Cannot show, import, export userform: error &H80004005 / component is not corretly installed

Please, help me! I can not find where is the the information I need.

My problem is:
I had Windows 2000 and Office 2000.
Now they installed Windows XP and Office 2000 (serv.pack 3).
And my forms do not work anymore!

The error message says nothing useful, only:
1) the component is not corretly installed  (ok! but it's a common form
with only normal windows common buttons and labels, not a single
userparty creative control)

2) error: &H80004005 -2147467259

3) memory insuficient  (ahah, at 512 Mb, only Excel running... )

4) can not set OleObjectBlob property

But if I try to open the same file (excel workbook) at a Windows 98 /
Office 2000 (serv.pack1) all works fine: the worksheet is correct and
all code and forms works well.

At "references" the userforms must need nothing more than the usual /
common controls: there are only buttons and labels.
Code is simple, only some cells and range calculations...

Office instalation (perhaps full instalation, I don't know): IT masters
could had done some mistake, those b***ards... but everything else is
working, all suplements are instaled, cliparts, models, and so on...

Please, help me!
yours, Daniel 
from Brazil

11/22/2005, 6:00:38 PM

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If it worked before, and it does not work now, and yo think the upgrade
has caused this, you should really get back to the IT folks & see if
they can fix it. Our get your boss to speak to theirs. Way easier than
trying to diagnose a potentially complex configuration problem by
remote control, IMHO.


11/23/2005, 6:38:17 AM
Thanks, I just send some infos to IT... they are trying to solve...

But maybe worse: it's possible next year we are going to OpenOffice...
and new code I will must make, oh s**t!

11/25/2005, 12:59:13 PM

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