Excel 2000 Out of Memory error

I am getting the following error while working with excel :

Excel cannot open or save any more documents because there 
is not enough available memor or disk space

any ideas??

Elias Khnaser
6/30/2003, 1:07:23 PM

Office Assistant - Lack of Memory
1 replies , 5/17/2009, 3:20:05 PM
I tried to change the Office assistant. I went to Gallery as instructed. However, I received an error message "There is not enough memory available to complete this operation." I do not undewrstand why there is not enough memory. I have 2 GB of Ram and according to my Task Manager, about 50% of it is in use. Is that a problem? How do I solve it?

Memory could not be read
1 replies , 9/18/2006, 6:00:01 AM
There were 5 excel workbook opened and the following error message poped up: The instruction at "0x77f87eeb" referenced memory at "0x00000064". The memory could not be "read". The only option is to clikc OK to terminate the program and all 5 books were not saved. What is the problem and how to prevent it from happening again? Thanks

Out of memory
1 replies , 1/25/2006, 8:14:06 AM
I have a worksheet with several macros. When I cycle through them on my fifth attempt I get the message "out of memory". Is there any way I can avoid this problem beside exiting and relaunching excel. Regards, Harry -- Harrymo ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Harrymo's Profile: http://www.excelforum.com/member.php?action=getinfo&userid=30620 View this thread: http://www.excelforum.com/showthread.php?threadid=504800

STORE.EXE taking too much memory
3 replies , 12/22/2003, 12:45:02 AM
I have to reboot my server or restart STORE.EXE about once a week because it continues to take up memory until the server is using 90% of the available memory - 2 gb. Has anyone else seen this problem? Paul

Paul Jonson
message not enough memory
1 replies , 11/14/2008, 2:41:46 AM
I have purchased a new computer with Windows Vista and Office Home & Student 2007. I was unable to activate from 60-day trial provided, so I installed with CD. When I sign into exel or word, I recieve a message that there is not enough memory to run. I ran diagnostic which indicated there is no problem with my memory.

FS9 memory error, but I have plenty of memory
3 replies , 5/25/2006, 11:50:38 AM
I have been using FS9 for a couple of years now and all the sudden I am getting an error message when I start it up saying I am low on memory, try using disk cleanup to free up some memory. I have defragged my computer, I have 25 GB of freespace left in my memory. Can anyone help?

Out of Memory Error
1 replies , 11/23/2007, 3:34:00 AM
I have a large amount of data in one excel file and another file with Dsums looking in to it to produce a readable document. Every time I open the file I have an out of memory message and errors on many summs. However if I open the source file and then close it again all the errors dissapear. This has only just started to occur with my system and on previous occasions using this file everything worked fine. I do not think I have too much data as I have worked with larger files with this same program. I am using excel 97. Has anyone experienced similar problems? -- Jimmy

10 replies , 10/25/2005, 2:02:02 AM
So this is a new one for me and a BIG problem. My server is using up about 1GB per day on the store, which makes it a little hard to run seeing as though there is only 1GB of free memory on that partition (dell?!?!) Anyways I need to know what to do this is becoming a problem daily and the only way I can free up "some" memory is by running a backup 2 a day to aleviate... Is there anyway to fix this or what? Please help. Thanks

Excel 97: Not Enough Memory to Run Microsoft Excel
0 replies , 11/23/2003, 3:47:19 AM
Excel 97 added as upgrade to Microsoft works. Excel receives above error on starting. Tried fix from Ofc2000 forum re: possible corrupted msoffice, msohelp, ms*.dll file (looked in ofc2000 forum because the ms works install installed word 2000 and ms office shortcut bar 2000); no luck. Side note: Powerpoint 97 won't start,either -- no error message, splash screen pops up and disappears. Access 97 starts ok. Any thoughts?

bill reith
1 replies , 9/1/2003, 3:21:57 PM
i tried to run a game but i got an error that said there isnt enough to run it. why???

Word 2008 using most of the available memory
5 replies , 2/13/2008, 11:20:17 AM
Hi,<br> <br> I don't know whether this has already been discussed, after a quick look at the forum I haven't found any related topic.<br> <br> M y problem is that every time I open a Word (2003/2004) document, the program starts using memory and never releases it until the apllication crashes.<br> <br> The kind of documents I open average 3 to 4 MB docs ... none of them being docx files because I need to share them with other colleagues who use 2003, 2004.<br> <br> Any idea on how to solve it ?<br> <br> Many Thanks,<br> Francisco<br> PS: I have 2GB of ram on my intel macbook.

out of memory
3 replies , 1/31/2007, 10:59:01 AM
Hello all, When i open an excelsheat i receive " out of memory". Pls help Jan

