Excel 2003 - Sort Sheets

Good day,
I am using Excel 2003 and would like to sort the sheets.
Is anyone aware of a way to do this?
Thanks in advance.

Bill Wilson

Bill Wilson
12/29/2004, 8:54:31 PM

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Frank Kabel
Frankfurt, Germany
"Bill Wilson" <w***********otmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag 
> Good day,
> I am using Excel 2003 and would like to sort the sheets.
> Is anyone aware of a way to do this?
> Thanks in advance.
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> Bill Wilson
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Frank Kabel
12/29/2004, 9:07:53 PM
There is no built-in way to do this in Excel.
If you are not interested in writing a VBA program, then
my Excel add-in "XL Extras" sorts workbook sheets 
and has several other capabilities...

Add header/footer data to sheets
Insert a table of contents
Get the address of print areas
Make text upper, lower, proper or sentence case
Other minor features

Comes with a Word.doc install/use file
It is available - free - upon direct request.
Remove xxx from my email address.
Jim Cone
San Francisco, USA

"Bill Wilson" <w***********otmail.com> wrote in message 
> Good day,
> I am using Excel 2003 and would like to sort the sheets.
> Is anyone aware of a way to do this?
> Thanks in advance.
> Bill Wilson
> w***********otmail.com 

Jim Cone
12/29/2004, 9:24:05 PM

sheets in sheets
6 replies , 12/16/2003, 10:32:28 AM
I want to have many sheets in one sheet. It is possible?

how do auto fill formula ='sheet 1'!D4 to sheet 2 ='sheet 2'!D4 with out change the formula maunually I want to make one sheet with the formula and add sheets and have the new sheet look at the adjacent sheet etc

I would like to have cells refer back to Sheet 1 to carry forward a figure from last week's "outstanding" work to this week's "Carried forward". Is there any way to have the formula adjust from Sheet1 to Sheet2 to Sheet3 as it goes through the sheets - or do I have to do it by hand? TIA

Mike B
Data from one sheet to another sheets
0 replies , 5/11/2008, 9:51:34 AM
Dear Sir, I have a ZoneWise Worksheet i;e nz01,nz02,nz03.wz01,wz02,wz03,sz01,sz02,sz03 and so on. Now i want to copy this data according to ZoneWise For example: nz01 in sheet1, nz02 in sheet2, wz01 in sheet 3 and so no Thanks In Advance Hardeep kanwar

type in one sheet and appear on all sheets
7 replies , 10/29/2006, 12:38:01 PM
Hi, I have an excel spreadsheet that i use for work and it has 6 different pages. Some of the pages have the same information as the first page. How can i get the info from the first page to appear on all the other pages without typing it into every page? I have tried to do the = on the last page and carry it to the first page and press enter but on the last page all i get is #value. Could someone please tell me what i am doing wrong. thanks Jim.

Compare Sheet Cell to Sheet Column
2 replies , 1/4/2006, 6:39:03 PM
I am trying to do an if/then function to see if there are duplicates on 2 different sheets in a table but cannot find the function which is correct. First sheet name is Active and the column name is Name. Second sheet name is Therapy and the column name is Name. I want a function that give me a "true" if the name in the sheet active is also listed in the sheet Therapy. Thanks for any help.

Linking Data from 1 sheet to another sheet
5 replies , 12/20/2005, 4:50:05 PM
Hello. I would like, if possible to set up an automatic link so that sales data that I have on one sheet is automatically copied into a different sheet. Is this possible and if so can anybody help me with some instructions please? -- Regards, Warwick

updating sheets based on data in first sheet
1 replies , 12/14/2003, 9:14:52 PM
Another payroll question, I have a workbook that contains 26 sheets, one for each bi-weekl payroll period. I would like to set it up so when i add a new employe the rest of the sheets also update automatically with that employee name and information. I have been able to acheive this to a limited degree using th =sheet1!a1 formula, but this only updates the info in the first cel and particularly the first column. I would like to acheive this using the first sheet, since at th end of the year I would like to be able to calculate ytd figure easily. Thank -- Message posted from http://www.ExcelForum.com

