Adding Packages to Models in the UML Navigator

I'm having some trouble adapting to the organization 
scheme that the UML Navigator imposes. 

Specifically how does one add a package to a UML Model in 
Visio?  It seems like the system always creates a "Top 
Package" in the Model and wants you to put diagrams under 
it.  I can't seem to get Visio to add more packages to the 

If it's true that a Model must have one and only one "Top" 
Package, then why show it in the Navigator at all?  I 
don't recall reading anything in any of my UML books about 
a model only allowing a single package.

On the other hand, I can add as many packages as I want to 
a UML project - and I can add a package to a package, or 
to a diagram.  Can someone provide some guidance on how 
this was meant to be used?

I'm using Visio 2000 Professional.


Steve W.
6/29/2003, 11:07:57 AM

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Web Browser control Navigate doesn't navigate
0 replies , 3/23/2005, 4:51:03 PM
I'm working in VB.Net (2003) and have two Web Browser controls on a form. WebBrowser1 I point to a page with a list of links via WebBrowser1.Navigate(urloflinks) While WebBrowser1.Busy Application.DoEvents() End While Then, using the DOM I pick out the links of interest, and navigate to them in the second browser like so: For each lnk in WebBrowser1.Links WebBrowser2.Navigate(lnk.href) While WebBrowser2.Busy Application.DoEvents() End While ....Grab elements of interest here... Next This ALMOST works. The lnk.href contains the expected links, it cycles through the 30 or so that are on the page. But the Navigate only works to the first URL I point it to. The "Grab elements" grabs the elements from the first href each time. So I get 30 copies of the content of the first link's target. How do I convince WebBrowser2 to move on to the new URL? Carey Parks (It isn't the danger that I worry about. It growing old and someday saying I wish I had done this thing or that.)

Navigation question for Excel97
3 replies , 9/8/2006, 5:17:58 PM
I have my spreadsheet set up to move one cell to the right when I hit 'Enter'. What I would like to do is as follows: On entering column F, I want the cursor to move to column A of the next row. Thanks. :) -- Zilbandy - Tucson, Arizona USA <z**********> Dead Suburban's Home Page: PGP Public Key: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Using arrows (keys) to navigate in Excel
3 replies , 9/26/2007, 5:01:10 PM
Not sure if I can do this but only way I can navigate between the boxes is if i press it with the mouse or if I use TAB and thats navigate it only to the next box (forward) if i press arrows Up,Down,Left or Right I am moving whole is there any way I can set it up so i actually navigate (moving withing the boxes) with my arrow keys. Thanks

0 replies , 6/6/2007, 5:38:04 PM
I minimize Excel and size it so it uses 1/2 of my monitor window. I open another window in the other half so I can copy data from this to Excel. On worksheets, I'm having problems moving the Excel cells left to right using the arrows [the boxed cell moves but Excel does not] and up/down using my mouse [Excel moves but the the boxed cell does not]. Is there a way I can get the cells to move using either the arrows or my mouse? Thanks?

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1 replies , 6/3/2008, 10:43:00 AM
I am creating a form for our clients & internal used of our company which requires specific way to be follow while filling up the form.Is there any way to guide the user so that the correct path is followed. Please help

Navigating from cell to cell
2 replies , 11/2/2003, 10:03:08 PM
Hi, My up/down/left/right arrows used to allow me to move the cursor from the current cell to any adjacent cell. All of a sudden the arrows leave the cursor where it is and just move the scroll bars. How do I get back to the way it was? Thanks, Theo

Theo Bartley
navigating between worksheets
3 replies , 10/9/2006, 3:44:02 PM
What is the shortcut to navigate between worksheets in the same book? I know Control and Tab navigates between open workbooks but how do you navigate in the same book? Thank you. Louise

I can left click and choose a worksheet at the navigation bar but I cannot use the arrows to move either between worksheets or to the first or last worksheet

Add a top level item to the Outlook Navigation Pane
2 replies , 11/20/2008, 10:54:00 PM
I have written an Outlook Add-in that provides a consolidated view of multiple mailboxes. I require it be called from the Navigation pane as this is logically where the user will go to access it. I'm reading that this cannot be done. However I am working with a document management application called Hummingbird DM where they have done exactly this. I notice when I go into Account Settings, that their 'add-in' appears on the DataFiles tab (same one as PSTs are listed). Perhaps this is how they've got it on the list? Anyone got an idea how I can provide this funtionality. Thanks Peter

Font Menu navigation
4 replies , 5/22/2006, 11:32:45 AM
I frequently use the Verdana font which appears miles down the list in the Font menu and takes a long time to reach. Is there any way to jump to it quickly? Hitting the �v� key does nothing.

