Excel 2001 mac won't open

I'm running excel 2001 in mac os 9.2. I have os 10.1.5 installed with
office vX running. I had trouble using office 98 in os 9 so I upgraded
to 2001. Word and powerpoint work properly but excel won't open. I get
the application name in the menubar but then it returns to the finder. I
don't get any kind of warning message at all. When I was running office
98, excel would work but word and powerpoint would not. They would
unexpectedly quit after the splash screen. I \ tried uninstalling and
reinstalling as well as removing all ms office and ecxel prefs in the os
9 system folder.

Any suggestions are much appreciated

Lesley-Ann Allardyce
6/26/2003, 1:05:28 PM

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 Lesley-Ann Allardyce <l***********imus.com.au> wrote:

> I'm running excel 2001 in mac os 9.2. I have os 10.1.5 installed with
> office vX running. I had trouble using office 98 in os 9 so I upgraded
> to 2001. Word and powerpoint work properly but excel won't open. I get
> the application name in the menubar but then it returns to the finder. I
> don't get any kind of warning message at all. When I was running office
> 98, excel would work but word and powerpoint would not. They would
> unexpectedly quit after the splash screen. I \ tried uninstalling and
> reinstalling as well as removing all ms office and ecxel prefs in the os
> 9 system folder.

When you uninstall, do it by downloading and running the Office 
Remover applications from

    Mactopia downloads:

Simply trashing the application folder, or even the prefs, is 
unlikely to work, as is running Office Remover from the install CDs 
(they're out of date).

Next, reinstall Office, applying the updates found at the above URL. 
Make sure you've allocated enough memory (with the application 
closed, choose File/Get Info/Memory and increase the Preferred 
setting (leave Minimum alone): I use 64 MB for Word and XL and 32 MB 
for Powerpoint, but those are pretty generous. Rebuild your desktop.

You may find these MSKB articles helpful:


If those don't fix it, post back
J.E. McGimpsey
6/26/2003, 2:41:07 PM
I have a similar issue, but I found a workaround. here's what a posted
to another thread in this forum. Below are copies of my two previous
posts... The FIRST POST has what i tried, but no solution. My SECOND
POST has a solution (really a workaround) that may suffice until
Microsoft fixes this bug.

ciao. -- JJ



I am suddenly having this problem as well. I can open Word X and
Entourage X, but not Powerpoint and Excel. I was working on a
spreadsheet in Excel this morning. Then, after closing it and
reopening it, Excel crashes with a Kernel exception (written to the
crash log). Here are the steps I have tried to follow to resolve this,
each with no effect:

1) rebooted my mac.
2) deleted all my plist files for ALL office products (including the
directory itself under /usr/name/library/preferences/microsoft).
3) followed recommendations in the microsoft KBase article #Q313535
and removed 13 duplicate fonts in my user font directory. rebooted.
4) downloaded FontDoctor X DEMO, it found no currupted fonts.
5) Ran "sudo fsck_hfs -f /dev/disk0s9" no problem, partition was "OK".
rebooted anyway.
6) ran "diskutil repairPermissions /", bunch of permissions fixed.

Still nothing. No effect. Excel simply will not run anymore. I get a
splash screen and then --> crash. Here are my system specs:

Dual G4 1.4 Ghz 2GB RAM 120GB HD running OSX 10.2.6. And, for those of
you who are wondering, Norton Utilities or Antivirus is _not_
installed. (This is unix, we don't need that kind of trouble around

I'll post this over on the Apple boards as well. And... after I
reinstall OFFICE X and the service patch, I'll let you know if I can
get Excel running again.

ciao -- Jonathan.


Excel & Power Point were unexpectedly quitting whenever I tried to
launch them. I made several attempts to fix the problem (see previous
post for details), but it was to no avail... nothing i did seemed to
work. I was about to try a  complete system reinstall until I found a
workaround by accident...

In my case, Word X and Entourage still lauched fine. So.. if you have
the same problems with Excel and/or Powerpoint then you might want to
try this...

Launch Word X. if the Project Gallery doesn't open  then click the
menu item File --> Project Gallery. In the Project Gallery, under
"Blank Documents", choose "Excel Workbook" (you may have to scroll up)
and click "OK". For me, Excel opens fine this way, but if I simply
double-click the Excel icon in the Finder it crashes. This workaround
fixed a similar problem with Powerpoint.