How to transfer the total of multiple of multiple entries in a sheet to another shet in the same file. ** Posted via: http://www.ozgrid.com Excel Templates, Training, Add-ins & Software! http://www.ozgrid.com/Services/excel-software-categories.htm **

I want data on sheet 1 to input into sheet 2 also
2 replies , 5/16/2005, 6:08:03 PM
I cannot remember how to input data on one worksheet and have that info transpose onto sheet 2? I need the same worksheet for two different applications, but need some info hidden on the second sheet. How do I do this?

protecting sheets
6 replies , 3/6/2004, 9:48:04 AM
Hello I was wondering if there is a way to protect my sheets in a workbook. I have some areas that people need to enter data into but don't want changes to other areas. I know how to do it a sheet at a time but I sometimes have up to 56 sheets in the workbook. right now if I select all the sheets and go to protection the sheets section is grayed out. thank in advance Steve

Time Sheets
0 replies , 3/21/2005, 9:32:32 AM
Ok will do thanks Helen JulieD Wrote: > Hi Helen > > best thing to do is to email it direct to me at julied_ng at hcts dot > net > dot au > > Cheers > JulieD > > "Helen Black" H**********************.officefrustration.com wrote in > message news:H**********************.officefrustration.com...- > > Hi its me again, sorry to bother you again but I have got one of my > sheets working correctly thanks to you, but now I have being trying > to > sort out another time sheet that the times from the original are used > for. > > The idea is that our drivers will work average of 48 hours over 26 > weeks to stay within the EU guide lines and I am just having trouble > making all the times use 24 hours and getting the formulas to give me > the correct answers as we must not let our drivers go over the > allowed > time in 26 weeks. I have tried to add a worksheet but cannot see it > on > the thread how do I save worksheet so that you can have a look at it > for me. > > Thanks upfront for your help I really could not have got this far > without you. > > Helen > > Helen Black Wrote:- > Hi Julie > Thanks ever so much for that last one, it has done exactely what you > said and given me 62.20 for the time I can now sort out my spread > sheet. > > Helen- > > > -- > Helen Black- -- Helen Black

Helen Black
Lenght of sheets
2 replies , 3/18/2008, 4:00:01 PM
In Excel 2002 I have a workbook with 12 sheet. One ended up with > 45,000 rows. The scroll bar on this sheet is tiny compared to the other sheets. Is there a way to set the lenght of the sheets to a specific number of rows. Thanks

Hidden Sheets
0 replies , 8/5/2003, 11:05:33 AM
I am trying to unhide a sheet, I know the sheet exists because it appears in the File > Properties > Contents. I have disabled macros and there is no sheet.visible = xlsheetveryhidden command. When I go to Window > Hide/Unhide the Unhide option is greyed out. If I click Hide and then Unhide it still does not show the hidden Sheets. There are 5 visible sheets and 7 hidden sheets. Any Ideas Thanks in advance Simon

Excel Sheet generator
4 replies , 6/6/2006, 11:18:58 AM
Hi I need a tool, that can analyse existing Excel Sheet, and generate Visual Basic 6.0 / VBA code, able to generate this sheet from scratch (add new blank sheet, apply all changes). I'm interested in column/row sizes, cell colors, borders, cell values, and formulas. I don't need support for VBA. Does anybody known such tool?

Tomasz Klim
how do i arrange alphabetically my sheets?
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naming sheet tabs
1 replies , 11/4/2003, 8:46:51 AM
Bob Thanks for the snippet. now do I just type that in on the sheet or where. thanks again steve

multiple sheet selection
1 replies , 10/17/2003, 10:14:55 PM
Hello fellow Excel users!!! I am looking for a formula or macro that will list the data from the same cell reference on multiple spreadsheets in excel 97. I work with a program that contains a section of data that I want. I then export this data into excel. Each test I run will have its own excel worksheet. There can be up to eight tests a day, 5 days a week. I would like to have all the tests form a workbook for each month. I am thinking of having the last page of the worksheet a summary page where I can make a column of all the data in sheets 1 to x, cell g4, another for sheets 1 to x cell g5 etc. I would like to make columns because I want to chart the data. Is there an easy "list" function so I don't need to separately type in =sheet1!g4 =sheet2!g4 etc etc. Also keep in mind that I will not necessarily have the same number of worksheets in the workbook each month and that I would like to always have a running total so I can perform a trend analysis. Then, if something is found that will do this, it there a way to reference the worksheet as well? For example, the summary page would say... Description Value Sheet 1 value in g4 Sheet 2 value in g4 The sheet description is only in the tab at the bottom of the worksheet. This has been giving me quite the headache for quite some time!! Please help if you can :confused: :confused: Thank you!!! ------------------------------------------------ ~~ Message posted from http://www.ExcelTip.com/ ~~ View and post usenet messages directly from http://www.ExcelForum.com/

