The 5 steps of the successful project

Thinking of project management, Bulgaria doesn’t have many people to realize what it actually means. Trying to put it simply only to give you the basic idea we will make attempt to explain it in a childish way. Open up your hand – you will count on your fingers, starting with the pinkie. This is the Phase One where the entrepreneur and the team that is about to lead venture meet and both parties evaluate if it worth it to launch, is the scheme beneficial for the organization and is it possible to be handled. The little finger is the weakest and if the project is weak in nature it has to be abandoned at that point.

The family is initiated on the ring finger and the same goes for a project. The second stage is when the plans are determined, the charts are drawn, the budget is calculated and there are certain dates on the schedule. Crucial decisions are to be taken at this point that could be vital or fatal for the whole strategy, this is where the priorities are set. In terms of project management Bulgaria would not like the picture of the middle finger but let’s escape from the image of the obscene gesture. Phase Three is the real starting step of the venture – the roles and resources are distributed and everyone involved has to work hard and to conform with the funds and time restrictions.

After that comes the time to wave the index finger if something is not performed by the plan and to point to possible drawbacks. The stage of the real action that might last longer than all other four. And when everything is completed it’s thumbs up or thumbs down. Bet no one would like to finish with the latter option. Regarding the project management, Bulgaria might find hundreds of wannabes claiming to be aware of those five steps but few are those really understanding the whole process. Forton has some of them among its team of experts.