Excel Link Question ?

Hi, Fellows

Please let know why I change my Excel files to another Windows carpets (They
have links between ) missing .  They not working anymore ..!

How can I repair ?

Best Ragard

Mario Reiley
1/25/2005, 2:17:39 PM

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Possibly go into Edit=>Links and change the source for any broken links.

Tom Ogilvy

"Mario Reiley" <m********antv.net> wrote in message
> Hi, Fellows
> Please let know why I change my Excel files to another Windows carpets
> have links between ) missing .  They not working anymore ..!
> How can I repair ?
> Best Ragard
> Mario

Tom Ogilvy
1/25/2005, 2:43:02 PM
In Excel 2000, you can't de-link them (remove those references)
But in Excel 2002 and above you can do as Tom suggested and actually
remove the links (totally).

1/25/2005, 3:26:54 PM
You are correct in what you say, but I was suggesting that he reestablish
the link to the correct location by using Change Source

Tom Ogilvy

<h********snl.com> wrote in message
> In Excel 2000, you can't de-link them (remove those references)
> But in Excel 2002 and above you can do as Tom suggested and actually
> remove the links (totally).
> /

Tom Ogilvy
1/25/2005, 3:33:05 PM

IF function question
1 replies , 6/2/2008, 8:23:00 PM
This question I have is a bit of a challenging one - what the appropriate IF formula is: I have a row of cells each labelled Jan, Feb, March and so forth until the end of the year, December. Then I have a row of cells labelled Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4. Then I have a cell where I can select from a drop down list under Month: 1,2,3,4 etc and these will refer back to each month, respectively. e.g. Jan is 1, Feb is 2 etc etc. The bottom line is to be able to pull cell data on a quarterly, bi-annual, or monthly basis so it would probably require defining the biannual months and quarterly months: Month Month 4 3 Year Year 2008 2008 Frequency Current Prior Data 1 Monthly (formula to go here) formula to go here Data 2 Quarterly (formula to go here) formula to go here Data 3 Bi-Annually (formula to go here) Monthly (formula to go here) Monthly (formula to go here) I think it would require specifying what months are Q1 and what month is 1, 2 etc all in the formula... Thanks in advance

Formulas, question for Roger Govier
2 replies , 1/10/2006, 1:50:37 PM
Roger I have been looking at your reply of January 9th to Dave about his question about a formula for tool rental. I have been trying to get this formula to work, but I keep coming up with the answer 7920. In using military in the time out and time in, do these cells need to be format a special way? If so how do I do that, I think that may be what my problem is. Thanks in advance, Gordon

Another IF THEN question
3 replies , 10/1/2003, 6:16:21 PM
Thank you this was helpful and you're right I've done a mistake about number in the question, I have another question. If I want to verify 2 cells, like as follow: IF G13=0 and I13=1 then write "A1-7", IF G13=0 and I13=2 then write "A1-8", IF G13=0 and I13=2 then write "B1-7", IF G13=0 and I13=3 then write "B1-7" etc...... how do I create a similar formulas i tried but doesn't work =IF(G13=0,IF(I13=1,"A1-7",IF(G13=0,IF(I13=2,"A1-8",IF (G13=0,IF(I13=3,"B1-7",IF(G13=0,IF(I13=4,"B1-8",IF(G13=1,IF (I13=1,"A1-9",IF(G13=1,IF(I13=2,"A1-10",IF(G13=1,IF (I13=3,"B1-9",IF(G13=1,IF(I13=4,"B1-10",IF(G13=2,IF (I13=1,"A1-11",IF(G13=2,IF(I13=2,"A1-12",IF(G13=2,IF (I13=3,"B1-11",IF(G13=2,IF(I13=4,"B1-12",IF(G13=3,IF (I13=1,"A1-13",IF(G13=3,IF(I13=2,"A1-14",IF(G13=3,IF (I13=3,"B1-13",IF(G13=3,IF(I13=4,"B1-14",IF(G13=4,IF (I13=1,"A1-16",IF(G13=4,IF(I13=2,"A1-17",IF(G13=4,IF (I13=3,"B1-16",IF(G13=4,IF(I13=4,"B1-17","blank cell")))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Thanks >-----Original Message----- >One option is to embed the if statements: > >if(I3=0,"014A",(IF (I3=1,"050A, (if (I3=2, "118A", (IF >(I3=3, "159A", "blank cell"))))))) > >But, you've written your question wrong, because you said >that I3 = 1, 2, 3, or 4, and then below you said I3 = >0,1,2, or 3; so make sure you don't just opy what I've >done here! > > >>-----Original Message----- >>Hello, I would like to create a formulas that verify 2 >>cells and give me a result in the third cell. >> >>EX: in cell I3 I have a chance to have 1, 2, 3 or 4. >> >>If I3 equals 0 then write 014A, if I3 equals 1 then write >>050A, if I3 equals 2 then write 118A, if I3 equals 3 then >>write 159A >> >>Thanks >>. >> >. > ..

