Compacting entourage error

I have tried to compact Entourage due to my database being very large and
some letters being blanked out. I have carefully followed the instructions.
However I keep getting a message saying to quit other MS Office programs
before I can proceed. Problem is, there are no other Office programs - nor
any other programs for that matter - running at the time.

I am on an iMac G3 with 512 MB RAM running OSX 10.28

9/3/2004, 1:57:15 AM

On 3/9/04 2:57 am, in article BD5D47BB.275B6%j***********,
"johnwolmer" <j***********> wrote:

> I have tried to compact Entourage due to my database being very large and
> some letters being blanked out. I have carefully followed the instructions.
> However I keep getting a message saying to quit other MS Office programs
> before I can proceed. Problem is, there are no other Office programs - nor
> any other programs for that matter - running at the time.
> I am on an iMac G3 with 512 MB RAM running OSX 10.28

The likely culprit is the Database Daemon, which runs silently in

Open entourage, turn OFF notifications (Under the 'entourage' menu) and quit
entourage again. If that doesn't work, paste this one line script into
script editor and run it:

Tell app "Microsoft Database Daemon" to quit

Here's a link that should load that script for you:

Barry Wainwright
Microsoft MVP (see for details)
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Barry Wainwright
9/3/2004, 8:26:50 AM

database won't compact
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Entourage 2008 on Leopard. My database (a mere 314 MB) verifies in Database Utility (first radio button) but refuses to compact (second radio button): I get the dreaded message saying there was an error. I can't find any source of trouble. I dragged each mailbox to the desktop to make an mbox, and there were no error messages or anything like that. Thx for any ideas - m.

compacting message
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how do i stop outlook express from prompting me to compact my messages every time i close it down.

I'm running Entourage v.X on a G5 with the latest release of Panther. I'm using it to access my Exchange server mailbox. I was away for a week, and accumulated a bunch of emails; now that I'm back, I'm trying to go through it. For a while, everything was fine. But now I'm getting some weird behavior with the inbox. All other folders (whether local or on the server) work fine. There are now only 4 emails in my inbox. Whenever I change to it (from being in some other folder), there is a long pause (10 seconds or so) while the upper window (containing the message list) goes blank, and then I get a list of my messages and a window which says "action could not be completed". Once I click "OK", I can use it. I've accessed the server through Outlook 2001 (running in Classic mode) and also through Outlook Web Access, and checked - everything seems fine and those clients have no problem with the inbox. I need to use Entourage though because all my calendars etc. are in there, and I use it to sync to a PDA. I tried doing a simple database rebuild, and it got almost to the end, and then said "The database could not be rebuilt because there is not enough room on the disk to create the new database files". I have over 100 Gigs available on my startup disk. What's going on? Can anyone help me make this thing work right? Could it possibly need that much space, or is it trying to make the file somewhere else? The Identity database is 2.3 Gigs - not at the 4 Gig limit. Could someone help me? This thing is killing me. What do I need to do? I've used Disk Utility to check file system integrity, and used Disk Warrior to rebuild the disk structure. What's left?? Thanks in advance... Mike Levin

Michael Levin
Compact & Repair
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How do you repair and get rid of dead files for this server versus Access database.

Donna Respi
Formula compaction
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Please suggest a more compact format for this formula: =SUMPRODUCT( (INDIRECT("RawData!B"&$I$32&":B"&$J$32)=105)* (INDIRECT("RawData!AA"&$I$32&":AA"&$J$32)="M6")* (INDIRECT("RawData!AG"&$I$32&":AG"&$J$32)="CLOSED")* (INDIRECT("RawData!P"&$I$32&":P"&$J$32)="CLOSED")* (INDIRECT("RawData!AD"&$I$32&":AD"&$J$32)>=CalculatedData!H2)* (INDIRECT("RawData!AD"&$I$32&":AD"&$J$32)<=CalculatedData!H3) (INDIRECT("RawData!AF"&$I$32&":AF"&$J$32)>INDIRECT("RawData!AD"&$I$32&":AD"&$J$32)) ((ISNUMBER(MATCH(INDIRECT("RawData!E"&$I$32&":E"&$J$32),Definitions!$B$3:$B$6,0))))) ) Also, is there a way to alias frequent constructs, like ("RawData!B"&$I$32&":B"&$J$32) and replace with a parametrized syntax, like “data(B)”, still using a worksheet formula. Thank you.

