[ANN] Office 2001 Combined Update 9.0.4

The new Microsoft Office 2001 Combined Update 9.0.4 is now available at the
Microsoft site.

This update contains all previously-released essential updates for Office
2001, and also includes improvements for Word, Clip Gallery, and VBA.

Mickey Stevens (Microsoft MVP for Office:mac)
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Mickey Stevens
9/22/2003, 11:45:54 PM

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In article <BB94F3E2.1C6CF%m***********ns@mvps.org>,
 Mickey Stevens <m***********ns@mvps.org> wrote:

> <http://www.microsoft.com/mac/downloads.aspx#Office2001>

Thanks for that.
9/23/2003, 1:56:19 AM
Thanks much.  I didn't realize MS was still making any improvements to 2001?
Figured they had completely stopped supporting OS 9, as many companies seem
to have...


On 9/22/03 7:45 PM, in article BB94F3E2.1C6CF%m***********ns@mvps.org,
"Mickey Stevens" <m***********ns@mvps.org> wrote:

> The new Microsoft Office 2001 Combined Update 9.0.4 is now available at the
> Microsoft site.
> <http://www.microsoft.com/mac/downloads.aspx#Office2001>
> This update contains all previously-released essential updates for Office
> 2001, and also includes improvements for Word, Clip Gallery, and VBA.

Dayo Mitchell
9/23/2003, 3:51:23 AM
On 09/22/03 7:45 PM, in article BB94F3E2.1C6CF%m***********ns@mvps.org,
"Mickey Stevens" <m***********ns@mvps.org> wrote:

> The new Microsoft Office 2001 Combined Update 9.0.4 is now available at the
> Microsoft site.
> <http://www.microsoft.com/mac/downloads.aspx#Office2001>
> This update contains all previously-released essential updates for Office
> 2001, and also includes improvements for Word, Clip Gallery, and VBA.
I installed it yesterday and now I can't for the life of me get Entourage to
display HTML messages. Anyone else have this experience? Any advice?

Gary Ludwig
9/24/2003, 10:42:19 PM
On 24/9/03 23:42, in article BB97960B.E794%g*******usa.com, "Gary Ludwig"
<g*******usa.com> wrote:

> On 09/22/03 7:45 PM, in article BB94F3E2.1C6CF%m***********ns@mvps.org,
> "Mickey Stevens" <m***********ns@mvps.org> wrote:
>> The new Microsoft Office 2001 Combined Update 9.0.4 is now available at the
>> Microsoft site.
>> <http://www.microsoft.com/mac/downloads.aspx#Office2001>
>> This update contains all previously-released essential updates for Office
>> 2001, and also includes improvements for Word, Clip Gallery, and VBA.
> I installed it yesterday and now I can't for the life of me get Entourage to
> display HTML messages. Anyone else have this experience? Any advice?

Quit the app, select the icon in the finder and do a 'get info', now set the
preferred memory allocation up by about 10,000

Barry Wainwright
Microsoft MVP (see http://mvp.support.microsoft.com for details)
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Barry Wainwright
9/25/2003, 5:52:20 AM
Hi Dayo:

Microsoft publishes its official support policy here:

Microsoft's official support policy used to be "n - 2".  This meant "The one
we have on the shop shelves, and the previous two versions."

Now, it has changed to "(n-1) - (5 + 2 + 8)"  Which really means "15 years
after the product stopped being sold new".

For the first five years, you can get free telephone support.  For the next
two years, you can get telephone support if you pay for it.  For the eight
years after that, information remains available in the knowledgebase so you
can look it up yourself.  That last 8 is really "8+", because there's
nothing old enough to have fallen off the end of the knowledgebase yet.

However, please do not confuse "support" with "producing fixes for".  The
whole deal with "shrink-wrap" software (i.e.. Stuff you buy in boxes from
stores or download from the internet) is that "What you get is the way it
is."  There is no undertaking on the part of any shrink-wrap vendor to
provide any fixes at all after they sell you a copy.