VLOOKUP Question
35 replies , 8/17/2014, 12:45:31 AM
This is part of a table N2:P137 60 $186.00 $189.00 $25.00 61 $189.00 $192.00 $26.00 62 $192.00 $195.00 $26.00 I use this formula in F12: =IFERROR(VLOOKUP(ROUND(C14,0),N2:P137,3,1),"") This is the value in C14--$189.27 This formula returns a value of $26.00, but I want it to return $25.00. What am I doing wrong?

Question on Merging with Team Foundation Server
0 replies , 10/18/2007, 5:25:03 PM
The question is related to concurrent development with Team Foundation System. Suppose I have 2 branches(let's call them B1 and B2) off the main trunk. If I check in B1 back to main Trunk and going thourgh QA (Let's call this reverse integration) can I forward those changes to B2 and have the developer Unit test the features on B2 along wtih QA activity on the Main Trunk. Hope this question makes sense to your experts out there? The second part of the question is can I release directly from B1 without check it back to main Trunk? Thanks Much QZ

One question
1 replies , 6/4/2008, 6:06:34 PM
Hi, I am just wondering is it posible to create in EXCEL a chart in which x,y doesn t grow excual(I have to put one chart from a book in which walues 1,2,5,100,10000 are the same distance). Please excuse my not knowing english and in advance thank you

slightly more advanced complex html question....
0 replies , 9/16/2003, 4:24:08 AM
hi all is there a way to insert a line of text above a complex html document, such as an e-newsletter. so for instance if i receive a newsletter, want to insert a line that says "hi John, thought you might find this interesting � from Matt" - can this be done? I know i can do it by starting a new message and dragging the email with the newsletter in as an attachment to the new message - but then it displays as an attachment to the recipient - not in the message pane itself. when i use the send complex html script (2.01 i think it is) - anything i write in the message pane before i attach the html file is eliminated by the html file. Seems like I would have to open the original newsletter in an HTML editor to insert my line - not ideal I don't like the redirect thing � no one knows it came from me then. am i doing something wrong? is there another way or another script? why doesnt Entourage just have them forward-able like in Outlook - where you can write above them as well? Matt

Simple Question
3 replies , 12/19/2005, 4:56:36 PM
I'm trying to add some sort of cross-check to my spreadsheet. I need t make a function that compares the sum of a list of numbers and anothe number (taken from another sheet). I know something lik =IF(SUM(E5:E9)=E4,"CORRECT","WRONG") can help, but what if I insert new line of info at E:10? That function cannot help. Any ideas -- zahoulik

0 replies , 7/8/2006, 4:36:50 PM
Hey all, I dont want to Multipost, so Ill ask here first, hopefully someone will point me to the right newsgroup: - Issue: Transferring text, other info from Cells in Excel to a PPT or a Word Doc using Macros or VBA. Thanks, Vinnie

SBS 2008 questions...
2 replies , 7/28/2010, 4:27:01 PM
We are a small company looking at upgrading some hardware and software. We are currently using SBS 2000 and are looking at either moving to SBS 2008 or purchasing the components separately and moving right away from SBS altogether.. I have a couple of questions... 1) I understand that SBS 2008 only includes the Hyper-V version that came out prior to R2. Is there an SBS 2008 service pack or upgrade available that upgrades the Hyper-V component to R2 at all? 2) If not, for a small business only needing maybe 4-6 VM's, is the initial version of Hyper V sufficient for this? 3) Can you use VMware with SBS 2008 instead of using Hyper-V? We are looking at utilizing SBS 2008 for a min of 5yrs and I do not want to be stuck with the older version of Hyper V for all of that time - if this is the road we wind up going down. Our computing needs have grown to the point where we can still fit nicely into an SBS environement but we have grown enough and will hopefully have enough growth over the next five years to move to the individual products...i.e. server 08, exchange, SQL etc... Thanks, Brad

Brad Pears
Print Question & Overtime Question
2 replies , 7/26/2003, 9:03:21 PM
1) Is it possible to select the columns and rows you want to print without highlighting the whole spreadsheet and printing it? 2) I need to figure overtime. But my shift starts in the morning and "SOMETIMES" does not end until the following morning. Like 24 hrs or more on duty. I went to work 11:00 AM on 7/25/03 and got off duty at 11:15 on 7/26/03. I'm guessing I need a formual that totals the hours and requires the dates. I don't know. Thanks for any help

DOS question
1 replies , 12/8/2003, 2:33:29 PM
I try to use the "dir" to list files. I forgot how to make the list save as a text file "abc.txt". At DOS prompt, something like "dir *.* ??? abc.txt" Please help

tom liu
0 replies , 5/5/2005, 10:44:01 AM
I,had install office 2003 and unstall now.How do restore eariler version which is office 2002.When I,did double click excel.exe from office 10 files folder did receive dialog information operating system is not presently configured to run this application.What kind of configuration I,should do.Highly appreciate if anyone help.

