Excel X Cant open files that were emailed

Hi there,

Ok, frustration here is at peak levels, so please please help....

I have OS X 10.2.6 running, everything is updated, including the
Office X (both updates). The issue I have is rather straighforward -
Excel files which are received using Mail (Apple) are un-openable.
When I click on the Attachment in Mail Excel does launch, but that it
gives me a "file not found" error. When I try to open the file from
within Excel - I get an out of memory error. The files are small, and
originate either from another mac (Excel 2001) or from PC's.

Initially I thought that the problems was due to a File System problem
with OS X, so I went and bought Disk Warrior, ran the app, and then
expected the problem to go away - IT DID NOT.

Anyone help ? Please ? If possible, please email me directly as well.
6/24/2003, 2:00:22 PM

Triple Emails
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Hi. For some reason ever since I set up my email I get three copies of each an every mail that comes in. Any ideas about how to get this down to one! I'm going crazy!! Thanks.

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Version: 2004 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) Processor: intel How do you access your entourage email from an outside computer?

email forwarding
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I have a question - which was answered in the past by someone... We are using SBS2003 Premium. I have setup a Distribution list, and this is working well. What I want to do is to forward an email from the distribution list to someone outside the organisation. From memory, I was previously told to create a Contact in AD, but what do I do next....? Please help. Skc

Ent. X not getting emails from new Exchange
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Our old exchange server crashed (hardware problem) about 1.5 months ago. We have rebuilt it but since then some entourage clients cannot get their email. All the windows clients work fine along with the web access for the mail. The entourage clients will try to sync with the server (thru POP3/SMTP) and it will just say "recieving messages" and will not actually pull anything down. I can setup IMAP and that works fine but we wanted to keep the email off the server as much as possible. I have updated the clients but they do the same thing. Not all entourage clients are having this problem and some have just started to develop the issue. Any ideas? If not... is there any way to use IMAP and have it download all the messages to the client machine instead of leaving them on the server? Chad

email letter
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Hi! I work for a small company. I need to be able to send out a letter to about 400 clients with an upgrade notice. Is there an easy way for me to do this thru Office XP 2003? Thanks for any and all help! John H "Learn from the mistakes of others! You can't live long enough to make them all yourself!!"

Is there a way to password protect Entourage email?
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Is there a way to password protect Entourage (either v. X or 2004) so that no email can be accessed (whether previously retrieved or not) without a password? I am new to entourage so I would appreciate a step by step directions. Thanks

checking email delivery
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hi.. is there anyway to check whether an email has been received by a user on a sbs 2k box. have a user that insists that they didn't receive an email, from outside domain, but the sender insists they sent it. without looking at the users mailbox is there any other log that would show delivery etc. cheers

Email address in the To: of a new email
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Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: Power PC Email Client: pop When starting a new email I enter the first few letters of someones email address and the program shows a list of several address which are in alphabetical order. Lately I find that there are addresses that I no longer want in that display. Is there a way to permanently delete and address so it does not show up in that area again. Thanks in Advance. Bruce

Encoding in email
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I have users who send attachments to clients. The clients edit the attachment and send back. When we receive the email, we do not get the attachment, but we get a large email with a bunch of "garbage" at the bottom. My guess is that the "garbage" is the encoding of the attachment. What do I change and where do I change it at to fix this problem? We're using Outlook 2002sp2 and SBSExchange 2000. TIA, Dwayne

email to email
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I have Outlook setup in the company I work for. Is there a setting or a way thru VBA code to automatically have my email forward to another personal email address. In other words, when I go home or if sick at home, I'd like email I receive to be forwarded to my personal email which is actually an MSN account. thank you for any help. Bret

word attachments in email
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I am adding a word attachment to an email message. When I open the attachment in outlook the text is overlapping and there is missing lines, the attachment is not looking the way as if I were to open the same attachment in my documents. If I open the attachment while in outlook the way I can fix the messed up looking attachment is to click view and then click print layout. I don't want to have to tell everyone that they need to do this to open the attachment. Any suggestions.