I compare shrink-wrap software with it's mainframe and mid-system cousins.
I usually use the example of a well-known high-end competitor to Word, which
I won't name because the comparison is ugly.  The implementation cost (on a
Unix mini system) is $135,000 per user, then software licensing fees are
$5,000 a year.  For that, you get whatever fixes they decide to send you
every two years, plus the right to pay thousands more to get the fixes you
really want.  If you don't pay the software licensing fees, the software
"stops working" on the due date.

Word typically costs a hundred bucks a user in a large corporation: it has
no implementation cost, you can choose not to pay any licensing fees, and
you get the same patch and fix deal as the other guys offer (wait and pray,
or pay and pray...).

Personally, I am surprised and delighted to see yet another service pack
appear for Office 2001.  Granted, there was a security issue they discovered
that gave them the excuse to issue another patch, but I still didn't expect
to see it.  Now, if only they would put out another one for Word X (don't
hold your breath, if there's one in the pipeline, *I* haven't seen any sign
of it...)


This responds to article <BB953A7D.13DCA%d************@hotmail.com>, from
"Dayo Mitchell" <d************@hotmail.com> on 23/9/03 1:51 PM:

> Thanks much.  I didn't realize MS was still making any improvements to 2001?
> Figured they had completely stopped supporting OS 9, as many companies seem
> to have...
> Dayo
> On 9/22/03 7:45 PM, in article BB94F3E2.1C6CF%m***********ns@mvps.org,
> "Mickey Stevens" <m***********ns@mvps.org> wrote:
>> The new Microsoft Office 2001 Combined Update 9.0.4 is now available at the
>> Microsoft site.
>> <http://www.microsoft.com/mac/downloads.aspx#Office2001>
>> This update contains all previously-released essential updates for Office
>> 2001, and also includes improvements for Word, Clip Gallery, and VBA.

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John McGhie, Microsoft MVP: Word for Macintosh and Word for Windows
Consultant Technical Writer <j***************rmation.com.au>
+61 4 1209 1410; Sydney, Australia: GMT + 10 hrs

John McGhie [MVP]
9/27/2003, 6:15:21 AM

combining numbers into combinations
1 replies , 5/30/2005, 12:51:04 AM
I have a set of x amount of numbers.... sometimes 10 some times 8.. I would like to take those numbers and generate every possible 5 number combination. ie. A B C D E F G H --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 A B C D E --- --- --- --- --- 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 6 1 2 3 4 7 1 2 3 4 8 1 2 3 5 6 1 2 3 5 7 1 2 3 5 8 It would be on the same sheet (lets call it Sheet3) Thank you for helping me.

25 replies , 7/8/2006, 4:44:03 AM
If I use =Combin(40,6) I get the result 3838380. I would like to know which combination the numbers 3,12,17,24,32,36 represent without having to create all possible combinations and then looking it up. Any ideas? Regards, Andreas

I'm trying to combine rows of data and I need a certain column to concatenate only if it is in a group of rows that have duplicate information in another column. Example: Before... Column 1 Column 2 X A X B Y C Y D Desired After... Column 1 Column 2 X AB Y CD This is for a spreadsheet with thousands of rows Any suggestions?

1 replies , 6/11/2005, 1:13:02 AM
I know how to use the combination function, but I want to see what all the possible combinations are, not just how many are possible. How can I do that?

5 replies , 10/27/2007, 8:21:01 AM
I have 13 values and I need the sum of 3 combinations.(i.e (13*12*11)/(1*2*3) totalling to 286 cmbination values.this is to map some value which is hiding in these combinations.Apart from manally creating this combination ,IS there any short method/work sheet function which can make this faster? Please advice. Balaji