Attachment numbering question
2 replies , 5/2/2006, 6:14:05 PM
I just sent 6 excel files as attachment, number 1,2,3, etc. But in the attachment window it looked like this: 6 4 1 2 Etc. Can entourage keep them in sequential order?thanks. OS 10.4.6 Office 2004

SumIf Question? If question? I'm stumped..
3 replies , 10/20/2006, 9:01:02 PM
I have three columns. "A", "B", and "C". I want to sum column "C" when "A" equals a specific value AND "B" equals a specific value. For example, sum the amuunts in column "C" when "A" equals "ball" AND "B" equals "bat". Any ideas? -Adam

Terminal Services Question
2 replies , 9/24/2004, 3:11:39 PM
I have an SBS2000 server with a single nic. The NIC on the server connects to a linksys BEFSR11 router. There is a Netopia 3386 Modem in bridge mode that brings in the DSL. My dilema is that I can open RDC on my computer and connect directly to the server from the internet. My desired behavior is that I can only connect to server with RDC once a VPN tunnel is connected. On the Netopia there are no ports open and it is also forwarding to the Linksys. On the Linksys I have port 25,80,1723 open. ISA is not enabled on this server so I can not make any changes there. Why am I able to to connect to the server with 3389 if I don't have port 3389 open at the router? Is the only why to fix this by installing a firewall (I have already recommended this to them.)? Is there some place on the server that I have missed? TIA TRD

0 replies , 2/10/2006, 3:38:58 PM
I would like to make a drawing similar to this: http://www.supra.com.pl/gfx/img_doc/07_03_05_SO_WINDOWS-pl-2.gif Is this do-able in Visio? Is there any place to download Visio stencils? I am using Visio 2002 (XP) THanks

Range Question ??
2 replies , 11/28/2007, 3:49:38 PM
HYCH My question is: I have a range from H2:I32, within this range i have values of 1 and 0 spread throughout, is it possible to run a vba macro to check for a 1 and then colour the cell red, i know how to use the 'Pattern.Solid Colorindex and numbers, but am having very little luck with the actual code to check this range, would prefer to have this running as a worksheet change event Hych Steve

Formula Question
4 replies , 2/19/2007, 6:06:11 PM
I have a formula (geared towards adding up my project hours) that reads, =A2-A1*24. This works fine. However, in addition, I need it to also say if the result is zero then it should have a null value. Is this possible?

5 replies , 2/5/2006, 5:01:23 PM
Perhaps this has been discussed in the past. I have 30 worksheets in an EXCEL file. The #1 worksheet is the main informational sheet. I'm trying to obtain the formula that would allow me to retrieve a specific data from any of the given worksheet. Example: If J7 is 2, I would like for the system to go to worksheet #2 and obtain the number from cell d39. If tomorrow I change J7 to 25, I would like it to go to worksheet #25 and obtain the number from d39. Your assistance is greatly appreciated Thanks in advance, Mike

Excel question ?
5 replies , 11/29/2010, 2:15:28 PM
Hi, can anyone help me out with this .... I have excel 2003 table and sheet inside of it have some formulas. I would like to paste text data from notepad to that sheet without of erasing any of the containing formulas which are like I said already there. Thanx

Copying a formula question
3 replies , 11/3/2006, 5:55:45 PM
I am a novice Excel user and have a formula I would like to copy to more than 100 cells in a column. I am hoping there is an easy way to do this without entering it many times. The pattern of the formulas are outlined below: =B6-(B6*B2-A2)/500 =B7-(B7*B2-A2)/500 =B8-(B8*B2-A2)/500 =B9-(B9*B2-A2)/500 =B10-(B10*B2-A2)/500 Thanks. -- Zilbandy - Tucson, Arizona USA <z*************MOVETHIS.com> Dead Suburban's Home Page: http://zilbandy.com/suburb/ PGP Public Key: http://zilbandy.com/pgpkey.htm ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

date related question???
1 replies , 1/4/2007, 12:35:54 AM
I currently have a sheet that has the following columns: CurrentDate, SeniorityDate,TotalYears and other columns. 01/03/07, 10/19/92,14 I would like the data instead to be: 01/03/07,10/19/92,14.3 (or comparable) I'm trying to prorate vacation balanced based on the "Total Years" field. But employees would actually get a prorated amount for anything over "whole years increments". E.G because they employee has a seniority date of 10/19/92 14 years gets him 160 hrs vacation and the additional time eclipsed from 10/19 to jan 1 of current year would give him an additional 5 hrs of vacation. ... for a total of 165 hours vacation. TIA, _Bigred I'm protected by SpamBrave http://www.spambrave.com/