Compacting a spreadsheet?
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Hey guys, Is there a way to compact an excel spreadsheet? I have a spreadsheet that imports data and uses pivot tables. The file size seems to be increasing, but the data isnt. I thought I recalled somewhere where Microsoft had a tool or command to compact in the XP version. Any help would be appreciated. Brian

Compact or Repair?
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Is there a compact or repair tool for Excel like there is in Access? I'm thinking there isn't, but I want to make sure. Thanks. TLC

Entourage wan't start after a Repair & Compact
3 replies , 10/17/2007, 9:25:44 AM
Hi all, I use Entourage 2004 (v11.3.3) and have been since version 2001. Never felt any need to use at another eMail/PIM :-) I usually make regular backups, but had space problems and therefor the last backup was about a year ago. Upon solving my space problems (bought some more hard disks for backing up my 60Gb). I thought I would repair and compact the Entourage database (~7GB) after remove the exchange connection due to some emails that could not be opened or deleted. That reduced it down to 2.7 GB :-), but Entourage wouldn't start :-(. A stack-trace-call-home window appears. I had moved the "Old Database" file to another disk, but something went wrong and it is now gone (AAARRRGGHHH!) Sooooo, did a little googling and deleted prefs, made a new identitiy, restored the one year old backup and got that running. However, all attempts (repairs, compacts, pref deletions, sw reinstall) to get the original database file to be accepted fail with a stack trace without any entourage specific error codes. I could probably live with the current state if there weren't several messages and contacts that I would very desperately need. I read in a forum somewhere in the middle of the night where a Entourage developer stated that "there is no 2004 db that could not be repaired". I now would ask that developer to reveal the secret, if there is one. thanks in advance! LostInEurope

Compact a Formula
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Hi all, is there a way to express this formula below in a more compact way? =CEILING(3*(SUM(MID(A1,1,1),MID(A1,3,1),MID(A1,5,1),MID(A1,7,1),MID(A1,9,1),MID(A1,11,1)))+SUM(MID(A1,2,1),MID(A1,4,1),MID(A1,6,1),MID(A1,8,1),MID(A1,10,1)),10)-(3*(SUM(MID(A1,1,1),MID(A1,3,1),MID(A1,5,1),MID(A1,7,1),MID(A1,9,1),MID(A1,11,1)))+SUM(MID(A1,2,1),MID(A1,4,1),MID(A1,6,1),MID(A1,8,1),MID(A1,10,1))) Thanks keep in mind the power of Antani

Silvio Dante
Entourage 2004 backup / archive / compacting problems
4 replies , 1/14/2006, 3:29:32 AM
Hi, My Entourage is working fine but I am unable to either backup (straight drag of the database to an external drive) or compact / rebuild the database - I receive an I/O error about a third of the way through. When I attempt to archive my entire Inbox I get a different error saying there is a problem with one of the emails. Any ideas greatly appreciated. David

Worksheet is compacted
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Hello, I'm not sure how to explain this. I have a Budget wooksheet that now only has 5 columns on it. Somehow about a year ago I removed the blanks to the right. Now of course I'd like the sheet back to normal. If I copy the cells all formatting is lost. What options do I have aside from a reconstruction effort? Please help.

changing button colors under compact framework
0 replies , 8/29/2003, 2:09:55 PM
I was wondering if there is a way to dynamically change button colors using Visual Basic for Windows CE.Net 4.2 using Compact Framework for a Pocket PC target application. The development tool for Visual Basic.NET does not include a property for button color for the Pocket PC 2002 Application v4.2 target. Is there a way to change this property and other object properties dynamically or is this a limitation of the development tool or v4.2 of the operating system?

