Creating Charts with Clip Art

I am looking to create a chart in visio which I would 
ultimately like to print out on a plotter at the size of 
at least 24" x 36".  In creating this chart should I 
create it 8x11 and then when printing, select the plotter 
and enlarge the chart?  Or should I create the chart the 
size I would like to print.  Due to the error 100 describe 
earlier I am afraid to create a large chart.  Also, the 
clip arts that are in visio, will the resolution be OK 
when printed out on a plotter or are visio's cliparts only 
for 8x11 printouts.
Thank you in advance.
7/1/2003, 6:26:55 PM

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I would create the drawing the size I need. If you need to do a proof on an
8.5x11 you can print over several pages or using the scaling option when

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"Linda" <c**********> wrote in message
> I am looking to create a chart in visio which I would
> ultimately like to print out on a plotter at the size of
> at least 24" x 36".  In creating this chart should I
> create it 8x11 and then when printing, select the plotter
> and enlarge the chart?  Or should I create the chart the
> size I would like to print.  Due to the error 100 describe
> earlier I am afraid to create a large chart.  Also, the
> clip arts that are in visio, will the resolution be OK
> when printed out on a plotter or are visio's cliparts only
> for 8x11 printouts.
> Thank you in advance.

John Marshall, MVP
7/1/2003, 8:04:26 PM

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I am A MP and I am trying to create an excell doc that will track the time that has elasped from the date a case is open to the present date is this even possible. thanks for any help. For example a case was entered on date "A" and it has been 49 days sence that date.

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Where can I go to learn how to create excel formulas?
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I want to learn how to create Excel formulas. The only one I know is to repeat headers. Is there some sort of forum or discussion groups or online learning center/place?

Creating a send button on a newly created form
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I have just designed a new form, which I plan to send to a group of people for their inpit of data. What I'm having difficulties with is the creation of a send button that I would like inserted in to the form, which when pressed will automatically return the completed form back to me. Can anyone help? -- Cheese

How to create
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Hi! I want to access data from another Excel-File. The name of according file is the concatenation of "data" and the (text-) value in Column A. This works... A B -- ----------------------------------------------------------- 01 =index('[file01]data'!$A$A; match(...,'[file01]data'!$B$B)) 02 =index('[file02]data'!$A$A; match(...,'[file02]data'!$B$B)) 03 =index('[file03]data'!$A$A; match(...,'[file03]data'!$B$B)) 04 =index('[file04]data'!$A$A; match(...,'[file04]data'!$B$B)) .... but I would like to replace the text-constants in the index and match functions and let Excel calulate these. However, if I try e.g. =index(concatenate("'[file";A1;"]data'!$A$A; ... the result of the concatenate yields a string indentically to what I entered before, but Excel obviously handels a (computed) string differently then manually entered text. Questions: (a) How to solve this probelm? (b) Is there something like an EVAL in LISP or PERL that interprets computed text (e.g. result of a concatenate) as it would have been enteredd manually? Thanks for your help!

Create Dependent Lists using an INDEX function??
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I am a really rookie when it comes to Excel but have managed to create an order form with three drop down lists using the INDIRECT function and the instructions on the following wonderful page: My problem is that I want to convert the spreadsheet into a webpage and the Spreadsheet Convertor does not support the INDIRECT function. It suggests using the INDEX function instead. Could anyone point me in the right direction. Many thanks

How do I create invoices from an Excel spreadsheet?
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I have an excel spreadsheet with customer names, addresses, invoice amoounts. I'd like to create invoices (1 page per customer). I have downloaded templates but do not know how to merge the data.

Create a group box that can expand on click
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is there any way to create a box that contains other shapes in it where by i can click on a (+) sign to expand and (-) sigh to minimize the grouped box ? ie i have a scenario where i have to document a very large process and i would like to group then by functions and have them in minimized format. so, if the user is intrested in a specific function, he can click to expand the box. otherwise, it minimized box will provived a very high level view.

