2/20/2005, 5:30:04 AM
Hello, Biff!
You wrote  on Sat, 19 Feb 2005 19:55:41 -0800:


E-mail: c******************pleasebigfoot.com

 B> Search for files *.xlb. I'm using Excel XP and my files
 B> are named EXCEL10.XLB

 B> If you have made changes to the default toolbars there
 B> will be more than 1. Try copying them over and see which
 B> one works.

 B> Biff

 ??>> -----Original Message-----
 ??>> Where are the Excel toolbars stored? I've setup a dual
 B> boot and I want to
 ??>> transfer the same toolbars on my primary partition Excel
 B> to the alternate
 ??>> boot partition Excel.
 ??>> .

2/20/2005, 9:05:39 PM

Opening Toolbars from Toolbar
1 replies , 3/12/2008, 4:51:56 PM
Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: intel I am a recent convertee to Office for Mac 2008 from Word 2002 for Windows. I am still getting acquainted, but early returns are positive. One of the features I miss is that in Word 2002 I could open or close certain toolbars from an open toolbar. I don't know if it was a customized feature from "Customize Toolbars" or a macro I had placed on the toolbar. Basically, I could open the Tables toolbar (for example) by clicking an icon on the main toolbar, and then close the table toolbar when I didn't need it. All my toolbars wee docked and I prefer it that way in 2008, too. Is there a way to do this in 2008? Going to View|Toolbars is a pain. Also, can I edit the icon for certain commands I have placed on my toolbar? For example the "Header/Footer" command is a generic Word 2008 logo. I'd like to make my own. Thanks. Chris

1 replies , 11/10/2004, 12:55:03 AM
How can I set computer so toolbar always opens up with two rows showing? Is it possible?

1 replies , 1/20/2005, 10:53:05 PM
Can't find the invoice selection in the toolbar. Also not listed when I click on customize.

1 replies , 12/7/2004, 2:39:03 PM
my toolbars do not appear and have evenly spaced blue lines. I can roll over with the mouse and access drop down menus, but his is clicking in the blind. Any ideas?

2 replies , 11/6/2004, 8:30:33 PM
Hi: I have customized toolbars in word, excel, and access and would like to transfer them to my machine at work. any ideas? Wayne

4 replies , 2/10/2010, 4:30:31 PM
Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) Processor: Intel How do I set toolbars to show when Word first launches and stay there? Thanks!

Office 2007 Toolbars vs Publisher 2007 Toolbar
3 replies , 11/14/2008, 2:57:09 PM
How can I get the Word, Excel, and Powerpoint toolbars to look like the one in Publisher 2007?

Alton Davis
Customising the Toolbar..
1 replies , 6/4/2004, 12:19:33 AM
Hi, Can anyone point me in the right direction to add / remove certain buttons from my toolbar? All I want to do is have the icons only, not "new, reply" etc next to the icons. No words, just icons. Anyone know how I can do this? Many Thanks!

Toolbar icons
1 replies , 6/2/2006, 1:42:02 PM
I would like to increase the size of the toolbar icons but not to the size that results from checking the large icon box. How do I accomplish this?

Missing Toolbar
1 replies , 2/24/2009, 2:11:40 PM
Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: Intel I am missing my Standard and Formatting toolbars in Word and Excel 2008. If I click View | Toolbar, both are checked. I have to uncheck one of them and recheck it, then click on a part of the document or spreadsheet in order to make it show up again. If I exit the program and go back in, then I have to do it all over again.

Lost Toolbar
1 replies , 9/3/2007, 8:30:24 PM
Hello-- I have Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac. I think I moved my standard toolbar off of the screen and I cannot find it for the life of me. Please help! How can I get it back so that I can see it? I've fumbled around with the customize toolbars menu for hours and I'm thinking maybe it is something wrong with my templates. I'm so lost. Please help! Thanks, Kenny

Innokenty Pyetranker
Toolbars hide where?
6 replies , 9/22/2006, 5:55:22 PM
Apologies, I've not kept a note of when you told me before - where do XL toolbars and their custom buttons hide? Universal macros are in PERSONAL residing in Application Data\Microsoft\Excel\XLSTART\ No problem with Word - it's all in Normal - but I don't think they are in PERSONAL since they sometimes disappear when the is no problem with PERSONAL. Thanks again. Francis Hookham

Francis Hookham
office toolbar
1 replies , 11/24/2004, 4:31:06 PM
i woud like to have the office toolbar on my windowsscreen back in office 2003 its mor easy to use