Carl L Cooper
0 replies , 6/6/2007, 5:35:01 PM
I minimize Excel and size it so it uses 1/2 of my monitor window. I open another window in the other half so I can copy data from this to Excel. On worksheets, I'm having problems moving the Excel cells left to right using the arrows [the boxed cell moves but Excel does not] and up/down using my mouse [Excel moves but the the boxed cell does not]. Is there a way I can get the cells to using either the arrows or my mouse? Thanks?

1 replies , 4/5/2006, 1:06:01 AM
Instead of when I hit enter or tab to move down to the next cell (A1 to A2) How can I make it go from A1 to B2 then when you hit enter it goes back down to B1

Navigate with arrow keys
2 replies , 11/8/2003, 7:01:18 PM
Hello, I've upgraded from 2000 to 2002 and the arrow keys will not let me move from cell to cell? How can I change this? Brian Shafer

Brian Shafer
Navigating a Table Using a Lookup
1 replies , 3/9/2007, 2:48:45 PM
I have a need to do some sort of lookup within a table...then navigate to that point in the table to "look around". I need to navigate because I want to see other surrounding records as well as the retrieved record. Is there any way to do that? Ex: 1 a 3 200 c 2 k 4 400 g 3 e 1 600 i 4 m 7 100 m I want to say I want to look up record 3...then navigate to that point in the table to look around.

navigating with the tab key
1 replies , 4/17/2007, 4:14:08 PM
How do I get the cursor to move to the next cell after pressing the tab key. In my case after entering data in one cell and pressing the tab key to move to the adjacent cell, the tab key takes me to the next page, causing me to navigate backwards. Is there a remedy to this, how do I limit the number of cells the tab key moves to?-- Cynthia

I have the following function in G20: =IF(C20>0,F20,"") I need to replace the second parameter (F20), with another IF statement. =IF(C20>0,IF(F20<>"",F20,"Error"),"") I go to G20 and press F2 to edit the formula. I move the cursor to just before the "F20" using the arrow keys and start typing in the new IF statement. When I have it entered, I need to move the cursor over the old F20 to finish the new IF statement, but Excel takes the arrow keys to mean I want to reference an adjacent cell. How can I get Excel to interpret the arrow keys only as cursor movement and not cell reference movement?

Square Peg
0 replies , 2/6/2004, 2:14:46 PM
Within EXCEL I want a group of unexperienced EXCEL users to be able to look up their daily tasks/activities. I've created a calendar with 8 timeslots that represent their lookups. To get to the page they need I want them to simply select the date from pull down menu's (day/month/year) that will move them to the area with their selected date. How does that work in EXCEL?

1 replies , 2/5/2004, 3:48:29 PM
My workbook representing a calendar with various information per date, (each date has 8 cells w/ info below the date) is used by more then one user. To allow easy navigation to each (extremely inexperienced) user,I would like to see the sheet immediately go to the date that the user provides in a cell. (I help them do that by using pull-down menu's for date month year.) How do I get EXCEL to "JUMP TO" or "GOTO" that date in the calender? Thanks Leo

Simple Navigation Macro
3 replies , 4/28/2008, 3:43:45 PM
I have used a dropdown box to list several locations in my spreadsheet (names = Location1, Location2, Location3, etc.). The dropdown box results go to a cell named "destination". So, if Location2 is selected, destination="Location2". I would like to create a button that says "GO" and sends the user to whatever location is selected from the dropdown list (the "destination"). I have been trying to create a macro to do this using the "go to" command, but I can only get it to go the the cell named "destination", not the cell referenced in destination. Any suggestions? Many thanks, -Rick Excel 11.3.7 OS 10.4.11

Navigating spreadsheets
1 replies , 8/7/2009, 8:40:40 AM
Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: Intel When trying to navigate around spreadsheets using arrow keys, the spreadsheet moves rather than the cursor - Can anyone help in undoing this please

Navigate between worksheets
1 replies , 10/9/2006, 3:43:02 PM
What is the shortcut to navigate between worksheets in the same workbook?? I know Control and Tab navigates the user between various open workbooks but don't know how to move between sheets in same book. Thank you. Louise

Sheet Navigation
2 replies , 6/3/2005, 1:31:03 PM
I have written a macro the selects other sheets and performs some actions. What i would like to do is return the user back to the original sheet they started at. The start sheet can be different and have different names. I guess for this i will have to have some VBA code to store the current sheet, then i run my code, and then some more code to select the stored sheet. Can anyone help me out here ?

Navigation Questions
1 replies , 3/18/2010, 5:58:45 PM
I am using W XP & Excel 2003. I am entering latitudes and longitudes into a workbook. What I would like to know is whether Excel can compute the distance between any 2 locations? Also can Excel convert a coordinate in latitude and longitude format into a coordinate in UTM format? Thanks for the help.