Sheet protection in mass?!
1 replies , 1/12/2005, 6:21:04 AM
XL2k,sp3 I have 12 worksheets in a workbook that is book and sheet protected for many reasons. Is it possable to unprotect / protect ALL sheets at once, to allow maintenance/upgrade's to the cell contents? Certainly would make it easier than to have to unlock and lock each sheet. Tks .... Kane

'balance sheets' in XP
1 replies , 1/22/2004, 12:36:07 PM
I am trying to keep accounts for two investment properties. I have found 'balance sheets' in the excel section, but am at a loss to how to use this. I have filled in one, but have no idea how to go to the next page. I see a heading which says 'workbook' so I am wondering if I should open a work book before I fill in the 'balance sheets'. Does any one know where I can download some instructions for this programme. I know I can just use excell 'cells' but I'm not to good with that either Thanks for any help. An email would be great, or a posting on here. Thanks

Select first chart in sheet
4 replies , 3/15/2006, 4:59:41 PM
I would like to select the first chart in the sheet and set the min and max values... the code says an object is not set... any help is appreciated! Dim MinVal As Range Dim MaxVal As Range Dim ch As Chart Set MinVal = ActiveSheet.Range("o17").Value Set MaxVal = ActiveSheet.Range("o16").Value ch = ActiveSheet.ChartObjects(1).Chart For Each ch In ActiveSheet.ChartObjects Select Case ch.ChartType Case xlLineMarkers With ch.Axes(xlCategory) .MinimumScale = MinVal .MaximumScale = MaxVal End With End Select Next End Sub

Sheet Tab Font Size
1 replies , 12/15/2003, 3:37:15 PM
I'm working on someone's laptop with Excel 97. The font on the tab sheets are so small, he cannot see them. Any suggestions?

popup note when a sheet is accessed
5 replies , 7/18/2005, 6:30:14 PM
How can I make a note or window popup each time a sheet is accessed? I thought I could use the Input Message on Data Validation, but you have to be in a specific cell.

I want to use a function from the excel COM object to determine that an excel sheet is empty of any cells, charts, or other elements. Some sheets have no cells but can have other elements like lines or pictures not related to a cell. For instance, say someone wants to reference the COM print for each sheet in a standard excel worksheet, created with the Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3 default, but with sheet 1 having some cells, sheet two having just a picture or chart, and sheet three not used. I want to print sheet one and two, but not three. How can the program use the COM object to know that sheet 3 is TOTALLY empty regardless of excel version? Thanks.

How do I transfer data between Excell sheets?
2 replies , 2/19/2005, 2:13:02 AM
I receive outside data with 3700 rows and 12 colums of information, text and numerical. I also have 17 seperate sheets and each contain some of this master data. How do I get the master sheet to deliver the individually needed data to the seperate 17 sheets. Column A in each of the 17 sheets is a name and must be recognized by the master sheet that this row must be updated by it's data in column G, F, C, D etc. This is a price sheet senerio. The cost and the name of each product comes from outside in Excell. I have several unique price sheet in Excell that go to seperate displays on the floor that need to be updated via the master from outside.