Add Button To Toolbar
1 replies , 5/20/2005, 4:11:53 PM
Is there a way to add a button to the standard toolbar in Entourage 04? Thanks in advance

David Barr Yaffe, C.A.S.
e-mail on toolbar
4 replies , 10/25/2005, 10:04:02 PM
E-mail command on toolbar is greyed out. Can not active command even with there text. Thank you for any help.

turning off transparent toolbars
0 replies , 6/12/2005, 5:00:01 AM
PLEASE HELP.... how do i turn off transparent tool bars in any of office pro programs -- Sissy

change toolbar language
3 replies , 2/12/2007, 4:23:01 PM
I have Office 2003 and am trying to change the language for toolbars etc. I have looked on Office help and it suggests: In Microsoft Windows XP, on the Windows Start menu, point to All Programs, point to Microsoft Office, point to Microsoft Office Tools, and then click Microsoft Office 2003 Language Settings. I have done this and the language is still in English - any suggestions? Many thanks Sue :)

Customize Toolbar button
0 replies , 9/11/2003, 7:51:00 AM
Hello, I don't know if I am on the good Newsgroup but... I really need help!!!!!!!! When I put a new customized button in my toolbars, changes are not saved... I already tried to reinstall Excel 2000 and restart my computer but no changes. Thank you.L Rosep

Toolbar Has Gone Haywire
0 replies , 3/15/2006, 8:36:27 PM
This morning I opened up Entourage and found that my toolbars had gone crazy. The forward button icon is labelled "last row." The categories icon is labeled "speak selection." When I open a window to compose an e-mail the send icon is labeled "insert picture." I'll stop at three examples but believe me the toolbar is full this weirdness. Any clues to why this happening?

How to I freeze toolbars so they do not move?
2 replies , 3/12/2009, 4:12:01 PM
Hello all. I have a problem with my toolbars in allOffice 2003 applications. They do not stay where I put them when I exit the programs. When I re-open them, not only are they shuffled, but some are un-docked and in the middle of the screen. Any insight on how to remedy this situation would be most helpful. Matt

Importing custom toolbar
2 replies , 5/2/2006, 6:22:35 PM
I created 6 macros in the personal.xls and then created a custom toolbar. I placed 6 buttons on the toolbar and assigned a macro to each one. I moved the personal.xls to another PC where the macros work fine. How do I get the custom toolbar onto the new PC? Thanks for any help you can provide, Rick

2D Rick
Excel files open under the toolbars
3 replies , 6/20/2007, 3:52:00 AM
Hi Folks, I'm using a Mac with Excel 2004 and on one machine when you open a new file it is displayed underneath the toolbars, not below them. Is there a setting to prevent this? -- Thanks, Shane Devenshire

Toolbar buttons Word X
4 replies , 8/15/2005, 6:03:51 PM
Please forgive me as I am new to this board AND macs! I currently work on developing templates on WORD 2000 and other versions on the PC. I now need to transfer a template to work on a mac. Specifically OS 10.4 (Tiger) and Word X. I see that there have been previous discussions regarding custom toolbar buttons - but many of those threads are older and much of the feedback has been about providing Microsoft with Feedback. I cannot seem to create (or even paste) any custom toolbar icons to my macrobuttons in Word X. According to this board, it appears as though this is a WORD X problem (bug). I had worked on a template on the mac a few years ago and don't remember this problem. 1. Did this problem exist with earlier version of Word? 2. Has Microsoft fixed Word X and I just don't have "the patch"? 3. Or did Microsoft not fix the problem in Word X and just fix it in Word 2004? Any updated help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. I nee to inform a customer about what I cannot do and I want to make sure it is a software bug - and not ME! Thanks, Kathleen

office toolbar for office xp
1 replies , 5/22/2004, 1:01:04 AM
I closed the toolbar for office xp and I cant get it to return to my desktop. Please help

Entourage 2004 Toolbar - Customizable?
2 replies , 5/26/2004, 4:42:02 AM
I think I know the answer (but I�ll ask anyway...) Is the Entourage 2004 toolbar customizable? For example, I�d LOVE to have a button on the Calendar view that does what the command-T does (Go To Today), as well as the �View Date...� option in the View menu. I know long-time Mac users are used to keyboard shortcuts, but I�m not quite there yet. If it�s not customizable, is there any �hack� around it? If not...oh well <sighs> :-)