Sam Provenzano
Compact Database??
1 replies , 10/14/2003, 3:48:04 PM
Hi. I am having trouble accessing attachments in old email. The list says that the emails are say 1Mb, however the email is just a few lines of text and no sign of the attachment anywhere! It seems like this has mostly happened to older mail. Would this be the result of doinbg a rebuild/compacting of the database? And if so, is there a way of it becoming un-compacted or accessible again?? From the size of the database file, I have no doubt that all these attachments are still in there somewhere, somehow. Thanks, Ross

Ross Lindsay
Compact and Repair
0 replies , 10/20/2004, 12:21:01 PM
I am deploying an application done in Access 2000. When I go through the package and deploy wizard I can't figure out how to add a new start menu item that will perform a Compact and Repair on the database. Can anyone help me?

Compact Database??
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Is there a way to compact Entourage's database? I've deleted the majority of mail and calendar messages that I no longer need, but my database hasn't gotten any smaller (26meg), and the remaining data doesn't even come close to 26megs. Thanks, Scott

Scott Frazer
where is compact framework?
3 replies , 2/7/2005, 2:01:02 AM
I purchased Visual Basic .NET 2003. I assumed that I would be able to build "Smart Device" applications for my Pocket PC. However, the Smart Device icon does not appear when I create a new project. Am I missing Compact Framework? Is it not included in Visual Studio when purchased with VB.NET 2003? Can it be added? Where do I get it? Thank you in advance, Terry

Which Identity keep after compacting?
1 replies , 6/30/2004, 3:46:25 AM
In past, I would delete all things that said "old" Now I see my identity and below it says, "Kevs identity, back up 6/29/04" should I delete this one? Thanks. OS 10.3.4 Office 2004

This formula needs to be more compact.
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Hi all, I have another formula that I would like some assistance with. Currently I use about 14 income accounts, all of which have a unique 2 letter code to define them. I have a spreadsheet that's about 30 lines deep per day with the different incomes listed, and a set of corresponding formulas to pick out each one by name underneath. What I have does work, but it's very large & very cumbersome to edit. I was wondering if there was a way to make the formula more user friendly for times when I need to make more income lines. I just used a basic =IF formula and repeated it... =IF(C5 ="IN",B5,0)+IF(C6 ="IN",B6,0)+IF(C& ="IN",B6,0) ad nauseum all the way through each of 30 lines, and each of 14 different 2 letter codes. As I said, it does work, but it's a royal pain if you need to make changes etc. Any ideas? Thanks -- britgirl ------------------------------------------------------------------------ britgirl's Profile: View this thread:

compacting UPPER/LOWER & column reference
1 replies , 10/29/2004, 8:53:28 PM
I'm at {=IF(C20="","",SUM(SUMPRODUCT(A31:A10000 TODAY()-90,F31:F10000=UPPER(D20),M31:M10000),SUMPRODUCT(A31 :A1000 >TODAY()-90,F31:F10000=LOWER(D20),M31:M10000)))} Any ideas how I can shrink this one? The idea is to accept aaa, AAA, aAa or any other combination but realize this only covers aaa and AAA. The thing is that I'm not able to match it with D20; =UPPER(IF(ISBLANK(C19),"",IF(ISERROR(OFFSET(U2 MATCH(C19,U3:U17,0),-2)),"DEFINE",OFFSET(U2 MATCH(C19,U3:U17,0),-2)))) since the column is considered as-case. I.e., if F40=Aaa and the result the last formula = AAA I need t present all options in a SUMPRODUCT and that seems to be begging for a easier option. Thanks, Marinus -- Pantryma ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Pantryman's Profile: View this thread:

Compact access database
3 replies , 10/11/2007, 6:52:31 PM
Dear all, This code below compacts the access database, but is it possible to do it in vba code from excel? Sub compact_bd() Dim strDBtoBackUp As String strDBtoBackUp =3D ThisWorkbook.Path & "\bd.mdb" DBEngine.CompactDatabase strDBtoBackUp End Sub Thanks a lot!!! Andr=E9.