Navigating between worksheets.
1 replies , 11/3/2004, 11:54:01 PM
how can I create a macro that will allow me to navigate between worksheets in the one workbook. It has to be a macro because of the project I'm currently working on. student.

Worksheet Navigation
2 replies , 10/15/2004, 1:09:01 PM
How do I move to the same cell in a different worksheet. I have several worksheet tabs and want to move to the corresponding cell in another tab (worksheet). Is there a way to do this? I tried "select all worksheets" and this allows me to add data to the same cell in each worksheet, but not go to the same cell without entering data. thank you -- Pishon

Re: navigating
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Forward/back navigation
3 replies , 1/15/2010, 11:25:25 PM
Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) I am just switching to Mac from Windows and one of the features that is crucial to my work but that I can't find in Word for Mac is the web toolbar that has forward and backward navigation. I have documents with several hundred pages that I am used to navigating through using hyperlinks to bookmarked spots, and once I click a hyperlink, I can't find any way to click back to the spot I just came from. <br><br>I searched the forum and found a user with the same question, and he received a response that told him to use the Browse object function. It said: <br><br>&quot;Use Go To, and set it to &quot;Field&quot; then <br> drop down the disclosure arrow at the end of the &quot;Any Field&quot; box and choose <br> &quot;HYPERLINK&quot;. <br><br>You can then choose to skip to the Previous or Next hyperlink in the <br> document. <br><br>If you close the prompt, Word will remember your setting. You can then <br> click the Previous and Next chevrons (either side of the round Browse Object <br> button) to navigate hyperlinks just as you always did. &quot; <br><br>I have 2 issues with that answer. <br> 1) I can set the go to to &quot;field&quot;, but I don't see an &quot;any field box&quot; or any way to set anything to &quot;hyperlink&quot; <br> 2) Even if I did, it doesn't seem like this would solve my problem. I don't want the previous hyperlinked spot in the document, I want the spot I just clicked from. <br><br>Any suggestions? This is a dealbreaker for me with using the Mac. <br><br>Thanks, <br> Jennifer

Very slow when navigate for a files
0 replies , 11/25/2005, 2:31:04 PM
Hi, it takes very long time to navigate from folder to folder in any office aplic. But with exploring files in Explorer-there's no such problem. i tryed to disable viren-software, then to disconnect map drives... nothing helps thanx in advance vedran

problems navigating to folders
2 replies , 4/13/2009, 3:50:03 PM
I have a Dell, Win XP SP2, MS Office 2007 Professional, that I am having problems navigating to folders. When I click on "Open" the "Open" box opens but when I click on the "look in" down arrow, the following box opens "Initalizing Folders" box opens, and then when I try to go anywhere else it just sits there. Any suggestions?

Arrow navigation frozen
4 replies , 7/25/2007, 10:28:01 PM
I just instaled excel 2007 and the arrow keys aren't working to move around the cells. I can only do so by using the mouse. Also, the enter key doesn't take me to the cell bellow. Please help me! Thanks

Navigating Cells
1 replies , 1/29/2004, 1:33:04 AM
I want to set up worksheet to allow me to skip cells in one keystroke: For example, from A1 to F8 in one stroke. Can I do that?

I have a Visio process documentation model, viewed as a web page, that links to descriptions, example process files, etc. When the the web page is launched, the navigation Frame appears with the usual features (search, pan and zoom, details,...). After manual suppression of the frame, it comes back each time I return (via left arrow) from clicking on a link to an external file. Is there a way to keep the navigation frame suppressed...or to suppress it altogether for this web page model? -- CW

Overriding default HTML navigation
1 replies , 4/28/2005, 8:16:08 PM
I am using Visio 2000 and exporing to HTML. I have a set of visio diagrams that have multiple pages. I select the second page and then click on one of the links from this page. Then if I use the back button on my browser, instead of taking me back to the page I came from (second page in my visio file) it takes me to the first page. Is there anyway to override this so it takes me back to the page I came from? Thanks, Derek

Navigation problems
2 replies , 5/14/2008, 12:36:13 AM
This is embarrassing to write, because I am the go-to guy in our office for almost everything, and I have something I can't solve myself. At home, I have Excel 2002, but at the office, I have Excel 2003. For some unknown reason, I am having problems navigating my spreadsheets. I am an old, old DOS veteran, who is used to keyboard shortcuts, and in one, I am entering a series of values, with the cursor set to jump to the right after each {enter}. At the last, I expect to hit {home} and go to Column A. Unfortunately, in this application, {home} seems to mean "go to upper left hand corner of spreadsheet," and by trial and error, I find that {control}{home} takes me to Column A. It is exactly the opposite at home on Excel 2002. Am I nuts? Is this a feature? Can it be changed? Any advice would be gratefully appreciated. regards, P D Sterling

P D Sterling