Hope  that helps for any MS developers trying to fix this bug.
6/26/2003, 7:18:22 PM

Getting text file into excell
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Hello. I have text files which are loaded to excell. The text files are always of the same format. I want to load the file, but always I need to mark the positions of the current loaded file. How can I load the file always in a fixed format (can I do a templette for that ?) Thanks :)

Mr. J.
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Since I extensively use Excel Macros to prepare and process files to be passed on to a number of bioinformatics programs (sequence alignments in GCG format, 3D-structures in PDB format and so on), I frequently need to export files as space delimited text, as many of the standard formats rely on fixed field widths and record lengths. This worked fine under the older versions of Excel. Under Excel 2004, specification of column widths is in physical units (cm or inches) rather than in numbers of characters as in older versions of Excels. If such a worksheet, created in Excel 2004, is exported using "save as formatted text (space delimited)", the resulting file contains only the first column of the worksheet (if the selection was on a single cell) or the whole worksheet as tab delimited text, it seems not possible to actually export as space delimited text. Older worksheets, in which the column width was set in "number of characters" units under an older version of Excel, or worksheets in which the column width has been specified in "number of characters" units using a Macro are correctly exported as space delimited text by Excel2004, the problem therefore seems to reside in the specification of the column widths. Is there any place there on can specify that column widths are to be interpreted in the "old-fashioned way"? Is there another workaround? It is quite a nuissance to have to write a formatting macro every time on has to format a space delimited text!!!

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Excel 2003 running on XP Pro. When ever my screen saver kicks in & I tap the keyboard or shake the mouse to 'wake it up', Excel will have a 'not responding' message in the area above the menu bar. Looking at the Event Viewer just gives me a Hung App message. Any suggestions?

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I recently moved an access database from one network drive to another. I have an excel database query to that database that no longer works. Do I have to somehow update the query to look at the new location of the database? How?

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Hi Any ideas why a spreadsheet would crash giving the "Excel.exe has generated errors and will be closed by windows" message when the file is sharing on. This only happens to one person as the others can open it. It balso happens to them if they log onto another PC. Thanks, Paul OS: Win 2000 App: Excel 2000

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Hello: I have created an excel file that has links to web pages in it. I've added web addresses and made them into links, and some of them I have copied down to have multiple rows for the same web link. When I do a sort, the some of the web links are corrupted so that they link to another web address in the database. Can you help with this?

hi, can some one let me know how ro restrict the number of rows & columns in a excel sheet. plz.... Thanx in advance.... Sri...

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Hi there Is there a way to change the appearance of excel so it does not loo like excel? My spreadsheet has all the necessary functions on it as macro button and there is no need to use any toolbars to use it. Although everythin is protected The data must not be interferred with for legal reasons an I want to make it so that people are not tempted to play. I would lik the spreadsheet to appear like a stand alone program rather than a excel sheet. Can this be done or is there some sofware that will change the exce sheets to a stand alone format? cheers nobb -- nobbyknownowt

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Help!! I'm using Excell 2003. Everytime I use excel, the Save As window repeatedly pops up. sometimes I have to press cancel 10 times only to have it popup again after a few keystrokes. It first only happened when I pressed the 8 key, now it just happens randomly...I really can't use excel now.. any ideas

Excel 97 link not working in Excel XP
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I have an Excel 97 file that a user in our UK office creates with the help of an EMAIN97.xla add-in on her Office 97 computer. When she sends it to someone at corporate who has Office 97, that person can read the file even though they do not have the xla add-in. However, anyone with Office XP can open the file but all they get is #name?. Why would this be that Office 97 can open and read this file but Office XP can only open the file but only displays '#name?'? Is there something that I can do to make Excel XP act like Excel 97? Please advise.

Can't Open Excel File - Too Big?
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I have a very large excel file (63mb) that I can't open. Everytime I try it thinks for a while and then spits out the error "Not Enough Memory." Now the file is ugly, using many external links, vlookups, etc. One sheet is about 8000 rows by 40 columns with many of those columns being fairly complex formulas involving a dozen other columns. Now I know what you're thinking, what the heck is he using Excel for something this complicated? But it's grown beyond what I expected it to be and I don't have time (right now) to move it into any other program. That aside, many people claim that the only limitation on file size is your computer memory. As far as I can tell that assertion is false. I'm using Windows XP Pro on a laptop with 768MB in RAM. It can handle 30-40MB files without a problem. I even watch my memory performance while trying to open the file and I have plenty of memory left. When I got this error I moved it to an XP workstation wtih 3GB of RAM and had the same problem. To me, that says that Excel or Windows XP limits that amount of memory that Excel can use for a file. Is this true? Is there someway around this? Help! CStJ