Hi, all I am automating Access 2003 (Server) from another Access 2003 DB (Client). Depending upon the existence of some objects in the Server DB, the Client VBA will receive the error: "-2147417851 - Automation error The server threw an exception." I have looked around, and see that this error has cropped up in discussions before. My error handler checks for this error code, and resumes succesfully. The issue I am finding difficult to handle is that if the server throws an exception, then the process of closing the server fails silently at the end of the client function, leaving an instance of MSACCESS.EXE running in memory, but not visible - even if the server is made visible when it is being used! The code is: Set oAccess = New Access.Application oAccess.OpenCurrentDatabase "C:\Test.mdb" ' do some automation things here.... ' cause the "-2147417851 - Automation error. The server threw an exception." oAccess.CloseCurrentDatabase oAccess.Quit Set oAccess = Nothing ' <-- after "-2147417851 - Automation error - this does not end the MSACCESS Server process. My question is: Is there a way to ensure the server instance is properly closed?

xls file won't open - not enough memory?
7 replies , 11/10/2005, 11:43:31 AM
I have an Excel file which I'm no longer able to open as the system comes back with a message saying 'Not enough memory' The file size is 887kb, I think it was created in Excel 2000 with Win98, but may have been on a machine running XP Home when the problem occurred. I am able to open much larger files without problems, I have also tried opening it on several other machines which have XP Home and Pro, obviously these have newer versions of Excel. Has anyone got any ideas how I can recover my information please? Any help will be appreciated, and thanks in advance for any help you can give.

I don't want Excel to remember what I typed in previous cells and fill it in automatically. I don't want any memory help at all. I want it to only put what I actually type.

Out of memory. Why?
4 replies , 10/9/2006, 2:19:02 PM
I am creating a new spreadsheet from data from another spreadsheet. It is basically a subtotal spreadsheet but the process of subtotalling is much more complex because some of the data can be subtotalled and other columns are just info. So I'm using v-lookup and various other formulas to copy the data over. The problem is that I've hit a point where Excel has told me: Excel cannot complete this task with available resources. Choose less data or close other applications. I have to say that I don't think that I should be getting this message because even though some of the stuff that I'm doing is complex there isn't much data there and I'm always getting rid of the formulas by copying and pasting the values over the formulas. Can anyone help?

insufficient memory
2 replies , 11/13/2003, 8:47:01 PM
When opening excel spreadsheets the system randomly will display the following message: "Microsoft excel cannot open or save any more documents because there is not enough memory or diskspace" Memory nor diskspace is a issue. The only way you can correct the condition is to restart the computer. Then you can open the spreadsheet in question. After you close it you cannot open it again until you restart again. It does this with random spreadsheets, no always the same one. System is a Dell Optiplex P4, 256K Ram, and plenty of disk space. Excel is 2002 version. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks, John Nelson

John Nelson
Not enough memory when pasting RTF from excel to word
5 replies , 11/4/2008, 4:51:54 PM
Mac OS 10.3.9 PowerPC G4 Word X 640 MB SBRAM Whenever I paste formatted text from excel to word, I get the error "not enough memory or disk space to complete the operation." I have cleared the clipboard and restarted several times. I�m not sure where else to look. This computer is old as dirt but has previously worked fine. I would upgrade to Word 2004 at least, but currently in our small office, I am manually importing contacts and calendar events to the owner�s computer, which is running Word 2004. I am trying to get the owner to go ahead and upgrade this pc to take care of several problems so we can also get mobile me for our contact/calendar sharing as that seems to be the easiest way to solve some of these problems. Thanks so much for any helpful pointers. gitane

Unique Landscaping
Out of memory.
3 replies , 2/25/2004, 11:10:20 PM
I am trying to edit a macro and I get an out of memory error and am unable to open Visual basic when it happens. I have restarted my compter and shut off everything I can, but the error comes up anyway. Macros run properly. My personal.xls file is 505 Kb. Any thoughts?

Not Enough Memory Warning
3 replies , 1/9/2004, 12:10:06 AM
I am working with a nearly 80 K file which keeps crashing with the message,,, "Not enough Memory to Continue..cancel Undo?"...I am also getting a "Not enough Resources to display completely" message. There is plenty of memory in my system, but I am thinking that the 'clipboard' may have a limit on size? ANy ideas or help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

0 replies , 12/8/2003, 3:11:43 AM
Don't mess with the settings for memory, that's old- school Win9x stuff. Unless you're dealing with a DOS game, then you probably need to edit the Program Information File (PIF) for the game itself to allow EMS or XMS memory allocations. What game are you talking about? -- Chris H. Microsoft Windows MVP Associate Expert Expert Zone - www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/expertzone "BB" <a*****************ons.microsoft.com> wrote in message news:020e01c3bc41$aa672b50$a********phx.gbl... > When I start a game, it stops as soon as the game > starts to download the main event, saying i don't have > enough vertual momory?? My cpu is new with tons of > memory space left, also have 128mb v-card ..

