Excel error: 'windows cannot find...'

I get this error when trying to open a .xls file. "Windows 
cannot find 'C:\ssb\testssb01.xls'. Make sure you typed 
the name correctly, and then try again. To search for a 
file, click the Start button, and then click Search." The 
weird is that it still opens the file!?
Any suggestions?
6/30/2003, 8:55:29 PM

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>I get this error when trying to open a .xls=20
file. "Windows=20
>cannot find 'C:\ssb\testssb01.xls'. Make sure you typed=20
>the name correctly, and then try again. To search for a=20
>file, click the Start button, and then click Search." The=20
>weird is that it still opens the file!?
>Any suggestions?


I have the same problem that you but with one diference.=20
It doesn=B4t open the file. I can only open the file if i=20
open excel and go to the menu file open etc...

Have you found any solution?
7/2/2003, 3:17:27 PM
no i have not sorry, i will let you know if i do though.
>-----Original Message-----
>>-----Original Message-----
>>I get this error when trying to open a .xls=20
>file. "Windows=20
>>cannot find 'C:\ssb\testssb01.xls'. Make sure you typed=20
>>the name correctly, and then try again. To search for a=20
>>file, click the Start button, and then click Search."=20
>>weird is that it still opens the file!?
>>Any suggestions?
>I have the same problem that you but with one diference.=20
>It doesn=B4t open the file. I can only open the file if i=20
>open excel and go to the menu file open etc...
>Have you found any solution?
7/2/2003, 8:56:16 PM

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How do I close a number of open windows at once?

Removing created document types from Windows?
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I created a document type with MFC and now wish to remove it from Windows. Also, it seems to have corrupted my .htm files as well, somehow, now they have 'become' this document type and have the generic application icon instead of internet explorer's icon Thanks!

Installing Office 2000 on Windows 7 - unresponsive!
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I have already uninstalled the Office 2007 on my new laptop and wish to install Office 2000 which I had purchased previously. I install it and it says it's successful but when I try to open Microsoft Word (which is the only program I actually want), the page opens and then doesn't respond. I've uninstalled and installed it a number of times but the same thing keeps coming up. I don't particular wish to buy a new copy of Office. Anyone know why this is happening? All I want to do is use Microsoft Word!

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ENTER NETWORK PASSWORD window keeps popping up...not connected to network..using INSIGHTBB CABLE ISP...purchased OFFICE 2003 for home business use. It never appeared in the first 2 months...have redone the email account several times...this wont go away...i cannot receive mail unless i acknowledge the window each time..INSIGHT says it is a problem with OFFICE 2003

Windows Media
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I can't view a DVD I (recorded from a DVD recorder) using Windows Media. Neither can I view it using Pixela or Dazzle editing software ( I am wanting to edit the DVD). The only way I can view it on my computer is through Power DVD-Cyberlink.Has anyone any suggestions how I can view and edit. The DVD does play on other DVD players. any help will be gratefully received.

What product can I upgrade to from Windows 95?
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Actually, my Mom has my old Gateway,Pentium 1 from when Windows 95 came out. It has worked fine for her limited needs. Now, though, she is trying to get new internet service and is having download problems because her system is Windows 95. I understand 95 is no longer supported by Microsoft, but I wonder if there is any newer product she can upgrade to. I would hate for her to have to buy new software or a new computer. Thanks.

"16 Bit Windows Subsytem" Error
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Hi, I'm having problems installing any games. Even games from CD that I used to have installed. Obviously somewhere along the way something got changed. This is the message I get when trying to install programs.... 16 bit Windows Subsystem C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\AUTOEXEC.NT. The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows Applications. Choose 'close' to terminate application. What do I have to do to rectify this problem ? Rusty

Mapping to my Windows XP Server
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My windows 98 workstation can ping my Windows XP server but I can not see the server in network neighborhood to map to it. Any clues what I could have missed?

Can I run Office XP Pro with Windows 98 SE?
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I don't have Windows XP. Thanks, Ellen

Ellen Hall
Multiple Windows
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Is there a program which allows the user to open Explorer so the contents can be seen side-by-side? No, I don't mean opening two instances of Explorer. What I am looking for is a (third party) program which allows the used to open two windows within the same view. -- Rich

windows xp and game controllers
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I have recently installed windows xp on my computer and cannot get my computer to recognize my wingman logitech controller or my microsoft force feedback wheel. Has anyone heard of any way to have these controllers (which are supposed to be supported in xp) to be functioning properly?

Same Window/Additional Window
3 replies , 10/12/2004, 4:46:39 PM
Previously, when I opened multiple excel files they would display each in their own window so I could shuffle between files. Now they all open in the same excel window and I have to minimize one, maximize the other or keep them both at 80% and click from one to the other. How can I get them to open in a new window again? I've done the folder options/file types/xls/open in seperate window thing but that doesn't work. any suggestions? thanks.