How do I combine IF and OR?
6 replies , 6/29/2005, 10:12:22 PM
I am very new to Excel (I've only used it a few times before this). I have already figured out (mostly by accident) how to get my worksheet to give me the following: One cell is for input of the company Division numbers. When a number is entered, the employee number and manager name of that Division appear in other cells. If nothing is entered, I want it to remain blank. My current formula for six of the employee numbers and the "blank" is: =IF(K53=301,"11517",IF(K53=901,"11517",IF(K53=701,"40323",IF(K53=801,"40323",IF(K53=601,"99253", IF(K53=401,"41723",IF(K53=""," "))))))) Since I can only nest seven things, I can't get the seventh or eighth manager into the formula and still keep the blank option. However, currently three of the managers are each overseeing two or three Divisions each, so I'd like to add an OR statement in there. I'd like it to say that if K53 has either 301 or 901 to put employee 11517, if K53 is 701 or 801 to put employee 40323, if K53 is 501 or 503 or 685 to put employee 49325, if K53 is 662 to put employee 05498, and keep the rest of the IF statements as they are. Division 662 is a special exceptions thing, though, so rarely used and can be left out if need be. I don't know how to set up the formula though. I tried doing just one of the managers and thought I had it, but keep getting "FALSE" when I test it. Can any more experienced person help me get a formula that works (with or without the 662 guy). Thanks.

1 replies , 10/27/2006, 7:01:02 PM
I have a chart that has Percent on Right Vert Axis and Number of events on Left Vert Axis...I want to change it so Percent is on left vertical axis... I tried starting from scratch...only Percent dat so left axis is percent...then add data row below percent data....and percent vert axis switches to right axis? Any insight is appreciated

Data combination
1 replies , 5/9/2006, 7:39:01 AM
Hello, Here my question, If I have a list of 100 invoices values. and the client paid me $234,456.35. How can I know from that list which of them were paid? In stead of me looking and trying to make multiple combination to see which invoices tie or reach that number. Is it a way than the computer or the formula can tell me which of them make that number? Example: 236 254 368 458 956 2272 is the total The total I am looking for is 490 so the answer is 236+254. But doing this from a list of 100 number is not as that easy. It is not clear the question please let me know

Combine Data
1 replies , 9/4/2006, 7:04:02 AM
Hello.. How can i do this task? I want to combine row in sheet1 and sheet 2.. i elaborate below: lets say in sheet1 i got this data: 1 a a a a a 2 b b b b b 3 c c c c c 4 d d d d d 5 e e e e e in sheet2 i got this data: 1 f f f f f 2 g g g g g 3 h h h h h 4 i i i i i 5 g g g g g and i want to combine both data so it become like this 1 a a a a a 1 f f f f f 2 b b b b b 2 g g g g g 3 c c c c c 3 h h h h h 4 d d d d d 4 i i i i i 5 e e e e e 5 g g g g g please help me....

Combining columns
2 replies , 11/9/2003, 5:18:54 PM
I've been digging through tutorials and help sections trying to come up with a function that can produce the following: [image: http://www.gulfislandsguide.com/ex%20copy.jpg] where I can take the value of ProductID, insert a dash and put in the value of ProductWidth so the final result looks like what's in red. I'm sure there is an easy solution somewhere. This will solve a problem I have of multiple ProductID numbers when different sizes are available. Thanks ------------------------------------------------ ~~ Message posted from http://www.ExcelTip.com/ ~~View and post usenet messages directly from http://www.ExcelForum.com/

Combinations and Permutations
1 replies , 4/7/2004, 9:21:05 PM
Hi all Here's what I'm trying to do, and I haven't had much luck with it yet. I've got six items, let's say in A1:A6. Some items may be repeated, but not necessarily. I need a quick way to set up Excel to arrarange the items in all possible groups of 3, 4, 5, and 6. These groups can't repeat an item, but it can use two items that happen to be the same if the case presents itself It would take awhile to do this by hand.. For the possible groups of 3, there are 6 choices for the first item, 5 choices for the second item, and 4 choices for the third item. 6 x 5 x 4 = 120 For groups of 4: 6 x 5 x 4 x 3 = 36 etc Any ideas?