Missing emails
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Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) Processor: Intel Email Client: pop Hi - I shutdown my mac as normal last night - started up this morning - opened outlook - no sign of any previous emails. The only trace I can find is a load of file as per 2372.vRge08Message etc. How can I recover these files. HELP!!! - Mike

I'm new to Entourage. I have been actively using it in my work, and I like it well enough so far to continue along. Today I had some unexpected results when I tried to send a relatively complex (for my usual requirements) email that set me back an hour or more. Here is generally what took place. I had an email question from a customer that could be answered in a comprehensive way by referencing 5 emails that were written over as many days. Within each email there was a paragraph or sentence containing relevant information to the customers inquiry. I attached the 5 emails and also cut and pasted the relevant passages into the body of the email reply; in this way I thought I could provide all the information in a way that the customer could choose how they would like to review the information. When I finished the email and began to review it, I found a mistake (one of many). I highlighted the mistake and hit delete. The entire email disappeared. I retyped it (I had printed a hard copy...yes I retyped the entire email and re-attached the other emails), and found another mistake. I then saved the email as a draft. I re-opened it, highlighted the mistake, hit delete, and the entire email disappeared. It was also gone from my draft folder, and anywhere else I could think of looking. When I saved the email as a draft, the program indicated it was handling this by uploading it to a server, or a similar message that I didn't have time to make note of. Eventually, I was able to complete the email with highlighting and underlining so that it was very clear. When I was satisfied that the content was understandable, I hit send... and it would not go. I changed email accounts and still no go. I tried a completely seperate test email and it sent right away. No matter what I tried, I could not send this email. I did recieve error messages that the email would not send because of a code I did not write down. But what the f.... Finally, I cut the email message, pasted it into a new email (the highlighting etc. did not transfer) and sent it. It did send, but I was not satisfied with what was sent. By this time I was out of time. My question is, what may have gone wrong, and what way is best to handle what I attempted in Entourage. Should I use word in the future to handle combining emails? J.

Email invites
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Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: Intel Email Client: Exchange When I accept invites they are added to my calendar without a correction for time zone differences--since my colleagues and I work from home all across the US this causes confusion. The email out indicating that I have accepted gets stuck in my outbox and I get an error number when I try to resend. I am using Entourage 12.1.3

Outlook Express - saving emails
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How do you set up folders for permanently storing emails on your hard drive?

Individual emails using mail template
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A company I'm doing some work for needs to send emails to a list of recipients. However, their ISP blocks the emails as SPAM when putting the distribution list in BCC field. Sending the emails individually is hardly efficient and feasible. The email that is sent is in rich text format and the professional looking formatting wouldn't be maintained if I simply generated the emails from an Access 2003 form. How can I iteratively send personalized emails to one recipient at a time using Outlook 2003, Access 2003 and Exchange using a formatted Outlook email? Any help is appreciated.

Sending out scheduled emails while I'm out
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I want to send out a few emails over a three day period while I'm out of the office. They will be different emails every day. Can I do that with entourage?

Email Warning
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This might not be the proper place for this question, but I didnt see one that looked proper. I try to send an email with a microsoft Access database atached. When I hit send, I am greeted with a message that warns that the attachment may be dangerous and that the recipient may not be able to open it. It turns out that the recipient doesnt receive the attachment at all - it appears as though they did, because the window shows an attachment icon. However, when they try to save, the 'Save Attachments' drop-down list says "None". I went into the security tab of the tools/options dialog and didnt see anything there that suggested a fix to this security setting. Anyone know how to configure this setting so as to allow all attachments. thanks

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I have received an email message, but as soon as i click on to it, it closes the computer down instantly before I can even read the message. How can I delete this? Is there any way to 'empty' the inbox? Thanks.

Emails being resent
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We have Exchange 2007 and Entourage and every once in awhile a user's account/machine whatever will re-send out emails that were already sent out weeks before. Any insight would be great. This has happened to a number of users in our District. As far as I can tell this is not a user issue although I wish it were. Gerald Berkowitz Park Ridge Schools

Gerald Berkowitz
Emailing Publisher "Email Template"
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I need to do the following: email a weekly update composed as a 2007 .pub to my church then fwd it via Outlook 2003 email to congregants. It arrives intact at church, but the fwded doc arrives unformatted. I've made sure that "Mail format" settings at church "compose" and "Internet format" "converts" to HTML. Any suggestions appreciated.