Hi All, (I hope this is the right group. Pre-apologies in case of error) I'm investigating SqlSErver Compact Edition (3.5). I created a DB using Sql Server Management Studio 2005. Worked like a charm. (Actually, it's called SqlServer Mobile in SSMS). I created a couple of simple tables. Worked fine. Now I want to insert data. Ouch, there's no Open Table in the table's context menu! OTOH, if I manually create a query, it works fine. How come I can't have a data grid for my SQL Server Compact tables? Is there a workaround (besides writing queries manually) TIA, Serge. - Localization tool for your MFC applications

Serge Wautier
OE Compacted Files
7 replies , 5/23/2006, 1:09:02 PM
I compacted my OE mail, which I will never do again (duh), and all of the e-mails I had were converted to .dbx files and removed from my OE. I have tried, using MS support, to bring these e-mails back into my OE but without much success. I have over 1,000 to recover and only 72 were transfered. I am using ver. 6 Office 2003. Any suggessions from those in the know? Thanks... -- Murphy''s Place

After compacting 2 databases
1 replies , 5/21/2009, 6:56:37 PM
Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: Intel Email Client: Exchange Hi - I recently compacted my database. During the process in the main identity folder a very large database (rebuild) file was created and it now coexists with the database file. The (rebuild) file does not seem to be being accessed when I use Entourage. Should it be there? Can I delete it? Note a backup was created in a separate subfolder and this is not what I am talking about. Thanks Ian

Entourage used to be a great project mgmt tool for me. I keep all my contact info there and everything is color-coded etc. My signatures are great with formatting and graphics. But I recently had to get a new OS for my Mac and subsequently needed to reload MS Office 2004 and try to rebuild all my intricate stuff. I followed the directions on saving and rebuilding the dbase and I manually copied a lot of mail, contacts, Notes and rules into a backup hard drive. But one of the problems I always had was that I had accumulated more than 50,000 email messages and never archived them. When I re-launched Entourage, I was hoping to have a clean slate, with all that data accessible but not on my main drive clogging up the works. I use Entourage as a client email browser for a POP server, AT&T Yahoo. When I hit send&receive, Entourage insisted on reloading all the 50,000 plus messages that were on the server. There was nothing I knew of to do to prevent this, and now every time I attempt a simple task, such as "Category is" or just toggling back and forth between Inbox and Sent Mail, it takes forever. Any suggestions or rules I can create to streamline Entourage?

Can't back-up, compact, or rebuild - why?
0 replies , 11/5/2005, 3:26:06 AM
Havne't backed-up in a couple of months. Large Entourage 2004 database, running 10.4.3. When I try to copy the database file OR compact/rebuild it, after a minute or two I it stops the copy or compacting routine, and I get a message "I/O error." Prior to the error I hear a loud disk buzz, repetitive. I verified the disk with Disk Utility, no problems shown there. Ideas? Thanks, Andy

Compacting Resets File Security Settings
0 replies , 2/18/2004, 8:26:19 AM
We are having a weird problem involving Windows 2000 and Access 2000 SP-3. When we compact the database it makes a new database as part of the compacting, then deletes the old one and renames the compacted database. The problem is that the new file does not have the same security settings as the old file. I have checked the parent folder settings and everything is set properly. It is set to place its attributes on any new files in the folder via the Security tab Advanced settings. Any help or ideas would be appreciated. Thanks, DAN