combining text
2 replies , 2/7/2006, 1:49:29 PM
In Excel 2002, I want to combine three cells (City, State, and Postal Code) into a single cell. I know this string will work for putting a space in between each item: =A1&" "&A2&" "&A3 This yield this type of output: Seattle WA 98102 What do I do to place a comma after the "city" so that it yields this type of output: Seattle, WA 98102

Combining columns?????
1 replies , 1/15/2008, 7:09:22 PM
Is it possible? I want to get A & C merged with B. (ex. A1: Blue, B1 Socks, C1: Large - B1: Socks, Blue, Large) Make sense?? PLEASE HELP! have about 4,000 to do -- rhcpcf

combine countif and sumproduct?
2 replies , 4/9/2008, 3:58:40 PM
I had this message buried in another email so posting as a new question... Column A1 would have and B1 would have 10/10/2007 16:04 CA 10/17/2007 16:10 OR 1/3/2008 10:32 MA 1/5/2008 14:00 MA 2/4/2008 11:00 OR 2/4/2008 11:30 MA 2/10/2008 15:00 OR then I want formulas with a row by states and column months 01/2008 02/2008 MA 2 1 OR 0 2 Does that makes sense? I currently use the formula to sum them all up by state using COUNTIF(state!B1:B2000,"CA") Can I combine the COUNTIF with the SUMPRODUCT in one formula? Its not actually states I am using but something like that and I will need to use a *, my real COUNTIF is COUNTIF(product!B1:B2000,"ucol*") so I need to be sure and be able to use the wild symbol in the formula. The SUMPRODUCT I use is SUMPRODUCT(--(MONTH(A1:A7)=10),-- (YEAR(A1:A7)=2008)) TIA

calculating from combined worksheets
1 replies , 7/29/2003, 7:53:22 AM
Hi, I am on the comittee of a local sports team and need to be able to tabulate the facts and figures of our teams performance for the league on a regular basis. Previously this has been done by manually entering onto a spreadsheet, but we would like it to automatically update. We have a spreadsheet that has the following coloumns along the top Date Opposition Venue Competition Score Player 1 Goals Subbed Yellow Cards Red Cards Player 2 Goals etc This is filled in by the manager of each team to detail who the players have been, who scored goals etc. We then have a further sheet that details the players names in a list down the side and the competitions aong the top with sub headings under each of full game subbed sub used sub not used goals yellow card red card We need this sheet to automatically update from the input of the data into sheet one. Any help would be greatly appreciated. IF you think you can help but need more data please email me and i can attach the file for easier reference

Stuart Emerson
Combining Row Contents!
4 replies , 1/18/2006, 6:36:24 PM
hi all! is there any way to combine the data in two cells (row-wise) in xl? for example A1 - date; A2 - narration (text); A3 - amount B1 - blank; B2 - narration (text); B3 - blank C1 -blank; C2 - narration (text); C3 - blank now i want A1 - date; A2 - combined text of A2,B2&C2; A3 - amount after converting the three records into a single one, i don't need row B & C. this is required simply because to reduce the records and make th worksheet size to 1/3. can anyone help me? -via13 -- via13 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- via135's Profile: http://www.excelforum.com/member.php?action=getinfo&userid=2672 View this thread: http://www.excelforum.com/showthread.php?threadid=50258

combining .pst files
4 replies , 10/25/2006, 7:11:04 PM
Hello, I am trying to combine 3 pst files, any suggestions on how to combine them? thank you, Karen

How to combine a symbol and a formula
2 replies , 6/26/2007, 9:51:57 AM
Hi everybody, How can you combine a symbol and a formula into one? I have a coloured square (a symbol or a drawing) I want to put in front of a formula. I have tried combining with '&' but without luck. I does put the symbol in front but not as the square. It shows something that looks like a russian letter. any thoughts? best regards Heine