Excel Formatting Question
5 replies , 7/22/2008, 7:51:04 PM
Hopefully somebody will know the answer to this. I have a SQL query in an Excel spreadsheet that returns the following data: jimjones 6/25/2008 7:58:35 6/25/2008 19:12 jimjones 6/27/2008 8:50:25 6/27/2008 20:00 jimjones 6/28/2008 8:47:48 6/28/2008 14:54 jimjones 6/28/2008 14:57:57 6/28/2008 20:02 jimjones 7/1/2008 8:40:45 7/1/2008 20:16 jimjones 7/2/2008 7:51:33 7/2/2008 13:06 jimjones 7/2/2008 13:06:32 7/2/2008 19:00 jimjones 7/4/2008 8:48:48 7/4/2008 20:01 bobsmith 6/25/2008 12:59:50 6/25/2008 14:13 bobsmith 6/25/2008 14:13:43 6/25/2008 14:30 bobsmith 6/25/2008 14:30:54 6/25/2008 17:01 bobsmith 6/25/2008 17:01:36 6/25/2008 17:14 bobsmith 6/25/2008 17:14:25 6/25/2008 17:27 bobsmith 6/25/2008 17:27:05 6/25/2008 18:14 bobsmith 6/25/2008 18:14:29 6/25/2008 18:18 bobsmith 6/25/2008 18:18:59 6/25/2008 19:52 bobsmith 6/25/2008 19:52:17 6/25/2008 20:15 bobsmith 6/25/2008 20:15:53 6/25/2008 20:21 bobsmith 6/25/2008 20:21:17 6/25/2008 21:27 I would like to know if there is a way to automate the sheet in such a way that the output looks more like this: jimjones 6/25/2008 7:58:35 6/25/2008 19:12 6/27/2008 8:50:25 6/27/2008 20:00 6/28/2008 8:47:48 6/28/2008 14:54 6/28/2008 14:57:57 6/28/2008 20:02 7/1/2008 8:40:45 7/1/2008 20:16 7/2/2008 7:51:33 7/2/2008 13:06 7/2/2008 13:06:32 7/2/2008 19:00 7/4/2008 8:48:48 7/4/2008 20:01 bobsmith 6/25/2008 12:59:50 6/25/2008 14:13 6/25/2008 14:13:43 6/25/2008 14:30 6/25/2008 14:30:54 6/25/2008 17:01 6/25/2008 17:01:36 6/25/2008 17:14 6/25/2008 17:14:25 6/25/2008 17:27 6/25/2008 17:27:05 6/25/2008 18:14 6/25/2008 18:14:29 6/25/2008 18:18 6/25/2008 18:18:59 6/25/2008 19:52 6/25/2008 19:52:17 6/25/2008 20:15 6/25/2008 20:15:53 6/25/2008 20:21 6/25/2008 20:21:17 6/25/2008 21:27 Any help would be greatly appreciated.

palette, toolbar questions
5 replies , 12/24/2005, 12:59:12 PM
1.any way to have the formatting palette on the left side of the screen, and have documents open up in the center (not behind the palette)? (I understand that documents will move to the side of docked toolbars, but what about the formatting palette?) 2. anyway to make the toolbars longer - it seems that I can resize them but not change their length?

I should be doing housework
cmd file in visual studio (newbie question)
0 replies , 11/25/2003, 8:01:48 PM
I have this simple cmd file which I want to run inside my other programs in VS.net (setup file). It does not run. Can somebody help me!!!!!!!! IF "%ver%"=="Microsoft Windows 2000" GOTO Win2k @REM IF "%ver%"=="Microsoft Windows XP" GOTO WinXP @mkdir ytemp1 GOTO Common :Win2K @REM <Win2K instructions here> mkdir temp2 : Common: @REM <Common instructions here> mkdir temp3