Hi all, I write down some piece of code that copy mail item in outlook after doing some jobs i try to delete. But copy mail is not deleted from my mail folder (for example "Inbox" ). What is Problem ? I cant imagine why... [Code Snip] Outlook.MailItem copyMail = orginalMail.Copy(); .... .... .... copyMail.Delete(); [End of Code Snip]

How do I email a font?
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I am trying to email the Quill font using Insert, File Attachment in Outlook Express, but it will not attach. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

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Version: 2004 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: Intel Email Client: Exchange Every so often, I receive an email that, when opened, causes Entourage to "quit unexpectedly". I relaunch, try to open or delete the email and the same thing happens. The only way I can proceed is to wait until I have a message on either side of the problematic email and delete all three. Any ideas?

Email Signature Font Size
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My email signature has a legal disclaimer. I have set it up as a size 10 Times New Roman. In my sent box on emails it looks fine but when received by other parties it is HUGE. How can I fix this problem? Thanks

Problem with Entourage and .Mac email
1 replies , 3/2/2008, 5:46:03 AM
I can not get Entourage (either X or 2004) to show messages from my .mac email account to appear in the primary (default) email account when I click on "Send and Receive All". It works with GMail and other accounts with my ISP, just not the Apple .mac account. I have tried creating new user accounts in both Entourage X and 2004, but just can not get the two to "play nice" together. The email is in the .mac user account in Entourage, but to access it I have to switch Identities. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Version: v.X Operating System: Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) Processor: Intel Email Client: pop Hi, I opened my email this morning and it worked perfect when i downloaded my emails. then i received another email and in the middle of downloading it Entourage shut down. when i tried to reopen it i got the error message "Entourage cannot access your database. To attempt to fix the problem, rebuild your database." clicked OK and got the window offering to rebuild the database with either a "Typical" rebuild or an "Advanced" rebuild. i have tried both and get the same error. once i click on either type of rebuild, i get the error message "Rebuilding failed. A read/write error has occurred (-40)." after i click OK, i get another error message that says, "Rebuilding failed. it is likely that your database cannot be repaired." when i click OK again, Entourage shuts off and that is it. everything else on my computer is working perfectly. I checked online to see if the email that caused the shut is still in my web server and it is not. it seems as though it is on my comp now. is it possible that that email is causing the the database issues? how do i go into my database and delete that last email or delete the script of the last download? is that not possible? any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. i can't access any of my email until i get this issue fixed. thank you so much for any and all of your help!!

routing emails
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Hi. I am trying to setup my email server to route emails coming from an external server, through my internal email server and out again. When I do send an email from my external server the message is rejected with an error 550 message. Any thoughts of how I can correct this?

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i want to know when someone opens up the email I sent them

How can I transfer my emails.

duplicate email messages
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Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) Processor: Power PC Email Client: pop I am suddenly getting duplicate emails in my inbox. How do I delete the duplicates and why am I suddenly getting them

email a sheet
0 replies , 9/16/2005, 8:29:01 AM
I have switched from office 2000 to office 2003. When email directly in EXCEL, I type some names in the "to" box and when saving this file; next time all names in "to" box are deleted; so I have to start all over again. Can you help because in office 2000 it was possible?

no email after adsl upgrade
2 replies , 10/30/2003, 3:36:17 PM
I have just installed an adsl router (speedtouch) on a second NIC. The setup (ICW) went fine and all the users can browse the but I am getting no email. Can anyone help? Regards Richard P.S. I used the instructions from smallbizserver.net, These say to choose router in ICW rather than fulltime broadband - is there a reason for this?

Richard Prossor
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I transferred my yahoo account to office 2007 and I am not getting my emails--my wife's account is getting them instead. How do I make sure I receive my emails to my account and not my wifes?