creating an invoice for work
4 replies , 7/15/2005, 6:11:01 PM
I am creating an invoice at work, and the owner will be using it as well. The problem is she doesn't know anything about computers so I am trying to make it as easy as possible. I have the invoice set up so that all she will have to do is type in the customers name, and then by using the vlookup function the address and other info of the customer is automatically entered into the invoice. Second she needs to enter the COA number (Certificate of Authenticity which is how we distinguish each autograph) and then I also have a vlookupfunction for that so it will automatically display the description of the piece and the price. The problem is say I have the vlookup carried down the column so you can enter up to 10 pieces, well if the customer only buys 2 then the other 8 prices say #N/A because the vlookup formula doesn't work without the coa number. How can I make it so that doesn't show up??? because when that error does show up, then the autosum for the total price of the items doesn't work and it screws up the rest of the invoice! Help would be greatly appreciated asap. Thank you

entourage - create a rule
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Version: 2008 was wondering if anybody could help me to understand how to create a rule for entourage messages. I created a bunch of rules in my MS outlook and now when i switched to Mac i do not know how to do the same. ie i need messages from some email addresses to be filed in a particular email folder in entourage. thanks

create macro when creating file
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Hi All, I have one excel worksheet where the macro inside of it needs to create another file and in the new file, there needs to be a simple macro that lets the user rename this file. Can this be done, perhaps by having the new file reference its macro from another text file? Thanks Randy

Create A Dynamic Org Chart In Visio That Link To AD
0 replies , 12/24/2005, 3:18:01 AM
Dear All, Does anybody know or have an idea how to create a dynamic org chart in visio that link to Windows2003 Active Directory ? In our company, we have updated organization information in our Active Directory. So in global address book, it has shown your title, sub-ordinates and manager. We also have implemented MS SharePoint Portal in our company for intranet purposed. In this case we want to publish an org-chart as a picture shown in our intranet. We hope that the first time we can create an org-chart from visio and in the future it would integrated with Active Directory data. So, when there is a change of sub-ordinates or manager that we've done in Active Directory, it would refreseh the information/picture that we have published in our intranet. Hopefully somebody have an idea and can share with us.... Best Regards, ( Christine )

How do I create extractstring formula?
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I have created a cell using VLOOKUP formula. Now I wanted to extract information from that cell. A friend of mine told me to use extractstring formula but it doesn't seem to be on the list! Please help!

How do I create a checkbook register?
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I'm new to Excel and could use a helping hand to get started.

create a pie chart
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Is there a simple tutorial for creating a pie chart from data I have saved?

Creating an Invoice
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I am very new to excel and am trying to create an invoice template in which I can automatically get a new, sequential invoice number, each time the document is opened. Please help!

Creating VBA IDE Addins for use with Access
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I don't know anything about programming addins for the IDE to create code. I am an Access dewveloper and would like to build my own tools to automate coding with wizards. I need a good source of information on how to build addins and programming the VBE EOM. Any suggestions on books or other sources of information? TIA William Taylor FYI Data Solutions

Bill Taylor
How do i create a Org. Chart with all subordinates directly under each other and not off to the sides?

excel.exe creates errors downloading templates
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When downloading templates I get the message, " excel.exe has created errors and is closing". I have been unable to use the templates function for excel. Using Windows 2000 Professional.

create an autofill series!
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hi all! is there any method to create an autofill series for filling up the following: COL "A" COL "B" 03/01/2006 RECEIPT 03/01/2006 PAYMENT 03/02/2006 RECEIPT 03/02/2006 PAYMENT .. .. .. .. .. .. .. upto .. 03/31/2006 RECEIPT 03/31/2006 PAYMENT -via135 -- via135 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ via135's Profile: View this thread:

create a rolling sum??
1 replies , 8/2/2006, 11:38:01 PM
I need to create a rolling sum always taking the last 30 entries(cells) and adding them up. Basically to keep an accurate "last 30/60/90 days sum" is there a formula to do this?? using dates or just cells?

How Do I create an overline for text
3 replies , 11/23/2005, 7:10:03 PM
How do I create a line on top of the text

How do you create a list in a Combo or List Box?
3 replies , 2/16/2004, 7:07:50 PM
I'm trying to create a drop-down list in Excel, but I can't seem to fil out more than one row of information in either a Combo Box or List Box Could someone tell me how to create an actual - list - for both o these control boxes? thanks! -- Message posted from

Arthur <
Create macro for "Ctrl + [" shortcut key??
1 replies , 10/22/2003, 6:27:11 PM
I normally use the "Ctrl + [" shortcut key to jump to a Precedent reference in a formula/link, however I recently moved to Sweden where the keyboard layout is different and I am unable to find this shortcut and have been unable to create a macro for this function. Does anyone know how to get around this problem using a keyboard with a different layout (I've already tried changing keyboard layout and language settings) or does anyone know how to create a macro which replicates this function??? (I've already tried using the "Edit - Go To - Special - Precedent" function, however it does not work when the reference/precedent is in another worksheet/workbook) HELP!!!! Thanks, Nils ------------------------------------------------ ~~ Message posted from ~~ View and post usenet messages directly from