Insufficient Memory
0 replies , 4/22/2006, 7:19:38 PM
I have been trying to print an excel spreadsheet - everything else I try to print, prints fine. When I try to print this spreadsheet, it states insufficient memory - even after I added 256 ram to my computer. Any ideas

Mike Normile
1 replies , 10/24/2003, 11:01:29 PM
I have a spreadsheet at work that contains so many calculations, Excel will not calculate. A corp tech person at work told me that Excel 2000 has a maximum internal memory (called HEAP Memory) of 64MB. If your spreadsheet is extensive enough, Excel will not calculate regardless of the memory capacity of your PC. Does anyone know if any of the later versions of Excel (XP or 2003) have addressed this issue and allow more than 64MB memory to be allocated to Excel?

Memory usage
0 replies , 6/30/2003, 9:49:40 PM
The Microsoft support web site seems useless to answer simple questions, like HOW MUCH MEMORY DOES EXCEL REQUIRE FOR 2000, 2002 VERSION INSTALLATION? ALSO, WHAT IS THE MAXIMUM NUMBER OF ROWS AND COLUMNS IN EACH VERSION? Please email me answers to above questions if you have time. Also, explain where on MS site such info might be found. m************hotmail.com

Mike Clayton
Short term memory loss - can't customize Word
3 replies , 7/23/2006, 2:42:23 AM
I can add custom toolbar's, menu's, AutoText items, etc. to Word (Normal.dot) but they are not there the next time I open the program. Any ideas? This computer is running Office 2003 sp2 and is a client on a SBS 2003 network. Thanks - Bob

Out of memory
1 replies , 12/13/2004, 2:15:50 PM
Hello, I am working on a macro with excel, which crunches a lot of data and plots graphs. I am running into issues with Out of memory problems. I am currently using 512 MB Ram computer with Excel 2000. Any suggestions or pointers to solve this problem would be appreciated. Thanks.

Not Enough Memory
0 replies , 8/21/2003, 5:55:29 PM
Operating system: Windows ME When I try to convert an excel file to pdf I get the error message "Not Enough Memory" It displays the error message when I select the Acrobat Distiller printer. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks Steve

not enough memory in ms office
1 replies , 2/14/2007, 7:39:05 PM
trying to download a template ,Keeps telling me not enough memory .how do i fix this ? help please --

1 replies , 4/16/2004, 3:11:14 PM
Would it be advisable to upgrade my machine to 1 gig of Ram to rung a 60 meg spreadsheet? Or would it be better with 2 gig

Warren Proctor
Memory error
1 replies , 3/17/2006, 3:01:27 AM
When I open word, excel, wordpad, or notepad I get the same memory error that wants to be debugged. I have MS2000 and Office 2000. It reads "the instruction at "0x6061fdc3" referenced memory at "0x00000000", the memory could not be "read"". I have Thought this might be a disk problem, but I have not found a way to do a surface scan in MS2000. I have also run virus scan and it found nothing. Does anyone have any ideas? -- Dano

formula Memory
0 replies , 9/5/2003, 3:22:58 PM
Hello, Those who like to store complex formulae for future use, can install my Add-In: 'Formula Memory'. This Add-In adds a command to the Help menu, allowing to save or reenter those formulas by just a few clicks of the mouse. Also check my sheets selector. http://users.skynet.be/onderland/Excel.htm 18- SheetsSelector 19- FormuleMemory Luc

1 replies , 9/8/2003, 6:54:30 PM

Out of Memory
0 replies , 10/30/2003, 2:35:23 PM
I would get a "out of memory" error message after I highlighted several rows/columns. Tried to reinstall/repair office. Did not help. Any other suggestion.

Free Memory
5 replies , 8/6/2003, 3:44:20 PM
I have a client that is running SBS2000 with all of the latest service patches. The server has 1GB of RAM with about 20 users. They are using Exchange server for external and internal email. The problem is that the server needs to be rebooted every week because of the amount of free memory diminishes to almost nothing and performance starts to suffer. I have noticed that a program called "stores.exe" is running and uses a extremely large amount of memory. I have found out that this program is part of Exchange but I have not been able to determine if this is normal activity for this program. In an attempt to find out which program is eating up memory I have tried to shutdown certain programs, one at a time for a few days at a time in an attempt to isolate the program that may be causing this problem. I have shutdown the following programs, Inoculate IT, BackupExec for SBS, APC Power Chute, all with no sign of changing the situation. I have also checked the above mentioned software companies web site looking for memory leak patches and to ensure that all of the latest service patches have been applied. Does any one have any other ideas that I can try? The client is getting upset at the need to reboot there server every week. Thanks Chris

Chris Currell