Another "combine list" question
2 replies , 1/15/2007, 12:02:12 PM
I have scoured all the other "combine list" threads and none are quite like this problem. I hope someone out there can help THE SETUP: *I have two single column lists of product codes, in separate files: list A in file A, list B in file B. Both are excel 2003. * List A has about 60% of all the codes i need, list B has a different ~60% of the codes i need * between them, 100% of the information exists, but there is overlap. * no editing of file B is allowed (its not mine to play with) THE AIM * I want to make list A in file A the master list, with 100% of the info with no duplication, as neatly as possible, adding the codes that B has that A doesn't to the bottom of list A * List A is auto filtered, I'd like to keep it that way * I'd prefer not to make additional columns and/or worksheets if possible, but if this is the only way thats ok. However I'd prefer a vba solution so i can just hit a button on the worksheet in file A to update it. MY BACKGROUND *still very much learning VBA, with about 1 months practical experience I've read parts of this newsgroup before and found it very useful, this is the first time i've asked for help from it. Cheers, SK

What's wrong with this subnet(mask) combination?
3 replies , 4/23/2004, 8:30:23 AM
While creating a packet filter: I figure that is part of block -, which needs to be specified as ( ISA returns an error, "No IP address can match the specified mask and subnet combination. Specify a different mask or subnet." Mistake with my working-out or something else?

NoJags Neil
Re: Combining VLOOKUP functions
16 replies , 8/31/2006, 8:37:02 AM
Hey Guy & Gals: To All the Excel guru's out there.... I have this Excel application which requires a combining of named ranges to accomplish what I need in values. What I have is for example 30 records on one sheet, but, on the VLOOKUP sheet (target) I may have as many as 300,000 records to search against for returned values which may match the data against the 30 records of the first sheet. The VLOOKUP function I currently have looks like so; =IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP(S5,'Tax Table'!$A$2:$D$33,2)),"",VLOOKUP(S5,'Tax Table'!$A$2:$D$33,2)). I know, this is only a partial list, however, I need to extend my VLOOKUP range searches to include various named ranges, since Excel only handles 65,000 records vertically. How can I pull it all together an have the VLOOKUP scan multiple ranges for values which may match those in the first 30 records as mentioned earlier? In the above example, I point to the worksheet named "Tax Table", however, there is also a named range called "IncomeTax", the other is "IncomeTax1" and "IncomeTax2 etc,etc,etc on the same sheet. How can this be done? Thanks,

Combined stacked/clustered cart
2 replies , 9/3/2004, 2:42:31 PM
In excel, is there a way to create a combined stacked clustered chart. Looking to show two data elements (stacked)by month for two years (Jan 03 clustered with Jan 04, feb03/04, march03/04 etc. merci

Combination with Column & Stacked Column
1 replies , 1/6/2004, 4:19:48 PM
Is it possible to create a combination chart with column and stacked column groupings? For each month, I would like to compare total expected vacation time-off (columns) with actual vacations (stacked column showing annual vacations, special vacations, leiu days, etc.). I can combine the stacked columns with lines, points, or areas, but I would like to compare columns side by side. Is there a way? Thanks.

Combining Text in Multiple Cells into One
3 replies , 2/16/2005, 11:11:03 PM
I am trying to combine text that is in 4 different cells into one cell. For Example: D1 E1 F1 G1 FIRST FLOOR PAVING PLAN DRAWING When combining these cells into one, you would get: H1 FIRST FLOOR PAVING PLAN DRAWING Is there a simple way to do this? Would it be a formula in H1? If so, what formula? Thanks for your help. Brianna

combining multiple rows into 1 record
3 replies , 2/14/2006, 12:32:03 AM
I have the following 200 or so records. I'm trying to combine the 4 rows -- A1:D1 then A2:D2 and A3:D3 finally A4-- into 1 row - A1:M1. Here is a sample: A B C D 1 Ships Wallace 7945 Fenron St Listville 2 CO 80003-2531 5149277418 50 - 54 3 $60,000 - $69,999 M Confirmed Owner $200,000 - $249,999 4 12 Every 4 rows a new record begins. What is the most efficient way to do this?