Danial E. Shappell
Can't launch "Compact Database"
0 replies , 1/15/2005, 5:34:19 PM
Am running Office 2004 on G-5 IMAC (1.8 GHz Power PC), OS X.3.7...I had the same Application on my old G4 and when I bought this machine last month, used firewire transfer of all Apps and Files from G4 to G5. Since then, I can�t launch the command to �Compact Database.� When I press the �Option� key [either one] and launch Entourage, I just get the program opening normally. I know I can find the �Database Utility� in Appliations/MS Office/Office/Database Utility...but can anyone explain why this command shortcut (Option key down while launching program) doesn�t work??? Thanks/Hal

Can't launch "Compact Database"
4 replies , 1/14/2005, 8:21:31 PM
Am running Office 2004 on G-5 IMAC (1.8 GHz Power PC), OS X.3.7...I had the same Application on my old G4 and when I bought this machine last month, used firewire transfer of all Apps and Files from G4 to G5. Since then, I can�t launch the command to �Compact Database.� When I press the �Option� key [either one] and launch Entourage, I just get the program opening normally. I know I can find the �Database Utility� in Appliations/MS Office/Office/Database Utility...but can anyone explain why this command shortcut (Option key down while launching program) doesn�t work??? Thanks/Hal

Compacting .pst files
7 replies , 9/9/2005, 7:58:27 AM
I've written a utility that runs over our network, it's primary purpose is to locate Access databases and compact them. This is used by our network team, when we ran it the other day we reclaimed 40GB of disk space!! (it just doesn't get through to our users, we've asked them so many times to compact their db's!) The network team have asked for additional functionality, so that the program will also locate .pst files and auto compact them as well. We've imposed a 100MB limit on users exchange accounts, so now they just move everything to a network folder. Some of them haven't compacted their files since they've been created, they are pushing 2GB, can corrupt and take up a horrific amount of disk space. So - the question. Is there a reference to the code for compacting a mail archive. I know you can do this through the outlook GUI, but this will be a service that is just scheduled on our network. It just needs to automate the compacting and receive some sort of return code I suspect it's not part of the Outlook object model, but this must be a series of API's contained in some of the Outlook source? Any links \ advice appreciated. Thanks

Unable to compact and rebuild database
4 replies , 1/27/2008, 11:47:48 PM
Hi, I have been trying to compact and rebuild my database and when it reaches step 4, the Microsoft Database Utility crashes. My Entourage seems slow when moving from Mail to address book, I thought I could fix it compacting and rebuilding, but I have tried several times and it always crashes asking if I want to send a message to Microsoft. Can anyone from Microsoft help me with this issue? Thanks in advance. Best regards.

Compact hierachies in grid
0 replies , 5/9/2004, 9:35:48 AM
I have seen this functionality in a 3party front end ... actually quite fancy. Instead of a whole column for each level the level headline vanishes and every level is just tabbed 2 characters - gives me room for several measure columns. When drilling down the parent dimension member changes the font to bold .. and then to underlined bold when going down another level... Can this bo done with owc ? I doubt it... \Michael VArdinghus

Michael Vardinghus
Auto compact PSTs in Outlook 2003
3 replies , 12/30/2003, 8:30:17 PM
Can you set up Outlook 2003 to auto-compact your PSTs? When I move mail out of the PST and into another PST it seems to compact (or at least the PST goes down in file size), but deleting mail doesn't seem to compact it. Kol --------- An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile--hoping it will eat him last. - Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill

Kolin Tregaskes
Custom UserControls in Compact Framework
0 replies , 1/10/2007, 2:16:01 PM
Im writing a program for pocket pc 2003 in visual 2005. I don't know why my custom user controls are not drawn correctly. All I see is a box with the fully qualified name of my usercontrol. I want to see how my controls will display in runtime, instead of seeing this box with this inforative string.

Compact framework development
0 replies , 10/3/2005, 2:30:48 PM
I've been using the Microsof Device emulator to do some work on mobile apps, but I am having trouble getting the emulator to use my desktop LAN for internet connectivity. Has anybody else run into similar problems? Thanks, John