The Terminator
"standard" toolbar falls off the screen
1 replies , 9/10/2003, 3:18:22 AM
mac os x 10.2.6 this is a problem i have encountered with all office v.x programs. if the dock is in any position other than the lefthand side of the screen, the "standard" toolbar falls off of the lefthand side of the screen when a program is launched. this results in the handlebar/close button being completely off the screen and more than half the "new blank document" button being off of the screen. this also happens if the dock is on the left hand side but autohide is enabled. this means that i can't drag the toolbar around (no handle bar) and the whole thing looks awkward too. i have tried trashing my preferences file, but the problem still persists. the problem seems dynamic--it will only occur if the dock ISN'T on the left hand side and will not occur if the dock IS on the left hand side. of course the workaround is to have the dock always on the left hand side, but that's really lame. does anyone know of a real fix for this, or a more viable workaround?

where is the flowchart toolbar on excel 2007
1 replies , 4/20/2010, 7:29:01 PM

contribute & live toolbar won't go away.
4 replies , 1/19/2010, 3:35:00 PM
contribute & live toolbar won't go away. I've fiddled with the customize settings. I went into the Vbasic macro editor and re saved things after toggling the menus off. I turned off the ZA forcefield [sometimes interferes with everything], rebooted, repeated the menu turn offs. Nothing worked. This isn't a new problem. It's happened before.

Office 2003 Activate Office Toolbar
2 replies , 6/29/2005, 5:40:03 PM
I just upgraded to Office 2003 Professional. I was able to start up the windows session with my Office 2000 toolbar. For some reason there isn't an equivilant toolbar in Office 2003 that I've been able to locate. Could someone please alert me to the file location where this might be? Thanks for your help in this matter. Mark f********cast.net

Control toolbar turns on with foreign SPAM
0 replies , 8/22/2003, 2:29:11 PM
I have Word as my editor for Outlook. When I get spam at work, I forward it to the person who handles abuse. Many times, when I forward a spam with a Chinese type alphabet, the Control toolbar turns on and is set for all my Word work until I remove it. I hate those little pop up windows in Word. What causes it to become my default with these spam?

Howard Brazee
Why does Systran Pro toolbar disappear from Outlook?
1 replies , 5/7/2006, 11:47:02 AM
I use Systran Premium Pro 4.0. It installs perfectly and includes a toolbar in the MS Office components. After some use the toolbar disappears as option in Outlook but remains in the other components of Office. The only answer I can find is to uninstall and reinstall Systran, which is "boring". Any ideas about why and any ideas on how to fix the problem? Alan

I work at a business where we update our website evry so often. Our 2002 Publisher was not working well so we updated it to the 2003 version. When we did that the office toolbar disappeared. How do I get it back at the top of the desktop? Please email me v********hoo.com Vlad

The toolbar is gone. When I right click on the task bar it isn't listed as an option. If I download the MSN desktop search toolbar and try to install it, it says I have a newer version installed. I know this stuff is beta, but c'mon! I need that toolbar.


Hi, I have a shared COM add-in for Office 2003 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) that I developed using Visual Studio 2003 (C#). The add-in has a toolbar, which is the same in all 3 applications. Everything works fine, except in one strange circumstance: if I have 2 PowerPoint presentations open at once, then every time I click on a button on my toolbar, the button click event fires twice. (I can tell this because the dialog comes up, I click OK, and then the dialog comes up again). This only happens with PowerPoint, and not with Word or Excel. Here's a snippet of the code I have in my OnStartupComplete method: Office.CommandBars commandBars = (Office.CommandBars) this._application.GetType().InvokeMember("CommandBars", BindingFlags.GetProperty, null, this._application, null); // Add the data command bar this._dataCommandBar = commandBars.Add(DataCommandBarName, Type.Missing, Type.Missing, true); this._dataCommandBar.Position = Office.MsoBarPosition.msoBarTop; // About button this._aboutButton = (Office.CommandBarButton) this._dataCommandBar.Controls.Add(Office.MsoControlType.msoControlButton, Type.Missing, Type.Missing, Type.Missing, Type.Missing); this._aboutButton.Tag = "aboutButton"; this._aboutButton.Priority = 1; this._aboutButton.Style = Office.MsoButtonStyle.msoButtonIcon; this._aboutButton.FaceId = 487; this._aboutButton.Caption = "About"; this._aboutButton.TooltipText = "Display program version and copyright information."; this._aboutButton.OnAction = "!<FleetAddin.Connect>"; this._aboutButton.Visible = true; this._aboutButtonClickEventHandler = new Office._CommandBarButtonEvents_ClickEventHandler(this.AboutButton_Click); this._aboutButton.Click += this._aboutButtonClickEventHandler; Has anyone else seen this behaviour? Is there something special I need to do with PowerPoint to avoid it? Thanks, Gary

Gary McGill