Excel 2003 Crashes when closed
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Hi! For a few days I've noticed that whenever I open excel it crashes generating the bellow errors. Sometimes it happens when I just open a file and Excel proposes to "Recover my work and restart Microsoft Office Excel". But more frequently it happens when I close Excel. I've also noticed that when I close excel workbook first and then close Excel itself this error is not happening (or just a matter of chance... not sure). Other Office 2003 applications work good. I have no addins for excel and I'v also completely removed and reinstalled Office 2003. But it didn't help. Anyone can help me? Thanks in advance! AppName: excel.exe AppVer: 11.0.6560.0 AppStamp:4296b6f2 ModName: msvcrt.dll ModVer: 7.0.2600.2180 ModStamp:41252c84 fDebug: 0 Offset: 00037efb Event ID: 1000 Time: 25/03/2009 9.55.39 Source: Microsoft Office 11 Type: Error Log: Application Computer: BAHRAMOV User: N/A Description: Not able to obtain the full description for event ID 1000 from source Microsoft Office 11. This may happen if this computer is not able to access the event log message file on the analyzed computer or the message file does not exist. Looking up this event/source combination through www.eventid.net may reveal the actual description. The event log message contains the following parameters (sometimes this represents the message description itself): excel.exe 11.0.8169.0 465f27bd msvcrt.dll 7.0.2600.2180 41252c84 0 00037efb Event ID: 1000 Time: 25/03/2009 11.04.48 Source: Application Error Type: Error Log: Application Computer: BAHRAMOV User: N/A Description: Applicazione che ha provocato l'errore excel.exe , versione 11.0.6560.0 , modulo che ha provocato l'errore msvcrt.dll , versione 7.0.2600.2180 , indirizzo errore 0x00037efb .

excel > tools > scenarios ... so close but
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Using Office 2000, Scenarios looks like a great function except ... - how can I force it to over-right the existing sheet 'name' instead of creating a new 'name(2)' sheet each time I run the Scenario function? - how can I force Scenario to use cell values instead of entering values manually via the wizard? It seems like I'm so close, THANKS Jim

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Excel:double clicking cell border causes cursor to go to end of worksheet. How do I turn off this feature???????

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opening Excel file, receive "unable to open OLE"

Using a Word, PDF, Image as a background on Excel.
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Hello professionals, I would appreciate some help on this problem. Im a pretty good basic user of excel and generally dont need anything complex, but I cant figure out if I can do what I want with the information I want. I use Excel for my jobs to generate reports, submittals, etc. I am a sub contractor on this particular jobsite with plenty of additional forms I must fill out for the general contractor. The contrator wants me to fill out the same reports I fill out on my forms onto his forms. He created these forms on Word, and I have paper copies of them. I will be receiving a cd with all his documents, but that could be in 5 weeks, and again, they are all on Word. Its all the same information, just different layout / template. Obviously, I dont want to fill out the same information over and over again. There will be about 6 sheets daily, 9 weekly, and several others. Yes, I know, lots of paper. Additionally, I do not want to create brand new templates in Excel trying to match everything up with my GC's templates / forms. As I see it, I would like to scan these hard copies I have into PDF, then convert to WORD and import it as WORD / jpeg / png / (embed?) into Excel. I already have my format, and thus I would just create formulas that get the information from the book I fill out everyday and have it transferred into the GC's. I would have the gridlines above the embed and format it so that as I make my report, it fills out his. I will have to print this everyday. Thus, it would be in the same exact format he wants it with all my redundant information. Im sorry if I was lengthy, I hope I was thorough enough to where everyone can help me out. Simplified, I juat want to import his hard copy onto my excel and have information fill out on top of it as I type mine and print itll together. Thanks again guys, this is my 1st time using this and really hope it helps me out. Happy Holidays to all! Rodrigo Bravo Project Engineer TAS Concrete

Excel -> Access -> Excel
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Hi, I'm working on an Access 2000 database where I will have a spreadsheet on a network drive. i need people from other groups to update the spreadsheet, but i need that info carried into the database and then back onto the spreadsheet. i have the access -> excel part figured out (I'm using the database query using Excel), but now I need to figure out how to go from excel -> access. Anybody have any idea how this can be done? (Is it as simple as a link directly into the database? I tried that, but my update query in the database won't update anything....) Thanks, Chris