Can I create a Scipt with only create index command?
4 replies , 8/26/2008, 2:27:01 PM
I'm using SSMS with SQL 2005 SP2. I've been trying to create a script using the "Generate Script" wizard that only has Drop Index and Create Index commands. I don’t want the create table command. The database has about 500 tables and it will take me hours to generate a FULL script and manually edit out all the create table commands. I swear this was an option in the old SQL 2000 Enterprise Manager. I'm I look for a "needle in a haystack?" -- Kurt

is there a template for creating a database model?
2 replies , 9/28/2007, 12:13:01 AM
I am trying to locate a template for database modeling. Does anyone know where I may be able to either download software for it or at least a template? I apprecialte any suggestions you may have. Thanks.

SumIf - create subtotals based on criteria.
4 replies , 12/20/2006, 12:16:57 PM
Hi =SUMIF(A6:A2000,"(left(a6:a2000,4))=(left($K$14,4))",F6:F2000) I want to create a sub total of all values in column F, at certain subtotal cells in column F where the the first 4 (or other to be set)characters of a code in cells a6 to a2000 match the first 4 characters in cell$K$14 (or other cell to be set). The above doesn't seem to work, is it possible? am I missing something? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Ritchi

Cannot create device project. Unknown error.
0 replies , 1/27/2005, 2:52:39 PM
I am trying to create a new smart device project in Visual Studio 2003. But I am getting an error of: "Cannot create device project. Unknown error. Repair your Visual Studio installation." I have tried repairing it, uninstalling and reinstalling. But it still does not work. I have seen the "Known issues" and it talks about problems with a non-English installation. Then deleting some XSL files and making sure a directory is in english. I have tried that too, but still does not work. This is an english system and the directories are all in english. I have local administrator rights to this computer also, so I don't think that is a problem. Anyone have any ideas? "Unknown error" is not really helpful.

creating a manual/handbook
1 replies , 3/28/2007, 1:49:14 AM
Hi i am hoping some one can help, i have a a4 word document (company handbook)that i would like to turn into an a5 size booklet. I have tried and tried the normal way in word and i can get two pages on one sheet, even print that page. But to get it in book format with the last page at the back etc. I am just getting into a complete pickle. Is there a simple way? If there is i just can't find. Or should i just give up and stick to A4. I have microsoft xp. (I have even tried publisher but no joy). Any help gladly received. Thanks Summer.

I have a huge data file that I've gone through and highlighted (using the regular fill command) certain aspects. Now, I want to add up all the areas I've highlighted, but I don't want to run through the entire file again (10,000 rows) to find the cells I've highlighted. Is it possible to create a formula that will use only highlighted cells?

Creating a Random Lottery
2 replies , 5/9/2006, 3:19:55 AM
I have been tossing around the idea of how to use Excel to simulate a lottery drum for picking prizes. I have to pick out random drawings monthy for prizes and have been placing tickets with names into a fish bowl. I have to say this is very anoying and time consuming. The basics would be to have a list of names, and how many tickets or entries each name has in the draw. Of course a person with one ticket should stillbe able to win, but those with more tickets just get a better chance. Idealy, a form where I can enter a name and the number of tickets then a "Draw" button that would provide the winner's name would be my goal. Ideas??

Brian Hanlin
What is (or what creates or uses) "fast.pip" ?
0 replies , 3/7/2008, 4:54:57 AM
Background: ..pip files are associated with or contain settings for MS Office Personalized Menus and Toolbars. Perhaps .pip files are associated only with office 2K and older, or perhaps with all versions of Office. In any case, I see that there are .pip files associated with word, excel, etc, such as "word.pip", "excel.pip", "access.pip", etc. There is also a file that has the name "fast.pip" that I'm not able to find any information on. What Office application stores it's menu and toolbar personalization information in the file "fast.pip" ???

Office Guy

Creating Word Object reference fails
2 replies , 6/29/2007, 8:48:18 PM
I have one workstation that the following line of code fails returning a could not create object. Set objWordPub = CreateObject("Word.Application") I have also tried it as: Set objWordPub = CreateObject("Word.Application", "localhost") I have been using this call for years and never seen it fail. Could it be a security setting? The installation is on Windows XP and Office 2003 (11.6568.6568 SP2).

Creating multiple checkboxes in a cell
4 replies , 1/26/2007, 3:31:01 PM
I want to add 2 checkboxes in one cell, similar to a yes/no checkbox but name one contract and one permanent so that the person entering the data chooses either or in that cell in order to identify if an employee is a permanent employee or not. Can this be done in excel? -- Thanks, Pat