Texas Aggie
windows xp
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i play games most,but do not know what programs to turn off,(i have to many programs running in the background)what do i need to leave on and what should i turn off is my question? --- Posted using Wimdows.net NntpNews Component - Post Made from http://www.DotNetJunkies.com/newsgroups Our newsgroup engine supports Post Alerts, Ratings, and Searching.

DotNetJunkies User
When I try to restore Word the window doesn't appear on the screen and once I saw a message displaying the text "Window too small". I can only work with Word maximised and cannot resize it from this state. Is there any way I can set the window size without having to restore it and use the resize handles?

When I import the file outlook.pst which I made in Windows Vista into Outlook in Windows 7, it is put into the folder "large files' and when I tried to open, it imported my addresses, but it will not open to release my e-mail from Vista. Iget error message "Cannot open this item. Outlook blocked access to this potentially unsafe item." How to I open it. It is NOT unsafe; I scanned it for viruses. -- Peter Mussallem ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Peter Mussallem's Profile: http://forums.techarena.in/members/179557.htm View this thread: http://forums.techarena.in/ms-office-support/1297729.htm http://forums.techarena.in

Peter Mussallem
Text not wraping to window
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I have a few documents where the text does not wrap, either in Online view or Normal view (I need to work in Normal view). - Wrap to window is checked in the Preferences. - Page setup is not in landscape mode. - I've trashed and recreated the Normal template and the preferences, but it changes nothing. - I've tried pasting the text into a new document, but it makes no difference. I'm running out of ideas. Thanks. Ren=E9 Word 2004 (11.3.5) OS X 10.4.10

Strange colours im windows
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Whenever excel shows a window to ask me something the text appears as black on gray and the rest of the inside of the window is white. This makes the window look wrong. This only appears in excel 2002 and not in word or powerpoint. If I login as another user of the same computer the problem has disappeared. I've tried reinstalling office and changing the screen. This really puzzles me and I hope someone can hel me with this.

I am running Citrix XP FR2 and Windows 2000 sp3 Windows Installer would run every time help was used in Word, Excel etc. The following key was missing from the registry. Once I added the key the issue was resolved. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\9.0\Common\LanguageResources\ShowDates Create a new string value and set the value to Off

Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: intel I have office 2007 for windows now and I recently switch to a macbook pro and now I want to get office 2008 for mac. Would this fall under an upgrade? Your upgrade version requirements do not explicitly mention anything about switching from one OS to another. (and no, I didn't abandon you MSFT, I still run Vista in parallels but I don't want to run office in parallels) Thx!

Windows 98 to Windows XP
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Is it possible to Download Office 95 In my old computer which has Windows 98 to my new computer which has Windows XP? We can't find the software for Office 95. I'm Retired and don't want to purchase the newer versions. TNX -- Jim M

Is it possible to create a new Web Application Project using Visual Studio.Net 2003 on Windows 2003 Server but no in the Default Web Site. 1. I have created a new Web Site in IIS called WebSite2 and setting WebSite2 as the host header name. 2. I can browse to this web site using IE http://WebSite2 buy placing a an entry in my host file, WebSite2. 3. I want to Create a new ASP.NET Web Application using Visual Studio.Net 2003 at this Location http://WebSite2/WebApplication1. Is this possible because i cannot get this to work. I get an error: Unable to create Web project WebApplication1. The UNC path \\WebSite2\wwwroot$\WebApplication1 does not exist or you do not have access. I know that the Default Web Site has a share called wwwroot$ that Visual Studio.Net 2003, does this mean that as this share can only be defined once that you can not do what i am trying to do. Any help will be much appreciated

Kieran Kelly
Windows Address Book - Outlook vs. Outlook Express
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I'm working or a Word Addin and want it to read (enumerate) the user's address book. I've got some code working to enumerate the WAB and other code to enumerate the new (Vista-only) Windows contacts. But in both cases what I get is the address book from Windows Mail or Outlook Express, but nothing from the Outlook address book. Does Outlook not publish its address book via these standard mechanisms? Does Outlook perhaps have to be the "primary" email program before it publishes its address book? Any other hints why I don't get its address book? -- Scott McPhillips [VC++ MVP]

Scott McPhillips [MVP]
If I scroll the window that contains a Visio 2003 drawing, the window is not repainted properly. Parts of the drawing are missing and the client portion of the window (where the drawing is displayed) is all chopped up. If I minimize the window and then restore it, all is well again until the next time I scroll the window. I am using Visio Professional 2003 SP2. Any idea why this is happening?

How do I keep Module windows closed?
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Windows XP Access 2003 I am repeatedly having to close module windows when I start up the Visual Basic Editor. Some stay closed, others don't. When I'm finished editing a module, what do I have to do to close the window and keep it closed? I've tried various combinations of saving then closing, but haven't hit the sequence of steps that works. And since I'm not taking notes every time I close a module window, I don't know what I did differently such that some of them do remain closed. Is there a setting somewhere that I can choose, "Don't open module windows on startup."?