Excel Startup Problem
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Ok, I've had 2007 Office installed for a few months on my machine, but today when I upgraded the rest of the office, the other 25 users were unable to open existing xls documents on the first try. I have 3 work around to open the existing documents but it’s a bit annoying when usually all you have to do is open the xls document. Basically you open an existing .xls document and Excel opens like it should but when it opens the worksheets are invisible with everything grayed out against a light blue screen; also all the tabs are not clickable but you can see them. The only way to open the existing xls is to minimize Excel and then restore or open through the Open Dialog Box or Have Excel already running then open the .xls. I have no idea on why it’s doing so. I have tried several things such as: 1) Making sure the Ignore other applications checkbox is cleared. 2) Adobe 8.0 is not installed 3) No Programs are in the Xlstart Folder My only guess on why this is not working for other users correctly is because they were upgraded from 2000 Office and I upgraded from Office XP (2002 or 2003). Is that the reason? Also, what others things shall I try? I really dont want to have to uninstall and reinstall fresh copies again, plus what about the licenses I purchased? Any suggestions?

interpolation in excel
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I want to use an interpolation table in excel. When I type in the value, I want excel to look up the closest two values in the table and calculate the corresponding value.

Borders and shades prossible with Excell?
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It is possible to create quickly an excell table with borders and shadings (with rows darkened and lightened alternatively) like it can be done with Word Tables?

Excel Updates
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2 nights ago i updated my excel package form the microsoft site, the site scanned my Office Pro 2000 and recommended that i install the updates - 1 for XP Patch and the other was Patch 3 or something for excel. Now i can not open files over 500kb, the program hangs for a couple of mins then when i press the task manager excel is not responding. Excel opens fine with all other files but i have noticed that it is now slower when opening. My processor is 3.2Ghz & 1Gb RAM 160Gb HD so its not the PC, usually it is very fast - the problem is worse because i carry out all my work in excel and i only have 4 database files which are under 500Kb and i no longer use them. So i can not get to my work at present, i have reinstalled Ms Office but that has not helped""" Any help would not go amiss. Simon... S************home@msn.com

Excel 2002: Excel cannot paste the data
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I am unable to paste onto a chart sheet in one workbook; I get the message Microsoft Excel cannot paste the data The drawing toolbar controls are also disabled. I have checked all obvious protection mechanisms - what am I missing? Thanks... -- Roger Shaftesbury (UK)

Roger Whitehead
Excel 2003 and Excel 2007
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In 03 I was able to copy a worksheet and paste it into a new file, but in 07 I am unable to do so. Everytime I try it sends error report, an error occured in Excel. The worksheet is linked directly with another worksheet in the same file, but I only want my client to see the information on 1 worksheet, not both. How can I do this in 07?

excel automation - search spreadsheets from access vba
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From MS Access front end, user chooses a directory and enters a string into a text box. I need assistance to search all excel spreadhseets in that directory for that string and return cell and spreadsheet name of all instances. Can someone put me in the right directrion to accomplish the searching of Excel from Acccess VBA?

Re: Excel Formula
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Excel crashes when I copy a graph to Word
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Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: intel I'm running 12.1.1 of Excel on a MacBook Pro. Today when I created a graph on sheet two (moved it from sheet 1) and then copied the graph and tried to paste it into Word (2008 for mac 12.1.1) Excel crashed. The program that reports the problem kicked off and restarted Excel. This happened twice in a row and then on the third attempt Excel is unable to read my spreadsheet file - says it's damaged. This is a real pain because a lot of work has gone into the file.

Combine two Access reports into one Excel
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Is there a way to output two seprate Access reports into one Excel worksheet? I was thinging about combining two reports into one sheet using the Excel tabs so the user can go back and forth to see seprate result sets without looking at two seprate instances of Excel. Currently I have a button in Access that outputs my two reports to excel but it opens two seprate instances. Any help would be appreciated.

Excel files opening "strangely"
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Something just started happening to me when I open Excel (2004, with all updates) files. I have a 24" aluminum iMac (2.8 GHz Late 2007), running OSX 10.5.3, with all updates. The iMac also has a 17" monitor attached, which is not mirrored. Recently, I noticed that whenever I open an Excel file, rather than opening on the main monitor, it opens on the second monitor, usually shortened so that only a small part of the spreadsheet shows. This only happens with Excel files, and it doesn't matter if I have moved the file over to the main monitor and saved it. It will still open on the secondary monitor. Does anyone have any idea why this might be happening and what I can do to fix it? Thanks in advance -- Dave Fritzinger Honolulu, HI

Dave Fritzinger
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Hi, How do i set up a new icon of my own and assign a macro to it? -- sue

Lines wraparound - Excel
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Wrap is enabled but only some text lines wrap in same cell. Other lines in same cell do not wrap and can only be read in edit mode. How do I get all lines to wrap?