Combining Work Sheets/MS Query
1 replies , 6/16/2005, 9:27:17 PM
I have an Excel file that has two worksheets for sales data. The first work sheet has surpassed 65536 lines in Excel 2003 and I've continued the data into the second worksheet. I've done some Google searches and they said theirs a way to combine two work sheets using MS Query and then you can run a pivot table against this data. I can't find any web site that explains how to do what I'm wanting to do exactly and I've messed around with MS Query a little bit and can't figure out how to combine the two worksheets. Has anyone done this and can explain to me what I need to do or can direct me to a good web site? Thanks.........Mark

Mark McWilliams
Find combinations of numbers to equal a value
1 replies , 3/17/2005, 6:39:02 PM
I have a list of individual dollar amounts that together total $1000. Is there a way to have Excel find a combination that would equal $800 and show me which lines it chooses? -- jubu

combine text which has made a enter key command
2 replies , 6/3/2005, 5:52:02 AM
I am copy the text from like pdf file or some other software to the word file and make formatting like deleting where the enter key has made. Can you please provide the details how it can be solved. -- With warm regards, Shri

how to combine /merge two field to one field
2 replies , 10/29/2007, 6:31:00 AM
I have column a and column , how to combine two fields to one field. Column a name client 1, column B name client 2, I want to combine column 1 & column 2 to one column. Please help.

Combining 2 different types of bar graph
1 replies , 2/20/2006, 11:08:27 AM
Hi I have 3 series of sales data I need to plot - actual, max budget & min budget - for 12 months. With the months being the x axis, I need the graph to be a standard bar chart, with the colums side by side for each month (clustered column). However, for the 2 bdget columns I need them to be of the "stacked" column type - so that when the graph is presented we can see exactly how the actual column each month compares to both budget figures. I've tried changing the chart type for each of the series, but it seems to change all 3 series each time. I could easily combine a line graph with the stacked columns, but for some reason I can't combine stacked columns and clustered columns. I hope I've explained this well!! Thanks in advance Dave

Hello; a) Cell C7 has a drop-down list of 6 values (data source AJ2:AJ7): .....3 .....4 .....5 .....6 .....7 .....8 b) I need to impose a restriction on the selection such that: IF the value in cell Q14 is 19 or 21, THEN the value in C7 should ONLY be 4 IF the value in cell Q14 is 20 or 22, THEN the value in C7 should ONLY be 5 ELSE any selected value from the list is valid. Is there a way of doing that ?? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Combining non-matching date series in one chart
0 replies , 2/28/2007, 1:47:05 PM
I am trying to combine two data ranges into a single line chart, but the the X-values are not matching, although they are similar. I think an example of my data explains my problem better 12/10/2006 4.3 12/10/2006 5.2 12/11/2006 4.4 12/11/2006 5.4 12/10/2006

I have 4 data series' in a combination chart (1 is dollars, 3 are a %). Excel automatically takes the ist two rows of data (1 dollars, 1 %), and plots them under the dollars scale. The % series is hidden under the $ value. The other 2 % are properly reflected. Is there a way to link a series to a value axis? -- In search of excellence.

Hi all, I'm trying to add multiple values of cells together into a single cell by using the VLOOKUP function in order to cross reference those multiple values. All I can seem to get it to do is return the first corresponding value it finds. Should I be using a different function entirely? Thanks for your help! Liam.

Hello, I'm stuck with a problem. I use the following file: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images...culations.jpg/ (which works perfectly) The file uses MAX 15 different numbers (as seen in the IgG (g) column, 2 left of the red circled column). Basicly what I want excel to do is to calculate all different possible combinations from that list and tell me which batches (1 till 15) I would have to use to come as close to 1700 gram in total as possible. Like if I use the numbers 1 till 14, I would get a total of 1675.7 gram. Which comes pretty close to 1700, but there is probably a combination which comes closer to 1700. I want that combination This problem is way beyond my excel/VBA skills and would very much appreciate if someone could help me out or point me in the right direction.

chris abbink