Esteemeed Developers, Please do allow me thank You in advance for your sincere guidances. I am facing problems while Putting Excel Chart 10.0 Component onto VC++ ..NET Windows Forms. I am developing an windows application on "Windows Forms (.NET)" by using Microsoft Visual C++ .NET v2003 Standard SDE on the Windows 2000 Pro Turkish Edition O.S. that includes Microsft XP Profesiional (Office 2002). First, I created a project at "Visual C++ .NET v2003" with "Windows Forms (.NET)" template. Then, from "Tools > Add/Remove Toolbox Items > COM Components > Microsoft Office Chart 10.0" , I added the Office Chart. When my project is at DesignView, I double-clicked on Office Chart 10.0 component to put onto my windows form. Then, SDE started building automatically and It added below 6 items into "References" of project: 1) AxOWC10 2) MSComctlLib 3) ADODB 4) MSDATASRC 5) stdole 6) OWC10 After Automatical-Building finished, it gave the below error: ---> " error result returned from 'AxImp.exe" . Operating system and Office XP Pro have the latest updates. I re-installed Office XP Pro again. But, problem could not be removed. I faced with same error message, when I install the trial versions of some Components that are downloaded from internet. My intention to use the Office Chart for showing some parameters on it periodically by updating the series.. I am requesting You to guide me solving this problem. Have a Healthy and Peaceful Days.

Missing Licenses Office and Windows
4 replies , 7/13/2005, 9:51:01 AM
Hi, We have missing licenses on Office and Windows. All our PCs are using Win2000 & Office 2000. The guy before me has, on some new bought PCs where XP was preinstalled, formatted and has Win2000 installed. There weren’t even CDs with the new bought PCs from which I could reinstall XP Pro. And the most product keys on the PC don’t match with any of the product keys of the labels on the CD cover. I have many OEM Office XP CDs and OEM Win2K Pro CDs. I do not know how I could find the right PC with the corresponding CD, because even the stickers on the PC cover have been removed. We are a group with 4 companies and we have also System Builder CDs. But I don't know how to hadle that. Thanks

Resize Shape Window
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Hi how to resize the shape window in C#...and it should come in Bottom part of the window. i am using Visio drawing Library 11.0 thanks dinesh

Multiple windows
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I have opened a workbook in multiple windows (to view side by side) but would now like to close the additional windows. How can I revert back to just one window?

Office XP doen't work after Windows XP reinstall
0 replies , 7/20/2004, 11:41:36 PM
I had to reinstall Windows XP after a motherboard upgrade after repairing the Xp OS failed. Now my Office XP programs all say Microsoft Word (insert the program name of your choice) has not been installed for the current user. Please run setup to install the application. I tried running the Office XP setup, but I keep getting a "missing or corrupted cab file" message, and the setup fails. What should I do now? I need to be able to run Office XP.

Fr. Frank
windows xp 64-bit
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Will office professional 2003 run on windows xp 64-bit?

Installing fonts on Windows ME
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I downloaded some fonts from the Internet to my PC but I have been unable to install them into the Fonts folder. I followed the steps below: 1-Unzipped the files 2-From fonts folder, selected File, Install New Font. 3-Highlighted desired fonts and selected OK When this didn't work. I did the fix recommended below: a-at the MS DOS PROMPT I typed attrib +s +r c:\windows\fonts b-restarted the computer This did not work either. I'm not sure what to try next, any suggestions?

Connecting windows based PDA to MAC
3 replies , 2/12/2008, 10:46:29 AM
I am new to Mac's and have a windows PDA with my contacts and calendar from Outlook on my office PC on it and want to syn this with entourage on my MAC. I have tried to connect this to my new Mac but cannot I have down loaded both pocketmac for leopard and missing sync for windows. Pocket recognizes my windows device and then cannot connect. Any suggestions Bruce

Bruce Newnham
Mac Office 2004 with Windows Office 2003?
2 replies , 11/28/2006, 6:53:17 PM
After getting a new mac for work, I put Mac Office 2004 on it to work with our windows Office 2003. I soon realize it didn't work together. If I have a document open and one of the windows users tries to open it they will get an error, but when I close the document it works for them no problem. If I have a document open and a mac user tries to open it, they will be allowed to open it in read-only mode. Also if a Windows user has a document open I can open it in read-only mode as well. So either something isn't set up right on my end or Mac Office 2004 doesn't allow Windows office 2003 to open documents in read-only mode. If anyone has any clues to how to fix or if it is a bug let me know. I have been searching the web for something about this and have found nothing about it.

Windows Installer
0 replies , 7/14/2003, 9:12:46 PM
I'm running Office 2000 on a 98 machine. Every time I open MS Binder the Windows Installer pops up. Eventually Binder opens, but it takes a while. I've tried uninstalling it, reinstalling all of Office, running the detect and repair for just Binder, and running Windows Updates. None of these has changed anything. How do I stop the Installer from booting every time?!