Excel 2007 Macro/VB Question DDE Question
11 replies , 2/24/2010, 2:38:01 AM
Hi, So I have a column of cells that are the combination of a other cells in the row and a result of a few "if functions." The value comes out exactly as planned however in order for the data to be sent to the DDE server I need to press F2, go the beginning of the cell to insert an "=" sign and then press enter. I would like a macro to do what I just mentioned and then go down to the cell in the column. I used to write code using C++, but I'm a little rusty and unfamiliar with VB. Below is the formula and then the result of the cell. Any information or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! =(IF(G10>0,"=ANVDdeSrv|"&B10&"!SendOrder"&L10&"NYSE_"&ABS(G10)&"_1_100_"&M10,IF(G10<0,"=ANVDdeSrv|"&B10&"!SendOrder"&L10&"NYSE_"&ABS(G10)&"_1_100_"&N10,))) ANVDdeSrv|AMD!SendOrder_Sell_NYSE_300_1_100_3.3

Left Justification Question ?
2 replies , 9/3/2006, 2:57:54 PM
Hello: Using Excel 97. I know, Wow, but it does everything, for the most part, that I need. Question: I have a column of numbers; single and two digit. On the menu, I have the icon that shoves it all to the left selected. I have a few single digit numbers in the column, though, that I would like to move over in the column by a space or two. Not leading zeros, just want to move the single digit numbers over a space to line up with the two digit numbers. But, I still want the two digit ones left justified. Won't let me do it. How can I, please ? Thanks, Bob

Mail question
3 replies , 11/25/2003, 10:00:12 AM
Is it possible to give a user in exchange 2000 another reply e-mail adres as his own? I know in the outlook client this is possible in the section answering adres, but can it lso be done in exchange. thnx

Luc van der Maarel
Exchange question and AD question
5 replies , 6/7/2004, 8:47:04 PM
Group: I have two questions. With SBS 2k is there a way to get active directory from the existing computer to another one? Does Exchange 2k have to be installed on the same physical computer as the SBS 2k operating system? Thanks, Richard

lookup question
1 replies , 6/13/2005, 8:06:04 PM
I have a range of cells where the first 4 columnd contain numeric data & the 5th column contains names in random order. I have a name value in another cell outside this range. I want to use this cell to find a name in my range of data and return the value in the first column for that name. I know a VLOOKUP will work where you match on the first column and return data from some other column, but waht do you do to lookup in the 5th column and return in the first column? Thanks Mike -- mwc0914 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ mwc0914's Profile: http://www.excelforum.com/member.php?action=getinfo&userid=24130 View this thread: http://www.excelforum.com/showthread.php?threadid=378666

Complex Lookup Question - Clarification?????
2 replies , 9/20/2007, 7:08:01 PM
I understand most of the formula from the response to my original posting (see orig posting and response below) except for the following: MATCH(B4,OFFSET(Table2,1,1,,1),TRUE)+1 How does this find the row where the age in Table 1 is between Age_lower and Age_upper in Table2? What does +1 do? Thanks, Attila Original Posting***************************** I have to do a complex lookup. Here are the excel tables involved: Table 1 Name Age Status Jim 25 MNS Mary 38 FS Table 2 Band Age_lower Age_upper MS MNS FS FNS 1 0 18 0.25 0.2 0.18 0.14 2 19 29 1.25 1.2 1.18 1.14 3 30 39 2.25 2.2 2.18 2.14 4 40 49 3.25 3.2 3.18 3.14 5 50 59 4.25 4.2 4.18 4.14 Here is what I have to do: 1) Based on the age of the individual in Table 1 I need to determine the Band in Table 2 - this is determined by looking at their age and finding which row their age is between Age_lower and Age_upper. 2) Once I found the Band I then look at their Status in Table 1 and then find select the appropriate value from the Band row in table 2 For example, for Jim in Table 1 he would fall in Band 2 and based on his status of MNS the value selected would be 1.2 (from row2,col5 in Table 2). Mary would be band 3 and value of 2.14. Is this possible with one formula? Please let me know. Thanks, Attila Response******************************* One way: =INDEX(Table2, MATCH(B2,OFFSET(Table2,1,1,,1),TRUE)+1, MATCH(C2,OFFSET(Table2,,,1,),FALSE)) This assumes that table 2 is named Table2 (including the header row and band column), that B2 refers to the Age in Table 1, and C2 is the Status. Note that it will give a bad result if Age is > the maximum Age_Upper.

98 Networking Question
0 replies , 11/7/2003, 10:29:22 PM
Hello, Will this cause problems: 34 Subnets 800 machines dispersed through the subnets using TCPIP All machines are non-domain members and all belong to the default workgroup 'WORKGROUP' What kind of traffic will this generate across the WAN? What about duplicate names on different WAN links? Sometimes they have problems, sometimes they dont..why is this?