Start up window on spred sheet
0 replies , 7/17/2004, 2:34:02 AM
I have a spreed sheet and would like a window that pops up when I open it so I can fill in basic information on the spread sheet. I have seen this done but not sure how to do it. Thanks KC

Data Filter in protected sheet
1 replies , 1/19/2006, 1:18:37 PM
Sir, I want to use data filter command in protected sheet. Oncly Because that formula i m using in the cells should not display or suddenly can delete or currupt. Is there any way? Regards Rao Ratan Singh

accessing an excel sheet from multiple other workbooks.
0 replies , 6/14/2007, 11:53:40 AM
I have an excel sheet calculating cost for various parts. There are many versions of this sheet (different one for each part number). I want all of these sheets to pull some common parameters from one master sheet. This way when these parameters need changed, it must only be done one time. Then all other sheets can be updated. The problem I'm having is that all these excel files while all in the same common folder, are also divided up in subfolders. Is there generic method I can use so they will find the file to import from regardless of whether the master file is in the same folder, a folder above, or even two folders above? (i.e. I only want to have one copy of the master sheet with variable parameters, and not have to make a copy of it inside each individual folder also.) Any help or suggestions will be very appreciated.

Relative sheet referencing in excel formulas
1 replies , 6/3/2008, 9:25:05 PM
Hi, I'm trying to write a macro that will import a sheet from another workbook(say, X) and then add stuff to each of the rows by using a vlookup formula that looks in the second worksheet of the original workbook (say, Y). The first sheet in Y will have some rows that are different to those in sheet 2 in Y but will also have some of the same ones. For those that are the same, the vlookup will return some comments from sheet 2. The problem, however, is that the sheet names are always different because they come from a file that is generated on a daily basis. Is it possible to put a relative reference into the vlookup formula that will look on the second sheet instead of sheet(...)? Specifically, the formula in my macro looks like this: ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = _ "=VLOOKUP(RC[-16],0529080946!RC[-16]:R[1056]C,16,FALSE)" and I am trying to change the "0529080946!" to sheets(2) in my workbook. Thank you in advance for your help. Michael

making an excel 2003 sheet autosort
5 replies , 11/27/2008, 12:59:56 AM

Data from 3 different sheets in the same workbook
1 replies , 6/17/2009, 1:11:02 PM
We have to produce a pie chart on a new sheet which will show the percentage total of 3 different data that are in 3 different sheets but the cell's still the same (B14 in sheet1, B14 in sheet2, B14 in sheet3). I hold the CTRL button but it doesn't work. Is there a way to create this piechart without linking the 3 data in a fourth sheet? We tried in a lot of different ways but they give us errors (one of them is "reference is not valid") Thanks

Pulling info off a list from another sheet
1 replies , 10/8/2006, 8:40:02 AM
I am trying to make a estimating tool/take off tool in Excel. One sheet is my "takeoff" sheet, it has all the materials i will use, how much of each, and its price. On another sheet I have the full list of every possible material I can use, and how much each costs. I want to be able to start typing the type of material, eg- "Pipe" and all of the various types would come up on a pulldown or something, then once the correct pipe type is selected it enters the price and other information on my takeoff sheet. Is this possible in excel???? or do i have to make a database in Access???

i need a Dupont formula spread sheet.
1 replies , 11/21/2006, 1:08:02 PM
Can someone tell me where i could find a template for dupont formulas?

Save only one sheet of workbook with vba statement
4 replies , 10/31/2003, 11:59:10 PM
Hi! I have a workbook with four sheets, and i'm writing a procedure where at some point i need to save only one of the worksheets as a new excel file (workbook). i used: supose i want to save "sheet2" worksheets("sheet2").saveas(filename) This works well except the new file contains all of the sheets of the original workbook. Thanks, pmxgs

I'm managing about 200 customers on two spreadsheets. On the source sheet, there are 4 lines for each customer. One the current sheet, there is one line per customer. I am referencing three cells per customer from the source sheet to the current. I want to delete a customer from the middle of each report, but I want the cell references to change accordingly. Here's an example of the formula I'm using on the current sheet (to pull from the source sheet): ='[REPORT.xls]NOV 05'!$L$378 Where L378 is a balance that changes every month. And four lines down from that is the next cell being referenced in the next line. When the four lines that encompass the cell L378 are deleted, the others move up. I also delete that customer from the current sheet. But the cells do not change accordingly. Is there a way to make that happen automatically, without having to manually go into each cell and change them? I want to know how to do the reverse of that, too, by entering new customers into the middle of the sheets and having the cells change accordingly. Any clues?